Accounting projects may include Quickbooks operation or setup, billing system creation or maintenance, simple accounts payable or receivable tracking, and collections. Anything an in house accountant handles can easily be taken over by the business owner themselves or a knowledgeable freelancer. By hiring a freelancer, you can save hundreds per year over hiring a local accounting firm. You can also save yourself time by outsourcing the more routine accounting tasks to an experienced freelancer.



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    looking for a free lance accountant

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    We are based in India and going to start our business in US, for that need to setup company and merchant account, our project need US representative, so if you are based in US and able to complete then contact us.

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    Administrative Assistant - Assist in the day to day operations of a construction office. Help with the many task in a construction office. Prior experience in construction trades a plus. Knowledge of Microsoft office needed, prior payroll, and knowledge of HR experience a plus but not required. Must be very motivated and willing to learn all aspects of the business. This position has opportunity t...

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    THE  POSITIONS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ARE: Call Center Rep,Accounting Manager, Accounting Payroll Clerk, Dispatch, Administrative Assistant, Book keeping, Clerical Admin, Customer Service, Data Entry, Accounting Clerk AR/AP, Management, Logistics and IT..... WHICH ARE YOU APPLYING FOR ?

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    Accounting 6 天 left

    You are asked to answer all the questions in the proposed two cases. This task assesses the following learning outcomes: • Identify the steps in the accounting cycle • Demonstrate understanding of the balance sheet and the accounting equation • Apply acquired knowledge and skills to prepare an income statement and a statement of retained earnings.

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    Responsibilities: Efficiently and effectively schedule internal and external customer orders using logistics software and arrange for 3rd party carriers as needed. Identify potential customers on repetitive routes to eliminate empty miles and generate additional revenues Analyze and report on profitability for each transport load Constantly analyze repetitive delivery routes to ensure efficiency ...

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    Need COA setup for Quickbooks ASAP

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    One time bookeeeping project 6 天 left

    I am an Administrator of an Estate, and I am looking for a bookeeper to create a expense report for out of pocket cost I have incurred to date. As I also have a business, the role could lead to being my business account manager.

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    i need an expert in quickbooks to reconcile my quickbooks

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    Using bookkeeping databases, spreadsheets and software Posting financial transactions in databases Receiving and recording vouchers, cash and checks Producing a variety of reports including income statements and balance sheets Checking for accuracy in reports, figures and postings Reconciling and reporting any discrepancies found in the records Interacting with management, ...

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    please contact me for details...

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    Market Report 6 天 left

    Report on the UK burials market showing the last 10 years history and forecast demand with pricing analysis And including a case study of one specific city / area .

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    Answer phones and greet visitors Schedule appointments and maintain calendars Schedule and coordinate staff and other meetings Collate and distribute mail Prepare communications, such as memos, emails, invoices, reports and other correspondence Write and edit documents from letters to reports and instructional documents Create and maintain filing systems, both electronic and physical

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    required to seek different corporations’ annual reports to find details about leasing contract (agreement) capitalized by the lessor and the lessee, and to respond to the following instructions: PART 1 Description Marks 1. A brief background of the companies involved in the lease agreement. 1 2. Information concerning the lease agreement clauses. 1 PART 2 ACCOUNTING FOR THE LESSEE Descriptio...

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    I need some help with finding an accountant.

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    Hi there, We are looking for an Australian based Book Keeper with there own business to be part of our service team. We have a few entities we look after and we would be looking at a fixed price service based on each of the entities that we need. Please provide details of your location, qualifications, experience etc. Thanks

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    I need a person who can be tutor for newbie in bookkeeping USA. New freelancer will be more welcome. Asian bidder will be declined and reported.

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    I need a person who can be tutor for newbie in Bookkeeping USA . Student have experience in Bookkeeping for another country. Tutor have to be patient and experience to explain things in simple words.

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    JOB DESCRIPTION FOR DATA ENTRY Tracks data and source [登录来查看链接] and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be [登录来查看链接], sorts and verifies data for [登录来查看链接] responsible parties or clients from other organization to resolve moderately complex questions, inconsistencies, or missing data. Also perform Records keeping, keyboarding/data entry and performing a variety of othe...

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    I run a construction company and working to build a dynamic cash flow and receivable spreadsheet with different scenarios modeled.

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    Finance Project 6 天 left

    I need my project to be done on by Sunday evening using BA 2 Plus calculator showing the work for it.

