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    We have Moodle LMS running well for 15000 users, but it fails with 3000 concurrents. Configured with 4 Layers, in 4 standalone VM over 3 phisical Vmware hosts. All with CentOS 7. 100 mbps internet + internal DMZ at Gigabit 0 - Firewall and NAT server 16 cores, 16 gb ram 1 - Reverse Proxy + Cache + ssl offload (Nginx + Varnish) 16 cores 32 gb ram 2 - APP server no ssl (Apache 2.4 + php 7.2...

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    Tell me why these two pages render the text differently. on MOBILE (iPhone 8) screen size, the text on page 1 runs to the edge (incorrect) [登录来查看链接] on the below page, the text is fine. [登录来查看链接] Why are they different when all settings are the same? page and CDN cache have been cleared. Im using Elementor Pro

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    I have two code branches in git. One is the old 2.1 .NET core branch. The other is the upgraded .NET Core 3.1 branch. Everything is working in the upgraded branch except for the Signal R communication from server to client. The Signal R communication from client to server is working on the upgraded project. Just need some help troubleshooting to resolve the issue. There are other ongoing small pro...

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    I require configuration + training on how it works

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    Hello, I want to upgrade my PHP version from php version 5.3 to 7.1 or 7.4 (in the DirectAdmin). When i select another PHP version my prestashop gives errors and i have to switch back. When i switch to 7.1 i get this errors: Deprecated: Function mcrypt_decrypt() is deprecated in .../public_html/classes/[登录来查看链接] on line 68 Warning: Illegal string offset 'csblog' in .../public_html/cla...

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    We have installed and configured Varnish on Magento 2. However, it is unable to cache content. Looking for someone who is experienced in Varnish implementation on Magento 2

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    I have PWA implemented in my Web but I have login problems I would like to update my serviceworker with Workbox 5.1.2 I just need a [登录来查看链接] that uses Workbox 5.1.2 and supports cache files and offline. My serviceworker is with 3.0: importScripts('[登录来查看链接]'); const appName = 'react-base'; const suffix = 'v1'; const staticCache = `${ appName }-static-${ suffix }`...

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    I'm in charge of administering a Woocommerce online shop with a very low performance (6 sec per page). The site is hosted on a very powerful server and I'm looking for someone able to configure a linux web server (under plesk obsidian) in order to use all the server's hardware capacities: [登录来查看链接] The site is a real gas factory (60 plugins), and I can't optimize the site as s...

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    I have an existing website, [登录来查看链接] that needs updating (Updated requirements 26-05-2020) The website is built on wordpress Rearrange menu pages, remove old products, show new product pages Update product description for around 20 products Each product contact form linked to a unique thank you page (for google adwords tracking) Update new phone numbers Embed video on the banner of product page...

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    Magento 2 Speed Optimization 4 天 left

    Hi, Please read fully before applying. We have a multistore implementation of Magento 2.3 with 4 stores loading from 4 separate URLs. We need each of the 4 sites load instantly with Gtmetrix score of more than 80 for each of the 4 sites. That is the primary requirement. Along with that your role would also be to improve the GTMetrix and Google PageInsights score and make sure varnish, full pa...

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    We have a script that uploads an image to the server and then saves the name in a database. The image is occasionally changed by a script but the name of the file remains the same. This then shows the old image due to the cache. We have tried setting the images to have a random number in the name [登录来查看链接] but the issue with that is that the loading time is shocking. We also want to compress the ...

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    Node.js expert 4 天 left

    Need an expert **** Is available right away*****who can do the following: 1. How to write NodeJS web services. 2. How to read / write to Redis cache from NodeJS applications. 3. How to deploy NodeJS web services to Linux OS. 4. Load balance [登录来查看链接] implementation 5. Have worked with Scale-able systems 6. *********Is available right away************

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    Hello, we need to exclude from litemage cache a block in homepage, bid only if you can start now

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    I need E-commerce store with the following 1. Fully Responsive website that is supported on Mobile,tablet and Pc with fully responsively. 2. Set up Paaaaayment gateway.(PAPAL & More others) 3. Set up Automated functionallity Aliexpress + Also Manually create product Upload Systems. 4. Live chat option . 5. Set up facebook pixle in your site . 6. Design more than 20+ pages . 7. Set up more than...

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    Need to transfer and setup magento 2 existing website on a cloud platform, need also to setup correctly cache to improve speed.

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    Apollo Client expert 1 天 left

    We have a react/typescript app with a GraphQL back-end that is using the Apollo client. We're looking for an Apollo expert to help refactor the front-end state management architecture. The app is currently broken down into pages, and components. Right now (mostly) pages run all the GraphQL queries and then the components below them use that data. We also use React Context in some places, and...

