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    Hi, i'm a broadcaster on CB and i am searching for someone to code for me an obs plugin that visualizes a particular emoticon and a sound when i receive a tip of 22 and 25, then it has to show tips and tipper's name on screen and some animations that change according to the amounts of the tip ( 3 levels: between 100 and 499, between 500 and 2000, and

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    Hello , i am looking for someone to code me an obs plugin that allows you to show chaturbate tips (tokens) on screen while broadcasting and play a song and some animations !

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    I am looking for a person to rewrite a whitepaper based on existing draft. The document is describing new ICO project, currently contains 14 pages. Final version should be write in English and be uderstandable for regular people. Proposed sallary: unfortunately, I can offer a low rate, but I add to that tokens (ALR). I would like to involve more people

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    Hi Need a application usingAmazon MWS API for getting data 1. Application can be used for Canada or USA. It can switched to CA or USA 2. We should be able to save multiple MWS tokens details. (for many sellers MWS tokens if needed) 3. We will feed ASINs to it and need fields. Fields will be discussed later. 4. It should be able to get data in few

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    Hi! application for OAuth in each system. After that - send me the data for login in to registered account QQ, Wechat, Weibo, special application ID for each system, tokens and so on. Mandatory requirements: - you must be from China and have previously created apps in QQ, Wechat, Weibo for OAuth - howe many you need time and money for do it ?

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    Required erc20 tocken with smart contract website is already built up, website is ready with backend and frontend just needed erc20 tokens and smart contract big only if can do today in next some hours. previously done developers preferred, also write the required what you want from me to develop it, Thanks

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    ...complete the payment. Tokens is used to ensure that no sensitive card data ever needs to touch my server so my integration can operate in a PCI compliant way. I contacted Stripe and right now step 1 is made, but not step 2. So I need help with making the api request to create a charge and complete the payment. See here for more info on how to create

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    Grab coin is a very simple and interesting game that is played by ...linking to the db of registered users, including their name and coins available in the db. 4. connecting to etherium network wallet(we can teach u how to do it). players need tokens to play. 5. all source codes/ designs, graphics raw files have to be given base on stages of payments.

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    14 竞标 hoping to build a telegram bot for users to manage their referrals and their total number airdrop tokens that they will be qualified to receive. The details for the bot are as follows: When a user starts a chat with the bot, he/she has to complete the following two steps: 1) Join telegram 2) Submit particulars for Airdrop User to fill in the following

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    5 竞标 clicking a button called "Exchange identity" this will allow them to use 1 token as "Payment" Each account comes with 3 free tokens. tokens can be bought as in app purchases. Gold subscription of this app will follow for the maker creating this app. such picking from a list of people that have swiped on you giving you straight access to chats,

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    ...quoted price. I need to capture and create new customer Stripe tokens to manually charge my clients at the completion of a service. The amount charged will be dependant on the work and I do not want to charge the customer upfront... just want to capture their credit card details for future billing. I need a Freelancer to add a Stripe credit card

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    Looking ,NET Developer 2 日 left

    Strictly who can work on Crypto Tokens only No Companies Only Individuals Must have min 3+ years of .NET, Web API, ASP.NET, Front end development experience

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    We are looking for a content manager for our social media accounts. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]@w12_io [login to view URL] [login to view URL] This person has to have a linkedin page with relevant working experience because we will

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    ...Request for Android app development: Our needs follow. A. Back end application server is web server with both apache and sockets built in using python 3.6 B. single screen for all purposes by masking non-relevant items and visible only tasks based items at appropriate times or C. using multiple screens by enabling only particular screens for tasks based

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    I want to make one dapp in order to transfer many ERC20 tokens at once. Many people still do this manually, one transaction at a time. This Dapp allows a user to send thousands of token transfers in a very effecient way by batching them in groups of 145 token transfers per Ethereum transaction. This automation saves time by automatically generating

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    Hi, I need a developer to help me with the following requirements, 1. Create ERC 20 Token with smart contract with bonus 2. Get Users transaction details whom ever pays with their wallet to our smart contract 3. Store the transactions in database

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    Modules we need: 1) A user account system that allows users to register, maintain a balance, deposit and withdraw Ethereum and other ERC20 Tokens, also place buy and sell orders. Integrate this, with a payment processor to support currency deposits and withdrawals. 2) A matching engine that looks at the current buy and sell orders and matches orders

