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    I'm searching for a skilled SolidWorks designer to assist with a particular project. The successful candidate will have relevant experience in assembly design and pr...a particular project. The successful candidate will have relevant experience in assembly design and product prototyping. Key Tasks: - Create a comprehensive assembly design for a new product concept. Your application should showcase: - Your experience with similar projects in the past. The final output should give an accurate representation of the product, facilitating further mechanical engineering analysis and potential prototyping. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in SolidWorks - Strong experience in assembly design - Proven track record in product prototyping. Looking forward to reviewing yo...

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    ...Create a robust, efficient, and accurate LiDAR-based navigation system that can be integrated seamlessly into robotic platforms. - Ensure that the system is capable of autonomous navigation, avoiding obstacles and identifying optimal routes for the robot. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in LiDAR technology and its application in navigation systems. - Strong background in software engineering, particularly in developing navigation systems for robotic or autonomous systems. - Experience in creating solutions that are reliable and capable of handling real-time data for autonomous operations. - Knowledge of and interest in robotic systems, especially in relation to LiDAR technology. If you have a passion for cutting-edge technology and the skills to match, I'd love ...

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    ...antenna (size 12x19mm) placed on boards right lower-side. Easy sleep and wakeup function required (only six r/w activities per hour). Connector: Micro JST MX 1,25 mm (on boards very left upper side). Interface: SPI only, LED is useful, all others may be discarded. Read/write distance: approx 3mm Library to be used: <Adafruit_PN532.h> Ideal candidates have a strong background in electronic engineering, particularly in PCB design. Proficient skills in PCB software e.g., Altium, Eagle are essential. Experience in past projects involving resizing of NFC/RFID boards will be advantageous. Mindful attention to sizing and specific placement details will be key to successful completion of this project....

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    Utilize ...prediction model, based on the job titles provided in the dataset. Key tasks involved: - Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to understand the dataset and its features. - Feature engineering to prepare the data for machine learning. - Model selection and training to predict salaries based on job titles. - Evaluation and testing to ensure the model's accuracy and reliability. - Providing documentation and guidance on model usage and retraining. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python and machine learning libraries (e.g., sklearn, TensorFlow, etc.). - Experience with data preprocessing, EDA, and feature engineering. - Previous projects involving salary prediction or regression. - Ability to effectively communicate and document model functionalities fo...

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    I'm looking for an experienced structural engineer to update the existing structural design calculations and drawings o...accommodate the new layout - Incorporating the addition of a wooden deck to the design - Modifying slab dimensions to meet the new specifications - Including a garage in the structural plans Material preferences for the construction are concrete, steel, and wood. The total area of the villa project is more than 2000 sqft. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Expertise in structural engineering - Proficiency in using design software for structural calculations - Experience in residential projects, particularly villa designs - Familiarity with local building regulations and standards - Strong communication skills to liaise effectively with the arc...

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    ...developer with specialized knowledge in reverse engineering, particularly for mobile applications. Key Tasks: - Decompiling Software: It's imperative that you have experience in decompiling software. This will enable us to dissect the structure and code of the application in question. - Analyzing Protocols: Understanding the protocols used within the mobile app is crucial. We need to dissect how data is transmitted and received. - Cracking Passwords: Part of the task involves examining the security measures of the app. Identifying potential vulnerabilities and understanding password protection mechanisms is a key part of this project. Your role: - Your main focus will be on helping us understand the functionality of the app through reverse engineering. - We aim to i...

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    ...augment the building's power supply wiring to accommodate the demand of the three existing elevators without causing instantaneous single light blinks in the condos. - Expertise in residential power systems, preferably with elevators - Familiarity with power systems more than 30 years old - Demonstrated problem-solving and strong analytical skills - Minimum of a baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering and/or equivalent professional preparation and/or experience plus appropriate licensure in California. Electrical contractor licensure in California desirable but not required. Take a step towards future-proofing our old condo building by addressing this possible power mismatch! Your finesse in electrical handywork and keen eye for detail will be appreciated and reward...

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    I'm looking for a thorough research on submersible enclosures aimed at storing load underwater. This research will be focused on the 0-30...(3-phase 440V @63A) and DC power (600VDC @100A). - Heat-exchanging Technology: To involve heat exchanging techniques used in subsea environment. Deliverables: - A comprehensive report including aforementioned points. - Identified companies that have experience in building these enclosures and the technologies they employ. Key Skills and Experience: - A background in material science and/or engineering is a must. - Deep understanding of pressure physics and how it affects materials. - Previous experience in conducting research on similar topics would be an advantage. Please bid with an outline of your proposed research approach and relev...

