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    感谢你对我们这个项目敢兴趣! 我们需要拍20个开箱和评测视频【拍摄和发布】 出境模特:欧美(为主)& 非洲面孔;说英语(为主)或其他小语种 视频时长:1-3分钟 产品:Blucalm AI Mic noise-canceling adapter 视频类型:中文的视频样片 %E6%B6%88%E5%99%AA%E5%AE%9D?publish_time=0&sort_type=0&source=switch_tab&type=video 样品: 如果你在海外,我们会邮寄5-8个的样品给你,用于视频拍摄。 如果你是在中国的海外留学生,我们将邮寄给你或者在中国的其他城市的你的朋友,他们可以帮忙拍摄视频。 发布平台:Youtube, TikTok, Instagram 同步投放 粉丝量:1000-5000(15个);10000-30000(5个) 垂直度:没有要求,如果是10000-30000的希望他是数码科技领域的 如果你只能完成视频拍摄,KOL/KOC合作, 你自己只能完成一个视频的拍摄和平台投放,都可以私信我,说出你能完成哪一部分的内容。当然如果你能接整个项目,将是我们的最佳选择。

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    1. Can import 500 ip proxy addresses at the same time 2. Can upload picture folder 3. You can upload text files 4. Each different ip address corresponds to a different facebook registration entry 5. Each ip address can be replaced or deleted at any time 6. After successful registration, the avatar will be randomly selected from the picture folder, and the name will be randomly selected from the text file 7. Automatically apply through friends, and the time interval for applying through friends can be set by yourself 8. Integrated management of all account messages and comments 9. Real-time update statistics of the number of all friends, like, share, and comment 10. You can clear all accounts and all information with one key, and then start again, in a cycle

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    vlog video editing 已经结束 left

    احتاج احد " عربي " فنان في مونتاج الفديوهات خصوصا بطريقة cenimatic الفديوهات حتكون فلوغات سفر و سياحة .. عدد الفدويهات النهائية ٣ فديوهات كل واحد احتاج يكون طوله مش اكثر من ٢٠ دقيقة

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    创建一个可以上传(或连接视频地址)和下载视频的网站(create a webpage which can upload or download videos)

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    English Version of the Ad is below ! 诚聘APP开发程序员/团队,负责开发一款提供特定服务的APP(类似滴滴快车但非打车服务),用户群暂时以上海当地用户为主。APP界面的设计将由我们具体负责,因此不会有太多APP界面的设计工作。 关于APP: 简单而言我们想实现让用户通过APP找到其所在地点附近的愿意提供服务的“服务提...of the app would be into 3 features where “client” will chose a service from “provider” 1. Find an available nearby provider within 1-3 Km: a timer will calculate the fee and the distance. 2. Book for a later time: A fee according the time required. 3. Awarding Service: a simple wall where Client can post a service request 1 per month detailing fees, service description, address/location and upload JPEG then gets notification. 4. Simple rating system for both providers and clients. We are willing to pay market price, whether fixed price or an Hourly rate as per mi...

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...希望能合并到 , 做一个类似的支持页面, 不清楚默认的主题是否支持, 支持页面的最上面 保留主网站的 导航栏 Hi We are looking to build a new website that is E-commerce. The current website can be found at Key Parts of the Website: - Easy to use - International and local card transactions - Feedback form - Contact us form - Real Time orders - Real time purchasing i.e online store - Easy to upload new products with pictures and price - Link with WeChat - Mobile friendly I would like to see designs of what the website can look like before purchasing. Please can you give me a quotation on the work from End to End on this. I look forward to your reply. Regards Vishal IT Manager

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    A games live streaming website like twitch (handling large amount of video data? ) with user registration and account information, upload video, leave comments on real time living videos. Need experienced developer who can be able to build up the front end, back end, database and server for efficiently storing and retrieving videos data. If you think the price is below your expectation, please leave the price works for you, we can negotiate it.

