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    Hi Shopify Developers, We are trying to place a tracking code on our website to track total amount and transaction or order ID from a customer. The tracking is from an affiliate network. The website is made in shopify with paypal gateway. You need to place the tracking code by reading the instructions into the thank you page in such a way that

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    there is a tracking system we have been working on using google maps api and google direction service, the aim is to draw the path of the movement via gps on maps, while the most things are already done there is a small glitch where the location is deviating from the actual path(see the attached screenshots) .If anyone helps us fix this issue we can

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    ...prefer working with a single freelancer rather than a team or agency. Please don't bother applying if you are not the person who will be working on the app I am looking to port an existing native Android application to the IOS platform using the latest Swift technologies. The application is a popular workout/gym tracking application. All of the apps

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    ...trying to place a tracking code on our website to track total amount from a customer. The tracking is from an affiliate network. The website is made in shopify with paypal gateway. You need to place the tracking code by reading the document in the thank you page in such a way that it passes a total amount to affiliate tracking code. We will

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    add analytics event tracking to Contact form 7 submitted successfully.

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    Opencall is the world's first (and only) open source call tracking software. The software is available under the GPL v3 license, is written in PHP and utilises MySQL as the database platform. we want the freelancer to install and configure call tracking and routing system into amazon server.

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    Your job will be to create relatively simple Java Desktop application which will allow user to search for various movies/series stored in our MySQL database. There are two user roles: admin and regular user. Admin can edit database data, and user can create its own profile and add movies/series to its own [登录来查看链接] have database model which you have to follow as well as GUI template that should b...

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    ...and they are looking to integrate Royal Mail services into the site. So the customer would get a tracked delivery with the tracking code as part of the email receipt. They would be able to visit the site and enter the tracking code to check the status of their delivery. The job would require the link between Royal Mail and the shop being created, with

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    Time tracking script 已经结束 left

    We want a script similar to We need to have: Screenshots and we should have the option to set up those as we need, List of the projects, Time tracking. We are a small company, low budget and we prefer if you have already made a script for this. We need a user friendly interface and instructions in writing.

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    Need help setting up salesforce marketing cloud conversion tracking on our websites in magento. [登录来查看链接] will need a string that i can share with salesforce to pass with every landing page url and jsp code that i can paste into our success page to track the conversions

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    Adwords tracking 已经结束 left

    We are running a good amount of PPC campaigns and need Dev/Tech support in connecting via API to our CRM. We also need assistance in providing direction on URL tracking Parameters and Adwords Script development.

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    Modify my wordpress site 已经结束 left

    Dear Freelancer Community, This project will in total not take more than 30 minutes to complete. I have a website: [登录来查看链接] As you can see there is a form on the website. When submitted, this form sends data to a Google sheet ([登录来查看链接]) ### A. Make adjustments to existing wordpress site ##### 1. Make adjustments

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    ...and interact with their friends; find local facilities (via Google API near me functionality); find out local lift status; view local piste maps and other features. The freelancer must provide: - Initial specification of their solution - Full application components (excluding logo to be provided by buyer) Fundamentally, the foundation for this app

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    Build a project management software/platform for a training, consulting and auditing firm to track status of projects from start to completion and is customizable. Platform must allow us to input the revenue of the project, assign resources (i.e. the trainers, consultants or auditors), track status, generate excel reports on profit and other sales reports

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    I Need a online purchase order tracking system for my final project paper for my study. The system must develop using php/mqsql. I have a tide deadline.. the table involve are employee, Purchase Order, Purchase Order detail, Purchase order Status of payment , and Supplier. the user can key in the PO and PO detail. Reporting : list of outstanding

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    The GPS tracking datas should save in the micro SD card then that datas will be sent to the sever using GPRS/GSM module. i need complete coding for configure the GPRS shield and sever

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    Im looking for the development of invoicing management application. This app main function is to manage and track invoices, receipts and project profits. I would like this app to be developed for Windows and I'll leave it up to you to suggest the app language. However, this app shall be designed for a stand alone Windows PC and able to be compatible for future Windows versions. The SRS do...

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    We are a small business looking for a freelancer with ZOHO API / Integration experience. We have leads coming in from a web form on a few different websites. The other end of things is the Call Tracking service that we are implementing soon. We are looking at CallRail and CallTrackingMetrics, and we will be finalizing soon. These both allow lead data

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    Telemarket for me 已经结束 left

    ...using our online platform as a means to move the shipment. What we are looking for: We are looking for someone who can, research and create their own database of shippers (companies that have shipping needs), generate leads and cold call qualified companies that have shipping needs, to sign up to our free, worry-free platform. Shipper qualifications

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    We wish to have an ATS made, I can give details on need and desire.

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    ... analytics, event tracking etc. You need to have a proven model of results and an easily digestible format for tracking and reviewing results. Infographic based dashboards and monitoring are a huge plus. Ideally I would like a white label product that we can brand with our own logo for SEO auditing and client performance tracking purposes. We will

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    Find me some Leads 已经结束 left

    We need experienced Freelancer to provide REAL CPA leads. We are an affiliate in All top networks and we have very close relationship with them all with state of the art tracking if any Fraud is done! So, if you send any kind of fraud traffic, proxy traffic etc, we will know! If our account gets suspended and our networks says your traffic is fraud

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    We wish to build a working tool in Excel / access for our Company which will help us manage Clients orders tracking (PO,PI,SB,CI) and Clients payments tracking The document should let us maintain Clients database, Orders Database, Payments database and eventually to be able to create good reports and clients statements based on the input data.

