25,210 ubuntu 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    我有一个网站需要在阿里云内部迁移,阿里云网站Ubuntu + WordPress 迁移,有对网站迁移熟悉的请求帮助。欢迎说中文。

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    搭建Gitlab运行环境 已经结束 left

    技术要点如下: * Gitlab版本:8.1.x * 安装环境 * UCloud 云主机 * Ubuntu 16.04 * Docker 1.3 * 实施要求 * Gitlab * 必选功能: * 作为Docker容器安装 * 相关服务,MySQL和Redis作为Docker容器安装 * 可设置指定邮箱发送Gitlab通知 * 对外服务配置为HTTPS,使用Let’s Encrypt制作证书 * 重启系统后,正确的自动启动所有相关服务 * 提供完整的Gitlab安装脚本 * 能够运行后安装所有上述服务 * 提供脚本的代码注释和流程图 * 提供在Docker宿主机上的备份和恢复脚本 * 备份数据存放在Docker宿主机指定的路径下 * 可通过恢复脚本将当前备份数据恢复当前系统的Gitlab * 可在另外服务器相同的Gitlab环境,使用当前备份数据,成功运行恢复脚本 * 提供脚本的代码注释和流程图 * 可选功能: * 正确导入目前Gitlab7.x的Repository,包括wiki数据 * Gitlab全部数据的日常增量备份 * 实施步骤和要求 * 任务执行者自行解决测试环境费用 * 任务...

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    ...with the school curriculum - M2M application consulting relationship with students . The back-end technology has been established : - Django 1.8 - Mypostgresql 9.3 - Ubuntu Linux There are Chinese websites sitemap, you need to do the PC version front . Bootstrap 3 development priority , because there is movement functions. Have fun bid , then we can send files up separately. ------------------------------------ 留学 B2C 服务台,,留学申请以及签证服务(服务全免费的),主要功能包括: - Area of Study Course Finder/Wizard 按照专业范围选课程程序(CSS Carousel 优先) - M2M学校课程跟顾问关系 - M2M留学生跟顾问咨询申请关系。 已经成立的后台技术: - Django 1.8 - Mypostgresql 9.3 - Ubuntu Linux 有中文的网站 sitemap,就需要做 PC 版前段。Bootstrap 3开发优先,因为有移动功能。有情趣bid的话,我们可以单独发文件过来。

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me install ERPNext on my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS virtual machine. Requirements: - Experience with ERPNext installation on Ubuntu - Knowledge of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Familiarity with virtual machine setup and configuration Specifics: - I would like the latest version of ERPNext to be installed - The installation will be on a virtual machine Please provide your relevant experience and expertise in your proposal. Thank you!

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    I am looking for a freelancer to install ERPNext on my Ubuntu 22 LTS server. Server Setup: - I already have a server to install ERPNext on. ERPNext Customization: - I do not require any customization for my ERPNext installation, just the default installation. Additional Modules: - I do not require any additional ERPNext modules to be installed, the standard modules will be enough. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with installing ERPNext on Ubuntu servers. - Familiarity with ERPNext default installation and standard modules.

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    Project Overview The primary objective of this project is to facilitate access for individuals and vehicles through automatic detection and validation using Face Recognition (FR) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technologies. Software Development Features The software to be developed will include the following features: Operating System: The system will be developed on the Ubuntu operating system. Access Control System Assumptions: The system will detect faces or number plates from a database and either accept or reject access based on matches with stored data. Database Capacity: The system will support searching a database containing up to 5000 unique faces and 2000 number plates. Hardware Requirements: The software PoC will be installed on a PC with the followin...

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    need a webmin expert 6 天 left

    I am in need of a webmin expert who can assist me with configuring server settings. I prefer someone who has experience working with Ubuntu , AWS, cloudeflare operating systems. The project shouldn't be difficult for a webmin expert as the server was newly setup and was working just fine, however unable to use http and https. it seems port 80 and 443 are disabled even though i disabled the firewall. To be honest i don't have much experience with webmin that's why i need the help, configuring webmin, DNS records, mail server, cloud flare. the mail also was working fine but now sending from the client takes too much time and sometimes it just fail. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of webmin and server configuration - Expertise in Linux operating systems - Abi...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up an email server using a bash script for Ubuntu or CentOS 8. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in bash scripting and server administration - Experience with setting up email servers, especially using Postfix, DevCot - Familiarity with Ubuntu or CentOS 8 operating systems Project Requirements: 1. Email Server Setup: - Set up an email server using Postfix, dovcot, etc with IMAP, POP3, SMTP. - Configure the server to handle multiple email accounts. 2. Custom Folder Creation: - Create specific custom folders as requested by the client. - Ensure that the script can create these folders upon server setup. (Image Attached) Please note that the client has already specified the preferred email server software (Postfix) and ...

