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Adobe InDesign是一款用来制作宣传单页、杂志、宣传手册和书籍的应用软件。您可以利用这款应用软件设计精美的打印布局。InDesign在图形设计师和平面图像设计人员之中应用广泛。InDesign专家可给予您专业的指导,帮您在下次制作印刷媒体或海报设计时更加得心应手。那么,现在就在本平台发布您的需求,雇佣专业的InDesign自由职业者吧。
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Create pdf customer forms Hi, I need to create forms to be filled by customers on any machine and operating system in pdf format. I have MS Word prototype with all the questions, need to convert to fillable pdf form with professional graphic design. There are 5 documents with the same design, 11 pages in MS doc format in total. The size is A4 / Letter. Please see the doc file sample attached. We need to obtain the project ... 0 Adobe InDesign, 电子表格, 平面设计, PDF Jan 19, 2018 今天2天 23时 $954
Modern Mindfulness Prezi Help! We have a Prezi slide deck about half-way completed, and no designer to finish it - It is about 50 slides in all - we have the text, all the images, and the look and feel is a template from similar earlier projects - Need someone really good and really fast to step in and finish the deck! The challenge is we need it completed (including revisions) by Monday AM PST, January 21 - Please don... 5 平面设计, Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, 演示文稿, Prezi Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 22时 $281
Procedures Manual My company manages senior living communities. There are many rules, policies and regulations that must be followed. Every area of the community needs a policy manual. Our manuals are currently black-and-white Word documents, without professional design or formatting. We would like to have a graphic artist take the files and develop and design and format, and then carry the format through the entir... 10 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, 格式 与 布局 Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 21时 $19079
Make brochure ready to print Our Brochure has 26 pages design done & ready but needs to have 32 pages to be able to print it. I have content & pictures for these missing pages. Folder needs to be printready according design of printing office. 54 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 封面 与 包装, 宣传册设计 Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 19时 $883
Real Estate Company Brand Re-Imaging To revitalize and update the image of Nye Commercial within its marketing materials and their media presence. To take the outdated materials and create templates in Indesign (user friendly) that are clean (seamless), colorful, eye-catching, infograph based that will appeal to all genders and age ranges within the community. The Nye Commercial logo should remain in tact but should be converted int... 34 平面设计, 徽标设计, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 19时 $258
PDF Editing Need to edit a PDF 1. Should be in A4 size format 2. As a booklet ( print both side of page) 3. care has to be taken on margins (while making book the contents should visible) 4. Contents page no should match the appropriate page no. 34 平面设计, Photoshop, 编辑, PDF, Adobe InDesign Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 16时 $149
Design a Cartoon based Islamic book cover This will be a 12 book series, and each page inside will be animated. The currently contest is just for the front cover which will be used for the series. The winner will get an additional job to design each page. These are islamic religious books so information about islam is important. MAKE IT A4 sized for now. See a sample of another publisher [链接已删除,请登录查看] The cover should hav... 4 Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop 设计 Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 15时 $3244
Need to professionally make two documents in PDF Hi, We have two legal opinions of 6-7 pages each, You just need to make it look professional by inserting our logo and other formatting so that it looks good and professional 33 平面设计, Photoshop, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Word Jan 19, 2018 今天6天 10时 $139
Microsoft Office Designer I am a graphic designer working on a project that requires a lot of tables and graphs. I have a design for these but I'm not sure how to convert my designs into a Microsoft friendly version that allows my client to change their data and update graph types to suit the same design. All graphs I have created are currently in Adobe Illustrator. The below is a list of what I require. There may be ... 16 平面设计, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, Word Jan 18, 2018 今天6天 3时 $782
Ebook Conversion and Distribution Hi I have 5 books that are available in print at the moment. To have a look at them please visit ebay [链接已删除,请登录查看] Each book is in Indesign I am looking for help with: 1. Identifying a better title for the book (based on what people search on the internet) [链接已删除,请登录查看] together a more attractive design for the book [链接已删除,请登录查看] the book in Indesign to an ebook compatible file (the book ... 19 平面设计, 电子书, Adobe InDesign, 亚马逊 Kindle Jan 18, 2018 今天6天 2时 $7410