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    38 个竞标 a freelancer/Consultant on the creation of EV charger design & prototype. The charger should support all levels of charging including Level 1 (120V), Level 2 (240V), and DC Fast Charging. It should also have a power output range in the medium to high capacity, specifically delivering 3-7 kW and 7-22 kW. Ideal Freelancing candidate should possess a strong background in product design and engineering, preferably with an emphasis on EV chargers. Experience in integrating IoT technologies and designing user-friendly interfaces for smartphone applications would be beneficial. Knowledge and understanding of RFID card systems would also be a major advantage. Candidate residing in Mumbai MMR & Pune will be preferred This project will require: • CAD and circuit desi...

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    I need a confident and skilled PEB Structural Engineer who can both work remotely and potentially pay site visits to my commercial building project in Hyderabad, India. Key Requirements: - You should have a comprehensive underst...other design software, as well as offline activities, this may include site visits for better understanding of the project. Ideal Skills: - Excellent knowledge of commercial structures. - Proficiency in both online and offline work. - Experience with building design planning. - Strong communication skills for efficient online coordination. Those with a proven track record in PEB Structural Engineering particularly in commercial projects will be given preference. This is a great opportunity for professionals seeking to apply their skills in a dynamic en...

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    ...manufacturing purposes. Key Project Details: - Specific dimensions: You'll need to work with the dimensions I provide to create a layout that efficiently fits my manufacturing needs. - Ventilation: As a manufacturing warehouse, it's crucial to have proper ventilation to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This should be a focus in your design. Ideal Skills and Expertise: - Structural engineering in warehouse design - Experience in designing for manufacturing environments - Knowledge of ventilation systems and their integration into building designs - Familiarity with safety regulations for industrial spaces Please provide a portfolio or examples of similar projects you've worked on. Your understanding of my project's needs and your experience ...

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    Subject: Android, Apple app reverse Engineer Wanted! HI I'm writing to you today because I'm looking for a talented and experienced Android Reverse Engineering Developer to join our team . As an Android Reverse Engineering Developer, you will be responsible for: Analyzing and reverse engineering Android & Apple applications form exist app. Identifying security vulnerabilities and threats. Developing tools and techniques for reverse engineering. Working with a team of security engineers to protect our products and services. Strong understanding of Android architecture and security. Experience with reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, Ghidra, and Frida. Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. The ability to work independently ...

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    I'm seeking an aerospace engineer to answer some queries I have regarding jet engine systems. Your insights will help me gain a more thorough understanding of this technology. you might use you might use some drawings to explain the answer Key Areas of Focus: - Engine Design and Construction - Fuel System and Combustion - Thrust and Propulsion What I'm Looking For: - Your Experience: Please share your relevant experience in aerospace engineering and particularly with jet engines. This project doesn't require detailed project proposals or academic research. It's more about sharing your real-world insights and helping me build a better understanding of jet engines. PLEASE IS YOU DIDN'T WORK IN (Aerospace engineering) DON'T BID O...

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    Trophy icon ReLid USA Logo Design Revamp 4 小时 left

    I'm looking for a talented designer to revamp our current ReLid Engineering logo with a fresh new look that reflects our new ReLid USA branding. The logo should incorporate elements that symbolize both the USA and the recyclability of aluminum. Here's what I have in mind: - Incorporate the American flag and an aluminum can in the design. - The color scheme should be primarily red, white, and blue to reflect the USA theme, with a green splash to represent aluminum's recyclability. - The logo should evoke feelings of trust and sustainability. It should symbolize innovation and be associated with being environmentally-friendly. The ideal freelancer for this job would be a creative and skilled logo designer, with experience in brand identity and a strong understanding ...

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    I'm in need of civil utility drawings specifically focused on underground fiber optics. The drawings need to include substantial detail to show cross-sectional views of the installation, making them accessible and...of the installation, making them accessible and clear for any professionals involved in the project. Expectations: - Use AutoCAD software to create the drawings - Include detailed cross-sectional views - Plan and Profile views Ideal Skills: - Proficient in AutoCAD - Previous experience with civil utility drawings - Excellent insight into fiber optic networks and installations Having an engineering background in civil utilities with a specific focus on underground fiber optic cabling systems would be a significant plus. I have attached a .png of the plan and p...

