An algorithm is a term involved in mathematics, computer science and related subjects. It is a step-by-step method given for solving a problem using a finite sequence of instructions. If your business is into the development of software for computers to solve a problem, then you will also need the help of algorithmic experts to help you. You can find algorithmic experts right here. Just post your job or task! 雇佣Algorithm Experts


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    Need code(Python or Matlab) for dimension reduction techniques: --Diffusion maps --locality preserving projections --Neighborhood preserving embedding And code(Python or Matlab) for Classification techniques: --Naive bayes --Support vector machines --Decision trees --Recurrent neural network Code should be able to read excel file and seperate class column(only one column which is at the end) perfo...

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    Busco una persona con amplios conocimientos y fundamentos matematicos para crear un algoritmo de prediccion I want a person who have knowledgment in math to do an algorithm to predict

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    Need help in Matlab coding for developing Priority-Scheduling MAC protocol for WBAN...!

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    development of an AI machine learning prediction algorithm that acts as a signal provider and automatic daytrader, able to operate autonomously in financial markets.

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    I would like a tutor to help with a sample assessment task to prepare for a HackerRank Interview Test. The programming assessment is allotted 90 minutes and the math assessment is allotted 60 minutes. I am looking to someone with statstics, probability and programming experience, the sample will take approx two hours and I am willing to pay $200 for your time. Please send me your Hackerrank prof...

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    I want to make application of optimization and machine learning to load restoration in a generation– transmission system on Matlab .

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    want a data analysis project on R programming, on exploratory data analysis along with the code.

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    I’m looking for someone who is extremely good in image segmentation and understanding mathematics to make algorithm

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    Forex Algorithm back testing 6 天 left

    I own and created a Forex trading Algorithm, I need someone who can back test the robot and optimize it for me. Using proper backtesting software with a specific broker I use.

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    Build a app 6 天 left

    I need an App that is capable of "reading" a text between 1500 and 4000 characters (english only), extract a "feeling" of the text and generate 1 Word or 2 between 3 and 7 characters that is somehow possible to associate with the text. For example, the text is about the passion of someone about the spring, the text is passionate, a good word could be "Blomm". After ...

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    MATLAB code 5 天 left

    Need help in Matlab coding for developing Priority-Scheduling MAC protocol for WBAN...!

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    I want to hire a freelancer who can work with me on my project. Person should have good knowledge of image processing, model training framework, opencv , semantic segmentation etc..

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    Looking for someone to hire to tutor in math, algebra -- discrete math for information technology. Not looking to hire per question. Roughly about 5 sheets with several questions, maybe around 16 + or -. Lowest budget and best availability wins.

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    1. Look for a Model that is pretrained. 2. For specific object detection.

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    There are two data structures I'd like made, they are pretty similar but I will describe them separately They will have to be implemented in lua 5.1 for the Roblox game engine, but it is okay if you are not familiar with it because I can help with the implementation So specifications on the first data structure that accelerates building object queries: 1. be designed for 3 dimensions 2. ...

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    can any body do the mathematical modelling for optimal motion estimation and compensation in video compression. Related details will be provided by me.

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    Hello, We want to calculate the similarity of several thousands of texts. The number of texts can go upto 100 K. Each text is in 1 .txt file and each file is named with a number: [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], etc. When this calculation is done for all the pairs of texts, a table must be generated, indicating the number of texts we can extract with a maximum similarity ratio of x % with the value of x go...

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    Build an AI model 4 天 left

    1. To enhance an existing AI model 2. Build a new model based on our data set. 3. build a tool that will give a capability for enforcement learning.

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    predict faulty MAtlab Task 4 天 left

    I want to do parameter estimation with PSO and using model of the susupension system

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    simulation of vision based lane keeping assist using fuzzy logic

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    Tensorflow 2 and Keras 4 天 left

    Combination of ESS and CNN , some part is done. Already. Must know how to use CNN model and Genetic algorithm

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    utiliser un algoritme glouton pour résoudre un problème de graphe.

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    MATLAB help 3 天 left

    I have some MATLAB calcs I need help with some data formatting charts and loops

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    There is a need of C, C++ expert for a project. Details will be shared over chat. Also share your sample works.

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    Techincal Report related to Binary decision Diagram BDD more details will be shared

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    Trophy icon OpenGL Project -1 5 天 left

    Two-part small project. I just added the description, you may find the details attached. Part 1: Key-frame interpolation is a typical technique for object animation. In this assignment, you will create an animation path through the key point interpolation algorithm to achieve an object motion effect. Part 2: Surface rendering is achieved by applying natural lighting effects to the objects’...

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    I need someone who have a strong skills in all subjects in mathematics.

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    I need derivation of the uploaded paper and matlab code for validation of derivated part.

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    Image processing of video output of infrared cam and want to find find pixel x y position of perticular RGB valve from perticular range by using Jetson ... I also need to design prototype of my project.

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    matlab expert 3 天 left

    Matlab expert who is familiar with Matlab simulations

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    You can use exisitng source code from github to solve the problem. Due 24 hrs

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    Gaid or Idfa is a 36 character string that simply stands for Identifier for Advertisers and looks like this f1efb65f-80a9-48fe-8de9-57df81a17204 Even though most of the advertisement networks just transfer this information in HTTP requests without any encryption, it is encrypted in our case. please use the word "doubleclick" so I can know that you read the message I attach an example o...

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    Deep Q-learning 2 天 left

    need someone good in Deep learning. Algorithm and python to complete my work

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    I have to implement a logic since I am not strong in algorithms I am facing issues. I need someone who is strong in both java and ​algorithm to solve the issue.

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    nsgaii algorithm in python 3 2 天 left

    You can use exisitng source code from github to solve the problem. Due 24 hrs

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    I need someone who is an expert in algorithms and techniques. I will send you an article explains parameter tuning including these techniques: -Latin Square -Taguchi Orthogonal Arrays -Latin Hypercube -Calibra -Desing of Experts (DoE) I need a detail explanation about these techniques and an example of each of them. Please Find attached file it mentioned in Section 3.1 only.

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    I Need an algorithm build for for a platform I have

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    hi i have indicator and needs to make EA on it

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    Need to implement a DDPG LSTM based algorithm for Multipath Path TCP congestion control for Software Defined Networking.

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    INTRODUCTION: If you have programming experience, particularly in Python APIs, graph analytics algorithms, Numpy, artificial intelligence, deep learning or engineering mathematics we want you to help us test tools as part of a programmability evaluation. We are running this contest as a pre-qualifier to be hired for a project. Take this pre-qualifier! It should take you about 10-15 minutes ...

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