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    分析数据 已经结束 left

    upload data into mobile app backend

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    I need a video about 90 seconds long for the promotion of my book, I will provide materials such as psd files and Bgm . your job will be simply make some parts of the photo( cloth, hair, water stars) move or twinkle .I had already a idea in mind , I need some one who can communicate with me ,and be capable of using the software like adobe flash,etc. please give me a link of your previous work. have a nice day! 需要制作1分半左右的漫画宣传片,我提供图像 标志和背景音乐素材。主要是把已经分层的图片转换成简单的动画(只需要场景头发布料之类的地方移动)。分镜和配乐已经设计好了,只需要能熟练操作软件的人沟通,然后操作下。

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    $262 - $2181
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    We are looking for a video competition content site which it can be voted either on the website or the mobile version as well. It can be showed up like a chart on the smart phone to see the total numbers each one, maybe something like this: I am not sure if it is still working and YES this project ideally will be operated in Simplified Chinese

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    我有进行中的、与之前的项目相关的工作Remove control bar from a flash video'

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    ...中国传统的一种武术礼节,当代武术本着为和平与友谊服务的宗旨,被赋予了新的含义:右手握拳,寓意尚武;左手掩拳,寓意崇德,以武会友;左掌四指并拢,寓意四海武林团结奋进;屈左手拇指,寓意虚心求教,永不自大;两臂屈圆,寓意天下武林是一家。以国家和集体利益为重的武德思想。要求习武者树立理想,为国争光;爱国爱民,见义勇为;尊师爱生,团结互助;修身养性,遵纪守法;文明礼貌,举止端庄,自觉做有理想、有道德、有文化、守纪律的社会主义公民。 七星拳 少林七星拳是少林寺地区流传最广的套路。它练起来动如猫,行如虎,参照天下北斗土星定位,动作架势以它独有步型、步法而组成。步型要求两脚前后站在一条线上并齐,称为小缩身,这个动作也是考验少林武师在练习少林拳时的功夫深浅的标准。 ========================================================= please upload a doc file for me

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    first of first , you need to know Cantonese, if you dont, pls dont click here. second, you need have wedding video editing experience. third, pls review it before you turn it in to me, white balance / color / light correction, sound adjustment, background music and montage is needed (i have sample that i did before, so you can check and follow) . pls turn in on time. this is a Chinese in America wedding, Cantonese style. 3-5 camera angel , from tea ceremony, church ceremony , wedding boutiques whole day. here is the footage sample.

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    $1799 - $2112
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    Create a story for Cat buying things online.

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    ...加密狗在两台机器上播放视频话,我们可以直接冻结该加密狗的使用权限,使其不能播放。 7、加密狗,不可以被复制,不可以被破解,并且要具备一定的后期内部软件升级空间,根据我们的需要往其中加入新功能,如果被破解,我们是不会通过最终审核的。 We are an offline education training institution. Currently, we need to prepare the teaching MP4 video recorded every day for the students to study at home. However, the videos should not be shared randomly and sold online by our students. Therefore, we decide to encrypt the videos through hardware encryption to prevent the spread of the videos. It is necessary to develop three parts including video encryption software, USB softdog, and encrypt video player. The specific requirements are as follows:  1, We need to encrypt videos every day with the encrpytion software. The students can obtain the encrypted videos through online or offlin...

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    Build a HTML 5 microsite 已经结束 left

    we need a HTML 5 micro-site for a campaign. The user can upload files, images or video on the micro-site. This micro-site need to link with Wechat (a Chinese app), and he can share the micro-site via Facebook, Instagram, Wechat and other popular social media platform

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Build a video website with security login'

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    WiFi Camera作为AP,手机通过WiFi和WiFi Camera连接。 现成方案如下: WiFi Camera上需有两个按键:一个用于摄像,即按一下开始录像,拍摄一段时间(暂定一分钟)后,自动停止录像,并把录像文件放到手机上;另外一个按键,用于拍照,不管是不是在摄像中,都可以拍照,照片也存放在手机上。这些功能已经实现。 要求做一个简单APPS DEMO,功能如下: 把相机录的录像或拍照的照片,通过3G或4G网络传到云端服务器,用户可以在云端查看。

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    looking for male vo talent for a 2-minute tutorial video. Must speak Chinese. must sound young and energetic please use the lines below to send sample. 通过您本地银行支行的柜台用现金存款也是一种快速存款到您博狗账户的方式,因为您的转账存款直接到我们的银行账户,一旦存款成功,仅需扫描柜台存款单在现金存款页面上传即可。 您可以隔您最近的自动柜员机使用我们的银行信息存款,然后扫描存款交易单在自动柜员机存款页面中上传更快确认您的存款信息。

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    Create a Video 已经结束 left


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    $235 - $1955
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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'BGM editing for video'

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    Funny Video 已经结束 left

    Kuso 影片剪辑 1. 会提供影片素材,剪辑成60秒内的影片,高清 2. 内容好笑、有梗,以素材内容为主线,可以加入其他素材 3.提案者请先提供您的作品 4.需懂中文 1 We will provide footage, edited into a movie within 60 seconds. 2 Video should funny with topic,and you can add other material. 3 Please sent portfolio first. 4 Chinese First.

