12,619 vbulletin 搜到的工作,价格货币为 HKD

    Topic says all. I need this done within 24 hours.

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    I am needing expert assistance in moving a forum from VBulletin 3.8 to Discourse. The scope of the job would be: - Install Discourse on our server - Migrate VBulltin forum : [登录来查看链接] with all data to discourse. - Setup proper SEO and url redirects. - Assist with advice on best practices (a few hours of tutorial on the architecture, development practices and customization) - If there is a possi...

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    Buscamos a un experto en foros vBulletin para lo siguiente: - Optimizar el funcionamiento de un foro actualmente en versión 4.2.5 - Arreglar los pluings que dan error, implementar mejoras en el sitema de banners publicitarios. - Solucionar un problema que arrastramos desde hace tiempo, que los links de los title no funcioinan desde una busqueda. Habría que identificar qué e...

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    I have a wordpress site running thesis 1 that I want to transition to a mobile friendly design. I want to make sure the website is optimized for mobile. I would also like to have a vBulletin forum installed. I want the updated Forum skinned to match my updated layout. I do not want the layout of the website changed, just a simple transition of what I have running on Thesis 1 changed to A more mobi...

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    Our forum is running vBulletin 5 but not the very latest version (we last upgraded in 2013). This week, our subforums disappeared, though the content appears to still be there if you click on a google link directly to threads. We think the problem may be the fact that we haven't upgraded. So we need someone to help us upgrade and add a new forum topic, plus help us recover the old ones and ma...

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    dizcow.club 已经结束 left

    I need Seo Site With Forum, Vbulletin or another form system

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    vbulletin project 已经结束 left

    We currently use an outdated version of vBulletin. vBulletin support are unwilling to assist with old version. The version we use requires outdated php and mysql. We need assistance in porting data and templates to newer version purchased (also already outdated but functional). The project will involve interrogating each template and updating to produce the same result under newer version.

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    I would like to incorporate google maps into an existing forum website built in vbulletin. The map points need to be easily maintained and updated. The map would show location of specific address.

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    Seeking to hire an experienced, dedicated and professional forum developer for a sports website. Develop sports forum using VBULLETIN Software for a sports website, which will require programming, coding & the integration of interface layouts. All development work needs to be executed on a professional standard.

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    Hi Chien L., I am in need of some help with the custom header script on our vBulletin forum site. Do you have some time to look at it for me?

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    Hi, I run [登录来查看链接] . I want to migrate the whole site to Invision power board. You need to be experienced with vbulletin 3.8.3, socialengine 3 code and IPB community Contact me with a time and effort estimate.

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    i have vbulletin web forum and i need to improve the mobile style

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    We currently use Sparkpost for our VB4 messaging platform and are determining the feasibility of using Amazon SES instead of Sparkpost. All messaging is currently sent through Sparkpost. We require VB4 configuration assistance .

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    Fix some vBulletin problems

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    vBulletin expert needed 已经结束 left

    I need to fixed a bug in my vBulletin and some minor problems. Msg me if u are good at it.

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    I have a pretty large forum [登录来查看链接] I want a CUSTOM created chat forum that will have many upgrades and unique features that must integrate within vbulletin. Apply only if you have experience creating a chat plugin and know about vbulletin software.

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    I am looking for someone THAT ALREADY HAS gambling casino style games that CAN integrate them into my existing site. The site is PHP Vbulletin. I have a currency system (Virtual Currency). DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DID NOT READ THIS. DO NOT AUTO APPLY I WILL DELETE YOU Show me the list of games you have THAT ARE READY

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    Fix Vbulletin 3.8 speed 已经结束 left

    Hello, we are currently running a site under Vbulletin 3.8 with PHP5. The core is PHP 7 compatible but we have some issues with some add-ons. We need: 1.- Make these add-on (1 or 2) compatible with PHP 7. We have tested the site and believe this is the only addon not compatible [登录来查看链接] 2.- Check the whole site works under PHP 7 (send emails...) (The developer should know what fixes need to be ...

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    You will debug two specific issues we're having with javascript on our vBulletin 3.8.x installation. 1. We have the vBStatus plugin (v 5.3) installed, allowing users to edit their status. However, it is broken. When clicking on "Edit" for a user's status, nothing happens. Expected behavior: A pop-up window appears allowing a user to edit their status. (Status can be changed on...