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    42 竞标 blockchain companies, tokens and cryptocurrencies. The list should be done in Google Sheets/Excel, have business name, website, email address, and have at least 150 companies like the following [login to view URL] The freelancer should make sure to understand the type of businesses I am looking for. I work for a UK company and we need

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    Gmail & Twitter Bot 已经结束 left

    ...all of them, minimum gmail) -use OTP API we provide for PVA email -use the same email created to make a twitter, which is also PVA by API -config twitter account, public info, photos, bios etc and settings -apply for developer access automatically (fill-in the form to request API access) -wait for X days and check automatically the email if request

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    Need a smart contract so I can send tokens in bulk through webpage by uploading xls or csv I have a list of ETH addresses, I want to send a token to my customers in bulk so I want a webpage that it will take token from my wallet(metamask & myetherwallet) and I will upload a csv(in which eth addresses & amount of token) then it will transfer https://rstormsf

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    ...token. I have a erc20 token and almost 20% of tokens are stored in my one wallet address. I want to accept this as a payment method in my website. I need simple code to detect the deposits made by users and do withdrawals automatically to the users address when they request. Main scenario is this (for example): Website has a table named "users" it

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    ...monitor it much more than I want to. With the ITC “Personals Ads” page, they have to use a credit card to buy tokens BEFORE being able to place an ad, therefore having to give their correct address, so I thought if I could do something similar for the message board it might help solve the problem. Perhaps doing a membership fee, or just making it so they

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    Hi, this is a quick and short work. I am looking for someone who can spend 1 or 2 hours with me and teach me the following on teamviewer. 1. Creating an ERC20 Token 2. Locking a certain amount of tokens. 3. Creating CLIFFS for locked tokens so that a certain amount of tokens can be unlocked automatically every month after 1 year so. After you teach

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    Cryptocurrency Articles 已经结束 left

    I need several writers to wri...writer crypto/bitcoins/digital wallets/tokens articles. You must write atleast two articles per day. Payment is made daily via escrow system. Let me know what you have in mind. I need to see samples - I will not contact freelancers who have not send me samples or given links to there articles. Thank you for your time.

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    ...can help me and guide me through some details. The one that I see is really experienced will be hired for a long going project. [login to view URL] this is the question you're required to answer. Let's do it. I'll tell you all about my plans. You

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    ...Php environments • It would important to use a CRUD application for local development as no complex operation is involved here • All table must have the possibility to import and export data in xls and csv and check for duplicates All duplicates entries must be shown to the superuser for merging/deleting • The best option would be to re-use an existing

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    I have a page to sell to add this stripe overlay shop to any page - All the files you add must stay inside /static/shop/ - Shop variables are inside /static/shop/[login to view URL] - Temporary link tokens are located at /static/shop/token/ (defined in /static/shop/[login to view URL]) - Temporary links will expire in x days (defined in /static/shop/[login to view URL])

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    I have a page to sell to add this stripe overlay shop to any page - All the files you add must stay inside /static/shop/ - Shop variables are inside /static/shop/[login to view URL] - Temporary link tokens are located at /static/shop/token/ (defined in /static/shop/[login to view URL]) - Temporary links will expire in x days (defined in /static/shop/[login to view URL])

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    Jointer is a blockchain startup that is building the world’s first system to clear commercial real estate security tokens for trading on the blockchain and we are looking for passionate writers to join our team. You have a strong understanding of and thrive in the startup world. You have extensive knowledge and experience in either Commercial Real

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    Hi Fox, I noticed your profile in other similar post. So I need you to make me a viewer bot for [login to view URL] which is using proxies. I also want the bot to chat (to use this twitch tokens, i dont know how they work...) and also to follow channels. I have program like that but its not working properly so i can give it like a template.

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    cash money app 已经结束 left

    the business is basically is an application for Marketing and promotion services in a very unique method where customers and service providers are easily connected, direct marketing that will generate sales leads to the service providers instead of just walk ins and call ins, customers will have the chance to win cash prizes as well as special discounts

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    looking for token based website and android application. doctors side : Doctor in or out online status of tokens online calling tokens online pressing next token button Patients side : 1st time registration form login status of online tokens appointment of token admin side: full view of system online status billing multiple doctors registration

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    looking for token based website and android application. doctors side : Doctor in or out online status of tokens online calling tokens online pressing next token button Patients side : 1st time registration form login status of online tokens appointment of token admin side: full view of system online status billing multiple doctors registration

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    Custom Platform Creation and De...(decentralized application) ERC20 Smart Contracts Smart Contract Audit Multi Signature Wallet Creation Cryptocurrency Payment Systems Decentralized Marketplace We are looking for a trustworthy individuals or firm that could develop the whole process of Initial Coin Offerings. Willing to pay $1,000 to $1,250. Thanks.