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    Online shopping 已经结束 left

    要一个online shopping的网站! 可以分类我得产品-衣服-裤带-钱包-电话accessories-首饰-等等 可以自己upload我的产品照片和更改照片 可以查看快递的情况 可以注册成为我们的会员 这个网页参考!

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    Rummage Video Editor 已经结束 left


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    $1373 - $4119
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    我有和我们之前项目相关的持续性工作 'multi picture Upload bug of a website'

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    Hi Ninh T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Video advert 9 天 left

    Hi Muhammad Azaz K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am looking for a skilled green screen video editor who can help me with editing a green-screen video. The video duration is more than 5 minutes and the video is on a green screen. Here is a screenshot of the video. I want the green screen to be a transparent alpha and send me Davinci Resolve settings. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using Davinci Resolve - Experience in editing green screen videos - Knowledge of different effects and transitions - Expertise in color grading and correction

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    Hi I will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

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    Project Overview: We are seeking a talented freelancer to create an engaging and informative animated video that tells the story of BOLT, a transport company. The video should highlight the company's inception, how it started, the challenges it faced, its competition with Uber, and its current success. Additionally, the video will include 30-second segments at each step, offering lessons for viewers and prompting them with open questions related to their own businesses. Project Scope: Storyboard Creation: Develop a detailed storyboard outlining the video's content, visuals, and messaging. This will involve collaborating closely with us to ensure the narrative aligns with our vision. Script Writing: Craft a compelling script that not only narrates BOLT'...

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    We are seeking a creative and skilled Social Media Content Creator to join our team. The Reels/videos should relevant to the service being provided. The ideal candidate will produce these reels with creativity and an artistic flair. Ideally experience of creating engaging social media content is very much desired, also with skills in video production and graphic design. A great understanding of social media's algorithm and how to monetise and optimise content for maximum reach and engagement. - Create high-quality and visually appealing content, including images, videos, and written posts, tailored for these social media platforms. If you are a creative individual with a passion for social media and a knack for storytelling, please respond to this advert.

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    ...editor Mô tả công việc: -Chỉnh sửa video ngắn 1 phút và các video dài 15 phút -Lồng nhạc, tạo phụ đề, tạo hình ảnh minh họa, tạo hiệu ứng âm thanh, hiệu ứng hấp dẫn, hài hước, vui vẻ. -sản xuất nội dung video cho kênh TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Facebook, Instagram Reels và các hoạt động nội bộ. - Sáng tạo nội dung và lên kịch bản, quay clip, dựng clip. Tiêu chí hoàn thành công việc: - Số lượng, chất lượng visual content theo đúng kế hoạch nội dung. - Quay và dựng video đúng thời hạn. Yêu cầu: - Hiểu biết về truyền thông, cập nhật nhanh các xu hướng mới, sáng tạo nội dung hay...

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    Video editing 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a video editor to create a smooth and impactful video from the raw footage. The length of the raw footage is less than 1 hour, and I'm aiming for the final edited video to be more than 15 minutes in length. The required edits include both basic edits (trimming, adding text, etc.) as well as more advanced edits (color grading, special effects, etc.). Ideally, the video editor will have experience with both types of editing to produce a professional-looking finished product.

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    Product Video -- 2 6 天 left

    Video production for products on our site , amazon, etsy

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    Make a 3D simulation of paper bags . Costumer commes to our website select size, colour and upload the logo or file to see in real live

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    ...skilled React developer who can fix bugs of a video and screen recorder with MP4 output format. The ideal candidate should have experience with mp4-muxer and be able to fix the issues using React. The app is running here : Here is what we have right now : - A video and screen recorder using React - Output n number of videos in MP4 format - The recorder has 4K or HD capabilities for high-quality recordings wherever the input device supports. Follow these steps to reproduce av sync issue : Steps: 1. Start a webcam recording 2. Wait for 5 minutes 3. Start counting while recording yourself after 5 minutes of recording. 4. Stop the webcam recording 5. Download the video file. 6. Seek to the end of the video while you are counting. 7. You can see the

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    Video 5sec 9 天 left

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to create a video (5 sec.) for me like this one with a card that I'll give the graphics to I need to create this 5 second video with transparent background I would like to put it on my site like this site does:

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    ...than 15 minutes in length. While the tutorial should generally cover a range of machine learning concepts, I'm not specifically asking for any algorithm or concept to be emphasized in particular. If you feel there is something specific that could benefit beginners, please include it to your demonstration. Each module 10 minutes (total 60mins, 6 module tutorial ) 720p and less than 4.0 GB. with video subtitle and instruction step of doing. cite resources also ( 2-3 links) , basic examples clarity is enough , no need to be complex Lecture 1: Introduction to Machine Learning Content: Overview of machine learning and key concepts like models, training data, supervised vs unsupervised learning. Explain real-world applications and tools like Python and Scikit-Learn. Lecture...

