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    1. Can import 500 ip proxy addresses at the same time 2. Can upload picture folder 3. You can upload text files 4. Each different ip address corresponds to a different facebook registration entry 5. Each ip address can be replaced or deleted at any time 6. After successful registration, the avatar will be randomly selected from the picture folder, and the name will be randomly selected from the te...

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    0. Use python 3.7/3.8, and please leave some comments and notes 1. A small crawler program on Windows; I can download the file and click an .exe for running it. This program has an interface for some simple operations: there is a search box and search button in the page, a status bar, a conversion button, an import button, and a visualization button. 2. First, I can type a word in the search box...

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    1、Format:PNG 2、Size:432*291(mm) 3、Resolution:300DPI 4、Show Txt:IG帝国游戏(Imperial Games)- 业内知名B2B企业.与众多欧美、东南亚游戏厂商深度的业务合作,是目前东南亚最大的博彩游戏接口服务经销商之一; IG秉承着"多元化产品、超一流团队、一站式服务、贵宾式体验"的服务宗旨,伴随着十多年博彩行业运营经验为客户提供最专业的产品导向与技术支持,为诸位商界精英打造属于自己的事业; IG帝国游戏-行业最佳合作伙伴 ! 5、Show Contact:Telegram:ig_sales& “微信扫码”+QR code、Phone Number:+639171755651 6、Show IG Logo: 7、Show Little Gold Colour &More...

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    Web design graphic design and picture design for videos

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    广告位置: 在網站 [登录来查看链接] 首页 顶部 大亨哪个位置 尺寸:245*100 广告图片元素如下: 奇迹logo 官网:[登录来查看链接] 大字宣传语:现金网建站专家 (閃) 小字宣传语:低成本快速建站坐庄 15大平台免费全接入 要求 : 顏色显目 清晰 重点突出 Advertising Location: at websit : [登录来查看链接] Home top tycoons which position size: 245 * 100 Advertising picture elements are as follows: 1. logo Official website: [登录来查看链接] Characters slogan: 现金网建站专家 (Flash) Small print slogan:...

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    我购买了类似 [登录来查看链接] 网站的源码 9(php+mysql)),想做二次开发. 主要是增加几个搜索分类,更改一些网页的风格设计, 去掉原来网站的标记和其它信息, 恢复网站本身所具有的功能,能够运行。

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    java项目功能模块开发; 项目采用strtus2+hibernate+spring框架,数据库采用mysql。 熟悉java网络编程; 熟悉并能熟练运用 freekmer 和 jstl等;

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    我购买了类似 [登录来查看链接] 网站的源码,想做一些修改. 源码可能有一部分没有完全解密

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    网站: PHP+Mysql 系统: Linux系统 服务器: nginx+ PHP+Mysql 1,现这套网站需要代码优化,CSS,JS,等页面优化加载速度...以及部分框架的模块更改调用... 2,网站源码安全性优化 3,网站框架的优化

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    我有和我们之前项目相关的持续性工作 'multi picture Upload bug of a website'

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    Hi there guys, im looking to create eye catching advert using two pictures i have, i would like to have them sort of merged and just need some text added to it. Not Huge budget (small new Business) just a small promotional post. I have attached the two pictures of two dishes we serve and can supply the text info i need added? Looking for a quick turn around if possible a couple hour job?

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    Trophy icon Make a logo with portrait 6 天 left

    Hello Need a logo done like a picture attached Instead of Don Birria Change to > Birria Sauce Un rincon tapatio Change to > Don Trini Winner must submit files Change picture and colors to the photo provided - Don [登录来查看链接] (Dont make him too chuncky lol)

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    I want the picture of the white car to be edited moved slightly to the front and submerged underwater along the red line. Kind of like the 3rd picture

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    Lanyard photoshop for ad 6 天 left

    I have 7 raws picture I need photoshop. See example

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    The HoneyDo hanger has a socket head cap screw that actuates a slider within a housing. In this manner, a picture can be hung on the hanger slider and the height of the picture can be adjusted without re-nailing a hanger in the wall. See: [登录来查看链接] I need an animation showing the screw turning with fingers and the slider moving up and down. In turn, the picture moves up and down to be level with...