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    I am in need of an expert in telecommunication technology who can turn a standard (non-smart) phone into an audio guestbook. This project requires: - Knowledge of telecommunications and phone hardware. - Ability to code necessary functions for audio recording on a phone. - A solution that allows any visitor to record messages, without restrictions on user registration or selection. Please note, the phone should not have any other functionalities beyond recording messages from visitors. Playback or deletion of messages is not required. Experience in similar projects will be highly regarded.

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    I have an executable file designed for Windows that is used for sports scoreboard management. I need a skilled professional...layout. There is some changes in the scoring and layout text. I am looking for a freelancer who has a deep understanding of Windows executable files, sports scoreboard management, and a keen eye for user interface design. Your attention to detail and ability to deliver a high-quality, user-friendly program will be crucial for the success of this project. Requirements: Experience with reverse engineering tools such as Ghidra, IDA Pro, or similar. Ability to disassemble and decompile the executable. Annotated disassembly and/or decompiled code. We will provide the details that we want changed. However they are only minor changes, such as text and score cal...

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    I require a quick and proficient CAD designer to assist me in creating basic engineering assemblies in SolidWorks. Key Responsibilities: - Develop CAD models for engineering assemblies - Ensure the models are of basic shape and form Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in SolidWorks - Experienced in producing engineering assembly models - Ability to work quickly and efficiently - Excellent attention to detail - Strong communication skills

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    I'm in need of a company profile for my Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firm in the solar business. The profile should be crafted in a quality format that allows for future editability - making it easy to update when necessary. Key Information to Include: - Company Background and History: A concise yet comprehensive background of the company, including its establishment and key milestones. - List of Solar Projects Completed: A detailed list of solar projects the company has successfully executed. - Clients & Partners: Highlight key clients and partners we've worked with or are currently engaged with. The final deliverable should be user-friendly and visually appealing with a clear structure for each section. Ideal Candidate Should Possess: - Pr...

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    I need an expert engineer to design temporary works that can hold up a cavity wall during an opening process. This design should ensure the stability of the whole structure while providing safe working conditions. A few...temporary works that can hold up a cavity wall during an opening process. This design should ensure the stability of the whole structure while providing safe working conditions. A few important details for potential bidders: - Duration: The task has to be accomplished in less than a week. - Materials: The cavity wall to be worked on is made of brick. Required skills and experience: - Structural engineering expertise, especially in temporary works design. - Knowledge of brick structures and their stability. - Track record in providing designs that ensure safety at w...

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    I require a talented software developer to design a windows developer to design a windows software capable of controlling and collecting data from universal testing machines. The software should be able to: - Control Tensile, Compression, and Flexural testing machines. - Harvest data related to Load, Stress, Strain, and Displacement. - Relay this data into comprehensible graphical and numerical outputs. Experience in developing scientific or engineering software, capabilities in data visualization, and familiarity with universal testing machines are paramount for this task. Perfect understanding of key testing metrics (load, stress, strain, displacement) is a pre-requisite. If you've experience controlling hardware tools via software, that will give you a con...

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    I am seeking a skilled Civil/Interior Engineer to review an existing AutoCAD floor plan for a residential/commercial project. The primary objective is to evaluate the current design and provide professional feedback and recommendations for improvements. Responsibilities: • Thoroughl...of building codes, regulations, and industry standards. • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. • Ability to communicate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely. • Attention to detail and a keen eye for design aesthetics and functionality. Preferred Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture, or a related field. • Previous experience in similar review projects. • Certification or licensu...

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    I'm in need of technical assistance to determine the load capacity of vertical, extruded aluminium posts [4 sections] used in bay window arrangements...are thermally broken with polyamide, and screwed to windows each side. Example: a height of 1400mm is given for a fitting, normally 2 or more posts per bay. Our clients will use the calculated load a 1400mm post can hold. Any additional support will be dealt with structural engineer on site. Our job is the supply the post, with how much max KG it can hold. Ideal Skills: - Civil or Structural Engineering - Understanding of aluminium extrusion Your role will include: - Providing results for 4 different bay posts. The sizes range from 1000mm to 2000mm, in increments of 100mm. 10 results per post. - using a recognised standard [E....