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    Hi! We are looking for attractive women who can shoot a '60s video for an Employment Advertisement Ad Campaign. Budget is $50 per 60s video. If you are interested please message me. Thank you!

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    We are interested in having a video produced similar to this example - The video should prominently feature our company logos, showcase relevant information about our services, and maintain a duration of no more than 30 seconds. Additionally, we'd like to replace the sections that display the types of businesses supported with content highlighting our specific services.

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    - There are 5 webpage content (400 words each), so total is 1500 words = INR 1500 - You have shared one video, so I content writer will write 400 words content for youtube description = INR 400 - Will create web story according to the latest blog - INR 1000

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    Hello, I am looking for a professional, reliable, and experienced freelancer to help me create videos for a YouTube channel that focuses on how to earn money online. Specifically, I need someone who is capable of creating tutorials with a length of 5-15 minutes each, and is skilled in both cutting and merging clips as well as adding effects and transitions, in an advanced capacity. The videos must be engaging, professional, and adhere closely to my originally outlined goals. Experience in digital marketing and working with YouTube channels is highly beneficial. If you are available and think you have the necessary skills and knowledge to help me achieve my objectives, then I would love to hear from you.

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    I am looking for a developer to create a simple and minimalist hotspot page for a Mikrotik network. The page must include specific features, as outlined by me. I need this project completed urgently, within a week. If you have the skillset and experience this deadline, please get in touch with me and we can discuss further. Thank you for your page should be able to use voucher codes which are in capital letters 10 words and are generated by a third-party company...the splash page should capture the below details which i will attach....also the captured data should be viewed when one what a create a link where we can upload the third party code which may be generated between 10 million - 50 million code should run for 30 minutes to provide internet.

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    ...for a talented video editor to create a student testimonial video for my project. The ideal candidate should have advanced editing skills with effects and transitions. Theme and Style: - I am open to the freelancer's creativity and would like them to bring their own unique style to the edits. Video Length: - The final edited video should be less than 1 minute in duration. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in advanced video editing techniques with effects and transitions. - Ability to create a visually appealing and engaging video. - Experience in editing testimonials or similar types of videos. - Knowledge of animation and graphic design is a plus. If you are a creative video editor who can bring my vision to life and deliver...

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    Logistics Portal on 6 天 left
    已验证 11. **Freight Memo Generation:** - Freight memo is generated using the Best ERP system. 12. **Fund Transfer Request:** - A fund transfer request is sent via email and recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. 13. **Advance Payment:** - 80% advance payment is transferred to the vendor's account via NEFT, facilitated by Excel upload on Netbanking. 14. **Customer Delivery:** - The vehicle reaches the customer's location. 15. **EPOD Upload:** - EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) is uploaded on 16. **Physical POD Submission:** - The vendor or driver submits the physical POD. 17. **POD Entry:** - POD entry is made on the Best ERP system upon receiving the physical proof of delivery. 18. **Final Payment:** - The remai...

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    i have created some files, that generate a png and store the image on load of the page into the device visiting the page. I want this image ALSO to be stored in a folder i have in Uploads directory of Wordpress. The storage in there must be automated, so the user does not have to upload anything. So upon visiting the page 1. The image must be downloaded (It already does, so we are ok with this) 2. The image must be stored in /Uploads/GeneratedImages (This is the purpose of this project)

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    Hi Ambreen M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am looking for a PERL, HTMX, MYSQL programmer who can help me with an intermediate level project. The ideal candidate should have experience in these areas and be comfortab...will give you a dump from my MySQL table. From which I need an interactive HTML interface, based on Perl, HTML, HTMX to this table. I need to be able to search, add, edit and delete entries as well as combine two entries into one, all via one HTML::Template file with a perl script as interface to the MySQL table. I do want an active submit button for all changes, as well as a single interactive upload button for each field of the MySQL table. also each field needs to be validated via a given specification. All code needs to be well documented and commented. Perl based database interaction needs be "SQL I...

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    精选video upload社区文章