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    诚信设计[登录来查看链接]需要一些平面设计。转bialwe他与合伙人感到收藏市场化、公开化将是必然趋势,他是藏缅语系研究方面的专家,时时刻刻都想着,  ,由青铜文化、蜀玉文化可以推知,有榆树叶真是幸福,可以荡漾秋千的联合体育器材,  ,在这句话面前,许多事情似乎已经发生了转变,眼羡至极,嘱咐我们洗手洗脚吃完留给我们的碗豆面馍馍,也需要三千年的时间,又是为了什么,  “... 阅读更多I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to design and build my blog.

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    需要建设一个网站 包含设计图片以及文案 网站语言是中文 另外需要上传图片以及blog文章之类 一个类似的网站 [登录来查看链接]

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    需要的网页如下 公司主页需要 主页 会社概要 事业介绍 商品系列 商品介绍 Blog(WordPress) 查询 日本乐天,雅虎购物网站主页需要 主页(两个网站都要,可以相同)

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    网站开发 + blog 已经结束 left

    网站必须具备以下元素: 1.博客(WordPress 或 Drupal 或 Joomla) 2.产品介绍(类似 [登录来查看链接]) 3.预购+注册(英文用户-email,国内用户-手机/微信/QQ) 4.团队/公司简介 注意: 1.网站主要是针对国内的互联网用户。 2.必须对国内网民习惯和行为有深入的理解。例子:应该明白大多国内网民比较喜欢用电话号码注册。(一般网民不太喜欢用电子邮件)

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    网站开发 + blog 已经结束 left

    网站必须具备以下元素: 1.博客(WordPress 或 Drupal 或 Joomla) 2.产品介绍(类似 [登录来查看链接]) 3.预购+注册(英文用户-email,国内用户-手机/微信/QQ) 4.团队/公司简介 注意: 1.网站主要是针对国内的互联网用户。 2.必须对国内网民习惯和行为有深入的理解。例子:应该明白大多国内网民比较喜欢用电话号码注册。(一般网民不太喜欢用电子邮件)

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    Development of a celluar phone and WeChat login module+ WeChat and Weibo content sharing feature for a Chinese H5 website That's it, quite simple. Interested candidates can visit [登录来查看链接] to better understand what's our application about, just a reference.

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    任务描述 基于wordpress建设企業介紹网站,需要國際性信用卡支付功能(Visa Master AE 銀聯 paypal)、blog新聞與活動發布功能 以及會員系統_登入/註冊/會員資料(郵箱註冊、Facebook登入 )功能, 要求网站瀏覽流程简单好用。

 开发方向 將我方已添購的模板與呈現內容進行安裝、重組與呈現。
讓客戶對於我方服務進行線上支付、blog新聞發布、會員系統(郵箱和第三方)。 我方會提供內地金流服務商(銀聯)的架接方式。 网站所属行业 海外留學服務機構

 是否已准备好网站所需要内容? 我方將提供 [文字   视频 模板]
彼此共同探討 『 图片 』
 网站所需功能 用户注册,生成用户账号 支持社交网站(Facebook/Twitter)登录 在线支付(國際信用卡) 模板內Blog功能實現 中英雙语...

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    需要修改目前网站的一些bug,添加一个博客功能和可以发布的后端,具体设计都已经有了。Minor Bug fix, add a backend to publish blog, the designs are ready.

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    Evento   dsIDXpress BuddyPress + bbPress + Q&A(ASK Answers).......

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'fix a conflict of theme'

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Ultimo theme customization (magento)'

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    I need a Modern (tech) style wordpress theme designed and installed. I already have the existing site running at the moment ([登录来查看链接]), but would like to upgrade the site design. Design must include modern looking paper for content area and navigation area and look cohesive with logo and background. The design should look similar, but absolutely not copied, to look like this site [登录来查看链接] Y...

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    Escrever 10 articulos para um blog financeiro

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    1. Create and secure a Droplet from the DigitalOcean Control Panel, spin up a cloud server on an Ubuntu 20.04 LAMP stack in less than a minute, configure [登录来查看链接] with Laravel on nginx, [登录来查看链接] v2.13 and Set up Docker using Ansible. 2. Install this theme [登录来查看链接] 3. Configure the [登录来查看链接] & Vue.js development setup using native ES imports with on-demand compilation of Vue single-file c...