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    Hi, I run [登录来查看链接] . I want to make change look and feel of my website and make it fully mobile responsive with a great UI/UX You need to be experienced with vbulletin 3.8.3 and socialengine 3 code. Contact me with a time and effort estimate.

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    Vbulletin Forum & Amember Members Expert Needed We have some bespoke changes needed to Vbulletin (VB) and Amember Members Plug In. CDN added to VB VB password re set links and profile managedment links to work with Amember. SSO implimented (single sign on), between VB, Wordpress and Amember

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    Trophy icon Wordpress journal template! 已经结束 left

    Dear, I have website on vbulletin : ([登录来查看链接]) please before you start look at this head page!! I need design that will show the posts on similar method. So that if I post a video it will show it on head page without opening the news!. I need blocks to place the ads like on the original website ([登录来查看链接]) you can see them at the right side and above. At the left side you see calendar. (it wil...

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    加急 加保
    25 项参赛作品

    The project is revamping an existing website called SuperPicks.com. I'm looking for a web developer that has skills to do the following: - creating wordpress site using Divi wordpress theme - adding and upgrading vbulletin forum software from another site ([登录来查看链接]) - there is some graphic design needed. We are merging two websites into one. We are taking the [登录来查看链接] posting forum and...

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    I need a developer to develop a website like this one: ([登录来查看链接]) based on [login to view URL] is a multilingual [login to view URL] involves different plugins installation,create custom reports,user management,cookies policy,mobile responsive site [login to view URL] you should be well versed in the latest development in moodle.i need the project to be delivered within one [login to view URL] bi...

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    Project for Ori O. 已经结束 left

    Hi Ori O., une jam Arben Moko, punoje per portalin [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] kemi parashikuar te bejme disa ndryshime dhe ju keni eksperience ne vbulletin, a mund te pijme nje kafe ne Tirane? I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Project for ForumCube 已经结束 left

    Hi ForumCube, you were recommended to us by our former forum administrator. What we need to do is update our forum ([登录来查看链接]) to new security and visual standards. We need to make a transition from vbulletin to xenforo according to our former administrator. Please let us what the price for this would be. Thank you!

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    Automatic data importing 已经结束 left

    READ CAREFULLY We have two websites. One is a review website (18+) running vbulletin , the other website is on wordpress. What needs to be done is the following: - write code (or WP plugin) to automatically pull data FROM the vbulletin site INTO the wordpress site. Data such as: Name, City, Street, etc. - Display that data via an existing plugin (imagemap pro for wordpress) OR come up with a ...

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    I want my forum make mobile friendly and update - from vbulletin 3.8 to xenforo.. It's quite big: [登录来查看链接] Thanks a lot for taking contact Bernhard Castiglioni [登录来查看链接]

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    I currently am using Search Module to list latest forum posts. I need to add page navigation at the bottom. Example: prev 1 2 3 4 ... next Not possible with vBulletin to add this navigation so need custom work.

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    I currently am using Search Module to list latest forum posts. I need to add page navigation at the bottom. Example: prev 1 2 3 4 ... next Not possible with vBulletin to add this navigation so need custom work.

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    I'm having an issue where my database is creating tables upon tables but instead of auto deleting they're just piling up. Therefore it's causing issues on my VBulletin Message board. It's throwing an error for Insufficient Memory.

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    Looking for someone WHO HAS EXPERIENCE with open sourced app Riot: [登录来查看链接] - Must integrate it into my vbulletin site [登录来查看链接] - Must be able to integrate it with custom requests that our traders want (private chats) - Replace our current shoutbox with this new chat app

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    Hello, we are currently running a site under Vbulletin 3.8 with PHP5. The core is PHP 7 compatible but we have some issues with some add-ons. We need: 1.- Make these add-on (1 or 2) compatible with PHP 7 2.- Make a sprite with all static images in order to reduce number of queries 3.- Combine js (if possible) 4.- Reduce number of .css files More info about project through PM.

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    vbulletin expert 已经结束 left

    I have a vBulletin site setup at [登录来查看链接] Need the following fixed. [登录来查看链接] the header fixed to work on different browsers and sizes 2. when members signup emails go to spam 3. Need SEO setup so post start showing up in search 4. Post levels set 5. Membership levels setup 6. banner ad management. Need an easier way to load banners for ads These are the ones i can think of off the top of m...

