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    Looking for flutter developer 6 天 left

    We are looking for flutter developer who can build app and deploy to play store. The development is in mid stage and we want to finish quickly

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    i would like to have an app for my business and i would like people pay for my app

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    Detalles: . Agendar contactos automáticamente . Enviar imágenes, videos o pdf . Dar la bienvenida con el logo del negocio y una descripción . Etiquetar chats automáticamente . Cantar e imprimir pedido (comanda) . Enviar una imagen . Enviar un vídeo . Enviar un catálago (PDF) . Envíar la localización por Maps . Enviar una nota de voz . Envíar tarjeta de contacto . Reproducir y responder notas de voz entrantes de forma automática . Envíar archivos y textos múltiples . Etiquetar clientes . Agendar un contacto de forma automáticamente . Botón flotante . Desbloqueo automático del Teléfono . Colas de esperas . Alertas de pag...

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    Hello, I need some changes fast in an app, I need it urgent please!!!!

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    Hello I need a geofencing software for multipurpose (I await suggestions and budget)

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    Need minor changes on ios with swift and android with java. After changes submit both to app store. Need you to work remotely over anydesk because code needs to stay on our system.

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    Live front-end development 6 天 left

    Recruit VUE team to develop java front-end projects There are Android and ios versions, a complete backend, a complete project, and the web side needs to be developed. H5+web The requirements for the live broadcast project are as follows: Development language java vue Complete within 2 months web+H5 complete code Requires developed live broadcast industry Live streaming usage, Tencent Cloud, Code that does not allow encryption needs to be fully disclosed. The team needs to have professional ui designers, in line with the ui design of India and Vietnam market It is required to broadcast the progress of the project every day, The project bid is 2000-3000 US dollars. The code is clear, standardized, complete, and easy to understand. It needs to be explained clearly when handing over Can be ...

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    Build a website with email functionality

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    Rumours app 6 天 left

    Want to build a mobile app for chatting

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    Build a flutter app 6 天 left

    We are looking for flutter app development for WhatsApp Call Recording. It should be based on subscription. User can use our app for free at first for 7 days. After that call recordings will be stopped and user will have to pay some amount to continue our service. It's backend should be on firebase. There should be an admin panel on web. All the users, their recordings should be available on our admin panel. User will have to grant all required information to start recording WhatsApp calls. There should be option to record phone calls also. Its source code will be our property. Whenever we demand source code, you can not deny giving source code. Otherwise legal action will be taken. Payment will be made on milestones basis 30% + 30% + 40% . You can never ask the increase the budget o...

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    Job tracking 6 天 left

    I need a simple app that integrates into my sheets that allows my employees to clock in and out on different invoices so I can track the amount of time it takes them to perform each job. This isn't an actual clock in and out program that you would use for tracking wages. This is to be used to track efficiency and productivity.

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    detect liveliness on live camera android app- we need someone to help detect liveliness of face so that to make sure a real person is behind the camera on a phone

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    For details and design, please see attached.

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    IFR Flight Simulator 6 天 left

    I want to create an app for simulating IFR Flight and practice IFR Procedures such as holding, arcing, instrument approaches, Standard Arrivals and Departure procedures. Reference image of UI is attached.

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    We have an original logo file that we now need various version i.e iphone, Android, website etc. 4 versions will required.

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    Mobile app developer (android) needed for various mobile apps

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    Hello, I am looking for flutter developer. Minimum 2 years of experience. Good communication skills. Able to work in team. Please bid only if you are able to work according to Indian timings. I have one app which in ionic. We are making it to Flutter. 60% work is don, so not a big project This is current app - If I will get good developer i will hire monthly Please share app links. Happy bidding!

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    Erotic content required. Girls only. English or hindi. हम आपका प्रदर्शन देखने के लिए नमूना चैट करेंगे। काम शुरू करने से पहले

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    Build me an Application 6 天 left

    i want to make an application like OLX

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    i want to send the unity game scores to an external database

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    Flutter application GMAil api 6 天 left

    I'm interesting in creating a simple demo flutter app (UI is not important and u can use print log) which extract flights data from gmail (using GMAil api) and present it the log. Need to support ios and android mobile. (flutter) Please respond with the word GMAIL_API

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    We are looking for a freelance flutter developer who has experience working on healthcare apps, working with web services and is able to work on projects right away. Please share the apps you have personally worked on.