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    I am looking for an Ubuntu Wine expert who can help me troubleshoot a performance error I am experiencing with Wine on Ubuntu. I have some information about the error, but I do not have detailed error messages or codes. I can provide specific applications and games that are causing the performance error. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in Ubuntu 18.04 and Wine - Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills - Familiarity with specific applications and games that may be causing the performance error - Ability to analyze system performance and optimize Wine version and settings crashes program, (program has a watchdog, it restarts, but on one point it freezes the program, we use ubuntu specifically 18.04, we need that version...

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    # Project Title: Setup Websites on Portainer ## Description I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up Nginx on Portainer on Ubuntu 22.04. The project involves configuring Nginx for optimal performance for a few websites. I have the Ubuntu server setup with Portainer running. ## Details I need assistance creating a Stack for the following: 1. Nginx 2. MySql 3. PostGreSQL 4. Lets Encrypt 1. with auto renewal for all domains 5. These domains & subdomains need to be added 1. []() 1. Install [BookStack]() 2. 1. Install WordPress 3. 1. Install [NextCloud]()

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me install Windows Server 2019 on my Ubuntu Linux server without boot access. Here are the project requirements: Operating System: Ubuntu License: I have the necessary license for Windows Server 2019. Configuration: I only need the basic installation of Windows Server 2019, no specific configurations or applications are required. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Linux servers, specifically Ubuntu - Proficiency in installing Windows Server 2019 - Knowledge of iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) for remote server management If you have the expertise and can successfully install Windows Server 2019 on my Linux server using iLO without boot access, please bid on this project.

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    ...need to be able to access the Plesk dashboard to manage the site once it is launched. Here are the details of the project: Operating System: Ubuntu - The VPS should be set up using Ubuntu as the operating system. Plex Version: No, use the latest stable version - I don't have a specific version in mind, so I would like the freelancer to install the latest stable version of Plex. Maintenance: Initial setup only - I only require assistance with the initial setup of the web app on the VPS. Ongoing maintenance and support will not be needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with VPS setup and configuration on Linux, specifically with Ubuntu. - Familiarity with Plex and its installation process. - Ability to provide clear instructions and documentation ...

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    I have a dedicated sever on hetzner with a 2tb drive which has become almost full. They have installed two additional 2tb drives. All drives are nvme. I need you to configure the drives so that the volume becomes 6tb. You can use raid or lvm. The only requirement is that I don’t lose any data. The machine is locked down to a bastion host which can only be accessed from my ip address. You’ll need to use some remote tool like teamviewer or anydesk. You’ll need to do this when I’m home which can be tonight (12 hrs from now) or tomorrow morning (24 hours from now)

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up a cron job on my Ubuntu cyberpanel to automatically renew my SSL certificate every 2.5 months. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of Ubuntu and cyberpanel - Experience with setting up cron jobs for SSL certificate renewal - Familiarity with SSL certificate installation and renewal processes - Attention to detail and the ability to ensure that the cron job is properly configured and functioning correctly.

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    I am in need of a CodeIgniter and MySQL expert to fix broken pages/links on my Linux Ubuntu Server. Issues: - Broken links of some existing pages Functionalities: - Some functionalities are not working as expected due to broken links Preferred solutions: - Check Live Linux Server and fix the broken links Skills and experience required: - Proficient in CodeIgniter - Strong understanding of CI, PHP, MySQL, Linux Ubuntu - Experience in troubleshooting and fixing broken links and images - Familiarity with identifying and resolving functionality issues

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    Linux system specialist 4 天 left

    ...Specialist Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and expertise in Linux system installation and configuration - Proficiency in scripting and automation - Familiarity with various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and CentOS - Ability to troubleshoot and maintain Linux systems - MQTT / Dooker Project Overview: We are seeking a Linux System Specialist to assist with the installation and configuration of our Linux systems. The ideal candidate will have experience in scripting and automation, and be familiar with various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and CentOS. Tasks include: - Installing and configuring Linux systems / Dooker mqtt - Troubleshooting and maintaining Linux systems - Assisting with scripting and automation tasks The level of urge...