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    I have a project that requires detailed mechanical problem solutions, along with calculations. The focus is on solving a range of mechanical is...solving a range of mechanical issues, with a particular emphasis on in-depth analysis and problem resolution. Shall take you less than 15 mins Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in mechanical engineering - Proficiency in problem-solving and critical thinking - Experience in conducting detailed analysis and calculations - Ability to explain solutions clearly and concisely, with supporting calculations You will be provided with problems that you need to solve, analyze, and provide detailed calculations for. The project requires a high level of understanding in mechanical engineering and the ability to articulate your ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional who can assist me with the creation of maps, d...experienced professional who can assist me with the creation of maps, data analysis using arcGIS, and CAD design. We have a google KMZ file that we've drawn lines on indicating where we would like to place our pipe in the ground, as well as outlined other known utilities in the area. We need to make a drawing for permit purposes that shows the offset from the road, and shows these lines in a more "engineering" or permit package fashion. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in arcGIS and CAD design. - Experience in creating navigation and routing maps. - Strong understanding of working with custom databases. - Previous projects related to urban planning or environment...

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    Accept this quote and create the milestone. Thank You

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    1 个竞标 secure a position as a chemical engineering graduate. Key areas to address will be: - Education: Here, I want to highlight my Degree Name and Major, the University I graduated from, and my Graduation Year. - Work Experience: This section should include each Company I worked for, my Job Title, and the related Employment Dates. - Skills: Lastly, this section should feature my transferable skills that would make me stand out as a fitting candidate. An ideal candidate will be: - Experienced in creating CVs aimed at the US market, particularly within the Engineering field - Skilled in choosing and presenting impactful information - Able to make my CV visually appealing, yet professional Your understanding of what stands outs in the Chemical Engineering industry w...

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    I'm in need of a clean and straightforward A4 booklet template in Microsoft Word for an Engineering Report. The total page count of the booklet will be 12, including a cover page. Specifically, I need: - A basic, clean, and professional design that's easy to read and navigate. - The template should be designed to represent a Documentation style, rather than for a Research and Analysis or Presentation purpose. - The Engineering Report template should have: - A bespoke cover page design, including a company logo and relevant imagery. - 10 content pages, each with its own unique content, based on a style guide. - Each content page should have the preferred layout and fonts outlined in the aforementioned style guide. Ideal skills for this project: - ...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can assist in relocating an existing street light in Los Angeles. The project requires: - Planning and coordinating the relocation of the street light - Handling the plan check process through the Bureau of Street Lighting The specific requirements for this plan check process include: - Ensuring the relocati...Selecting an alternate luminaire for an upgrade The upgrade involves: - Selecting an appropriate LED luminaire - Meeting specific wattage requirements Ideal candidates should have experience in street light relocation, familiarity with plan check processes with the Bureau of Street Lighting in Los Angeles, and a solid understanding of LED luminaire specifications. A background in electrical engineering or a related field would be hig...

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    I need a licensed structural engineer in Arizona to conduct structural calculations and analysis for my house plans. A deep understanding of wind design speed is a must due to Arizona's specific building regulations. The major construction material will be wood, thus familiarity with wood as a structural material ...major construction material will be wood, thus familiarity with wood as a structural material is essential. This role includes but not limited to: - Conducting structural analysis of plans - Completing and verifying structural calculations - Adhering to Arizona's building codes specifically relating to wind design speed - Experience with wood structures Your previous experience in residential engineering projects and your Arizona license will make you a perfe...

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    I'm looking to hire a proficient structural engineer who can conceptualize, design and structural engineer a portable sound wall. Key responsibilities include: - Creating a conceptual design that fulfills the durability and mobility needs - structural engineering - Ensuring project complies with safety regulations and industry standards/codes Ideal skills & experience needed: - Exceptional proficiency in structural engineering - Demonstrated ability to produce construction projects with physical durability and mobility in mind. - Knowledge of safety and applicable regulations for temporary structures - High attention to detail for accurate planning and execution Would require an agreement in place prior to sharing additional information. Looking for someone l...

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    ...production equipment and software - Advising on the best brands and models that offer the best value for money - Helping me understand the technical requirements for running a successful music production studio - Crafting a budget plan that maximizes the use of funds for quality equipment and software purchases Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in music production and sound engineering - In-depth knowledge of current music production hardware and software - A track record of setting up or consulting for music production studios - Excellent communication skills to explain technical concepts in simple terms - Ability to work within specified budgets while ensuring quality Your expertise will help shape the future of many aspiring artists, and I look forward to ...

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    I am in need of skilled mechanical designers who are proficient in Solidworks and experienced with CAD CAM models, specifically with the ability to turn these into 3D printable models. The project involves the creation of advanced, intricate physical p...printing and turning models into 3D printable files - Ability to create advanced mechanical designs with intricate details - Understanding of mechanical design concepts and the educational application of physical prototypes The models will need to be highly detailed and accurately represent mechanical concepts. The ideal freelancer for this project will have a strong background in mechanical engineering, previous experience in educational material creation, and a portfolio demonstrating their ability to create detailed, 3D printab...

