An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools and protocols used for building application software. It is a set of clearly defined communication methods between various components of a software program. An API makes it simpler to develop computer software, and provides all the building blocks for the programmer to put together.

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    We require assistance in setting up an API in a popular API manager

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    You must integrate the casino api into our website, which has a PHP Infrastructure.

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    Reactjs ERP changes 6 天 left

    Reactjs ERP changes Require a freelancer for the same FYI This project is already made in react js and there are updates in that . React version ,16.13.1 Component - user Budget is limited , we will explain you the project in details and the changes required in that . Once completed you submit us the build , we test it and if we like it we pay you and take the source code .

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    Hola. Estoy buscando crear una aplicacion en la cual se puedan monitorear procesos y se pueda hacer el envio de notificaciones, avisos mediante Whatsapp, Mail, llamadas hacia distintos numeros. En principio queremos implementar esto en aws e integrarlo con otras herramientas. Poder hacer envios mediante api hacia numeros de celulares entre otras opciones. Con una interfaz en la cual el usuario pueda ingresar con una licencia administrada y configurar las notificaciones que necesite con escalabilidad e interacion con la notificacion o alertado. Tambien que se pueda generar reportes con los registros de cada usuario. Estoy muy interesado en poder llevar a cabo una reunion para comentar mas detalles y ver que es necesario para avanzar Muchas gracias Saludos

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    Hi, I have an issue in php script . its a taxi booking app. -When the driver received a request and accept it, the mobile app shows " Error communicating with the server" (see screenshot) -And when i would like to assign a driver manually from php admin panel it shows " failed error", and inspecting element shows that errors ( see screenshot).

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    QualityCheck using AI 5 天 left

    To measure the quality of the sentences with different factors, develop an AI solution to calculate the score and give suggestions to correct based on domain keywords

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    I have a concept in mind for an NFT collection. I will need help to develop a collection and help with the next steps in selling those items.

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    Hi I have official api I need someone who has real knowledge on this pls contact me I need a similar functionality application like Hi! *Guru*. If someone worked in this area ping me

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    Requiero que una pagina php, se conecte a una api de una plataforma de reservas para consultar la disponibilidad de un centro. A la pagina en php se le facilitará el codigo del centro a consultar, su espacio y el día y deberá devolver las horas disponibles.

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    Hello All, I would like to request a project for prayer times In both English and Arabic. Provided that it has all the characteristics Like the site In the 2 Visrion ar/en: Please only respond from freelancers who have similar work to this project in order to start it

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    Text generator using form input sent to API. Use APIs. Frontend and backend. using OpenAI - Webapp pages: login, user account creation, usage, billing, main form - Users to authenticate and process billing /subscription - CSV upload for basic parsing, CSV download of form completion - Form completions stored and viewable - Will need to use APIs. Keys provided. APIs already selected.

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    Need an API engineer to assist in putting data that is in FieldView into PowerBI for reporting. Can you provide a cost, time and previous experience of you having done it previously.

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    Hello, This project is about converting Livecycle JS form to be used on a web app. The principles of the module is that based on API requests the app needs to: - Activate JS parts of the PDF form and generate a new XFA file using the JS (converted to c# using iText or any other app) - Fill in the XFA forms in xml using API requests. - Run other js converted to c# on the filled in form. - Import the xml to the pdf. The developer would need to be able to do a small preview of the solution by providing an desktop app or any other type of app to show the method proposed that is working. Ex: updating the XFA form by activating a PDF button programmatically. This needs a developer with good experience in working with iText since this should be the solution used to develop the project. The co...

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    Prior experience with the CREA DDF is necessary. If you do not have prior experience with this build, please do not apply. I am looking for someone to build an API connection in an existing web app that will allow us to pull real estate data in and download in the form of an excel file.

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    Build a or Synthesia 4 天 left

    I would like to create similar to those AI video generator

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    Hello, We have a landing page with forms, and we need to make this form to be sending data to google sheet + email notification. and we need to integrate SMS confirmation using infobip API. THank you

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    I need a music player which includes all the songs and playlist you can use Spotify api or any other api as the user will play songs recommendations must be provided based on users song history.

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    create an api for my websites 4 天 left

    I need an API so that I can upload listings to multiple websites listing simultaneously

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    Hi Everyone, We're a project and we developed a Chrome & Mozzila extension which is 95% ready, but we would need some fixes on the backend mainly (and some on frontend). Backend was built with: php and mysql with secure Oauth 2 API. Frontend is Angular. We also use API to pull in data from our partners. Basically how it works in the backend is that we pull all our active partners to an admin dashboard, where we set the cashback percentage. But some partners has several subdomains like based on country / language (like .hu .de .com .uk etc) with several different links, and based on country selection by the user in the extension, we should direct them to the relevant site. So what we need you to do is based on the user's selected country from the extension and the API ret...