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    ...the project details: Linux Distribution: Ubuntu Configuration Requirements: No specific configurations needed, standard configuration is fine. Server Maintenance: Only one-time setup is needed now. This server is used for development purposes. Ongoing maintenance might be required after 6 months (when development will be completed). Documentation: I want you to make video of how you are doing the installation, Also create some how-to videos such as 1. If the service is not running. How should I check it & fix it? 2. Where can I find the logs? 3. Commonly known errors & fixes for the same. Skills and Experience: - Experience in installing and configuring Keycloak and Jenkins - Proficiency in working with Linux servers, specifically Ubuntu - Familiarity wit...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can integrate Selenium into my existing project, which is already set up on an Ubuntu VM in Microsoft Azure. The project is a simple python project and I need assistance with automated testing using Selenium. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins (setup is already done but you need to fire up all three services they are currently inactive) - Experience with Selenium for automated testing - Basic knowledge of Python and handling Python projects

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    Ubuntu Bash Scripts 4 天 left

    ...do NOT reply to this Request. EXAMPLY: Install Ubuntu 22.04 run OS update run OS Upgrade -y Open standard ports Run install LAMP with all Modules needed: (at least PHP 8.1) Create DNS record () will provide PowerDNS database root user & password to check availability and register if available. create account on ISPConfig, DO NOT add DNS record to ISPConfig Upload WEBSITE .zip Extract into path of newly created account (example: home/ add mysql database to ISPConfig assign username and password. Change config file in home/ with database info JOB DONE! Upload WEBSITE .zip Extract into right path I am looking for a freelancer to help with my Ubuntu Bash Scripts project. Specific Tasks: - The

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    ubuntu help 4 天 left

    Project Title: Ubuntu Help Project Description: I am looking for someone to assist me with accessing a new PHP site on my Ubuntu system. Specific Issue: - I am experiencing difficulty in accessing the new PHP site on my Ubuntu system. Error Messages or Symptoms: - No specific error messages or symptoms have been encountered. Required Skills and Experience: - Familiarity with Ubuntu - Intermediate level of expertise in Ubuntu - Knowledge of PHP and web development Tasks: - Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to accessing the new PHP site on Ubuntu - Identify and resolve any compatibility issues that may be affecting the site's functionality - Optimize system performance to ensure smooth access to the PHP site Additional Information: ...

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    I am using the Blockscout project I will provide access to a new AWS instance with Ubuntu 20 onto which I would like you install the project, configure the scripts and synch with a smaller chain such as Ethereum Classic. You will be expected top keep notes of the entire process so that I can follow on a separate instance and success in doing the same

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    Install Odoo 17 Enterprise on latest version of Ubuntu hosted on Google Cloud based on the following steps. Step -1: Login to the Ubuntu server via SSH Step-2: Update Server Step-3: Secure Server Step-4: Install Packages and libraries Step-5: Setup Database Server Step-6: Create a system user Step-7: Get Odoo17 community from git Step-8:Install Required Python Packages Step-9:Install Wkhtmltopdf Step-10:Setup Conf file Step-11:Odoo service file Step-12:Run & test Odoo17 community Step-13: Install Odoo 17 Enterprise package You will be provided SSH access to perform the above tasks My expectation are 1- odoo 17 will be available on the specified URL 2- able to login to odoo admin dashboard 3- odoo enterprise module is installed

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    We want to run two Vagrant boxes using Docker on a Mac. Vagrant ssh needs to allow the user on the host machine to log onto the vagrant box. This works on Ubuntu but not on MacOS because MacOS handles the virtual networking with Docker differently. Some links that will give you context: 1) @lailadahi/getting-around-dockers-host-network-limitation-on-mac-9e4e6bfee44b 2) Full details for the project can be found in this repository along with the relevant config files. There is no custom code - these are all standard components that should work together off the shelf: 1) We want somebody to get this setup working

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    Server Configuration for App 3 天 left

    Need Website server configured, control panel is webuzo, on Ubuntu server. need mongo db deploy and back-up configuration along with domain name configured for app. Server has one php app running on it.