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    I'd like a set of worksheets made up for each letter of the alphabet and some blend sounds ch, sh, ck, th, ng, nk. I'd like a border round the outside of the page with a pattern in a light colour. There needs to be a picture of the Read Write Inc letter in the top left hand corner and an outline of the letter in cursive script on the right at the top, underneath that there needs to be t...

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    Hello. I have a Digital Ocean server with a Wordpress site set up on it. However, when i try to upload an image, I am getting an upload limit error. I need this fixed and I also need a new domain added to the server and a fresh installation of Wordpress on the domain. Thanks

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    Hi there! We have a small restaurant in Belgium, and we would like to launch a new service for our customers: home delivery on an electric scooter. We would like to launch this new service with an eye-catching Facebook and Instagram campaign. We don't have a good quality video of our scooter, so the whole thing should be an infographics / icons animation style video. To give you an idea, we ...

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    I want to take one of the first 4 photos (my preferred is the very first one) and do the following: 1) eliminate the light post on the left that is front of the pickup truck with trailer 2) crop it just to the extents of the two trailers 3) artistically blur the foreground and background so that the fleet is the focus of the picture, I am open to both soft focus looks or other methods 4) correct ...

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    Edit picture 6 天 left

    My eyes look very yellow/brown in the picture. I think it’s the filter that was used and I can’t take the filter off. Can you make my eyes appear more white?

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    I need a developer who is extremely familiar with using Delphi / RAD Server to develop back end endpoints that connect to MySQL. This is a consulting/tutoring project which will likely require only 2-4 hours of your time. I'm looking for tutoring or coaching rather than development services.

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    Need two more pictures edited of that same series. It's a single picture but would need 1 version with just white stickers and 1 version with just the silver stickers. [登录来查看链接]

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    I have about 1,320 entries that are all pictures of an excel file (about 20 pictures total). I need the files put into an excel file. Needing the following information:Name, title, email, phone, company name and city.

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    Trophy icon Make me a logo 6 天 left

    - Make me a logo -I need a logo for online shopping (dropshiping) -Sale will be a mixture of everything (electronics, kitchen, various sports techniques, etc.) - the logo should consist of the name Fikiss you can try with the addition of Shop ali Store. -Here's a link to a simple nice logo of clean lines. -I also send a picture to try with a different color to differentiate FI / kiss but...

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    i want a function with full explanation of ( how it works and how to use it ) that upload a file from iphone to a server using xcode swift 4

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    Hi, I would like to cross-dissolve 3 photos of timelapse type picture of a city skyline going from light to dark (left to right). I am uploading 4 pictures (3 to use - marked in order, and a photo I photoshopped but was hoping you could do better). The phone was mounted and stable for most of the time, however the wind did play a factor and slightly moved the phone so the pictures are slightly dif...

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    I need a product designer 6 天 left

    I want someone to help me find a company to print one picture on a woven tapestry, preferably in India for wholesale. Like the picture attached but with a print from my own work. Looking to sell globally. Thank you.

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    We have a large inventory data that's ready to be imported into Magento. There's over 100K products on the spreadsheet so we'll need a magento expert to import this data in.

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    Using the drawing in the picture attached, I need a logo that I can download as a png. Simple.

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    website organized 6 天 left

    my existing website needs to be organized, with new picture and information. i would like to add a shopping option also. my website is hosted on WIX. [登录来查看链接]

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    Basically I need the mobile application to ( Android and IOS) 1) Scan the document & allow to crop +Greyscale+ Retake if not correct 2) upload to AWS S3 & or Azure CosmosDB (it's company dropbox, so no need for individual accounts, all images should go to general storage account space) 3) Include the Mobile phones location ( app should enable location to identify and then turn it off)

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    Concept animation 6 天 left

    Concept video for a beach resort Fixed budget 200euro Model: [登录来查看链接] I attached jpeg picture how should buildings look and how resort will be structured

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    I have about 1,320 entries that are all pictures of an excel file (about 20 pictures total). I need the files put into an excel file. Needing the following information:Name, title, email, phone, company name and city.