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    WEB DEVELOPERS 已经结束 left

    ... based in the offers you make now, and in your experience. I am developer, but will not have enough time to develop all of them. I will need freelancer that produce them, in a total administrable platform like Joomla or Wordpress I wish to know How much, please fill the attached excel Simple Web page [登录来查看链接]

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    Looking for a Freelancer FULL TIME : - Managing platform using Laravel 5 - CSS & Javascript - PHP5 We will be working using Asana for tracking tasks. We will define a schedule, everytime we do not get on schedule you will receive fines. I prefer working with people in Europe as it will be easier to manage with the timezone.

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    We are a traffic and tracking management platform for affiliate marketers called TrackingDesk. We work with independent marketers all the way to media buyers. We are currently building our knowledgebase ([登录来查看链接]) and need 1 minute tutorials that will accompany the written content. There are 27 videos to be made

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    Our WordPress website uses WP User Frontend Pro to give our Members the ability to post and edit their own posts from the front end. I would like you to add the following features: 1) Unique I.D. automatically generated when a post is created by a Member. The I.D. can only be seen by the post Creator. 2) Two Custom Fields / sections that will automatically be hidden behind spoiler buttons. S...

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    I need a asset-traking iOS mobile application. Google Maps API [登录来查看链接]

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    I want someone to develope task planning and data base excel sheets when its filled, it gives task ranking based on due date or importance "Optional Selection". Plus it gives auto reminder that can be sent to my mail if possible. The sheet should have: - Task completion index. - Open/Ongoing/ Overdue mark - Information entry section. - Employee name selection. - Employee work lo...

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    BASIC real time billiard tracking lines of 3 colored balls need good knowledge : - openCV - Java please contact me for .pdf of job

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    Project for re4ct0r 已经结束 left

    ...(its in portuguese.) The application would have to be able to play some audios and videos, and have a timer and a tracking feature besides a an administrative platform where the audio files and viodes would managed. The freelancer that was working with me was developing it in HTML5, but I am unhappy with the layout, which is not compatible to the

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    ...Marketplace to Complete Wholesale+Retail Online Store", we want the experienced freelancer to provide some modules that can give features and functionalities for wholesale and retails customers and so on.. I have listed some required features as this following : - Website platform is Opencart and needs to convert to Wholesale in Seller Dashboard. - To

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    This project will require more advanced freelancer that is capable of creating an inteligent website. The site is for my coaching/ consulting business and will also have paypal based ecommerce. Ideally the freelancer will be able to help me to plan how to structure the site as well as advise on what elements may be useful. My plans for the site

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    i have a code that works on one camera .. i need to change it to work on 2 cameras

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    Proyecto tracking pixels 已经结束 left

    Necesitamos insertar un pixel de seguimiento (tracking pixel) en nuestra web, el pixel debe "activarse" cuando se registre un usuario en esta landing page - [登录来查看链接] La landing page lleva a esta página de confirmación - [登录来查看链接], que se ha creado para los registros

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    Budget is $$ 100 strictly. I am looking to develop a website in Codeigniter. Though I have mention CI but willing to know your thoughts too regarding platform. We already have designed Index , login , registration and contact us pages in html though they need finishing touch. CMS and Pricing page need to be created. We will use TLE admin/charsima-master

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    We need to build a simple mobile apps for iphone and android for GPS Tracking platform, freelancer with previous experience should suggest some valid past projects to win the project

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    We need trainer who can provide hands-on train for 2-3 team members on Android platform for building mobile app. Freelancer must have worked on Google Map API integration which includes the routing/tracking API. Training can be delivered through Skype/Team viewer sessions. Some of the pointers which must be covered by trainer are (but not limited to):

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    I'm looking for someone to build and design a web app. Ideally, the frontend will be wordpress and admin would be the web app. The person will utilize authoritylabs API or semrush API to gather metrics.

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    ...itself will be done on our website’s translation platform. Every translator gets an account for the platform, and will work there. The platform itself shows a lot of similarity with popular CAT tools, but naturally there will be a 4-5 hour coaching period, when we show the translators how to work on the platform. This will happen via Skype. The material

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    Fordítson le valamit 已经结束 left

    ...itself will be done on our website’s translation platform. Every translator gets an account for the platform, and will work there. The platform itself shows a lot of similarity with popular CAT tools, but naturally there will be a 4-5 hour coaching period, when we show the translators how to work on the platform. This will happen via Skype. The material

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    加封 保密协议

    I need realtime/live tracking & cover/remove/change 2 different objects in livestream, rtmp-streaming. Input rtmp (better) or http. Dont want any work/change on picturequality or bitrate, best is "passtrough" Now working with windows, if needed change to linux is possible.

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    Hello, I have ready GPS Tracking Online events management software for sale . Please bid only interested buyer all payment would be done by freelancer platform. Thanks

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    ... I need now a freelancer experienced in opening and running e-stores on China platform in order to support review all the set-up activities: - products selection - providers selection (logistics, customer service...) - certifications requirements and actions to be done - order fulfillment / warehouse integration - price tracking tools - how to

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    Website for task tracking 已经结束 left

    I would like to have an internal website for tracking task of workers, their effort and to watch due date. I also would like some reporting.

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    I have Google Adsense ads on my site and I need someone to setup Yahoo Gemini's Conversion Tracking on the Adsense ads so Gemini can track conversions on ad clicks. I have asked the Yahoo tech team to help with it and they tried but couldn't get it to work, so don't apply for this job if you don't have experience with this before or have a firm idea

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    Face Tracking un unity using kinect

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    Build day book and account entries with payment tracking in power builder

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