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    IndoorAtlas 6 天 left

    I want some one who know about IndoorAtlas

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Hello ! I have a project for you which is “laboratory management system” with IOS and ANDROID app, The system should be online and offline system. the employees in the laboratory will receive the specimen from 2 kinds of group (1-Out-pateint “Cash”, 2-Clinics and centres “Monthly contract”) and they will enter the data. after finishing the processing the report will be available as print out or in website or in the app.

there will be 4 working groups in the laboratory and 12 desktops:

 2-Doctors 3-Technician
 5-Admin The iOS and android application is for output of the data which means the application target the end customer which is three kinds, the patient, the doctor and the clinic. all of them can see the result of the of...

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    There is a mobile application I have chosen, it is a game and I like it very much. I want to print it so that I can display it on both the appstore and the play. An online game with a more original design and different skins.. Please forward offers and details in FULL.. Application : Rush Royale

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    Photo Editor -- 2 6 天 left

    I facing save issue in my photo editor

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    I want to publish my app. I have 3 apps

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    File Master app require 6 天 left

    File Master app require same to same with more features

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    I have a great startup idea , based on blockchain technology. And i am looking for a cofounder for the same . If you are interested for the same please comment .

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    Hello i want to upload my app on google play store i don't have person who can upload and have console

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    Hello i want to upload our apps to play Store and i haven't person who can upload and have console

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    JOB PORTAL 5 天 left


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    Aplicativo para gestão de voluntários e gestores de voluntários em igrejas, organizações e eventos. Dentre as funcionalidades esperadas, é possível listar: ● Organização do processo de escala de voluntários para os diferentes eventos da igreja/organização o Capacidade de bloqueio de agenda por parte dos voluntários o Visão da Ordem do Evento com descrição das etapas do evento

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    I'm looking for a developer who can help in making minor and medium adjustments to my e-commerce website, I want to use "Bagisto" php script which is built on Laravel. The required work includes the following (detailed explanation will be sent later) : 1. Configuring shipping and payment methods. 2. Adding a section to the checkout page called (internal delivery methods). 3. Adding a Gift cards feature. 4. Easing the experience of the store (removing some unnecessary fields, adding some buttons, etc ..). 5. Tweaking orders status. 6. Modifying the checkout page. 7. Fixing some minor bugs (some of which are related to the look). 8. Developing Android and iOs apps.

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    Android & iOS App Maintenance 5 天 left

    Competecomigo is looking for an excellent to perform our app maintenance during one year. The developer will receive 500/12 € per month. The purpose is to protect company from sudden terms & policies from Google and Apple. If on a given month no code is required, then the developer is expected to ellaborate one report about a particular app code section to be defined in that month. The report shall not be done if the developer fixed some app issue. commission is included in the proposed budget. Starting date: Fev 1 Kind regards, SNM

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    App publisher who can publish my app on google play store i have 4 apps

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    bZen Stretch Alarm 4 天 left

    I have an idea for a yoga app, where the user is sent a text or email twice a day reminding them to stretch. It asks them what they want to stretch: neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, legs, or feet. Then shows them a 10 minute stretch video to follow. It would track their views and show a streak rating if they maintained a certain number or completed one from each group each week. It also offers a meditation video each day, and shows a wellness tip and a yoga lesson/quote. I hope you can help me! :)

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    We need assistance with building a mobile application. The application needs to be compatible with Android and Apple. We also have several phases which we will go live at different stages and for that we also need assistance with Cloud based web application development. We already know what we want and have drafted our requirements and are ready to proceed further to mock up stage first and thereafter development, testing, etc. We are looking at go live by August 2022. If this is of an interest to you, please contact us via email so we can discuss further our project. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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    Expected UX/UI quality: and User interface for iOS and Android User registration and single sign on with FB/Google account Some extra survey - user optionally to state what are his best products Survey about data sharing - GDPR, marketing etc. User to select his preferred Bakery Email validation for user registration Ad profile photo Payment gateways (to be discussed) Apple pay Google pay User home screen with display of preferred products - similar to Single product view with add to basket or buy now option or when not available suggest nearby bakery with the same product or notify me when product is again available Payment or make reservation of product and pay at bakery User order history User payment history (can be combined with order history) User profile manage...

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    I want to publish my Android app on google play store I have 4

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    Make a small software 4 天 left

    Hi, I would like to make a small project based on creating virtual wallet. So, assuming 100 members are part of the program, based on 6 criteria, we add and remove points from the wallet. Can explain further over a chat, the project is low pay. so please contact, only if you are willing to work for creative fun than the money.

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    I have a basic app on iPhones. I need that app duplicated onto Android phones.

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    Need A Smart TV application 3 天 left

    Hi Freelancers, I am looking for a Smart TV application that will work on all kinds of Smart TVs, like Android Box, LG WebOS, Samsung, etc. You just need to create the TV application, the webserver part will be done by our web developer. You need to collaborate with him. You will only get milestones released when the complete system works correctly. This is not a luck try project if you are an experienced developer who already worked on a Smart TV application should apply to this project. You must be ready to show me the demo then only I will entertain your bid. If the final result is up to the mark you might win a bonus. If you agree then only bid with the word "Agree with your terms". Thanks

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    Hello. i want to make a website where people can book an appointment to manicurists and nail technicians. i want both mobile and web applications. i am mainly looking for developer team, but i will consider other options too. i can explain everything in details after you contact me in DM.

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    ¡Hola! Si eres desarrollador app freelance con experiencia en desarrollo de apps tanto para iOS como para Android, nos interesa conocerte. Tenemos una aplicación a la cual hay que hacer trabajos de mantenimiento, actualizaciones, y algunos cambios muy concretos.