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    I have an Android and iOS app that tracks an user steps with Google Fit / Apple Health API, and it rewards the user with a coin based on the number of steps the user has gotten. It also uses a backend simple program to get and publish certain data to the app. I need to add functionality to both apps (the Android and the iOS version). I need to add an option to pick a sport (from a list that the app should show), and let the user start and stop a timer. When the user stops the timer, and based on the sport the user had chosen, it will give him a number of coins. Please, have in mind that this is a very simple project, and I'll have an appropriate maximum budget.

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    TASK-1 Epg implementation in app -3 places 1)All epg data in Epg space -get all channel epg api provided,output will be json with title,start-end time ,duration 2)preview screen epg-particular channel epg has to show -get api for particualar channel wise will be provided 3)full screen- epg is same like preview screen TASK-2 BUG Fixes 1)App work in mobile and tv(touch and remote) remote navigation is having issues in certain places-detailed document will be provided 2)icons and lables- navigation needs some detailing 3)exo player support issue fixes. Looking for long term support also.

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    Online emulatior ANDROID WEB 6 天 left

    Hi, I´m looking for someone who can develop a Andriod emulator ( NOT MIRRORING) online that can operate on a browser. 1- NO NEW FREELANCERS 2- NO PRICE NEGOCIATION 3- THE EMULATOR NEEDS TO OPEN MY PHONE AND WORK FROM A BROSER ( open apps, etc.... like a normal phone but on the browser)

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    We have an existing APk for the Zebra MC3300 laser scanner. We need to move from using EMDK in our existing Zebra Andoid App to Data Wedge and be able to use the built in RFID reader for keyboard wedge input instead of laser scanner for certain barcode input fields. Fields currently allow for multi scan for repeated scanning within 1 field. We need to allow the user to decide wether they will use the built in laser scanner or RFID reader for input in these fields. This choice will be made at the beginning of the process. Unique Datawedge profile will be created for use with the APP.

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    The system consists of three elements: 1) Client web application (js, jQuery, ) 2) Server(node.js) 3) Android application (Kotlin) According to the requirements, the web application must be able to create and edit the course markup graph and get the JSON-generated template, and the Android application must display and store courses on the resulting template. This means the following: Web application: 1) Create, delete, and edit vertices in a graph and create links between them 2) Transmit the generated data to the server 3) Generate JSON file using the created markup Android app: 1) Display lecture material and assignments 2) Get information about whether the current topic is available, and if not, what topics it depends on 3) To find out if the task is correct and to be able to sol...

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    Fix Google Play console issue with App sh1 not matching Our App SH1 key has been changed, we are unable to update our app to play store

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    I want a multi vendor app like Urban company or housejoy. All the features of urbancompany app must be present in the app. Also along with it we need a simple website.

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    I have the following situation: When someone presses a button on the intercom, it sends a call from a specific number to my phone. I need to press '1' to open the door, but with 20-50 calls a day I want this to be automated always. For this number only, I want my phone to automatically answer, press the '1' button (with a 1 sec delay) and then hang up (with a 1 sec delay). Other numbers I don't want any action (i.e. I still want to manually be able to answer or decline these phonecalls). I can direct this call to an android phone, which I think might be the only way of creating a workaround for this using Tasker / AutoInput or something similar. If you know a solution for iPhone that may be even better.

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    I currently have a full version MVP iOS app called Tapper Legacy and an Android beta version of the app. I am looking for someone that can build the app in Android and place it in the various Android app stores including Google. I already have the DB for the iOS and website and the android app must connect seemingly. To be hired you must have experience doing this. Let me know your timeline, cost and share me examples of apps you have done in the past. Tapper Legacy website: iOS version: Android Version:

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    This product allows consumers to scan QR codes and trace a product's origins across the map visually while computing various back-end computations to suggest better recommendations based on filtered preferences. While there will be a back-end intelligence and API designed for the app, this project aims to create this impression first, which includes three components: the logo, the single scrolling website and the app itself (android). We can discuss if the scope can expand further to the ideal full scope, including OCR and algorithm features.

    $1358 (Avg Bid)
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    We're searching for a full-stack developer to join our team part-time. This role will collaborate with our lead developer and founder to continue to improve our iOS app and build our web-based backend. Must have mobile app experience in iOS and eventually facilitate our Android launch. We have consistent workloads over the next few months. We will hire at $10/hour for 10 hours a week for two developers.