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    We need a PWA that will cache the entire catalog with all product info and images once and then only connect to the internet for getting updated inventory available for the items. Internet connectivity will also be needed for order placement too but customer details like name and address will be taken once and stored in local storage for the PWA. You can build the front end in react OR angular ...

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    I have a woocommerce website running on a DigitalOcean droplet with OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu. I'm experiencing css and js issues when trying to enable any of the page optimisation features. I'd like someone to set up a staging site on the same digitalocean droplet and optimise the website so it can handle large traffic spikes and make sure that it runs bug free on all devices. If you ...

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    Before explaining, we want to be very clear that we're a Web Agency and we're looking for long term providers that are affordable and also very experienced with lots of years working on hosting environments. Very honest people, if you do this fine we will give you more tasks of other projects, since we're a web agency based in WordPress and WooCommerce and have multiple clients / pr...

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    I have a theme installed with a number of small errors: 1) I used a cache plugin (now disabled) which broke the layout on one page 2) the reservations in the system are not being applied 3) messages for one of the admin users are not displaying

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    Hi, I need to build a scalable infrastructure in amazon AWS. The idea is to use this tool: [login to view URL] To create an infrastructure as follows: - Multiple BigBlueButton Servers (for the initial setup 2) --Scalelite LoadBalancer Server - NFS Shared Volume - PostgreSQL Database - Redis Cache So I need someone to create my initial setup. The management will be carried out by me, for e...

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    our webshops is based on prestashop The shop sells candy, and has between 50 and 100 customers a day. (35K + unique visitors a month) Info PHP 7.1 Caching used Theme: Theme Kavir What needs to be done: Update the webshop Update the modules Check for errors Basic speed optimalisation If needed update the theme The webshop needs to be updated to the latest prestashop version. To do this ...

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    MailWizz expert 16 小时 left

    Before explaining, we want to be very clear that we're a Web Agency and we're looking for long term providers that are affordable and also very experienced with lots of years working on hosting environments. Very honest people, if you do this fine we will give you more tasks of other projects, since we're a web agency based in WordPress and WooCommerce and have multiple clients / pr...

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    Our site will sometimes act slow and timeout when Facebook scrapes site. We believe it's because of the high memory usage. We get high traffic and may need some changes configured on server to help. Prefork to Worker MPM? We get different results each time when doing a test speed on site. [登录来查看链接]

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    i have working web app . i need to convert it to multitenant system - now it 3 separate modules per client (angular + node + mongo) i want the ability to put serval clients per one stack and use as SAAS. create config page for setting , today using postman and json to configure , i want to have gui for it- simple page with fields of the config and drop box to choose object. button to create new ,...

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    When i add item to cart and checkout it. The page will keep loading forever, non-stop. It is happening when i use specific theme. When i use Luma Magento original theme is working fine. I thought the full page cache is break...

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    Hey, i search sombody that know what a PBN is and that could set up it for us. We want around 30 good domains like News, that should rank in Germany. 1. Set up the Server/Ips 2. Set up the Wordpress with themes and Plugins 3. Integrate the Content that we provide 4. Internal Linking 5. Search Images and additional informations 6. Make Google Accounts 7. Create Facebookpages, Twitteraccounts 8. ...

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    Android App 已经结束 left

    Design and api are ready. The design was drawn in Fligma. Application Xiaomi software download application. Some Requirements: - 3-4 data will be pulled from the [登录来查看链接] and the api request will be sent accordingly. - We talk about the rest of the details - Dark mode - They will do high mb work please don't write There is not much to do, in fact, only the design will be prepared that the sa...

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    Tengo un problema con el infinit scroll en WordPress creo que es un error de Ajax y los plugins de cache que tengo actualmente ya que anteriormente funcionaba correctamente.

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    I need modifications to the homepage, cache speed improvement, quoting form modifications, and product uploads.

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    wordpress system expert 已经结束 left

    i need an expert in wordpress performance. I run a dedicated server with Litespeed and cyberpanel. Using litespeed cache is not working ok ( min CSS, combine JS, etc) i try to add plugin organizer but some issues arise. I do not provide access to my site ( obviously) , all work must be done throhgt teamviewer I need to reduce FCP in google page speed below 3 s with full performance I do not ...

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    my lazy load/cache plugin broke website. Fix immediately

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    SEO Package- READ FIRST 已经结束 left

    In-Depth Site Analysis Duplicate Content Check Competition Analysis 3 Keyword Analysis Baseline Ranking Check Keyword URL Mapping Broken Links Check Google Penalty Check Canonicalization Header (H1) Tags Optimization Internal Link Structuring & Optimization Existing Content Optimization [登录来查看链接] Creation/Analysis Xml Sitemap/Analysis Google...