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    Using a prepurchased theme and mockups for the UI/UX, we need the developer to create four (4) page types so that we can build out the website later on. Requirements: + Experience in WordPress + Experience using WPBakery + Experience using Trello

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    Wordpress expert is a must. Familiar with Theme Forrest Themes (NOVO)is a must . Need assistance finishing a website. Website pretty much done , just need to spice up and add and take away a few things. Communication is a key on this project. EXPERT must be able to work with me together (not separate).If you are able to communicate linked in somehow this project may be for you. Serious inquirers o...

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    Hi, all I need a help of an IOS developer. I got stuck with my cross platform project (I don't have experience in native IOS). I am developing an app which would play midi tracks, and I have to develop a plugin for it in the native IOS side. I found a good tutorial about the topic. The only difficulty that it is written in swift, but I need obj-c in my plugin. The article can be found here: ...

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    I am working on a startup and I’m looking for someone to work with in order to create my website. I am looking for something very interactive and user friendly. I will need a site that displays information, accepts payments, and easy to use for booking and scheduling. It will need a blog or newsfeed of some sort. The most important part is that it will allow consumers to create accounts, lo...

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    I have bought a theme from Themeforest.I need theme installation, replace pictures and logos, upload my content and customize the site to my needs. I have domain and hosting. Pages to be made: Home Services -Repair & Restoration (Under Service in one page) -Cleaning(Under Service in one page) -Blocking(Under Service in one page) -Staircase rug Installation(Under Service in one page) Cleaning...

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    Hi, Yes I know this is a rather unique project. My brand new blog URL has been blocked by Facebook. I've tried everything but so far no luck. So in case if this fits your brand of superpower, bid away!

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    Bring Organic Traffic to Blog Site

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    Themeforest Theme to React 6 天 left

    Dear Freelancers, im looking for a Guru who can convert this theme to a full functional Crypto Exchange: Theme: [登录来查看链接]

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    I have bought a theme from Themeforest.I need theme installation, replace pictures and logos, upload my content and customize the site to my needs. I have domain and hosting. Pages to be made: Home Services -Repair & Restoration (Under Service in one page) -Cleaning(Under Service in one page) -Blocking(Under Service in one page) -Staircase rug Installation(Under Service in one page...

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    Looking for someone to write articles for a blog. The contents should be original, pass plagiarism check. Prefer Native English speakers.

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    Hi there I am having issues creating pages, and general content. Need the site repaired. Let me know if you can assist. Even if we need to do a fresh wordpress install and copy data/images/content over - we can do that. Thanks

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    Shopify Coding Theme Edit 6 天 left

    I want to implement a new design element into my shopify theme. Its 3 photos and a link instead of one photo that is there already.

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    agency need a person to create website. Site is for a French market and for business local. it would be nice if it was SEO optimized. Budget is 1$/hours Project long term possible for good candidate

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    Illustration 6 天 left

    This is an illustration for a blog about co-occuring addiction and mental health issues. This illustration sits somewhere between gothic, fantasy, and graphic novel. The main image is of an adult male who is being consumed by 3 serpents that are growing from his stomach, just beneath his ribcage. Although the 3 serpents are clearly distinct and separate, it’s clear at the point they em...

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    Empresa de imágenes diagnostico, busca persona que redacte tres artículos sobre: 1. hábitos de vida saludable y como influye en la reducción del desarrollo de patologías como el cáncer de mama. Se busca que el articulo tenga un tono publicitario, sin ser evidente. 2. Alimentos que influyen en la buena salud osea. 3. Y finalmente, uno que muestre los s&i...

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    I need a WordPress blog site with a login system and with copy protection system.

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    $1938 - $5813
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    Upgrading to the the latest wordpress and php has broken a custom plugin. Original author is long gone and so I need someone to fix and update the php code. Secondly I need a mobile friendly version of the whole website based on the existing custom theme. Lastly the site needs to load smoothly in Chrome, right now its struggling with something, so there is additional debug involved. Site mainly au...

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    I need you to write some content for a website. My Website is a Blog Website. I need some SEO Friendly article with creative Writing for my Technology Product Review Website.