Create a PDF brochure for a financial services company Financial planning company needs a brochure designed. Outline of material required will be provided. The company is nautical-themed, so the branding will need to go in line with this. This is a general welcome brochure, so it should be less than 10 pages. Ideal freelancer will be expertly skilled and has a natural eye for design. Company owner is VERY design-oriented, so freelancer must be will... 70 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, 企业形象, 宣传册设计, 内容写作 Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20185天 23时 $2915
I need some Graphic Design We need a Indesign template for a private label energydrink Template is in the .zip. I added some documents, so you imagine the company CI/CD green: 140/182/60 brown: 111/65/8 You may use our colors You may be progressive Design should be off the hook We are a non profit organisation so excuse please the budget, but you will support our good work 0 Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计, 企业形象, 封面 与 包装, 平面设计 Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20185天 22时 $391
Fashion Linesheets created using InDesign As a sales rep for different clothing lines in the fashion industry, we use linesheets (photos+sketches+swatches) to sell our lines to buyers who cannot make it to NYC for fashion week. Seeking a graphic designer to use take our existing template to create these line sheets using InDesign. We have two lines, one for men and one for women, and will need linesheets for both collection. Project ... 26 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计 Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20185天 22时 $4346
Company prospectus Company prospectus/brochure done in Microsoft Word. Just need to cut and paste text into software like Adobe InDesign and re-layout all pages to look more professional. Needs design element. All images and text will be provided. Only need to layout and take care of font etc. Deadline about 2-3 days from start if possible. Thanks. 71 平面设计, PDF, Adobe InDesign, 企业形象, 宣传册设计 Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20185天 17时 $2178
Poster for Special Offers in Shop I would like a Poster, that should be printed in A1 or A2 Format. The Poster will be used as Template for Specialoffers in our shops. Every week we will change the Poster with the new offer and some new Product on the template or implenent the pictures and prices on the template with prices. - The dominant colour of the Template should be green. - The Word"Angebote der Woche" ( It means ... 61 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计, 传单设计 Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20185天 16时 $259
Design a bar menu Need someone to design a corporate bar menu layout. It will be a four to five page menu including, wine menu, lunch menu, dinner menu and a cocktail list. We are after a classy yet simple design and want to be able to download the template to edit it. The menu will be in A5 format. 79 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 信纸设计, 宣传册设计 Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20185天 11时 $200
re-design our E-commcerce webshop Hello. I need an example of how our webshop (e-commerce) will look if we change it to a more user friendly and mordern website. I have som ideas that I will tell you and out of those ideas you have to use your graphic skills to design a modern webshop for our company. The sketch is not going to be used, we will just use it as inspiration. I have about 20+ website where I have stolen some id... 30 网站设计, 平面设计, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20185天 1时 $1423
Custom TShirt Design for Summer Line I need this rough PS sketch re-created to vector format for the summer release of a clothing company. I am going for the rustic look and would like the basic design to stay the same but any creative input would be awesome. It will be going on a white or black tshirt so keep the colors black and white to transfer well onto their respective clothing colors. Message me for any questions and good luck... 17 Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, 平面设计, 徽标设计, T恤 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20181天 23时 $758
I need someone who can edit photos and who can help design brochures I work for a floristry business based in London. We are looking for someone with good photoshop skills who we can send content to for: touch ups, dropping text and logos/banners (advertisements for digital content). We are also looking for someone to help make template brochures of our floral display packages (weddings, events, special occasions etc) 45 Adobe InDesign, 照片编辑 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 23时 $951
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, 平面设计, 徽标设计, 包装设计 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 21时
平面设计, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Illustration Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20181天 19时
Design Logo and social media graphics Looking for a designer with great ideas to help design Logo and social media graphics 36 Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop 设计, HTML Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 19时 $172
