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    500 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    我需要开发一个直播类APP,简体中文版,包括后端管理、主播管理、安卓和苹果客户端。 希望找有相关经验的开发者

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    Using .ovpn file from my server, I connect to my openvpn server with no issues via windows 10 or android. I have used a script to install openvpn on the server. I need to setup the client side on a IP phone which is Grandstream GXP1625. However if the server side needs any changes to make the IP phone work, I am ok with it. I just need to make the Grandstream work. Attached is the screenshot of IP phone openvpn configuration page.

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    There is a bug in my note application in android, that I want fixed on this device. Please you must have a samsung galaxy Tab S8 or samsung galaxy Note 20 and samsung galaxy fold 3 or 4 with OS 13. The bug causes the cursor in this devices to jump from one place on the screen to another

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    Android remote wipe app 6 天 left

    Android Remote Wipe App Specification: Introduction: The Android Remote Wipe app allows for remote deletion and destruction of data on an Android device. The app also includes a factory reset feature that can be initiated with a two-tap button within the app. Purpose: The purpose of the Android Remote Wipe app is to provide a secure and convenient solution for managing the data on an Android device, both remotely and locally. Key Features: a. Remote Wipe: The app allows for remote deletion of data on the device through a secure connection. b. Factory Reset: The app includes a factory reset feature that can be initiated with a two-tap button within the app. c. User-Friendly Interface: The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and navigate. Technical Requirements: T...

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    We are looking for someone who can create a simple android application for smart TV and Mobile Phones. It should support the version from android 7 to the latest in smart TV and mobile. It will record the screen and send the live data by WebSocket to the server where it will be processed. Multiple devices will run this app on smart tv and mobile, and we will collect the live internal and external audio live stream using WebSocket. Requirements Summary - Live Audio Stream or N sec Interval Audio Steam (Internal or External Audio) sent by WebSocket to Server (Websocket will be provided) Time - 1 Week Max

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    We are looking to get an app that is capable of monitoring user behavior of their phone usage with a few other features like geo tagging, or ability to shut off phone or certain apps remotely while other apps keep running. A reward system needs to be designed for set milestones and a coupon system needs to be integrated as well. More details can be discussed later on. Looking for an experienced team.

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    We are looking to get an app that is capable of monitoring user behavior of their phone usage with a few other features like geo tagging, or ability to shut off phone or certain apps remotely while other apps keep running. A reward system needs to be designed for set milestones and a coupon system needs to be integrated as well. More details can be discussed later on. Looking for an experienced team.

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    Need a quick one screen APP - using camera module to take camera feed - integrate ML KIT (Google - OCR) - Few rules & API integration (provided by us) - Show output as per the screen flutter design (shared by us) Timeline - 2 days

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    I am looking for a developer to make a high functioning, high quality app with a chatroom. If you have made an app with a chatroom in the past, please send me your work and I will share more details.

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    Hi all, We’re developing an app to help facilitate monthly quizzes across various topics. This way, users can easily take on challenges and test their knowledge in a fun and; engaging way. The app should be designed so that subscribers can access various materials, such as study materials and quizzes. It should also be able to handle multiple windows, allowing users to make the most of these features. We'd love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need help. We're here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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    I need to have an android app where the user can take an image. After taking the image- my object detection model ( in onnx format) will be invoked and gives the detection. As a final output in the app, you need to show the image with that detection. So if you have experience in integrating the ONNX model into an android app then ping me. Official document for onnx can be found here:

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    Sadece istanbulda yaşayanlar ! Flutterle yazılmış android apk var.. php bir web sitesi ve admine bağlı çalışıyor.. eksikleri ve hataları giderilecek..süre 10 gün, ücret 5.000 TL, projeyi anlatmak için İlk görüşme istanbulda yüz yüze olacak..

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    Create a custom app 6 天 left

    We are looking to get an app that is capable of monitoring user behavior of their phone usage with a few other features like geo tagging, or ability to shut off phone or certain apps remotely while other apps keep running. A reward system needs to be designed for set milestones and a coupon system needs to be integrated as well. More details can be discussed later on. Looking for an experienced team.

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    I need full analyser from login to last page after payment processing of Android app

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    Expact in Span 6 天 left

    If you are an expact in Spain kindly drop a proposal for more information about the job

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    i want some one that can able to build or customize an android app called stbemu pro

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    I want to create Voice to text feature in mobile application. This app will be used for farmers from Marathi lanaguege. Users can grow up to lakhs. I want to create rough architecture to design this application.