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    Hi Sreeraj, I have set up a woocommerce site for a client of mine running on a Digital Ocean droplet with Ubuntu and litespeed and I'm having some issues getting the litespeed cache plugin running optimally. The website needs to be able to manage large traffic spikes and have the server security well set up. Can you give me a rough quote for this please? The website is ...

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    Redis Laravel Expert 已经结束 left

    I need a Laravel expert with Redis knowledge. Basically we have a web application with large dataset and the data is stored in mongodb as well as Redis for caching purpose. We need to filter data stored in Redis (its say 100,000 records) Laravel Version is 5.1 Just like we filter data $model->where("firstName","John")->where("lastName","Doe")->...

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    Hallo Developers, we are looking for someone who is familiar with Nginx, MariaDB, MySQL and can prove the necessary experience. The first step is support for optimization. So settings at nginx or mariadb to use (query cache) or the transfer of htaccess rules of a project to nginx

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    Hi everyone I installed a forum on my ubuntu 18.04 server, the installation was successful, unfortunately when I open my site this error appears. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| /opt/yaronet/src/library/queros/[登录来查看链接] file_put_contents(./storage/cache/route/[登录来查...

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    Hi, I have am Australian based multi vendor woocommerce website built on wcfm marketplace and WP Ocean / Elementor. There are 350+ stores on the website. I have just moved it to new hosting with Cloudways / Vultr. The nameservers are still with Siteground as Cloudways does not have its own DNS - only the A records and Cname were changed to point at Cloudways. My domain is with Namecheap. I would...

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    There are some sql database connection related problems and server configuration issues. 1. Connection problem between the sql database and the CWP. 2. Connection problem when trying to restore database from r1softbackup server to sql sever. See here: [登录来查看链接] 3. In user CWP account, I cant see any of my databases. see here: [登录来查看链接] See video here: [登录来查看链接] I do have databases in phpmyadmi...

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    Need Google cache housekeeping, remove two irrelevant entries. Budget $10

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    I have a local Dell PowerEdge Server in my office, connected to the internet using a conventional WiFi modem provided by my phone company. I need to configure Server to be used as multiple Virtual Servers, each one accessed via RDP. Each VS may use a different operating system (Windows, Windows Server, Linux, etc.) Each Virtual Server will have a dedicated space in the hard drive. Each Virtual S...

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    Hi, I need to build a scalable infrastructure in amazon AWS. The idea is to use this tool: [登录来查看链接] To create an infrastructure as follows: - Multiple BigBlueButton Servers (for the initial setup 2) --Scalelite LoadBalancer Server - NFS Shared Volume - PostgreSQL Database - Redis Cache So I need someone to create my initial setup. The management will be carried out by me, for example, add or r...

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    I need to optimize my website, and make use of the BD cache, since we are slowing down on the web, due to queries

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    need an expert in coding related to Cache topic.

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    8 block memory cache (32 bit words) in Verilog

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    Hello, We're looking for someone to develop a Google Chrome Extension that leverages the Auth0 SPA SDK to facilitate safe authentication. The implementation should use the [登录来查看链接] (if possible) and support PKCE. The extension should have a popup that checks if there is a current valid token, if it does, it should complete an API call with Auth0 to retrieve metadata about that user record...

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    I am looking for somebody who speed up my website on mobile phone. Score's site it is about 60 on page speed google and 85 on gtmetrix but I need 90. Domain of website is [登录来查看链接] There is setting for optimization of website. [登录来查看链接]!Agfw2Z7hWA_ggq4zdVX6WzMHM-Zclg?e=hHL3uX All of setting of lite speed cache are in file. Greetings

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    We require an AWS Wordpress Sysadmin with experience running a moderately high volume Wordpress site on AWS. Must be able to configure Cloudfront and W3 Cache Understand RDS/MariaDB Able to troubleshoot Theme & JS issues and reduce page load time Open to suggestions about other CDN Initially, I expect a few days of troubleshooting and then 3-5 hours per week on an ongoing basis & a big ...

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    Trophy icon Create an Ad to sale my car 已经结束 left

    [登录来查看链接] pictures look nice. [登录来查看链接] out my license plate. Car Features: - Make: Toyota Model: 4Runner Year: 2016 - Color: Gray Mileage: 53373 Automatic transmission - Grade: SR5 - Engine: 6-CYL - Body Type: Wagon - Drive Type: 2WD -Transmission: 5AT EE Entune Premium Audio w/Integrated Navigation and App Suite - Includes The Entune Multimedia Bundle (6.1 in High Resolution Touch-Screen wi...

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    Hi, I have a Xamarin iOS and Android application, secured by Azure B2C, and it is securely calling Azure Functions. There are a few tasks I need some help or guidance with: 1. I need to implement push notifications using Azure Notification Hub and I have built the basics, to send messages to all devices. What I need now is an example iOS and Android application, or some guidance on how to build...

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