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    I want a similar image as attached, BUT displaying personal improvement, and will be used by a website that is a marketplace for improvement services, people improving themselves (haircut, fitness, tattoo)

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    Hey! Hope you’re doing well! I would love someone to redesign this rose tattoo so it’s flat and I can bring it to a tattoo artist. I want it to be three roses and for it to look as close to the picThank you! :) All the best, Peter

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    I need a tattoo design of a Lions Head with a crown on its head and also a hand raising the lions head up with a rose underneath the hand

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    Hello there, I need an app to set appointments, with notifications about upcoming appointments, that it's asking for a deposit. It will be for tattoo artists. The idea is that an user can freely come to the app and just select the tattoo styles is interested in and the the app will give them the tattoo artists that are doing that style, based on their location. (permission for the app) And ...

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    Hello there, I need an app to set appointments, with notifications about upcoming appointments, that it's asking for a deposit. It will be for tattoo artists. The idea is that an user can freely come to the app and just select the tattoo styles is interested in and the the app will give them the tattoo artists that are doing that style, based on their location. (permission for the app) And ...

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    Hi Sarah, I had a contest needing a sleeve tattoo designed and you asked me to message you. The project didn't work out too well and was wondering if you had any ideas to make it work?

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    Trophy icon Orangutan Tattoo 25 天 left

    Im looking for a small simple lined/outlined Orangutan tattoo. Orangutang are so amazing to me. I like tattoos but not the big flashy ones. I need simple. The attached photo has examples of other animals and how simple of a line design I'm looking for. The orangutan can be sitting, walking, hanging of a tree branch, front view, side view, etc. I don't want full details; just simple lin...

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    Trophy icon MY OZ TATTOO 1 天 left

    I'd like a tattoo design with a Wizard of OZ theme. Specifically to include the Tin Man's heart and watch fob as depicted in the movie. I'm leaning more towards realism as apposed to abstract ideas and more mystical or romantic as opposed too cartoonish. Not having a specific design in mind, I'm open to all ideas. Perhaps the Tin Man's funnel hat could be incorporated as...

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    Genlife tattoo 1 天 left

    I'm looking for a tattoo idea which includes. Tree of life which will represent my goal to provide generational wealth to future kids. Include my kids names Riley and William in tattoo. Also I would like a trident to be incorporated to represent my past job, and where I met my wife.

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    Trophy icon Alter image for tattoo 1 天 left

    Alter image for tattoo. Keep black and make adjustments to image for shoulder tattoo.

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    All I want is a simple design using one single word. I have an idea of how I want it to look, but I don't have the artistic design skill to create it myself. I also am not locked into the way it looks in my mind, especially if you are able to create something better. The main goal of the design is simply for a tattoo, but I would also like to be able to use it for personal clothing, accessori...

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    English-Arabic translator 已经结束 left

    I want to get a tattoo in Arabic, but I would like to get the translation just right and don't feel confident doing that using only online resources. Anyone with a good knowledge of Arab proverbs or ancient phrases would be a bonus! Ideally I would bounce a few ideas off you and you can come up with some Arabic phrases/sentences that fit what I'm trying to convey and makes sense/doesn�...

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    So I have a design already that needs some editing. Please edit the design however you would like to make it more unique (and more likely you will win). However what i really need done is 1. Add the word "Littering" to the hand as if it were a tattoo. 2. Add a bumper sticker to the car saying "Makes you" 3. Label the trash can as "Trash" So it will come out as &quo...

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    I have a photo of my dog that I want made into a line art black line on white for a tattoo

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    Looking to create a textual "logo" (Art of Tattooing) (font like "Hustlers": [登录来查看链接] or something similar). Logo: black on white / transparent background. Animation: Black background fading to white with logo rotating or something like that + opposite (white background fading to all black), gif and [登录来查看链接] mpg; 16:9 format. 3 seconds. Very simple.

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    I wanted to put my tattoo on a t-shirt but I would need a graphic design of it first. I wanted to see what it'd look like in white with a black background. I guess I'd also need it to be big enough so that it'd go across the entirety of a men's large t-shirt.

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    I have a tattoo on my left inner forearm of a dopamine molecule and I want to add more around it (focusing on the inner forearm area) since it feels like it needs more. I want to make the area beautiful rather than just bold. Currently it almost feels like walking into an empty room with one piece of art hanging on the wall. I want someone who can make excellent suggestions and who is a reliable ...