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    For an Android "webview" app I would like to change how in-app subscriptions works. When a customer make a subscription on google play I would like the app to get the subscription ID and place it in a user custom field in a wordpress website then add a role to that user. when the subscription expire i would like the website to have a checker with a timer (1 time per day) to check all customers with that role and if any of them has an expired subscription then that role will be revoked.

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    Business Mobile App 6 天 left

    Hello, I need your best offer to develop the InnovStar App with the following features: - Development for Android and iOS with an Web Admin Panel to make the control of the app - Login Portal - Only users registred by us in the web admin panel can login - News feed - Connection with website and manual charge of content by the Web Admin Panel/Backoffice - Chat with the Account Manager (The accoun manager should be selected by the app admin in the Backoffice) - Connection with Google Drive Folders (we can insert the link of every folder mannually in the Backoffice) - Ticketing system (In the Backoffice our team should have the possibility to assing the task, answer and close the ticket); - Contact form - Popu-Ups with new information - Notifications when new information its charged...

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    AR APP for outdoors game 6 天 left

    We need to develope an AR app for an outdoor park area. Educational gaming. Requirement: 1. Object tracking 2. 3D scan objects 3. Location restrictions 4. Ability to develop in IOS/Android or WEBAR 5. Knowledge in 3d models and objects animations 6. Experience in game developing 7. Experience in animation We will check previous works done.

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    Hi, I would like to make an andorid and an apple calendar app that works on all android and apple smart smart phone. this calendar would have two languages and events English and Assyrian. would have both Assyrian holidays and Canada or US holdays.. or depends on the location. also able to type note or creat events and push notifications and alarams. Let me know. Thank you! Ninara

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    Build a landing page for app 6 天 left

    Prior to launching i would like launch page to be created where users can sign up for updates or more information and include basic information about the app. I would like from an admin point to analyse traffic data/ sign ups.

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    Looking for strong iOS and Android Mobile developers to fix bugs in existing app. Need quick turn around. Will be provided buglist for estimating effort to fix and provide error free code. New build (.apk and .aab) have to be provided at agreed points in the bugfixing process. Code changes to be document in code. Updated source code to be place in GitHub. Payments will be made on receipt of source code in GitHib and build at each check point. Max rate per hour INR 650.

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    Need someone that has ALREADY DEVELOPED and has access to a PLUG-N-PLAY DATING APP (similar to Bumble or Hinge - w/ swiping capability) that is currently ready to go. Please do not contact if you don't already have a c|one ready to show & work off of. DO NOT CONTACT IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A NEW DATING APP. WE are NOT interested in developing a new App and only will consider one that HAS ALREADY BEEN BUILT. * IMPORTANT *- Proof of LIVE/RUNNING app will be required (not the c|one, but what you have already built off of the c|one scripts - meaning you already have copyright/authorization approval to customize for us.) - App must be readily available for us to test to see if it will fit our needs - App must be approved (or you will have to guarantee approval in our contract clause) fo...

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    Need to design on android studio based on figma screen and do basic connection between screens and coding using kotlin

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    We're simplifying our app and we're looking for new and interesting ways to display our furniture content. We are not committed to any particular design. Any way you can fix some design issues in the app design.

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    Build App for Android TV 6 天 left

    We need a source code for an app, where we can send data from back-end, and consume in to the app Requeriments: MPD M3U8 MP4 MKV Sections: Live TV Movies Series Back-end: CMS for all data send to the app We need drm support, widevine, clearkey, playready on MPD links We need custom user agent and headers Also we need to limit max user session in app.

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    Megustaria que me ayudaran a instalar el proyecto en mi servidor y configurar las aplicaciones con colores, idioma, imagen y iconos para android y ios y publicarla en sus respectivas tiendas

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    Build me a hybrid app 6 天 left

    Need a app like matka app with adminpanel and screens

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    This project presents an Android APP that should be rewritten to Apple IOS. Development Platform: Android Studio Database: ormlite The APP receives a standard string by Bluetooth interface and then decodes it, adding the decoded data to the data base. Please find attached: 1- The Android app. It was simplified to work without a Bluetooth connection for evaluation proposes. 2 - Code overview (The full Android source code will be available for the Awarded freelancer)

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    We have developed an app that allows users to run a wheel of fortune game and win a prize. We require the wheel to load the products from the database, allow the users to spin the wheel and the wheel should stop on the prize based on its predictibility/weight set in the database/admin. We already have the Wheel and prediction script and would like someone to implement it in our app. Only experienced React Native developers quote. Many thanks.