Creative 5 Illustrated "how-to-guides" A4 document - Some Hand-Drawn Illustration Hello! Looking for an ILLUSTRATOR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER to create 5 simple, but beautiful looking “How-to-guides” for some craft project. 2-sided A4 designs This should be quite simple, but we are looking for someone with some creative flare. SIMILAR EXAMPLE: HELLO FRESH RECIPE CARDS, EG: [链接已删除,请登录查看] You should be able to create a template to keep all 5 cards the same, but ... 59 平面设计, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Illustration Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 16时 $1581
Need an Logo for Jewellery Brand Brand name is "Arlin" Tagline is "Jewellery Lounge" Need an logo with Symbolic icon, Creative and decent Font for brand name. 72 Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, 平面设计, 徽标设计, Photoshop Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 201827天 14时 $305
Sales Proposal - Adobe InDesign Expert I need someone that can work in real time with me for a few hours to complete the design of a Sales Proposal in Adobe Design. The ideal candidate needs to be very proficient with Adobe Indesign and he/she needs to be able to share his or her screen and speak clearly in English. The proposal is going to consist of a showcase of about 7 products with variations (half a page to one page each) with a ... 30 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 企业形象, 宣传册设计 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 13时 $242
Catalogue design for print I am look for someone can use InDesign to build a catalogue template and it can be export to PDF for printing, I have the sample design and all you have to do is put all the info into InDesign in a nice and neat way. There are about 50 pages which will be in same design and layout. 48 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 企业形象, 宣传册设计 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 13时 $382
Tidy up and redesign word document proposal I need an existing word document redesigned to make it look professional. Text needs to be standardised, layout needs to be made professional and includes fonts, headings etc. It has images which need to be cut and put into a table of logos. The document is around 20 pages. Ask any questions before you bid. Bid amounts need to be final and won't be negotiated. 20 平面设计, Photoshop, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Word Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 11时 $269
Business Brochure I have a small Domestic/commercial Cleaning service business. I would like a booklet brochure designed, around 16 pages. I have a very particular design style.. a clean, minimalist with the inspiration from "Apple" branding. My budget isnt great, but would only like Australians to apply. Thanks. 116 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 企业形象, 宣传册设计 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 8时 $781
i need some mobile app function ads photo I need some graphic design. i have an android app. i published on playstore and need ux design use it and make photo to post in playstore to introduce it. i need about 5 image max budget is 15usd 13 平面设计, Adobe InDesign Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 7时 $141
Microsoft word formatting and document design I have approximately 33 training units compromising of approximately 80 pages each that need to be formatted into an amazing training guide with lots of colour in our branding and complete with images. We like to use tables to tile some of our information particularly with lists and dot points as we can add some colour. We would also like to convert some of the processes in these documents into... 62 平面设计, Powerpoint, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Word Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20184天 7时 $5242
Graphic design for T-shirt. Hello freelancers, Looking for original drawings/artwork design for a T-shirt the thing is that panama is going to the FIFA world cup this year and I would like some design for ladies T-shirts with this subject. Thanks! 29 Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, 平面设计, Illustrator, Photoshop Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20184天 5时 $156
I would like to hire an Adobe Captivate Developer Design and develop short video demonstrations - output as MP4 or HTML 5 - English and French 8 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Captivate Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20183天 23时 $251
Experienced Visual Designer I am looking for an experienced visual designer to help us create some branding guidance and asset design. We have a large and long-term need for design services, but would like to evaluate your work beforehand - this project will be for creating: 1 Powerpoint Template, 1 MSFT Word Template, 2 Infographics (one to be provided, one to be described to you), 1 Landing page (mobile-first) A... 17 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, 用户体验设计, Adobe Illustrator Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20183天 22时 $3549
format my book for ebook and printing Using indesign to create/design the interior of a romance novel. 330 pages in word 85,000 words. 47 平面设计, 编辑, 电子书, Adobe InDesign, 亚马逊 Kindle Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20183天 19时 $4877
