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    I need to uprgade Umbraco from 7.14 to 8+

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    Umbraco website 3 天 left

    Need some maintenance for one day; attending if possible Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

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    We have approximately 100 pages that need creating using a drag and drop builder in an Umbraco website. This is part of a project to transfer content from an old Wordpress website to a new Umbraco website. You will be provided with front end URLs to the old website that then need to be re-created in the same layout using pre-built components in the new Umbraco website. You will need to bring across all imagery, text and transfer any downloadable content.

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    Kami sedang mencari web developer yang bisa memperbaiki beberapa bugs di website kami: yang berbasis Umbraco.

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    Hi there! I was wondering whether you can make an Umbraco extension that imports & synchronises content nodes with an external API. Specifically, I want to synchronise each listing from the Guesty Open API into Listing content nodes, which includes text fields and images (the images are delivered as URLs from the API, which would need to be downloaded as media items). The extension should sync once a week, or when triggered by a button in the backoffice. The API docs are at Is this possible & are you the right person for the job? The extension should fetch all listings from the API, and create one content node for each listing ID. Fields to be synced: GUESTY >>> UMBRACO _id > Text string "listing ID" title > Text string "Listing Ti...

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    TripleUnit is Hiring an Umbraco Developer who has hands on exp on Umbraco 8 not only .NET Developer we Need .NET Umbraco Developer. Please Start Your Bid With Umbraco Developer to be considered

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    $62 - $117 / hr
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    I have a website build in Umbraco, I need to do some improvement to it.

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    Umbraco Cloud 已经结束 left

    Migration of site from Umbraco 7 to 10

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    we have a current website - that has been built in Umbraco and has multiple integrations and webapps as part of that. It is hosted on Azure currently. We are looking to move it off Umbraco to a more agile and versatile CMS that will allow for rapid deployments, better usability, easier updates and serve it's function more. Suggestions could be Wordpress, Hubspot or any platform that will be easier to manage and maintain but more importantly faster to deploy changes.

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    We are looking for Umbraco developer to Join our team as a full time developer you must has an experience in Umbraco 6 with .NET experience as well. only .NET developers are not accept you must worked before with Umbraco CMS. Start with I am Umbraco Developer so Your bid can considered . thanks and happy bidding

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    We are looking for Umbraco developer to Join our team as a full time developer you must has an experience in Umbraco 6 with .NET experience as well. only .NET developers are not accept you must worked before with Umbraco CMS. Start with I am Umbraco Developer so Your bid can considered . thanks and happy bidding

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    Umbraco web 已经结束 left

    We need a Umbraco senior developer for the month of November

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    Hey! :) I need a person to help me to show me how to make HTTPs work on 2 domains. I have already added SSL cerficate and it works on https, but I can still see the site over http.

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    Umbraco developer 已经结束 left

    We are searching for a long term relationship with an experienced Umbraco developer.

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    3. CMS ASP.NET Umbraco - person experienced in CMS ASP . NET - senior or Regular+ - English B2/C1 - FTE: 0.5-1 - start: ca. 17.10.2022 Next steps when applying, please send: - a video of the developer SPEAKING (not reading) in English - developer anonymised Resume (ideally no branding) Thank you!

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    Dressing up my website 已经结束 left

    A small company who has an older site done originally in Umbraco. Need someone to get it up to current standards and offer new ideas. Help tell a new strategy My site is hosted with Umbraco so I must have someone who knows Umbraco. With my current site where I don't limit markets - I want to put a focus on a vertical market where we have years of experience.

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    I need to get products from a magento store to be displayed on an umbraco site .

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    I would like our website () to be redesigned using Wordpress and Elementor Plugin. Competitors: Requirements: Able to create listings pages Good understanding of UI/UX Principles Good SEO knowledge Understanding of Google Performance Hubspot Form Integration Able to create listings modules Able to follow set brand guidelines Maximize Page Speed Schema Markup

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    Umbraco website migration 已经结束 left

    Hi, I have website developed with Umbraco; I like to migrate the hosting to new hosting. If you have experience let me know.

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    Our site is We have updated our book and graphics. We want to re-face the site. Looking for someone experienced in Umbraco. I have attached a .png of the new look and feel. We will provide all graphics.

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    Looking out for a Umbraco Website Developer for a long term requirement. Daily 4-6hrs per day is needed European timing.

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    Looking for a Content editor for Umbraco CMS

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    Rebuild in Umbraco 已经结束 left

    Hello, This is a simple, quick project to rebuild the simple content-only website in Umbraco. Attached is the website URL, need to copy its header/footer and content pages and set them in Umbraco so we can easily edit content and pages. Regarding the signup page (currently missing). Need to create a simple signup page. When the user fills in all the info, redirect to thank you page. The login option will always return a message "invalid username or password". This is a quick project, should be done in 1 day

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    We need some changes to be done and 3 landing pages created leveraging Umbraco CMS.

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    We need some changes to be done and 3 landing pages created leveraging Umbraco CMS.

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    MunchFit Blog pages 已经结束 left

    Hi. Index and Single Post pages based on Umbraco theme for all screens. Thanks!

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    Schema Markup in Umbraco 已经结束 left

    Implement schema for reviews, FAQs and ratings in Umbraco website. FAQs are in a static page. Reviews and ratings are shown dynamically with database values.