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    I’m a 10 office call center looking for partner. We specialize in accounting,customer service, tech services and sales

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    I have maybe 500 transactions on 8 spreadsheets to be added to QB. Need to be categorized.

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    Finance Management Report 6 天 left

    Need a detailed report for company related to financial analysis and details

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    I am looking for a job tracking software which is either cloud based or offline. We are a small printing company. We get print jobs from various clients. We enter these print jobs into an accounting software called tally at the moment. At any given point of time, we don't know where these jobs position is. We need to call various people in the company to find out. So we want to build a job tr...

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    Need an audit completed for our new franchise. No sales yet and limited expenses so it shouldn't be too difficult.

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    I am non US resident and going to start online business in US, for that looking for US citizen as assistance to setup company and merchant account if you are and able to then contact.

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    fill up form 1120 for a corporation running a trucking business, I can produce print out of quickbook forms, you must have the forms I will provide the data, you must know about accounting and quickbooks to understand where the data will go in the form

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    tax filing reconcile accounts 5 天 left

    3 rental properties airbnb income need bookkeeping and tax filing. should understand real estate taxes

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    We currently use Netsuite for our inventory management, order processing, and internal working. We are migrating to Quickbooks Enterprise and need all inventory, past order data, and other information migrated.

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    I have a list of 500 tax lien sale properties with associated local-county identification numbers Basically just asking for help making a spreadsheet with the following for each: 1 - Fair market value 2 - Address 2 - Does the property have a building on it

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    Рассчитать корректную историю вероятностей для последовательных событий.

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    INVESTMENT FOREX Project 5 天 left

    please contact me for details.

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    Buscamos a persona encargada de contabilizar facturas sería en el "Régimen general contable español" .

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    finance report for investment

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    Finance research 5 天 left

    Managerial accounting research about aramex company

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    I need to file the first set of accounts for a UK LTD company. Need some help creating the microaccounts. Company transactions are very low under 5 and of small value.

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    just inquiring and new informations

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    FINANCE REPORT 5 天 left


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    We are looking for an experienced Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to join our accounting department. You’ll be responsible for preparing, reviewing and analyzing financial reports for our company. Our ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of bookkeeping, auditing and budgeting procedures. You should also be able to monitor daily transactions and recommend ways we can improve our financial...

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    Lead Generation for XERO 5 天 left

    I need freelancers to perform web search and find clients. I am specifically looking for customers who need Xero product subscription and various related services using the Xero platform like bookkeeping, inventory management, time keeping and tax filing. Successful leads generated will also lead to commission for the freelancer.

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    Accounting and finance help - 5 天 left

    I am looking for a graduate/professional of Accounting and finance and who is a pro/expert in the following: Management Accounting I, Management Accounting II, Financial Modelling, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, Portfolio Analysis, Audit Principles and Practice. If interested i will provide details to anyone meeting my criteria thanks.

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    I need to apply for the Paycheck protection loan but I need help with gathering my docs.

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    Hi, I have a company that I need assistance with accounts, bookkeeping, assistant accounting. It is a services business and there is quite a backlog of bank recs, transactions, invoices, purchases and journals to process. In your response please advise your current availability to get everything up to date. We use Xero, Dropbox, Slack and hosted email.

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    Busco proyecto como asistente virtual o atención al cliente o relacionado a la rama contable, actualmente curso noveno semestre de contaduría Publica soy ágil en el manejo de herramientas ofimáticas, soy efectiva trabajando tanto como parte de un equipo como individualmente, Siempre a la expectativa de aprender e implementar nuevos conceptos, poseo un elevado sentido d...

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    Discuss approaches that you could take to hedge against currency risk and include the pros and cons of each. What qualitative consideration should you consider? Thoroughly but concisely discuss considerations when hedging this this risk.

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    I have a start up business I am raising money for from investors. We have projected cash flows for 4 years. We are trying to value the company. I need a consultant who is familiar with corporate finance basics and can quickly help me arrive at a valuation using a DCF and Terminal Value analysis.

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    stock market trader 5 天 left

    require an experienced stock trader to manage, grow scale account, Trade during NZX session commission based on profit + performance. need to have - Complete understanding of NZX market companies and their business model - Deep knowledge of technical charts - Basic understanding of stocks fundamentals - Aware of financial news and economy development New Freelancers Welcome

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    We run a private accounting firm and am currently looking to strengthen my organizational structure by adding a Personal Assistant that works part time.

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    card& logo design .all designs

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