prezentare ppt Realizarea de template-uri ppt care sa reflecte identitatea companiei. Wanted: graphic designer de top, care sa dea dovada de creativitate 22 平面设计, 徽标设计, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20183天 19时 $412
InDesign XML Import Templates We need a template built to import data fields from a custom XML export and then apply formatting to parts of the import. Will need multiple templates but all will use the same XML import format. 16 XML, 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, HTML Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20183天 18时 $3470
Convert raster images to Adobe Illustrator Vector files I am trying to see about converting raster images similar to the attached for vector graphics for use in Adobe Illustrator with mostly the same styling and as close to the attached as possible, some updates to the graphics may be necessary on to create a common look and feel. This is for publishing a children's book I have 27 images 88 平面设计, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Illustration Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 20183天 16时 $3009
GT-7 flipbook - 15/01/2018 16:25 EST PDF to flip book with interactive slips fliphtml5 13 平面设计, Photoshop, PDF, Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计 Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20182天 23时 $1004
Fitness Gym To create welcome card, invitation card, brochure and fact sheet. 54 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计, 传单设计 Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20182天 10时 $2631
$30 - Add Crop and Bleed Marks to Posters & Brochure We need 30mm crop and bleed marks added to: - 5 x A2 Posters - 1 x DL A5 Flyer 73 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计, 传单设计 Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20182天 9时 $318
My Portfolio I need a talented person to help me do my portfolio in a professional way. I am an architect so my portfolio will include most of the projects i worked on. The Portfolio will be around 30 pages included images, 3d renders, drawings and information that i will provide. I have a sample that I did which is very poor. I NEED A SUPER AMAZING PORTFOLIO 40 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD, 室内设计 Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 20182天 9时 $1000
Design VistaPrint stationery for me I need you to take my logo files, customise them, and make a letterhead template for uploading to VistaPrint. LETTERHEAD Full Bleed Size 219 x 282 mm 2588 x 3331 pixels Document Trim Size 216 x 279 mm 2551 x 3295 pixels ENVELOPE Full Bleed Size (starting document size) 259 x 155 mm 3058 x 1831 pixels * Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results. Docu... 33 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 信纸设计, 宣传册设计 Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20182天 5时 $169
Stationery / Letterpaper Hello, I'm looking for someone, who could send me a stationery with exactly measurements, you can find in the PDF file. I need it as an Indesign-File. In German, the letter is called as an: Briefpapier nach DIN-Norm 5008 B 22 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, 传单设计 Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20181天 20时 $267
Graphic Designer for a small personal job I have designed a concept for a simple 'save the date' wedding invitation and I'm looking for somebody to help bring it to life professionally. I'm estimating only 1-2 hours work. Thanks in advance 35 平面设计, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20181天 11时 $504
desginer whitepaper for ICO desgin whitepaper for ICO as soon as possible 9 平面设计, 徽标设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计 Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 20181天 11时 $1046
Project Bid and Sample Adobe InDesign Chapter Design This contest is to provide a custom sample design of a book chapter in Adobe Indesign using the content I provide (the images, text, and pedigrees attached to this contest). The entry should be submitted to the contest as a .pdf file. I want to hire you for the separate book project if you win. See the attached ‘Contest [链接已删除,请登录查看]’ document for contest details. Project A very... 13 Adobe InDesign, 宣传册设计 Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20184天 3时 $1641
1 diploma 4-5 banners facebook graphics Diploma: Background black Gold Logo Banners Background black 3 qty / Gold 2 qty Image provided by me Examples in private After job done editable document needed 3 Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, 广告设计, 后效应, 平面设计 Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 201822时 53分 $782
I NEED A FREELANCER need a graphic designer for night club visuals on social media. 10 Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 201817时 10分 $416816
Brochure Designig I Need a professional brochure designed for my company. Thanks 132 平面设计, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, 企业形象, 宣传册设计 Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 20188时 36分 $3021
Logo and letter head desing Letter head and logo 80 徽标设计, Adobe InDesign, 3D 设计 Jan 12, 2018 Jan 12, 20183时 25分 $768
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