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    I need someone to install the latest stable version of Froxlor on my Ubuntu 20.04 server. I will provide specific configuration details for Froxlor. Additionally, I have some specific requirements and tasks that need to be completed after the installation. Skills and experience required for this job: - Proficiency in Ubuntu 20.04 server administration - Experience with installing and configuring Froxlor - Ability to follow specific configuration instructions - Knowledge of server security and best practices

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    Hi NCS Pvt Ltd, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...Needed My Goals 1) cron job CLI sync of Samba 4 LDAP (AD) and Vaultwarden users / groups. 2) smtp configured via CLI so email sent to invite new users upon successful sync We are setting up Vaultwarden, an opensource variant of Bitwarden on a test server. Our need is to determine how to connect to our LDAP environment using Directory Connector but using only CLI tools. Our environment is: * Ubuntu Server 22.04 * Vaultwarden (an opensource variant of Bitwarden) * Samba 4 (works as Active Directory domain controller) * Our server is publicaly accessible with DNS provided by Cloudflare. * The software has been installed so all commands only run under a specific user and not root. We have succeeded in installing Vaultwarden * Vaultwarden comes up properly at its web interfac...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me fix an SSH issue on my ubuntu server. I am receiving a "Connection refused" error message when trying to access the site via SSH. The site is hosted on digitalocean Shared Hosting server. I haven't made any recent changes to the site or server settings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with SSH troubleshooting and server administration - Familiarity with Shared Hosting environments - Ability to diagnose and resolve SSH connection issues - Attention to detail and ability to work efficiently to resolve the problem

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    Hello, I want a tutorial in the form of videos for the installation of the ELK file under Ubuntu, the tutorial will be in the form of several videos (creean recirder + audio explaining) which do not exceed a total of 90 minutes, each video must be at most 10 minutes and each video demonstrates and details each step of the installation, for example the preparation of the environment (java, pckages update) the videos must be of very good quality (1920 x 1080) and must explain the installation. a small short introductory video must be added at the beginning and a small example of reading a log file, please give me your suggestions regarding the tutorial plan the least cost will be chosen

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    (PRIVATE JOB DO NOT APPLY) I am looking for a developer with intermediate knowledge of Ubuntu Core to work on my project. The main focus of this project is Ubuntu Core development, including custom kernel development, application development, and security enhancements. .

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    ...feasibility of scrapy-redis. Project: Leverage scrapy-redis to scrape keywords from an e-commerce website. 1) read DB table to create inputs for scrapy-redis spider 2) distribute inputs through scrap-redis infrastructure 3) output scrapy results to DB You will be provided a current working version of a scrapy spider in python3.x. You will need to install / configure scrapy-redis on test ubuntu server. You will access existing DB table to construct inputs for scrapy-redis. You will output spider results to new database table. You will fully document the steps needed to modify/congfigure existing spider to work with scrapy-redis. Please do not apply if you are not familiar with scrapy-redis and its implementation. I am looking for someone I can converse with and learn the...

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    ...help me install Linux/Ubuntu on my Windows 11 PC so that I can dual boot between the two operating systems. Skills and experience required: - Experience with installing and configuring Linux/Ubuntu on a Windows PC - Knowledge of dual booting systems - Familiarity with partitioning and managing storage on a PC Specific requirements: - The freelancer should be able to install Linux/Ubuntu on my PC and set up the dual boot functionality. - I am starting a boot camp that will be using Linux/Ubuntu, so the freelancer should be able to ensure that the necessary tasks and applications required for the boot camp are properly set up and functioning on the Linux/Ubuntu system. PC specifications: - The PC has a storage capacity of 4TB. If you have experience...