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    Forward SMS Messages From Your Phone To Your Rest Server

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    I am building a new app for my offline matrimony company. Its basic user database model and has chat and call feature inbuilt in the app

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    We are planning to develop a Native Mobile App ,for that we need XML UI layout in android Studio. The will be similar type of like paynearby,Spice money. Please see the video for reference The services it will have # mPOS (Used for collecting payment from Debit/Credit Card) # Money Transfer. # Bill Payment(Insurance,Credit Card,Loan,Fastag,Landline,Broadband,Pipe Gas,LPG Cylinder,Water,Cable TV,Traffic Challan,Property Tax,Housing Payments,School Fee,Hospital,Subscription, etc). # AADHAR Enable Payment Service (Drop down to select Bank Name, Type of operation (Cash withdrawal/Deposit/Balance query) Number box to enter AADHAR number and mobile No and Amount .Then a button for scan after that continue. # Flight. # Train Ticket. # Bus. # Hotel. # UPI Payment sent and Receive . We need Repor...

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    Android App Development 3 天 left

    We need an application wherer i can sell but products i have on my e-commerce store , please send me an estimate for this

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    Howdy! Developers & Designers, Basically We Require Developers & Designers On Contract Bases. Who Can Create Our Projects At Efficient Cost And Before Deadline Freshers And Students Who Think That Will Be Perfect CandidateFor Us, So They Can Also Apply. Kindly Message Us So We Can Move Ahed With Projects. If Your Sny Type Of Developer So KIndly Contact Us.

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    Howdy! Developers & Designers, Basically We Require Developers & Designers On Contract Bases. Who Can Create Our Projects At Efficient Cost And Before Deadline Freshers And Students Who Think That Will Be Perfect CandidateFor Us, So They Can Also Apply. Kindly Message Us So We Can Move Ahed With Projects.

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    We are looking for a Mobile Developer Consultant to write an SRS for a cross-platform mobile app. The consultant should have an eye for both functional and aesthetic interactive design. Specializing in real-time map geo-tracking and videoconferencing app development. The candidate should have the following experience/qualities: - User experience testing - Writing high-quality code - QA testing - Version control (Git) and Version testing - Excellent problem-solving skills - Good attention to detail - Flexible approach to work - Excellent English communication skills - Knowledge in SDLC - CI/CD workflow from Git - Experience writing an SRS - Front-end and back-end flowcharts required - API documentation required This is for an INDIVIDUAL person, NOT a team. Send a link to your LinkedIn p...

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    Need iOS/Android App Created 2 天 left

    I need a iOS/Android app created. All relevant details have been uploaded to the attached PDF within this project. After reading through the PDF in detail, let me know if you have any questions and when we can get started on this project.

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    I have an app in which im opening web based games in custom chrome tab I want to track activity of users on that particular tab ex. If custom tab opens then all activities like click activity monitor. App is developed on react native

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    we want educational coaching app with some features- 1. live classes an recorded classes 2. batch addition or removal 3. notes or pdf upload 4. chat option for doubt solving.

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    Android App for Kirana / Nearby Shop Aggregation Consumer App Shopkeeper App Order Tracking

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    Hi, We want to develop Background Location Tracking Application in iONIC which should work in following conditions: 1. When application is minimized, it shud keep sending location to server 2. When any other application is opened, this application should work in background to keep sending location to server 3. Application should be compatible with Android 8+ all version 4. Application should be compatible with iOS Support required till integration in our application. Please contact, if you have worked on both Native and iONIC platform and you have solved similar problem in past. Regards, Ashish

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    I want a love calculator app with some additional features for andriod

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    Video Streaming App 21 小时 left

    I want a video streaming app like YouTube for several type of videos such as finance, family, technology, kids, shortfilms and etc.. on subscription basis. With related features of likes, comments, share and user upload. Only in budget friendly. I will arrange database and domain, playstore etc. just development I need. Pre coded app models preferred.

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    I need a simple solution for my project with the following functionalities: - /*********SHARE PROJECTS WHERE YOU HAVE DONE A SIMILAR THING BELOW********/ 1. Monitor CREATE, MODIFY, DELETE, MOVE events using FileObserver native API for the folder "/Android/media/" 2. use the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE to request permission for folder above in oorder too start monittoring the folder. 3. Language to use is Java

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    Seeking Developer to design and make Apps and web for Social Media Site. Features i want are Newsfeed, Groups, Pages, Friends, Messenger, Video Calling, Live Streaming with Chatroom, Webrtc to Rtmp, Share, Tag, Invite. Site must be able to hold millions of people without any problems. I also need monthly maintenance on site once site is completed.

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    Android Webrtc Integration 7 小时 left

    I want sample application for webrtc random stranger video calling I will provide below details - details - Stun Server details - tun server details Need stranger one to one video calling feature in android JAVA. Sample application i will provide if need

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    dating app with call chat 结束于 left

    we need a dating app with live call chat . you must have done this type of project before. we need a dating app which should be developed in hybrid platform. For, more details kindly reference the below link.

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    An original game that can improve all symptoms of the Gerstmann Syndrome will win the contest.

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    The game must be based on the list of index of 200radicals to encourage the students to build new interesting Chinese characters. The root problem is the lazy school teachers don't give the children spellings from Year 1 to Year 3 during Covid-19 Movement Control Order, the students are suffering delayed learning development till cannot write simple words like 形状 in Year 4 which delayed their learning development in building sentences.

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