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    要求熟悉Android MVP加壳技术,会某梆企业级脱壳技术,对我方产品进行脱壳查找漏洞。

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    Cursos de ventas on line de español para el mercado chino

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    你好朋友, 我想帮助

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    Unity3D集成原生SDK接入微信登录及分享,不能使用ShareSDK或友盟等第三方插件,要求: 1.Android Studio工程,及导出的arr文件,使用微信官方SDK,供Unity3D调用; [登录来查看链接]工程,调用Android Studio导出的arr文件,集成安卓端微信登录及分享,分享图片随便找一张图代替即可; [登录来查看链接]导出的Xcode包,集成微信登录; [登录来查看链接]工程只UI需求: 4.1 登录按钮,点击后启动微信登录功能 4.2 分享按钮,点击后分享一张图片,可以选择分享到朋友圈或者给好友 4.3 Text,显示微信登录获得的Code 4.4 Text,显示分享成功或失败 5.以上只需要能获得用于获取access_token的code

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    关键查询列表 搜索引擎中输入了多少个查询。 关键要求是松子(中文)。

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    rajat100493,您好,我看了您的个人资料,想与您进行项目合作。我们可以通过聊天对话进一步讨论细节。 Let's carry on the project we discussed today.

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    我有进行中的、与之前的项目相关的工作Developed a social networking app Android version'

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    website Google promotion, SEO, Google AdWords, Google PPC

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    wechat android app 和微信公众号袋袋金,众金在线类似

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    几分钟内从有技能的威客中获得竞标。 查看威客个人信息和反馈,然后立即与他们聊天! With only a 3%* commission fee, your favorite freelancer can start working for you today! 只有您100%满意才会支

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    因为 [登录来查看链接] 不接受亚洲IP 注册帐户。 需要 协助开 个adhitz广告发布帐户。 帮助 冲值 发布广告。 冲值的钱我出 服务费另算。为了沟通方便 最好会中文的。

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    1、PPT/PPTX任何一种格式支持即可 2、只需要支持部分简单的动画即可,如移动、渐变。当然能支持的越多越好。 3、可以做简单的编辑,如画线等,这块需要是你提供技术支持,由我们来完成。简单来说,我们需要在PPT播放的时候,可以暂停,然后做些写写画画和录制等操作,需要你提供格式方面的技术支持,但开发不需要你来做。 4、IOS/ANDROID的都需要,但如果你只有一种也可以商量。

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    要求对magetno 熟识,了解google adword ,PPC ,要会熟识googel Feed,因为我的站产品比超过3w 件产品。 我安装有googel Feed 插件[登录来查看链接] 04/19/2014 at 11:34 NZST - Additional information submitted 我的网站[登录来查看链接]

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    要求对magetno 熟识,了解google adword ,PPC ,要会熟识googel Feed,因为我的站产品比超过3w 件产品。 我安装有googel Feed 插件[登录来查看链接]

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    ... -通过开发与利用百度、搜狗、360等陈列式广告,计划和部署PPC方案,使利润得到最大化。 利润最大化通过开发和制作百度,搜狗,360显示广告,规划和部署PPC活动。 -赢得优质的、显著的PPC项目进展。 -通过PPC或付费点击追踪、更新跟踪和更新流量模式。 -负责PPC报告,包括每周和每月项目报告,分析该项目的表现,评估投资回报率对关键指标和优化支出的最大价值。 -培训营销人员,监督各项目进展,以确保团队的优质表现。 -参与或主持高级管理层及营销团队的会议。 -发掘、聘用、指导和激励线上营销人员在技术及应用层面发挥最大潜能。 技能与经验要求: -良好的教育背景。 -渴望成功。 -拥有5年以上的任职PPC经理/百度网盟专家的经历。 -有参与SEM竞标技术、自动化功能的经验。...

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    Rough draft of blog article for 1 of the topics we discussed. 800-1200 words in 1-2 days from today

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    Instagram marketing: Hi I am looking for a freelancer who can go through a sales sequence with clients on Instagram. Must be able to start today. Must be able to get 10 sales calls per week

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    11 个竞标 on our WHM / cPanel server and was not able to handle the PHP update to 7.2 so I rolled it back to PHP 5.6 temporarily a month ago and was working good. He logged in today to do some work on the site and something went wrong and it has crashed. We need someone to review the Drupal files and installation and get it back online and update it so

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    Trophy icon Create a short instagram video ad 21 小时 left

    I am looking for a hype video for today. It will be an ad for my companies urTHC and urCBD, for 4/20 we are giving 42% off starting at 4:20pm EST. Websites are [登录来查看链接] and You can also state that the link will be in the bio.