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    ...with an expertise in electrical engineering to periodically review and enhance our product descriptions and marketing materials. The candidate will ensure technical accuracy, industry-standard compliance, and clear communication to our audience. Tasks include verifying details, ensuring consistency, and enhancing readability while maintaining technical authenticity. Here is the details: Our website is We have 1500 different skus that break down to about 500 products. Our graphic design team creates product videos, social media posts, product specification sheets, showroom displays, installation guides, product brochures, webpage descriptions, landing pages for online ads, and other content. We are looking to hire someone with electrical engineering experie...

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    ...with a strong background in engineering and building code compliance to design an egress window for my basement. The purpose of the window is to serve as an emergency exit, so the design should prioritize accessibility and safety, featuring an easy-to-open mechanism. Individual wokld need to be licenced for Idaho. Key project specifics: - The window will be a sliding 4040 window (4x4) - The opening of the window must be a minimum of 5.7 square feet - Basement wall Height is 7' - Planning to do the standard cement cut and frame with pressure treated 2x8 Ideal skills for the project: - Expertise in structural engineering and residential construction - Familiarity with building code requirements, particularly for emergency exits - Experience designing and engineeri...

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    I am pursuing engineered approval on my house plans that have been created by an architect already. The main purposes of this are: - Obtaining building permits - Ensuring structural safety - Meeting local building code compliance The files are available in PDF format. Ideal freelancers for this job shoul...architect already. The main purposes of this are: - Obtaining building permits - Ensuring structural safety - Meeting local building code compliance The files are available in PDF format. Ideal freelancers for this job should be competent in reading and interpreting building plans, with a firm grasp of local building codes and structural safety principles in engineering. An ideal candidate will have experience in both architecture and engineering, with a focus on resi...

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    I require a proficient AutoCad designer with Mechanical Engineering expertise. - The project involves creating a model with three distinctive sides: front, right, and a 3D variant. The model must be detailed, accurate, and suitable for use in Mechanical Engineering applications. - As this is a Mechanical Engineering project, it is crucial that the freelancer has a strong grasp of engineering principles and can effectively apply them in the design. - To ensure that the freelancer is equipped for the job, I would like to see relevant samples of their past work in AutoCad, specifically within the Mechanical Engineering domain. The deadline for this project is flexible, so the focus should be on delivering a high-quality, meticulously designed model.

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    Location: Oman operation and maintenance Environmental compliance and equipment emissions control Day 5: Future Trends and Best Practices (5 hours) Emerging technologies in equipment management Industry-specific case studies and best practices Continuous improvement and performance tracking Course review, Q&A, and certification Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Engineering, or a related field. Minimum of 10 years of experience in equipment maintenance, reliability, and operation. Proven experience in delivering technical training programs. Strong communication and presentation skills. Ability to engage and motivate participants. Up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and best practices in equipment efficiency. the out...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design A&A 1 天 left

    Hey there! I need a logo for a civil engineering company. The logo has to look serious like it is an established company and should be grey/white. The name of the Company is: A&A Nord Bau GmbH Be creative! Thanks in advance.

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    I am searching for a skilled freelance product designer experienced in using Figma. If you have a passion for designing user-centric products and thrive in a creative, fast-paced environment, we would love to hear from you! Responsibilities: 1. Should be someone who creates the assets from scratch. 2. Execute all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering. 3. Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows, and site maps to communicate interaction and design ideas effectively. 4. Conduct user research and evaluate user feedback to enhance the user experience. 5. Establish and promote design guidelines, best practices, and standards. 6. Stay up-to-date with the latest design trends, techniques, and technologies. Ideal skills to have: • Pr...

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    I have a set of videos, originally recorded in MP4 format, from a concert that needs professional audi...of the speakers. I need a competent audio technician or a professional who can both reduce the distortions and adjust the audio levels to improve the overall audio quality of my videos. Experience dealing with loud audio distortions (particularly from concert recordings) is a requirement because of the unique challenges this project presents. I welcome freelancers with software engineering, sound engineering, and digital media editing backgrounds who have previously worked on similar tasks. The perfect candidate would be able to: - Remove and reduce prominent distortions - Adjust audio levels for a better, enhanced auditory experience - Have experience in handling M...