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    Social media marketing 已经结束 left

    I have a laser studio, offering tattoo removal, hair removal, light based beauty treatments, teeth whitening, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening procedures. I’m looking for someone to promote my social media presence and increase my client intake

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    I need an artist 已经结束 left

    Trying to find a design with elements of blue butterfly, Capricorn and a Chinese character "卿”. It's for a tattoo to remind myself not to self harm and hurt who I love, which is the meaning of the Chinese character

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    Business name: Crafty Fang Nature of business: Tarot Card, Oracle card and pendulum reader. Reiki healer. I have an ambigram logo I made myself previously using Google Fonts and some image processing tool, but I believe it can be finessed. Attached the image here for reference. 1. Need logo soft copy files for the following applications: a. Website fav icon b. Social media account profile...

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    Hi Danny! My name is Yessé and I´m working with Eran (Fresh Jagua) on his temporary tattoo design project. My job is to provide feedback and help you if you have any questions or problems in regards to the creation of the designs. I´m new here on, I´m working with Eran through Fiverr. I would like to know in which stage of the project are you now? And by...

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    See file attached LOGO - showing tattoo machine and razor together I want it to have the same logo look as the piston logo in the barber shop logo example More cartoony and symbol looking like the baber shopr

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    Trophy icon Bison Tattoo 已经结束 left

    I’m wanting to get a bison tattoo, but I am not sold on any images I can find online. I found one image I really connect with and can serve as inspiration. I am going for simple.

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    Trophy icon Tattoo Design 1 天 left

    I am looking for my next tattoo design. I want it to combine veganism, which is a cause that is extremely important to me, with Animal crossing, which is my favorite video game and also the art style I like. The design must incorporate these elements. Some technical information: I am a woman I have pale skin I like tattoos with black ink ONLY Placement is undecided - but probably something that ...

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    Trophy icon Design my next tattoo! 1 天 left

    This contest will not have a winner selected. I have made a new contest that is guaranteed.

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    Trophy icon need a logo designed 已经结束 left

    my brand is called Panda Tattoo. I am looking for a logo that really speaks to the tattoo world.

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    Fairly straight forward, need a pretty humorous Caricature/cartoon created from the attached image with some slight adjustments. Swapping out the glass being held with a specific orange can, shown in a separate image. If doable, the simple arm tattoo included and full body added, leaning on a golf club. I can attach more photos to help clarify details you may need. This cartoon is being made spec...

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    Trophy icon Illustrate a person 已经结束 left

    I would like a illustrated cartoon avatar to the following specs: - Male - Brown hair with a faux hawk - Bright Blue eyes - Short and husky build with large arms and DEFINATE 6 pack - Wearing a tank top, cargo pants and work boots - HSSI logo on his arm as a tattoo (can be black and white or color) - A name tag on his tank top with SLICK RICK as his name. - His arms should be crossed - White bord...

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    I need an artist 已经结束 left

    Hi there. I know I have left this really late but my sister is turning 40 on the 19th of February. A few years back she wanted a custom designed tattoo. She decided against it but I would like to make it into some art work. Below is a collection of her ideas. I have no idea if this is something anyone on here could do but take a look and let me know I am looking for this to look realistic....

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    We have a mens underwear brand and we’re looking for a graphic designer to create graphics for everything from social media to full underwear prints. Simple templates, logos, full print graphics designs, artistic, cartoon, tattoo, photo edits and mock ups.

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    Logo designer 已经结束 left

    Please bid exactly what it's going to cost us to hire you. Not per hour. This is very important that you placed the actual price so no one is wasting time. I need a logo for a label and sticker company. We need several versions to choose from, two of each style I'm sending you. I need ORIGINAL designs, no clip art or design templates. We will be cross-checking the artwork on the web to ...

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    Need design for a tattoo 已经结束 left

    I want a design for a tattoo that will represent my sister's kids three of them being girls and one of them being male the girl's name start with the letter m and the boys name starts with the letter L so in order from the oldest to youngest is female female male female I just want some kind of symbol that symbolizes them because they always give me motivation strength joy happiness and ...

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    Hi I need a picture of a tattoo converted into a vector image.