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    I need to list available apartments for rent on page /available-rentals. There will need to be a selected image for the thumbnail image, address, price, security de...additional info fields. ie bedrooms, bathrooms, amentities, etc. And another apply link. I have a similar plugin from wordpress but it does not work properly. Needs to be done today.

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    Necesito una app para Android. Me gustaría que la diseñen y la creen. ya tengo la página web y quisiera que está conecte con la página weby desde el móvil el cliente se logee y ingresé su auto para la venta

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    Hola Jhon, cuánto tiempo tienes disponible para participar en un proyecto de sitio web en PHP.? Vi tu perfil y creo que serías de mucha utilidad para los objetivos de mi proyecto. Mi contacto skype negrotico19

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    we need smart developer to work with us on long term the following requirements: 1. reskin android app . 2. app should be bug free . 3. app should be compatible with latest android version . 4. design logo and change basic layout. (freelancer should design the logo ) 5. add admob ids 6. integrate Facebook SDK ( to create Facebook campaigns for advertising

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    Please only Access Pro's. If you are not an expert at Access please do not bid. I have a database where the forms are not updating as expected (this is not a requery...question. so take job at your risk. If I award it to you and its not what I asked, I cant pay for something I didnt want or need. Sorry to be so blunt but thats the situation today.

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    Hola. Me encuentro conformando un equipo de trabajo para crear un "video explainer" y estoy buscando una persona con experiencia en elaboración de guiones para vídeos. La persona debe hablar español. Gracias.

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    Hello, how are you today? I am looking for photographers to update my blog website. Preferred from Europe, and you will be asked to work in part time but in the long term Looking forward to hearing from you soon regards

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    Hi, I need some minor changes to the android app being done by today itself. Please contact me if you are having very good hands on the Android Development

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    Need a wordpress Php developer who can do some minor customisation in a site Urgent need to start right now . and can do it by today

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    18 个竞标 strengthen its roots on the digital universe. Our wide range of web solutions includes Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, PPC, Whatsapp Marketing, Google Photo Program, Mobile Applications Development & Marketing. You just need to describe your nature of the business, products/ services, etc & we are

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    Criação de site em wordpress, com otimização básica em SEO. Site com design de interface incluso.

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    I work on amazon and my amazon PPC Acos are killing me. I want someone who can reduce the Acos and maximize sales at the same time driving keyword rankings

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    I need something URGENTLY today. This is the video: [登录来查看链接] I need to add this product on to the cats hand: [登录来查看链接] While he is dancing I need to add this in his hand. Can you do

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    Update theme for: Change Icons + video top banner (desktop, mobile)

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    I have a project of POWERPOINT PRESENTATION that needs to complete by today.

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    Hi, Need to quick 2 fixing on wordpress website. 1 . [登录来查看链接] if someone search and after the result link should be open in new tab. [登录来查看链接]://[登录来查看链接] Need to show same search in home page banner and in top header. [登录来查看链接] Thanks Peer Buksh

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    ...Amazon API? We are looking for a Python Developer With Amazon API Experience. We need collection software to sum up sales profit cost PPC. TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Creating a software to sum up sales profit cost PPC. Adding features. Helping in optimizing and fine tuning the current system. Providing recommendations on how to improve the system.

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    Hi, I need someone how create a campaign for social media facebook and in...campaign for social media facebook and instagram, we need to install the facebook pixel properly and give me hints for better campaign. We also need to do re targeting in google ppc campaign an facebook, Looking for someone for a for a long term business relationship. Thanks

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    custom theme woo commerce website have issues in review and rating functions. that not work properly we need to fix that today. please check the attached snapshot

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    Hello Experts I have a news websi...shows sub category instead of primary category which is wrong. Website Link : [登录来查看链接] I want an expert wordpress developer for this job who can do this task today only. If you complete this job successfully , i will hire you on permanent basis for daily tasks. Project Budget : INR 3k Thanks

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    We will be providing you the details what kind of screens we need . The wire-frame must be build on [登录来查看链接] This is very urgent work must be done by today

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    Should be strong in both front end and backend. need to integrate 7 api calls by today. max budget is 25$ in total

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    Should be strong in both front end and backend. need to integrate 6 api calls by today. max budget is 1250 INR in total

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    ...interfaz web o de su correo electrónico. 2- Mural: Mural digital para registrar y visualizar todas las actividades de la empresa tales como el empleado del mes, noticias de la empresa, avisos, etc. 3- Clientes: Crear cliente, buscar cliente, modificar y geolocalizar los clientes para que cuando un chófer o vendedor no conozca la ruta pueda llegar sin

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    Migrate from M1 to M2 13 ORDERS - 5 CUSTOMERS - 6 Online visit list please to M2 Need done today. Price is 15$ Fixed

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    Control de asistencia y anecdotario de estudiantes de colegio

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