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Apache is a web server program with a great part in the early growth of the World Wide Web. If you are a professional in this, then you can find work at Freelancer.com.

The Apache HTTP server, or just Apache as we know it, is a web server software developed and maintained under an open community and is available for a range of operating systems. It has been the main web server and has the title of being the first web server to hit the 100 million milestone mark in terms of websites. The program has been popular with more than 50% of the websites using it.

Since most websites use Apache as their main server, most website owners are in search of experts in this field to solve problems related to the program. Freelancer.com has created a level playing field where employers can meet with freelancers and make job deals. If you are an Apache professional, you can access these jobs by creating an account and going through the many jobs available online. The process is simple, you just create an account, view different Apache jobs posted by employers and make bids. The site can give you a chance to earn a substantial income doing what you love and working for who you choose to.

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    Setup inicial de Vicidial 6 天 left

    Necesito soporte de setup inicial para vicidial, y soporte recurrente para cualquier falla

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    i have issuse in my server and im looking for expert apache server and mysql

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    I have a Server with Plesk, and I have installed PrestaShop before, and installed afterwards Nginx over Plesk updater panel.. Now i get 404, when i turn proxy to apache off, then only the landing page is working but when i press on something, i get the same error. Example: [登录来查看链接] You have to help me to fix that problem and explain why this happens and how i can solve that in the future.

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    We have a DB that is 21GB in size with a couple of millions of records We have 32GB ram and the server is responding badly. We have APIs that must respond in less than a second but it takes minutes The server keeps stop respinding too. We need help to understand what to do ASAP from an experienced DB admin or sysadmin.

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    apache show real ip visitors 5 天 left

    i need to fix apache to show real ip visitors

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    Server Expert Needed 5 天 left

    HI I am in search of a linux expert to fix errors on dedicated server.

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    You must indicate how to do it since we cannot give any password or access, you must indicate what I to do. You must understand the work perfectly. I have the query already working and it shows the products that I want but it needs to work with the prestashop search engine, I think that it must be configured from php. budget 30€

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    You must indicate how to do it since we cannot give any password or access, you must indicate what I to do. You must understand the work perfectly. Prestashop, it has to be done from mysql. It is necessary to associate the search for specific words with other misspelled words that will be written in the meta_keywords of the products and that shows the products that contain that meta_keyword whe...

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    debugging error on webpage 4 天 left

    am getting below error when accessing app and it needs fixing [登录来查看链接] HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error Type Exception Report Description The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. Exception [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接]) [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接]) [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接]) [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接]) [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接]) [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接]) ...

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    Magento Vue Storefront 3 天 left

    I need help to install Vue Store Front On Magento, i have some errors as you can see from attached image. Is not only a CORS policy problem.

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    Hi, I would like someone check instalation virtualmin on my vps, i would like install nginx with apache and set up dns many websites. i attach some issue below All my best Antonio

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    I would like to learn how to setup the entire process because I am getting an error when it comes to setup the root password. I would like to record the entire process to see how it is done. I have created an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS instance on google could.

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    We like to use drupal search solr api using facets to find users at upcoming website. solr is installed and running as subdomain, but maybe not the right version. Short: we have not been able to make it running out of the box. Your task will be at the beginning to check if solr is really installed properly at out linux 18.04. environment, Versions, pathes ets, SSL certs settings for solr. connec...

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    Hello. I want you to complete a project. Let's connect for details.

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    NUR DEUTSCHSPRACHIG!!! Wir suchen einen Programmierer der folgende Kenntnisse mit sich bringt: Programmieren: - PHP und Erfahrung mit Frameworks - MySQL Datenbanken - RestAPIs - AngularJS -Und Administratrion von Linux Servern mit Apache und MySQL -Hosting der Server auf DigitalOcean - Wartung und Pflege des Systemes. Anforderung: gut in fremde System sich einarbeiten!!! freuen uns über...

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    Hello everyone, we are interested on a PHP expert on downloading systems (stream_socket), we have a script we need to fix as soon as possible, it is not so complicated.

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    We have a client that has an OpenCart v1.5 web store. We've hired a programmer that updated it to OpenCart 3. He did a lot of work, even rewritten one of the modules and made some specific modifications but due to the COVID crisis the programmer is unable to continue with work on the site. Because the deadline is far long and gone, we can’t afford to wait and are looking for someone els...

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    Apache Ranger 12 小时 left

    I want to use wildcard in Apache Ranger Policy while applying row level filter policy so that I can apply single policy to multiple tables. Apache Ranger code is written in Java and when you apply row level filter policy to any hive table, one policy can be applied to one table and no wildcard work in this row filter policy. I want the new functionality should be added so that I can apply singl...

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    Buscamos programador por horas e incluso poryectos Linux / asterisk. Urge Se pagará según valía de candidato

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    SMTP server 2 天 left

    I need smtp server on DigitalOcean

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    I need an expert who has expertise in MySQL query optimization. Only expert contact me

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    Highly Experienced Linux Administrator for setting up LAMP web servers on Ubuntu. Person should have good experience of installing, configuring, and optimizing server configurations for Apache and MySQL. Experience of Automated server provisioning on machines in bulk is required also. Duration of task = 15 days

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    Php, mySQL connection error. If you are familiar with Amazon EC2, would be plus.

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    Need urgent help in fix magento 2 nginx error

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    SSL issue on PHP based site 22 小时 left

    Hi, I'm in the process of migrating a website from hostgator to AWS. Also we are reactivating SSL certificates, but having issues activating 2 ssl certificates. My IT guy thinks is a software/code issue. I need someone look into it, while making sure the site works as before. I can give you access to hostgator hosted site (old site)and new site (on AWS) so you can compare whats different.

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    I am looking to have 4 scripts I want consolidated into one, includes webcommerce, live stream video and picture, social media, and chat. with this I want to have multiple options for frontend layouts.. sorta like this is a template for multiple sites to be build from ie sports, modeling, talent.. etc. I will also want the people to help put it together to be on retainer for future updates and add...

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    Add domain to NGINX Ubuntu 15 小时 left

    Hello. I need to add a fresh domain to NGINX server via SSH. Enable PHP etc.

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    Hi There, I want someone good in server management to host my domain on a google cloud hosted ubuntu server and install free SSL on it. Thanks

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    Migrate openLDAP to a new server 结束于 left

    I have an infrastructure that we are running openLDAP on old Debian 6 and 7 servers. I'd like to migrate this to either Debian 9 or migrate to RHEL 8

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