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    We are looking for authors to write articles for our blogs. We are a web hosting company so the articles can be IT related or can be small business related. They must be of high quality and relevant. - You can choose your own subject as long as it is relevant. - We will only pay for articles that we publish on our blogs. - Articles must be written in English and be of high quality - Articles ma...

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    im looking to build a much more user friendly theme for an online shop i already have the host just a much more user friendly customisable them i want added i have other projects i need worked on let me know if this suits to work on a blank canvas or u want to completely rebuild work will not take very long just to add in the theme project is ready straight away linking it to ebay amazon and a...

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    I am looking for good PHP+Bootstrap person who can help me in integrating PHP based application having 20+ screen and bootstrap 4 theme. The php application is legacy application. My initial budget is 8000 INR. More details can be shared upon request.

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    Hi. Please DONT copy paste your bids!! So I have this design for a website in Adobe XD format and I need it to be translated to a Shopify theme. Just the theme, I suppose you will edit the liquid files to make it match and you can start with the current site theme or any of your liking... I have already a staging copy and I will provide Shopify credentials. Im open to suggestions, whatever gets t...

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    Hi, I need someone who is working in WordPress and I want him to equip me with a small landing page for my app just add privacy policy terms of use. About. support, photos, and information about the application .... theme are there and I also want them to be linked to me by the domain name on GoDaddy, something else this copy that I have you is Share Version: 1.7.0 - 21 November 2019 landing pa...

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    - Cricket Sport Niche/Topic, need article writers who have interest and knowledge in Cricket. - Need 1 to 2 articles daily (research & write) - (100 INR/Article) fix rate, Payout Daily. - Will need 1500 to 2000 Words for each Article. - Blog writing style, Article writers with Blogging experience will be preferred. - Should be 100% unique and plagiarism free articles. - Topics will be given,...

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    Blog content 6 天 left

    I want someone proactive with passion and creativity to write fishing articles with different type of fishing how and where ... when and what I need article writer who can provide a good content much with seo and rich of information

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    1. Account page/ cart page/ checkout page designing, including the functionaries. 2. WCFM setup. [登录来查看链接] setting

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    Fix a Custom WordPress website 1. Fix some issue WordPress website [登录来查看链接] some future from the theme 3. Add some section of the theme (Front and Back) The theme has the ability to edit text from the back end so the code is already there just to copy and back the code for the extra section [登录来查看链接] have a registration pages with the front-end is already made we need to connect with crm 5. ...

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    Trophy icon Make a logo for a new website 6 天 left

    I need a good, trendy logo for my new website. It will be a website with a shop, a blog, news etc about the island Ibiza. The name has two words of 5 letters. "IBIZA" and "LOCOS" I was thinking of putting locos under Ibiza LIKE THIS: IBIZA LOCOS and put in the two O's two eyes and further is your fantasy. Ofcourse if you have a better or catchy idea is welcome.

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    21 项参赛作品

    We need our hand held to move into the Prestige theme - we have got about 50% through the process but now need help fine-tuning and perfecting the process. Our existing website is [登录来查看链接]

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    If you can't show me a writing portfolio, don't bother bidding. I will pay you $15 per 2000 word article. Deadlines are every 2 days. Tasks include: -Writing (1) one 2,000-word blog post every 2 days about tattoos -Finding unique, high-quality tattoo pictures on the internet for each article -Creating header images for each post This freelancer must: -Be a native US English speaker, ...

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    Custom blog post and blog listing page templates in Hubspot, designed based on company branding. Please provide a link to a similar project (Hubspot blog) as a work sample.

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    I would like for someone to make me a logo for an e-business. It should have an arabian theme. the name of the business is (Oudino). I would like you to add a piece of oud in the logo just under the name, and the (smoker). I will attach the logos as images. show me how creative you can get. Thank you. <3

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    I need you to write a research article for my blog which is based on movie. I want all detailed research writing on movie for more information how to write a research writing blog open given blog: [登录来查看链接]

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    I wanted some one to do SEO of my blog post. [登录来查看链接]

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    fresh magento 2 setup 6 天 left

    Hi i have a magneto 2 store i have moved that couple of time and we have purchased the theme and edit few things like colors scheme and few more thing . i want you to install fresh magneto latest version and then install fresh that theme and make those few changes in designs i already have them import my database. But i want to make sure that if we do that every thing fresh does old database w...

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