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    Current layout attached Proposed layout attached Make plans for me, create 3d drawings, then interior design with 3d renders each section/room for me Also see photos of the current fit out which will be cleared out for the new shop renovations See plans and proposed concept design ideas links to my Pinterest on how I want it styled: [登录来查看链接]

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    I need a tattoo artist 已经结束 left

    I have an image that represents the trapped person inside but I need it tweaked a bit

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    Dear Candidate Direct Walk in Interview For Ground staff Qualification - 10+2 or above Age - 18 to 29 yrs Good communication skill Age - 18000/- to 25000/- per month No Tattoo with Medical Fit Note - We are not a Consultancy this is Direct Company

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    Trophy icon family tattoo 10 天 left

    Me and my three brothers want to get matching tattoos so that wherever we are in the world and whatever we are doing we have the tattoo to keep us all together. To give you a little bit about us. Our surname is Peak. We are called Josh, Sam, Nick and Libby. We are all quite active and outdoorsy. Josh would like that if letters are used in the design then they are replaced with runes. Designs we h...

    $303 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Draw me a Trad tattoo 已经结束 left

    Hi there, I'm looking to get a memorial tattoo of the much loved family dog. I'm looking for a front on or profile Trad style tattoo. I'M LOOKING FOR A SIMPLE, CLEAN DESIGN WITH THE BOLD LINES AND SHAPES OF TRADITIONAL AMERICAN TATTOOS. PLEASE SEE THE TWO ATTACHED TATTOO PHOTOS FOR REFERENCE. Both of the attached photos of tattoos are exactly the style I'm after, more...

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    Trophy icon Scott Parsons Grateful Party 10 天 left

    My husband passed away unexpectedly and he was addicted to Grateful Dead Posters. We are calling his memorial, Scotts" Grateful Party. I want to create a poster that we can give out at the party. The Grateful Dead posters are so fun because there are a lot of hidden things that you have to really look for. The last three years of his life, he traveled the world. He became a Rescue Diver....

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    Tattoo design 已经结束 left

    We're currently working in a redesign of our tattoo designs website. This revamp includes new designs, new categories, new styles, etc. We require tattoo designers for this task. The specific task is to create an original tattoo design, preferably in a digital medium. The style or motive isn't defined as of yet. The idea is to add one or more tattoo designs a week, so we expect to have ...

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    tattoo artist 已经结束 left

    tattoo designs

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    I need a designer 已经结束 left

    I’m trying to make a dance tattoo but in a specific way So I labeled the pictures I like the pose from pic 2 But I like the outfit and outline from pic 4 But I want it more solid And then the ...5 , 6, 7, 8 from pic 5 Just that way in the font also And with the pose I’d like it more like feet and less like a ballet shoe but I like the leotard and skirt wispy like that but more so...

    $171 (Avg Bid)
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    Re draw a logo 已经结束 left

    I have a picture of a tattoo and would like to turn it into a digital file to create stickers / patches etc etc

    $193 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $193 / hr 平均报价
    79 个竞标

    I want a photoshop of my wife with day of the dead makeup holding a skull right under her chin. I need it for a tattoo in my forearm.

    $3207 (Avg Bid)
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    29 个竞标

    I’m Alex Wils, creator and developer of Augmented and Mixed Reality apps, lenses and effects for Snapchat, Instagram, ARKit, ARCore, Magic Leap and HoloLens. Find out more about my profile and projects on Catchar [登录来查看链接] I help other creators, developers and developers to build their projects by supporting them and contributing professional tutorials and guides.

    $5051 (Avg Bid)
    $5051 平均报价
    2 个竞标
    Trophy icon Logo pour Li-AnaHata 已经结束 left

    I would like a logo for my business cards and website. My activity is related to energetic healing, chakra alignment, etc. I wish something in a mystical atmosphere and in the colours blue-night, silver, dark grey and a touch of turquoise. I have made a sketch of what I would like to wish for in attachment. It is important that the full moon in the centre looks like a full moon with its play of li...

    $1290 (Avg Bid)
    18 项参赛作品
    FINISH A LOGO IDEA 已经结束 left

    Hi! My name is Ana and I'm starting my fashion brand. I already have a logo that I draw, but I need someone who can finish it up, polish up the design. I'm looking for a traditional style tattoo style, for a fish with a knife. It should be black and white.

    $513 (Avg Bid)
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    64 个竞标
    Trophy icon Tattoo Design Required: Tortoises. 已经结束 left

    I need a design for a tattoo. It will be on my wife's on the upper left arm. The area measures approximately 270mm vertically and 100mm horizontally. The design needs to feature three (3) tortoises and some sort of multi coloured background (to include red). The design also needs to include the following text: Testudo Vincit Please note that tortoises are different from turtles. Tortoise...

    $513 (Avg Bid)
    14 项参赛作品

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