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    Draw a picture 6 天 left

    I want someone to draw a 3 characters and I will provide the pictures

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    Good Day, I am looking for someone (one person) NO TEAMS that could assist me with uploading all of my creative digital assets onto my online stores. Each listing will overlap across these 4 different platforms: 1) [登录来查看链接] 2) [登录来查看链接] 3) [登录来查看链接] 4) [登录来查看链接] You will be supplied with the creative assets, preview files, a description of each product, and a possible keywording list (however ...

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    I have about 1,600 entries that are all pictures of an excel file (about 20 pictures total). I need the files put into an excel file. Needing the following information:Name, title, email, phone, company name and city.

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    I have about 1,600 entries that are all pictures of an excel file (about 20 pictures total). I need the files put into an excel file. Needing the following information:Name, title, email, phone, company name and city.

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    ATTENTION PLEASE: I don't intend to waste time with the developers who will contact me without having read the project !!! Hi guys, I need to modify an already existing app of which I have the source code. In this app there is a section that works with the Web Video Caster app. What you have to do is to remove everything else and leave only the MY WEB CASTER section. In this section, however...

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    I'm looking for a cartoonist to make a cartoony-reproduction of an old family picture. It is for my father's 70th birthday (he is the adult in the picture). If the people and pet in the picture can be emphasized, that would be best. I will likely be enlarging the artwork to make into an 11 x 17 poster format. It can be Black and white or color

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    Hello, Refer to the above, I have ios source code and you need to upload and create a user app, driver, and vendor app. Things need to improve 1. Improve UI design 2. Social media login need to reset 3. Check bugs both android, ios and master admin. 4. Free Delivery by shop function set within a few km 5. synchronize DB for both android and Ios app. Request only experienced candidates need to ...

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    C# Pac-Man OOP -- 2 6 天 left

    Hello all! I'm looking for a programmer who is able to make a Pac-man game in C# using Object Oriented Programming. It must be made using properties and as simple as possible since i'm using it as a learning project. All requirements below: Functional Requirements: - Monogame/XNA/Offscreen bitmap no picture boxes - Must use properties! - Must be Object Oriented Programming/OOP/OOPR - Cl...

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    I have about 1,600 entries that are all pictures of an excel file (about 20 pictures total). I need the files put into an excel file. Needing the following information:Name, title, email, phone, company name and city.

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    Mysql db dev (opencart) 6 天 left

    Looking for a quick support to create a table, or query to pull all needed order details Send your sample queries, past previous work 10aud

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    Trophy icon Design for t-shirt/hoodie 2 天 left

    I would like a design on 1 shirt a simple picture with a policeman looking for someone and a chocolate covered doughnut like a person is hiding with the caption "Im hiding from the cops"

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    Hi How Are You I need a WordPress Website and this look attractive and beautiful because its contain Wallpaper and picture of celebrity's

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    thank you for your interest. We need a photographer to come to a gallery in Vienna and take picture from the empty space according to our instructions. No postproduction is needed! Just send us the jpg files. The work can be done in 1 to 2 hours. If you are available pls don't hesitate to send your proposal and I will get back to you! thanks

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    I need a website to sell subscription services with the following features: 1- Classic PHP and MySQL. (Not using WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, ...etc.). 2- Front-end English LTR and Arabic RTL. 3- Admin Panel English Only. 4- Responsive Front-end. 5- Admin Panel to manage everything. (such as users, customers, products, subscriptions, financial reports, billing, newsletter, ...etc.). 6- T...

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