    $1156 (Avg Bid)
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    ...configuration: I need someone who can efficiently set up and configure my Linux VPS server to ensure optimal performance and functionality. - Linux distribution preference: I prefer using Ubuntu as my Linux distribution for this project. - Specific software setup: I have specific software in mind that needs to be set up on the server. Therefore, I am seeking a freelancer who has experience in installing and configuring specific software applications on Linux servers. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of Linux server setup and configuration, specifically with Ubuntu. - Experience in managing security and firewall settings for Linux servers. - Proficiency in performance optimization techniques for Linux VPS servers. - Familiarity wit...

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    I have a running AWS Lightsail instance with Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS). We installed some web applications on this server which are working perfectly without any issues in the performance or response. We are having following difficulties with these instances 1. Unable to set Cron Job 2. Unable to set auto update

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    ...Enterprise Linux, and install compatible with panel check url: ......................................... 2/ vm install (os ??) cyber panel cyberpanel control .................................................. .......... 3/ vm ubuntu server and config ip, and install nexcloud with domain name, complete and secure configuration, and add smpt messaging service and with IA config AND SSL, French language add. ............ STREAMING LIVE CREATE VM UBUNTU LTS 22 .04 4/ vm; creation of a vps for defusion of live video (webrtc or other ????Nginx + RTMP?????, from a phone or computer or other, I ask you which solutions are the best. demerge from one or more of my websites nextcloud I would like to decide for myself how much space I allocate

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    AnyDesk error on Ubuntu 已经结束 left

    when trying to connect, gives this error display_server_not_supported Problem appeared randomly, no update or change performed

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    I am looking for a skilled professional to install and implement KeyCloak on my Ubuntu LTS20.02 system. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with KeyCloak and Ubuntu, as well as expertise in manual installation. Preferred KeyCloak Version: Latest Stable Version Preferred Method of Installation: Manual Installation Additional Configuration Required: Yes, I need help with configuration. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in KeyCloak installation and implementation - In-depth knowledge of Ubuntu LTS20.02 - Experience with manual installation of KeyCloak - Ability to provide assistance with configuration and setup

    $689 (Avg Bid)
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    Unstalar Nexcloud AIO en sistema Ubunto

    $1133 (Avg Bid)
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    We have a ROS navigation application running with a real robot. We are using ubuntu 20 and ros noetic. The positioning is good and we are using amcl and ekf. However sometimes due to a lack of communication with lidar or other issues, the positioning gets lost. We want you to develop a way of knowing that the positioning is not good. Ideally we would like to have a 'quality' variable that tells us how accurate or how much confidence we have on the actual positioning. Maybe you could use ICP or any other algorithm you know. Let me know if you need any more details.

    $5954 (Avg Bid)
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    8 个竞标

    I am looking fo...the checkout process according to specific requirements Project Scope: - Integrate the Cybersource Payment gateway on an existing Yii 1.1 project - Implement custom checkout process as per our specifications We have a delivery platform that we would like to integrate Credit Card payment through, it is called CyberSource. Our platform is built in Yii 1.1 with Apachi 2.4 and Hosted on Amazon on Ubuntu . What is needed is the following 1 - Add Cyversource to the current payment plugins 2- Chnage related APIs to reflect the Payment type 3- Make the Mobile Hosted Checkout page and related APIs 4- Reflect Payment types on Admin Dahsboard and Merchnat Portal 5- Alter Reports to reflect New Pyament type 6- Add Delivery Fees to Drivers Wallet and Fix statement for...

    $156 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Linux Server Backup and Migration Backing up my entire Linux server and migrating it to a new server. Requirements: - Expertise in Linux server administration and backup procedures - Experience with Ubuntu server - Knowledge of server migration processes - Familiarity with data backup and restoration techniques Tasks: 1. Perform a full server backup to ensure all data and configurations are preserved. 2. Assist in setting up a new server for migration. 3. Migrate the backed up data to the new server, ensuring all configurations and settings are properly transferred. 4. Test the migrated server to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me connect different devices to Zabbix. The devices that need to be connected include: - Windows Device - Linux Ubuntu - Palo Alto The services that I want to use for the connection are SNMPV2. Specific configurations are required for the connected devices. Ideally, the freelancer should have experience with: - Zabbix - Connecting devices to Zabbix - Configuring SNMPV2 Please provide examples of similar projects you have completed in the past.