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    We are looking for a person who is proficient in programming in the Kotlin language and developing Android applications professionally for work. The person must be a professional. We do not want mistakes and repetitions in the code

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    I need a very simple app that does the following: When opened, lands to a sign-in / create an account profile. Sign-in should be allowed also using apple id, google id, and mobile phone. Once signed, the app should have only two other landing pages: o A download one, allowing the user to download a wi-fi network configuration o A subscription page, allowing the user to select/pay for a weekly/monthly subscription. Details of the wi-fi network configuration will be shared at a later stage.

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    Hi, We have a small sales team of 6 people. We provide them company android phone devices so they can make calls and chat with the customers. We are requiring an android app so we can install in the company devices, with the required consent of course, so the apps will help us to monitor how many calls the sale team made, which customers were contact, calls logs, call recordings, etc. Since we don't want to ask every time for the devices, we need the app to sync automatically with any cloud service like OneDrive, Google Drive, Firebase, etc. so the manager can access the data and make the requerid reports and required monitoring. UI or Interface doesn't need to be very fancy since this app will be used for internal purposes. We believe the app should have the following functiona...

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    Build new APK for android app 6 天 left

    I already have mobile app and i would like to build a new apk for my self service kisok. It will great to modified my current mobile app for use on self aervice kisok

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    With the reference of UI UX Design and supported API's developer responsible for implementing the app.

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    I have and android vpn app based on v2Ray client service. and i want to produce a ios version like that. Please send a message to those who have similar work samples to my requested project.

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    Need to create Android app for gym which will contain various functionality such as nutrition , daily routines, exercises type, billing and payment, ui for gym and customer.

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    Looking for someone who can develop a simple BMI Calculator Android Application with admob (such as Banner, Interstitial and native ads).

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    Android Developer -- 15597 6 天 left

    I am looking for an Android Developer, who could help me with my newly developed application

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    Planning to start a food delivery business in BAHRAIN. Looking for a technical co-founder who has previous experience in similar apps.

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    we are looking flutter web developer who can download image and pdf file from AWS private bucket , Note : only contact if you know Flutter web not require Android and ios

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    Just like on a real slot machine, the aim of the game is to enter the feature and win some cash! This can be done by matching numbers on the win line! We already have backend APIs and Figma design for the project. Currently, we are looking for a Unity developer for Frontend Detailed features are attached below. Note that the Selection process will include 1. Assessment 2. Technical Interview

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    Application will look something like Unidays - StudentBeans - Groupon. Same Idea. It will be a platform for students to access it for student discounts. For students to register they should have an email with a domain from our list (which will include around 40-50 university domains) they should then receive an email on that email with a code to enter to start registeration for the applications. The app should look like StudentBeans with Explore, Search, Saved, and Student ID pages Explore: will include a adverts from brands when you click on the advertisement. It should open a page with details about the discount, terms & conditions. And a button to get the discount, which then either gets you a discount + plus open a link associated with it or open the link without the promocod...

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    1. Develop a custom app 2. Integrate PAL websocket API 3. Build a login screen with user validation using the PAL websocket API 4. Create an agent screen with the following features: 4.1 Populate fields to capture incoming call information, call_type, caller name, branch detail, notes and set a reminder 4.2 Store call information in local database 4.3 If call_type is "New-Lead", create an API to send details to a customer app 5. Develop a call log feature with: 5.1 Display for current date, searchable by date or period 5.2 Includes caller CLI, timestamp, caller name, notes and click-to-call function 5.3 Provide sample code for click-to-call implementation 6. Ensure the app is compatible for both android and iOS.

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    I need good android flutter developer for build and public 50 app with in 3 days

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    Hello, i came across to this video and i was wondering how much it will cost to make a game like that. Instead of ropes it will have 2 buttons for up and simple graphics but nice in the same time.

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    App Roku iptv 6 天 left

    Necesito un proyecto de roku no certificado que conecte con un servidor iptv y entreguen el archivo pkg para crear los códigos de instalación en roku O en su defecto modificar un pkg que actualmente funciona ( no tengo la contraseña )

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    Usability Test // Brazil 6 天 left

    You are to test the ste or application. Instructions are provided via chat

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    Dear Sir We are looking for an simple android app to make videos from images. reference video attached Regards

    $1513 (Avg Bid)
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