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CSS "Cascading Style Sheets" is a style sheet language used to describe looks and formatting of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVF and XUL. It is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content and document presentation factors. If you are doing web design then you might need help with CSS and you can source freelancing talent for help with the same

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Simple CSS fix bug need to fix bug in CSS. I think, this is very simple. will be done within 30 minutes. 15 PHP, Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 23时 $179
Website One page with forms One page BETHEME website with contact form and other form. Change photos to behind the scenes TV shooting stock (need to find). Very small website on attached document Tabs are in RED i have betheme license. $30 27 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 23时 $1116
CSS issue for upload wp theme on site Hi need to fix css for upload wp theme. need done right now. 13 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 23时 $74
Make OpenCATS Careers portal template mobile friendly/responsive I have an extremely simple OpenCATS careers site that is template driven through a total of 10 HTML snippets and one CSS snippet. OpenCATS experience is not required, this is purely an HTML/CSS editing job. I have made some improvements to the default OpenCATS careers HTML/CSS template by removing a table, updating buttons, and making the CSS a little more mobile-friendly. Now I need someone... 7 网站设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 23时 $1561
PAPUA DIVING THAILAND convert [链接已删除,请登录查看] into [链接已删除,请登录查看] (got all the files etc.) + i need a basic translation FROM ENGLISH TO THAI 9 网站设计, 平面设计, 横幅设计, WordPress, CSS Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $780
Hire a Website Designer I'm looking to have a theme I downloaded from themeforest installed onto my wordpress and have the basics layed out (I'll describe clearly how I would like it) so I can go in and basically add my own content. I will provide the theme, account information and visual description of what is needed. Bascially this is a rough of what I would like it to look like but I will discuss further on... 40 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $1186
Improve my existing WP plugin or develop a new one I have an existing wordpress dropshipping plugin that I want improved and new features added. The present plugin has the ability to import and sync products from AliExpress, eBay, WalMart and Amazon. Here is the link to what I want done [链接已删除,请登录查看] 25 WordPress, CSS, 网页搜罗, Freelancer网站应用程序接口, 软件开发 Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $27054
Wordpress mockup and design for company website I have created a simple company website for a small consulting firm that can be found here: arvidssonconsulting.se. I want this site to be a professional looking company website. The task for participants in this contest is to design a nice Wordpress website. I will be able to buy stock photos so please recommend photos. The consulting firm is mainly selling services to large corporations a... 1 CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $234
Booking website need some fix (Javascript and PHP expert required) I have a web application for booking reservation, I need to fix couple things. I'm a developer and I need ed some help to fix it. I believe if you are expert in javascript and PHP it won't take you more than 1-2 hours work. my budget is $50 for this. please bid if you are good in javascript and php otherwise don't waste your time and my time. 26 PHP, Javascript, CSS Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $414
CSS issue for upload wp theme - 20/10/2017 15:53 EDT Hi need to fix css for upload wp theme. need done right now. 17 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $87
build a website (html/css/js) 2 i want you to build website like [链接已删除,请登录查看] 14 网站设计, 平面设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $1135
build a website (html/css/js) We need to build a website like stripe.com. 23 Javascript, 网站设计, 平面设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 22时 $3465
looking for a php developer from ukraine romania usa project budget 90 usd max project budget 90 usd max Dont waste my time if you cant do it needs be finished before sunday its not so big project so dont come with big bids! you need build all from scratch i will deliver you the tempalte only! login system with paypal payment user area: - register / create account page > [链接已删除,请登录查看] - login page > [链接已删除,请登录查看] - after login dashboard page > [链接... 4 PHP, Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $515
Convert Muffin Builder to Visual Composer (BeTheme template) I looking for a wordpress expert to convert the website pages that were designed using Muffin Builder (BeTheme) into Visual Composer. The layout should function and look the same. Additional Project Info: There are about 150 pages in total but only about 20% are done with Muffin Builder. I am open to samall changes and maybe redesign some pages. 16 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $1225
Looking for a Full Stack Web Developer (FREELANCER) or an expert Backend Developer **Request You to Please Not Apply until You have Read the Job Requirement Carefully** Hello, we are currently looking for a full stack web developer who is highly proficient in the industry and knows how to develop extensive web applications (both front-end & back-end). Please do not apply if wordpress is your forte since the project is quite extensive and an ongoing one. A few guideline... 6 PHP, CSS, MySQL, 软件开发, Full Stack Development Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $32
Fix React Issues I am working on one [链接已删除,请登录查看] Project and I faced some issues with icon animation. I have used Matrial Design now. Please contact me if you can do this quickly. Thanks. 5 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML, jQuery / Prototype Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $928