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    Hi! We are looking to work with a a devloper who is able to work on our existing app we have at the moment in terms of adding some small extra features to an app We got the app developed already by someone else, however we have parted ways with them and looking for someone to join us We have full access to the code and everything and are able to provide this to you the app is done in Native React for iOS and Android and using Google Firebase Database on the backend need a few minor bug fixes for a completed (Hybrid) app built with 'React Native', Next js, Firebase, TailwindCss and Expo The Purpose of the app is the user logs in and creates a profile of his information i.e Name/Address/Company/Social Media links etc bit like virtual business card. I have attached the AP...

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    Website and app development 6 天 left

    Website and Android & iOS app development for an event management startup

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    Will pay by weekly. I need a app done within a few months. It's a about integration with social networks and automation video sending.. It also includes a few more things, but will discuss it further... Thanks..

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    fast delivery 6 天 left

    i have an app that was made by someone unprofessional and it has expired. i need a company that has insight on fixing my already mde app

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    Hello We need flutter developer on urgently bases, Candidate must have to work 8hours per day Monday to Sat on monthly bases. Location must be Panchkula

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    I need to code a mobile App, I already had the design

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    Need to build simple watch app It will have user login function and after login app will show qr code based on the location. If within location then app will show qr code. If not within location then will show error msg. Thats it. QR code will have simple number. App will be required for both android watcha nd ios watch

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    Need to create an Android Application for Builders and Developers with the basic options 1)Vendor Details 2)Partner Details 3)Property Details 4)Vendor and Property wise Amount details 5)Partners Share Details, etc.

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    Need to create an Android Application for Builders and Developers with the basic options 1)Vendor Details 2)Partner Details 3)Property Details 4)Vendor and Property wise Amount details 5)Partners Share Details, etc.

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    Looking for a expert who already designed color pridiction app Only bid if you have experience in these type of apos

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    Hi, Our company needs someone who can develop the trading app for our company. If you have deep knowledge in trading chart, indicator and drawings, please bid soon.

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    I need a video player app where I can play a video (of a person performing Taekwon-Do pattern, like Kata in Karate - basically series of movements including punches and kicks) and I will be able to go step by step from one movement to another. The video will have the array with timestamps, when the moves end and app should display some additional info on screen (name of the movement). So, person in the movie will do first punch and the name of the punch will appear. He will do next move and after he's done, the next name will appear. Etc... And I will be able to go Step by step, from movement to movement.

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    Summary : Add some functions to existing apps Required function : 1. 1:1 Inquery List and Regist Screen 2. Like Mark function 3. Follower&Following function 4. SHUFFLE PLAY 5. VOICE MAIL 6. MULTIPLE CHOICE OPTION Development language : Android *You can develop it by adding it to the existing app source *Design(Figma) & Source provided. *API Connection document is provided(API is prepared). Period: Within 1 weeks Cost: Suggestion please

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    Will pay by weekly. I need a app done within a few months. It's a about integration with social networks and automation video sending.. It also includes a few more things, but will discuss it further... Thanks..

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    I would like web app that will act as a media server and live tv. Mobile/tv, firestick app for media viewer. Similar to Plex/typhoon labs The Media Server part will have different sources of obtaining media from local server... Users should be able to download the app then first create an account using email and password, or log in if already have an account. There should be a web interface as well with admin portal. The admin portal will allow me to edit the amount of days until membership expiration on a per user basis as well as show the users current plan ie: how many people to share with, which media folder should be share with users. If a new library is identified as type "movies" then all items from each of the folders in that library will be added and will neatly di...

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    Se requiere implementar el servicio de geolocalización en App móvil, SO Android e iOS. App se encuentra desarrollada en React Native. Criterios de Aceptación: 1. El Servicio debe ser validado al momento del envío de la información. 2. Si no se encuentra activo, debe emerger una etiqueta consultando si desea activarlo. 3. Si la respuesta es afirmativa, lo debe enviar al Menu Ajustes del dispositivo para activarlo. 4. Luego de activado, debe volver a la pantalla de envío en la App y proceder a su envío. 5. Se debe testear en distintos modelos de dispositivos y con el servicio activo vs desactivo. 6. Dato de geolocalización debe ser enviado a través de una API a una BD en Mongo. Ya existen la BD y conexión. Este desarrollo...

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    I need to develop a website where I can upload documents for certain events (meetings); the documents will need to be synchronized in an android app running on a tablet. Tablets will be used only to read the documents uploaded to the website (paperless initiative). I already have a version of the app running, I need to have the website and the synchronization.

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