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    We need your help with the migration of the data from a very old version of vBulletin to the current one. Our focus is on the data, not on the functionality. We need to migrate all entities, which are possible. Users, posts with attachements, categories, comments, reviews, everything. From one mysql database structure to another. Maybe we need to create a connector/bridge/edi for the data transfer...

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    I require multiple SEO sellers to sell a package of RARE 10 DoFollow .GOV Keyword Backlinks embedded In 10,000-Word Articles on a vBulletin forum on [登录来查看链接] domain. The package price of 10 backlinks is $200 if we provide the 10,000 worded article or $150 if the buyer provides the article. No adult, gambling niches. All you have to do is to sell multiple packages of the above to your existing ...

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    I need to fix the vBulletin settings in my website which giving error message, and also fix adsense error for it.

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    I need someone who can create a script which will check every 5-15 minutes for new posts on a message board/forum. It will then copy the content and post to a subreddit on Reddit.com. It will post the title and the content of the first post from the message board. Here is an example of a post: [登录来查看链接] So it would take the title: Security leak discovered by my host And the post content: Not ...

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    This tool must be designed for a vbulletin web forum. The tool must be able to scrape the website for all the posts and threads created by specific users. The data collected would be preferably able to be separated by user and organized by time and date in a chronological fashion. The posts and threads scraped from the web forum must be able to be read in their entirety. The tool must be able to b...

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    This is a very straightforward project. I have a Client that has a LAMP site running on a single Cloud Server with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.61 that needs to be upgraded so that the whole site works with PHP version 7.1 and MySQL 5.7. As their site is live, you will need to do this without affecting the live site until ready, and then also test once completed prior to going live to ensure the site i...

    $1559 (Avg Bid)
    加精 保密协议
    $1559 平均报价
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    vBulletin site is down, here is the error code -- Database error in vBulletin : [登录来查看链接] mysqli_real_connect() [<a href='function.mysqli-real-connect'>function.mysqli-real-connect</a>]: Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:100214 Library:100313

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    Need help on how to secure a SMS service for a non-profit organization. We need to ability for users to sign up (subscribe) to sms broadcast. We have 100 users, maybe up to 150 max total. The organization (club) would send out no more than 4 sms broadcasts per month, if that. Also, would need a way for the user to initially subscribe/sign up for the service from our website. To be able to plug ...

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    Design build and serve a freshly new word press site for 1 year This is a 1 year contract to design build change and serve 1) what needs to be done Wordpress site a) bbpress – forums b) multiple blogs and articles c) subscription forms d) place for ads & banners e) place for welcoming articles f) chat g) who is surfing now where h) more then 1 admunustrator i) upload a Word document...

    $8132 (Avg Bid)
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    Will supply vBulletin product & code, require migration for a forum running phpBB v 3.2.2 To latest vbulletin.

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    Responsive PHP/MySQL Powered Forum From Scratch Please don't ask about vanilla, phpbb vbulletin or any other software. I am looking for php powered from scratch. Looking for someone who has the knowledge and has already done this before with proof of php/mysql powered forum. Must be responsive Will not load milestone first so if this is a problem, please do not bid. I am expec...

    $3988 (Avg Bid)
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    VBulletin Support 已经结束 left

    VBulletin Support - must be familiar with the software and be able to make backend changes to the setup, skin and templates. Would be ad hoc.

    $47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    vBulletin mod config 已经结束 left

    Complete steps for vbullerin Thread Thumbnail and document all steps with correct info.

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    Hello, I need to create an add-on for XenForo forum. It should be an option to add a comment under a reply in a thread. XenForo doesn't have it but vBulletin 5 has. Functionality and design can be the same as vBulletin 5 has. If you are familiar with these forums, you will know what I am talking about. And I need someone who is familiar with these forums. I need a full transfership of rights...

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    Olá, preciso que seja migrado para o Wordpress (BBPress) um fórum com imagens e o máximo de recursos disponíveis. O tema não importa, o importante é estar tudo funcionando do outro lado com os mesmos links permanentes para ter o mínimo de perda possível de SEO.

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    vBulletin 5 mod upgrade 已经结束 left

    Need a vBulletin expert to upgrade the mob below to be compatible with version 5. [登录来查看链接]

    $517 (Avg Bid)
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