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    I have two documents which have to be translated into English One is written in Russain and another is written in Vietnam I want an exact translation Thank you

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    One document needs to be translated into several languages please feel free to bid

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    ...production to minimize your work. No such phrase replacements need to be done for the other 3 videos. Therefore, there will be 9 clips at the end of this project. Your Russain voice over must sync properly with the video and the voice should be clear without any noise. Existing video's duration is around 30 mins. You have to edit one phrase of

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    Voice Artists and Talent 已经结束 left

    I need male voice artist from Russain and Ukraine for one of our semi voice campaign. Need to record the script that we would provide. For more detail, let's discuss in private chatting.

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    Traslation(Haitian Creole ,Hausa, Nepali ,Chichewa ,Sinhalese, Tajik, Shuna ,Yoruba)

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    Traslation(Haitian Creole ,Hausa, Malagasy ,Nepali ,Chichewa ,Sinhalese, Tajik, Shuna ,Yoruba)

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    I need someone to verify traslation English to Spanish. Only some product short descriptions

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    I need a translation project for short time period

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    We have a 2 page document in English to translate in German language, we need it within 5-6 hours as it is urgent requirement. Can anyone do this here, having legal/professional writing/translating experience.

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    Translation 已经结束 left

    English-Spanish traslation. 1000-1400 simple words

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    ...languages: Urdu (editing only) Bangla Hindi Tamil Kannada Malayalam Telugu Persian Dari Arabic Indoneseian German French Italian Spanish Polish Dutch Swedish Turkish Russain Portuguese Specialization: Translators need to have expertise in the social sciences. However, knowledge of biological and behavioral sciences will be an added advantage

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    I need to translate my CV from Italian to English. 3200 words

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    I need a translation for 4 audio files all of them note mre than 4 minutes from russian to english , i have to send it to thr hired person by whatsapp only

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    Ram kuchhadiya 已经结束 left

    Traslation English to gujrati Hindi to gujrati

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    Constantly growing web developer, I am looking for: - Translators from Russain to English - Translators from Russain to Spanish - Translators from Russain to Danish - Translators from Russain to Portuguese - Translators from Russain to Finnish Requirements: - Native or fluent written above languages knowledge - Fluent or, at least, decent above languages

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    I am looking for Russian web&mobile developers and translators. The website and mobile app have to be developed and translated into Russian.

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    I have a text already translated, I need to check for errors

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    I need a translation.

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    I have a script that I need read and recorded. The script is in english but needs to be read and spoken and recorded in German. A male german voice

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    translate a russian poem 已经结束 left

    I have a short poem audio in Russian. I want you to simply listen and write it down and send the text to me in russain and english

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    Need this website ([登录来查看链接]) translated into Spanish.

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    I would like to translate 2100 words for a website from English UK to Russain its 10-page website and the site is converted to a word docs.

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    I need a native Russian speaker to translate some documents (mainly yellow press articles, gossip, marketing material) from English into Russain. Contents are really simple and do not need any special language knowledge. Future work might follow depending on performance and on client's needs. In your application, please: - state your experience

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    I need to traslate text that argument is digital marketing and social media marketing fron english to italian. We send you the url of blog site and you give me complete traslation. A number of letter with space are about 9000. I find a onebody for continually work with 3 article on week.

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    German to Greek translation

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    Project for Silvia 已经结束 left

    3 Articles and website content professional traslation from English to Italian

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    Traslation from Italian to a perfect and professional Indi of a text of about 4 pages divided into 12 small chapters.

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    Help me write something 已经结束 left

    I need a translation. Traslation ita-eng

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    I need support from 2 native sinhala Translators to do my English-Sinhala traslation.

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    Translation from Russain to English (8 pages)

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    I need support from 2 native sinhala Translators to do my English-Sinhala traslation.

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    I need traslation from English to German for Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream ( product description, ingredients ... ) . I'm working on a product packaging design and I need this to bu dane in 2 days if possible. I will need more of translation services in the future.

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    In the website [登录来查看链接] at the section " ULTIMAS NOTICIAS" there is "MORE" at the end of each post, I need PUT "Saiba Mais" is done by js composer.

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    Traslation . 已经结束 left

    We have a big autobiography of one of the IT Entrepreneurs from Indian Technology industry. The Entrepreneur has written an autobiography of about 200+ pages. This document needs to be translated into Japanese. Those who are interested should have a rich experience in translating autobiographies which might include some technical knowledge as well. The translator should be able to understand the s...

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    Looking for Russain-English, English-Russian translator.

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    Traslation 已经结束 left

    I need write an article in english about 500 words tambien en español para publicarlo en revista de gran prestigio, debe ser preciso y bien redactado

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    $1962 - $1962
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    graphic designer 已经结束 left

    - Editing photo and modify -adding photo to my website -Adding text to the graphics in deferent language (english,Arabic, urdo, russain,turkish)

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    Translation from italian to english language of my romance trilogy. I need to know price and see a test of the work.

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    I need a traslation of italian brochure in few hour in order to print it today evening.

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    very simple document 6 pages most words is bilingual(malay/english ) , about total 300 word in Malay need translate

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    professional traslation 已经结束 left

    traslation of a novel (fiction) from Italian to English

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    Translate Something 已经结束 left

    traslation from polish, spanish to russian

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    I need to edit attached photos. Number 1: All words will be converted to Turkish. I attached a word file you'll find translations. Number 2: Photo will b...resolution is very low. So it must be recrated. Also english words on the photo must be replaced with Turkis words. I attached a word file. In that file you'll find Turkish traslation of words.

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    No automatic responses please. I have a web site in English and Spanish and I would like to add the Portuguese language as the main language and default. I will provided the complete translation in a word file. No translation is needed. Native Portuguese speakers will be considered positively. Thanks in advance. Kind regards. Miguel.

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    No automatic responses please. I have a web site, Joomla and virtuemart in the last version, with around 200 products. The current web site is in English and Spanish and I would like to add the Portuguese language as the main language and default. I will provided the complete translation in a word file. No translation is needed. Native Portuguese speakers will be considered positively. T...

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    Need to translate a 32 page user guide from English to Spanish. Its about 7.700 words. Its about the usage of a medical equipm...a couple of pages to see the translation quality before assign the project. The document got images. This images need to be pasted in a Word document together with the traslation. I need this document translated ASAP.s

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    Hi everybody! Here my p... So I need a preview image for contest (CONTEST), for video (VIDEO) and for interesting facts (this preview image in 2 formats, INTERESTING FACTS and CURIOSITA' (italian traslation). Fonts should be different from 3 sections and in according with that argoment section. If you have doubts, pease ask me!! Thanks! Good job!

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    Hire a Translator 已经结束 left

    i need a traslation of an english book that speak about nail and chemistry of nail products

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    ...displayed as a button (see module preview page or pdf to see how should correctly displayed). Then I need something that the customers can imagine "HEI you can click me!" 4. Traslation "MY CART" is not translated in italian. But setted into back end translation page I think a good programmer confident with prestashop can easly solve them in 3 hours.

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