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    I need a custom membership provider developed for Umbraco 9. We have a working solution for Umbraco 7 I'd like migrated to U9. This is Umbraco development, not a website CMS dev gig - if you don't work in the C# code, you're not for us.

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    .NET/Umbraco site build 已经结束 left

    Project to build .NET/Umbraco site

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    Hi, I need help with my website as it is currently down: this is not Wordpress. I'm not very technical so please be patient.

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    Hi, Our website went down yesterday We need help bringing it back again.

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    Umbraco Expert 已经结束 left

    Short terms projects, development & translation of designs, on an umbraco based intranet platform

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    Hello, We currently have a live Umbraco 9 website hosted on Umbraco Cloud. The website has a blog, case study and vacancy document types. We’re looking for someone to develop three GET API controllers that return the content for each document type formatted as JSON. We want to be able to access the JSON data for the live blogs, case studies and vacancies via three endpoints. We want the API to be publicly accessible via the default Umbraco API controller URL: /Umbraco/Api/**, but happy for this also to be routed to different URL structure if can be explained to us. Please let me know if you can do this for us or have any questions.

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    Looking for 3 Umbraco developers for ongoing projects and continuously new ones. We're an American/Bulgarian company looking to establish long term working relationships, preferably with another company; preferably from Ukraine or Bulgaria.

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    Umbraco developer 已经结束 left

    I am looking for umbraco developer to convert one page html to Umbraco

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    We have two Umbraco websites which require updating.

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    A website is to be developed in umbraco 8 with following features. Frontend • Responsive Web development • Header and footer setup • Page design with adding content (both text and images) • Content approval system setup • Newsletter subscription setup • Events and interest receipt from user • Latest entertainment update • Store locator • Google map integration for contact us page location • Blog and media center • Homepage and other pages (around 15) Admin • Page Edits • Content change • User management • Content/page creation/updation • Category/subcategory creation • Blogs and latest update creation/updation • View Contact Us requests • View form submissions • View subscription requ...

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    Umbraco Content addition 已经结束 left

    Hi SapphireSoftwareSolutions, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. We have a website in Umbraco and want to add some content. Do you people do that ?

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    hello i have a client that needs to be changed is front end. the atual website is already done but has big issues regarding responsive stuff and design UI/UX. so i need to know if your able to create for me a new front end for a website that is already done in .NET programming and umbraco framework. So we only need front end development from you, juts need a brand new custom design with impact and modern techniques so my client gets better aproach to their clients. contact me so we can discuss

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    Necessitamos que o Design de um site seja melhorado. A linguagem do site é Framwork / Umbraco

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    MS-1 - 275 Euros + 10% freelancer fees - I will do it in my local and then give you a CSV with data to check. If it is fine then you will release the MS-1 MS-2 -175 Euros+ 10% freelancer fees - As soon as the MS-1 is released we will upload the change to your server or send you the code for deploying along with instructions. You will release this

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    Umbraco site migration 已经结束 left

    I need to move a site from private server (zip files) to new server with Plesk.

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    Umbraco CMS Developer 已经结束 left

    The source code for one portal was copied from another portal (which is running fine and is live) and has multiple issues and cannot be pushed to the production. Need to fix the issues and make the portal live. The portal is developed in Umbraco 7 (ASP.NET Core CMS)

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    Install UMBRACO Website 已经结束 left

    Download and install Umbraco in our Azure environment Download and install a website already developed by a third party in our Umbraco environment Review and ensure all components are working satisfactorily Be available on an ongoing basis to fine tune or update sections in the website with new videos, links (etc) - assume new features are developed already Undertake minor upgrades to the site in line with digital marketing goals and informational page.

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    Looking to migrate a website with 300+ pages. Currently on Umbraco, needs to be migrated to Wordpress.

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    My website currently running on umbraco has suddenly stopped working. We are not .NET savvy and would like someone to look into resolving the issues with our installation.

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    Umbraco migration request 已经结束 left

    Hi Ambar S., I am interested in knowing if you could handle a Umbraco data export into csv or similar. Is this the type of work you would be interested and capable in? Cheers

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    Educational Institute website using Umbraco or other ASP.NET CMS

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    Umbraco Project 已经结束 left

    Full-stack Umbraco developer for a unique project that will be used for projecting, tracking and verifying distribution of materials across the USA. This project is directly related to helping the less fortunate and people in need. We are a small start-up technology company looking to add another developer to our team. You will be working on a web app built on Umbraco. This project requires out-of-the-box thinking and robust solutions to be developed. Ideally you: -Have expert-level experience developing solutions with C#, Java Script and other common programming language (full-stack desired). -Have great understanding and experience working with Umbraco -Have great understanding and experience configuring and managing Azure App Plans, Azure Databases (Cosmos, SQL ...

    $405 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Implementing Google Cache 已经结束 left

    I have 2 umbraco websites where following must be implemented: - 2 x Submitting protection (reCAPTCHA) for contact forms to avoid spam/bots - Implement 2 new logos in navbar - Make few style changes This job is considered as a small job and therefore the time needs to be spend 1-2 hours. More and bigget jobs will come in the future if I am happy with the work.

    $304 (Avg Bid)
    $304 平均报价
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