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    Need full website design with graphics, contents and know the idea. The white pages. And 10,000,000,000 tokens set up my wallet. New start up ICO program

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    Project for jxcreations 已经结束 left

    Hi jxsarwar, Our business is real estate. Software Pandadoc - 'property appraisal proposal' template using tokens Job : Create a template in pandadocs for our real estate sales [login to view URL] have some currenltly in indesign as sample if you want to have a look. Is this your thing ? cheers Scott [login to view URL]@[login to view URL] +61412331350

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    New ICO Start Up 已经结束 left

    ...need: - build web site design for ICO Investor Founding - crypto token programmer ( 10 billions ) - Contents & Legal writing - Mobile Application Programmer Follow up support after Website ready and be part of the Team in this amazing worldwide project. You will be pay for your work and Also you will receive free tokens as a part of team-founders.

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    Hi, We need to create a module for magento 2 to connect to our payment gateway. At the end of project the magento 2 store need to be able to pass transaction and to store credit card on gateway server via tokens and magento instant purchases will be working. please see attached document for more info. Thanks

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    Build A Website 已经结束 left

    I need a website where businesses can upload their info and users must have a profile that keeps track of their rewards...rewards. The website must also have an algorithm that rewards 1 token to a user every time it is confirmed they do business with any of our associates. Users collect their tokens until they have enough to redeem in our token store.

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    I'm looking for someone to create 2 Postback URL's which is server-to-server tracking for my CPA (Cost-Per-Action) campaigns. The platforms are CPALead and Tracking Desk. EXAMPLE SETUP: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    We are looking for freelancers with high experience with Blockchain and Ethereum, in order to make an integration with ERC-20 tokens and EOS platform. We are using Google Cloud Platform, and the backend(deposits/withdraws in ERC-20 tokens and EOS) has to be built in PHP.

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    help me to write article 已经结束 left

    The Accredited Coin Offering (ACO) ma...Offering (ACO) makes use of a pioneering new economic model. Accredited Coin Offering(ACO) Tokens holders will be at liberty to trade or exchange them for services on the platform. This effectively creates a “preferred share” option, that offers the potential for both price appreciation and cash flow rights.

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    Project for Sui X. 已经结束 left

    Hi there! We are creating a project and I think you can help us a lot. We are making integrations with ERC-20 tokens and EOS. Can we talk?

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    I'm looking for a backend developer for a ERC20 project. NOTICE: we will offer you a contract and payments will be only with our ERC20 tokens, no fiat currencies. Our current team is international so that'a great opportunity to collaborate in a unique project. The candidate must have Golang knowledge.

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    Ethereum Solidity Programmer Urgently Needed for 4 Smart Contract Jobs. Requirements: At least 3 yrs experience with evidence of past and present Smart Contracts jobs. Full Identity and Proof Address verification is a MUST. Ability to add Oracle. You must be able to use this [login to view URL]

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    ...provide additional support for your post-ICO performance with liquidity by listing at the LATOKEN Exchange. LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange with $20m daily trading volume in new utility and security tokens. The current listing fee is 6 BTC, but is scheduled to increase in a few days. I can help you to be considered for listing on a priority

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    Hello, I am looking for a professional that can install and secure Peatio exchange with support for ERC20 tokens. The job is quite trivial for who did it already. Possibility of long term contract for maintainance.

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    ...Mobile development / New project Expected to be completed by 2018/10/31 Project details: Deliverables: complete mail server using blockchain ETH20 protocol and assign tokens for every transaction development of calendar and integration development of cloud space and integration development of communication platform and integration Coding CryptoBlock

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    RSS sharing on facebook. 已经结束 left

    RSS sharing on facebook. I need a script that can share links and titles from an rss source. The scrip should allow login save tokens, and ask permission to manage Pages and groups (which is administrator). In the script I have to add rss, it will read the rss and check the rss items. Will share a set of links and titles in the form of posting on

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    Want to advertise my ico . payment based on % of tokens

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