    $469 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for experienced consultation for my Ubuntu server in an ESXi environment. The goal of this project is to optimize server resources. Unfortunately, there are some technical issues that I am encountering, so I am looking for intermediate-level expertise to resolve these issues. The ideal candidate will be an expert in Ubuntu and ESXi servers who can provide insight into how to best optimize my server resources, diagnose any current or potential future problems, and make any necessary changes to improve server performance and enhance network security. Using Ubuntu Server with samba for file sharing. Allotted 5TB to the server for storage but when adding files to the storage it eats up resources outside of the allotted 5TB in ESXI and runs out of storage spa...

    $336 (Avg Bid)
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    DC2- Tasks 1,2 已经结束 left

    We are looking for Professional and Experienced Teams in Laravel. Selected teams are expected to be having previous experience in development of: 1. Stock and Warehou...Laravel. Selected teams are expected to be having previous experience in development of: 1. Stock and Warehouse modules/systems 2. Billing / Invoicing 3. Reporting Also Selected teams are expected to be having previous experience in the following areas: 4. Git source code management pricinples 5. Working with team of developers unders same project with Git principles 6. MySQL deep knowledge 7. Linux Ubuntu Serever environment 8. Laravel Please do not bid if you are not having full experience as listed above! For those who will be selected will have an opportunity to work for long term support and developement of ou...

    $172 (Avg Bid)
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    Were trying to install the Windows IOT / Ubuntu. However we're using SQL server, and would like to ensure we can hire a specialist which can assist us on installation remotely for both. Ubuntu must be capable of running Microsoft SQL server. The next step is once this is installed we want to ensure singleton or single application runs on the OS. Only launching our application. We only require this service for the day.

    $1797 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me fix the mail server on my AWS Ubuntu (Postfix) to allow me to send emails. Specific requirements for the project include: - Fixing the issue that is preventing me from sending emails. - Troubleshooting and identifying the root cause of the problem. - Implementing the necessary changes or configurations to ensure the mail server is functioning properly. - Testing the mail server to confirm that it is now able to send emails successfully. - test it with a python script that i have Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong knowledge and experience with Ubuntu and Postfix. - Expertise in troubleshooting and resolving mail server issues. - Familiarity with email protocols and configurations. - Attention to detail and abili...

    $289 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of a skilled professi...the error message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" and I need someone who can troubleshoot and fix this problem. I transferred from Godaddy to Porkbun and now my domain DNS cannot be found. I have set up the DNS and NS correctly (as far as I know) at Porkbun. The domain was fine from Godaddy but now for some reason it cannot be found. The domain is running on - Ubuntu 18.04 and Nginx Skills and Experience Needed: - Ubuntu 18.04 - Nginx - Strong knowledge and experience with domain management and DNS configuration - Familiarity with the Porkbun domain registrar - Expertise in troubleshooting and resolving DNS-related issues - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to resolve the problem ASAP Note - Access to the server wil...

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    Need help on fixing common error in my server that happens every 4-5 months which shuts down my website. This is supposed a minor fix but I’m not familiar with how to operate these things. I want you to work on my computer through AnyDesk Will pay $10 + feedback Great if you’re new to freelancer Automated AI offers will be declined. The shorter your respond the more chances I’ll respond to your offer

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    I would like to possess a list containing numerous malicious IP addresses. My objective is to monitor the network traffic through my Network Interface Card (NIC) and identify whether the source IP addresses passing through the NIC match any entries in this list. If a match is found, I ...server. Additionally, if an IP address was previously blocked but is no longer present in my malicious IP list, I aim to remove it from the server's IP table block list. To facilitate the lookup process, I prefer to employ the Trie algorithm. I would like to read the list containing the malicious IP addresses from a path and write a log whenever it blocks a new IP in server's IP table. The server is Ubuntu 22.04 and the installed python version is 3.10.12. The server is running as a VM on ...

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    We need to install a new server with ubuntu and nginx The previous server have 3 django APP , two PHP app , two HTML We need to reinstall with the same configuration , but on the 3 django app we must not copy the venv from the old server because they are damaged, we will recreate them in the directory /home/envs/ Also we we will not use uwsgi but gunicorn, so we need to replace uwsgi by gunicorn in the configuration in the 3 django app Also we need to copy all files under /home/local on the new server

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