Change wordpress design i want to change wordpress design minor 11 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $151
Front end development project need someone good with HTML,CSS,JavaScript and other front end development queries 53 Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, HTML5, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $1209
Change my front END in wordpress I want to change the look of my front end. I want to make it beautiful with good background colors with almost same content and showing services from my website. 17 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $739
Woocommerce shortcode styling Woocommerce has a short code for adding to cart that I would like to use on my site. This is the shortcode: [add_to_cart id="4988"] It's functionality is exactly what I need but I do not like the design of it. Although it's very close. I have attached below the current shortcode default design. Design modifications to this would be: 1) Alter spacing between the ... 30 PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, WooCommerce Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $913
Mobile version links Mobile version links to corrections. 9 PHP, CSS, HTML5 Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $156
Speed up Wordpress site My wordpress site is very slow. I need someone to check the back end. It might include optimizing plugins, reduce plugins, change back-end code or something else. 45 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 21时 $1077
fix css spacing on page I need someone to fix a simple css issue dealing with the spacing on my webpage :) Thanks 63 CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 20时 $164
increase newsletter size from 650px to 725px I do have a newsletter written in html, but the width of it is 650px, while I need 725px. All other components, width as well as height needs to keep their ratio to the width, so all elements have to be scaled as well. html/css only 25 网站设计, 平面设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 20时 $164
Advanced WordPress/WooCommerce/PHP skilled person (not a team), Long Term ProjectSorry? I am looking for a advanced programmer to has the proficient skills in wordpress, php, woo commerce to continue development and maintenance of site (possible more sites). This will be an ongoing project as the site grows and with maintenance. Looking to build a relationship for longterm work. English proficiency is required. Screen Share is a requirement with Team Viewer, most of the work will be ... 13 PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, WooCommerce Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 20时 $125
[Need Help]Woocommerce Product Gallery Hi, We have a Woocommerce store and I have tried to change the gallery multiple times. The gallery for the products. I would like to show the product images as shown in the attachment. I tried lots of plugins but I guess that it is something from the code. 24 PHP, WordPress, CSS, WooCommerce Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 20时 $192
Radio portal website Hello, I had a question, I wanted to copy the concept of a site. Can someone make a site like this? It's a radio portal? [链接已删除,请登录查看] I would like to copy all the features because I think in order to compete with them I have to come with at least that many features. I'm just contemplating about the social media part. I don't know if people are taking time to really use th... 27 PHP, 网站设计, 平面设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 20时 $10242
I would like to hire a Shopify Expert to Reduce Page Load Time for my Website Your top fixes [链接已删除,请登录查看] visible content before CSS and JS If the amount of data required exceeds the initial congestion window, it will require additional round trips between your server and your visitor’s browser. To make pages load faster, limit the size of the data that is needed to render the above-the-fold content of your page. [链接已删除,请登录查看] JS [链接已删除,请登录查看] caching [链接已删除,请登录... 9 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Shopify Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $1147
Need to customise wordpress dashboard Need a wordpress coder who can do any task. Looking for a expert in coding and UI enhancement 6 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $272
9 HTML Template Designs I am trying to have template designs for a list building software. I already have one template which you can see attached below I need 9 more different HTML templates. 32 网站设计, 平面设计, CSS, PSD转化为HTML, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $577
Installation of Affiliate Platform on website Our client wants to install an "Affiliate Platform" on his https website using PHP 7.0. We are not looking for just an Affiliate link tracking platform. Our "Client's Website" is static, in PHP 7.0 without CMS. "Affiliate Platform" script must be compatible with https and PHP 7.0 version. The Affiliate Platform must have the ability to check how much sale... 5 PHP, 脚本安装, CSS, MySQL, HTML5 Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $1358
List similar button not working Hello We have a multi seller website but the list similar button is not working for our products instead it edits the same item. If you can fix this asap thats great and i have more work. 11 PHP, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $156
Front End Developer - Website updating I already have a web designer, just need a front end developer who can take the wire framing from the developer and work closely withm yself and the designer to complete the final product which is an updated more interactive website. 1. Must be able to work on a day to day basis with QAI. 2. Will be allowed to work remotely, but will also require 1-2 in office meetings every week preferred (if n... 48 PHP, Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $17939
Need customizations for directory based wordpress site We have setup an website in wordpress. The website is for directory place listings. We have done some customization already. Need to do some more customization in forms. 14 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $2528