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    I am in need of a proficient network engineer with deep knowledge of WiFi network planning and design. The project involves planning and laying out a WiFi network for our office that covers an area o...involves planning and laying out a WiFi network for our office that covers an area of 1000-5000 sq ft and can handle up to 50 devices. Key Requirements: - Plan a WiFi network for an office - The planned network must cover 1000-5000 square feet - The network should support less than 50 devices - Network security level required: Advanced (WPA2) Ideal Skills and Experience for the job: - Network Engineering - WiFi Network Design and Layout - Experience implementing Advanced (WPA2) level network security - Proven track record of designing networks that efficiently support large number o...

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    I'm looking for an experienced acoustic engineer to undertake a key role in a survey monitoring program for a rock excavation project, set to occur at a residence in Bondi Junction. This project is expected to span less than 1 month and your responsibilities will include the following: - Perform continuous noise monitoring throughout the duration of the project to ensure compliance with regulation and standards. - Work in a residential, potentially coastal, environment comfortably and effortlessly. A crucial part of this role involves having a good understanding of the types of noise produced during rock excavation work and the ability to distinguish between different noise levels accurately. Candidates with prior experience in continuous noise monitoring, particularly in simi...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Ardu... Key Requirements: - Expertise in Arduino programming and hardware - Prior experience with power and electrical engineering - Ability to design a safe and efficient voltage and current conversion system - Knowledge of industry standards for similar projects The project will involve: - Understanding the requirements and constraints of the project - Designing an efficient and safe 220V AC to DC conversion system - Programming the Arduino to manage the conversion process effectively - Ensuring the final product meets all necessary safety and performance standards Your previous work in similar projects and a strong understanding of Arduino's capabilities in power engineering will be a big plus. Please provide examples of your ...

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    I am seeking a structural engineer who's an expert in designing steel buildings for a project requiring advanced level of detailing in the structural drawings. Skills and Experience Required: - Comprehensive background in structural engineering, especially in steel buildings - Proficiency in creating detailed structural designs - Understanding and knowledge of current building codes and regulations - Commitment to delivering high-quality work within stipulated timelines I look forward to working with someone who can provide detailed designs to ensure the safety and longevity of the building.

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    13 个竞标 capture and utilize excess heat generated during the charging process. Calculations and Simulations: Support the design with relevant calculations, thermal simulations, and performance estimates. Deliverables: Submit a comprehensive design document outlining the concept, components, estimated costs, and potential benefits of the sand battery system. Desired Skills and Experience: Thermal engineering or related field Experience with thermal energy storage systems Knowledge of inductive heating technologies Understanding of heat recovery principles Strong analytical and problem-solving skills Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly Additional Information: This project is ideal for engineers or designers passionate about sustainable energy solutions. The chosen freela...

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    ...scaffolding installations and provide technical support as needed. - Stay updated with industry trends, regulations, and best practices related to formwork and scaffolding design. - Communicate effectively with stakeholders to ensure project objectives are met within specified t timelines and budget constraints. Ideal Skills: Technical Proficiency: Strong understanding of structural engineering principles related to formwork and scaffolding. Proficiency in performing structural calculations and analysis using relevant software (e.g., ETABS, SAP2000). Design and Drafting Skills: Experience in creating detailed designs, drawings, and specifications for formwork and scaffolding systems. Proficiency in CAD software (e.g., AutoCAD, Revit) to develop accurate 2D and 3D mod...

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    I'm looking for an experienced mechanical engineer specialising in automotive design. The project revolves around the creation of a new chassis design for a passenger car. In line with my preferences and considering the durability and cost-effectiveness, the design should primarily involve the use of steel. Skills and Experience: - A robust background in automotive engineering, specifically in chassis design - Proficiency in using design software for automotive components - Comprehensive knowledge of steel and its application in automotive design - Excellent understanding of strength and weight aspects in vehicle design Responsibilities: - Design a steel chassis for a passenger car - Ensure the design meets safety, performance, and quality requirements - Collaborate closely w...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional who can design and build a DC motor co...motor direction from forward to reverse and vice versa. - Timer: how long the motor will run (in hour, minute, and second) Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in Arduino programming and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for motor speed control. - Experience with creating remote-controlled devices and coding for remote interaction. - Knowledge and understanding of electrical engineering, specifically in DC motor control. - Ability to design a user-friendly interface for the remote control. Please note that the project will be complete when the code is working perfectly when tested on the hardware, not on simulation. Please share your relevant experience and portfolio when bidding o...

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