Update to existing wordpress/woocommerce website Need help with an existing wordpress/woocommerce site but not live yet. High level tasks remaining are : 1) CSS tuneup for product page which is displaying Swatch (color options). See both current and expected. 2) Customize Custom order page and make it more visually appealing and readable and integrate with product page. 3) Add promo code bar on top of home page and banner. Also need to dis... 31 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 19时 $1194
Customization of Karenderia php scripts for multi-hair service booking I want to design a booking website for multiple barbers at different cities. The goal is allow customers search for barbers nearest to their address who will come their home to give them haircut. I found this multiple restaurants php scripts template useful to start off with my small budget and would your service to customize it for barber servics: [链接已删除,请登录查看] For more info about the template... 20 PHP, 网站设计, CSS, MySQL, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 18时 $2989
css Fixes Urgent Have to fix the css in existing project , it need to complete on Sunday 17 CSS Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 18时 $142
Wordpress custom search for woocommerce. Very experienced woocommerce developer need to make a custom search form. Check image for idea [链接已删除,请登录查看] It will be category wise dependency or custom filed dependency search form need to make. I will give details for more experienced developer. 9 PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, WooCommerce Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 18时 $585
Wordpress Emedments we have a website and i need some amendments as soon as possible 25 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 18时 $1053
Tweaks to WordPress Theme I need a few custom tweaks to a WordPress theme- css, layout etc. 31 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 18时 $31
Need an URGENT fix to the responsive template of our UAE based Website. Looking for Graphic and Web development team who could fix my website [链接已删除,请登录查看] to appear perfect on all the mobile devices. I want it to be more user friendly. ONLY THOSE WITH JOOMLA EXPERTISE SHOULD BID. 22 PHP, 网站设计, Joomla, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 18时 $1139
UI designer for interactive performance report I am looking for an experienced UI designer to work together with me on designing and implementing an interactive performance report. I am in the process of migrating a performance report from Google Sheets (see attached picture) to an interactive, data driven page. The areas were are mostly need help are: - UI design ( layout, user controls, colours ) - HTML layout + and CSS element styli... 20 平面设计, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $206
Full Stack PHP developer with Symfony & ReactJS experience We are looking for an ambitious, passionate developer to join our team @ Deskpro and help build the next generation of features for a software product used by millions of people. You will be part of a ~10 person dev team, 50% remote and 50% based in our office in London. What will you be doing? Adding brand new features to our product, making improvements to existing features, refactoring... 19 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Angular.js Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $165
Responsive web page design and html, css, js etc conversion There is need of responsive design and html conversion tour plan page. Some explaination: user will selected city, checkin, checkout date or month and year of travel with no of days. Based on no. of days of travel, user will add hotel from first row and tourist spots from bottom row into inner area after searching from search boxes for hotel and tourist spots. Please provide html, cs... 17 Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, PSD转化为HTML, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $287
Wordpress Theme Update and big mess I installed yesterday a new version of my theme on wordpress and it's a big mess :( someone can fix it? 32 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $230
Milkta.com - 20/10/2017 11:21 EDT This is a solo project using codeigniter3, bootstrap css and JS. it takes me more than a month and a full fledged multi-lingual job and tender portal. jobs by location, role, companies, and work types, email me features as well. regarding the tenders news service with sms service integrated, and allowed only to see their categories and email alert as well. 15 PHP, 网站设计, CSS, HTML, 引导程序 Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $27210
Thrive Themes expert for fixing responsive issue - START NOW i am searching for expert to fix responsive issues please start you offer with "hey butter" 23 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $187
Wordpress developer - bug fixes Hi there, I have existing wordpress website for photography. I have some issues need to be fixed. 37 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $70
Fix and improve a wordpress website. Hello, I'm looking for some help with my wordpress website. It is all set in place, everything is ready including the content. But I have some visual issues: -For example, a background image looks fine on small and medium screen, but on desktop size (17" and 21") it gets out of proportions even though the website is responsive. -In addition, on my blog posts, I have some visua... 34 PHP, 网站设计, WordPress, CSS, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $211
Prestashop: Fix checkout so prompts are removed Hi I have a small error in my checkout where two prompts from an older shipping-module is asking for a prompt which is not possible to give. This way the checkout cannot be completed. Your job is to remove these two prompts (check the screenshot). This is in [链接已删除,请登录查看] I need it fixed now. Do not bid if you do not have experince in who to fix this. Do not bid if you cannot fix it r... 7 PHP, CSS, 电子商务, Prestashop, HTML Oct 20, 2017 今天6天 17时 $273
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