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    ChatGPT Prompts API 4 天 left

    We are looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an API that provides access to all ChatGPT prompts. The purpose of this API is to make it easier for users to access and use ChatGPT prompts in their own projects. The API should be able to collect and provide a comprehensive list of ChatGPT prompts, organized into categories, so that users can easily access and use the prompts they need. The API should be fast, reliable, and easy to use. Key requirements for this project include: Strong understanding of API development Ability to gather and organize ChatGPT prompts into categories Experience in developing fast and reliable APIs Ability to document the API for easy use by others We are looking for a dedicated and reliable freelancer to deliver a high-quality product in ...

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    I need to build a PMS system to work with STR platforms like AirBnB, VBRO, etc.

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    It's going to be a mobile-centric website that has combination of attributes from other similar sites: Key features: -3rd party media (videos/tiktok/IGs) APIs inclusion -data aggregation and analysis page -world map API -payment for subscription -shopping cart The APIs to be included will be discussed and given at a later stage.

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    Hello! I need a system that automates the capture of data from a specific site with authentication, we have access but we need to authenticate and receive data from that site

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    Hello! Seeking someone with proven success building web app integrations using the Facebook Marketing API. After logging into the Web App, the client needs to be able to do the following tasks: 1. Connect Facebook User click to connect to their Facebook account 2. Connect Assets User views, and sets their default Facebook business assets: Business Manager, Ad Account & Pixel 3. Invite Agency /Partner Admin User clicks to invite a FB marketing agency user (as set in the Web App) as admin on their selected Ad Account. 4. Choose Ad Template User then reviews our library of different Ad Templates inside our Web App and chooses /selects one to use 5. Enter Ad Settings User inputs the following settings: -select Ad Type - Lead form or Conversion -input Target ad...

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    Uses twelvedata for api of financial stock market time series data . It should be pretty easy I’m just tired and outta time. Signing up for twelvedata is free and quick for api key. I’m using a m1 Mac with Xcode 14.2

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    * you must have good knowledge about whmcs i need one plugin to make integration with whmcs api , it will install on user whmcs website then work as reseller plugin 1- make service 2- suspend/unsuspend 3-change IP service 4- sync data working like but with less options

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    Looking for Web expert 2 天 left

    Need A developer for web work regarding to webtrader, its a financial software development.

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    I need an expert with experience to Build a webtrader using Alpaca API

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    API & bot - simple project 2 天 left

    Hello everyone, we have a simple project, we have a wirefram of a website that will be internal this website we wanted to be conected to an api and add some minor features the project is really simple contact us for more details you can have them in a form of pdf with a link in it to the mockup

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    Hi everyone, I need a wordpress plugin to import product and sync products via API(ver 2). The plugin should have an admin area where we can choose the information to be pulled via API(ver2). We want to be able to sync everything except prices. Stock should be Synced every 4 hours via their API ver2 If a new product is pulled it should be set as draft and have a "New" tag on it. We should be able to filter only new products so that we can update the prices manually. The company that has the products have full API integration and support with examples. Information from the provider can be found here: When we pull a product each product has PDF information like size guid and colors, this pdf should be downloaded to our site and a link should be added to the relevant product. Here...

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    Hi, I want to add hotel and flight booking api in my laravel website

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    Hi, I am in search of a API expert to integrate a few services.

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    Cordova project 2 天 left

    Hi, I have an existing Cordova project, which needs a new API integration. I have an API postman collection for the same. I can show a complete demo of the app for you to understand.

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    SMS Gateway option Hi I am looking for a solution from my CRM platform to allow me to send and receive sms from the platform. Here is an example of how someone else has done it on another platform called high level. I would like this done on my platform Flow track. I have a dedicated android phone to use for this. I have made a video explanation. I am looking to use an sms gateway app such as the one listed below. You may have a better suggestion of what to use. I am told if I install one of these apps on my phone I can forward the gateway using the app. I am hoping I can set up this gateway so I can send and receive sms on my platform. My platform is Here is the API documentation I would also like clear instructions and a video explainer on how you did it so I can...

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    We are looking for an expert IOS developer with WebRTC experience. We need to integrate Twilio video calliand notifications. Knowledge is Must.

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    I am a real estate broker in Florida who has discovered how amazing and can be. I have build out quite a bit of it myself, but I run into some walls from time to time and would like to have some one who I can work with to help me get over those walls. Sometimes the help I need is to build a scenario in Monday from start to finish, other times it is to improve or fix something I am stuck on. I am looking to get work done, but, being a little too techy for my own good, I want to learn. Do you have experience looking at API documentation and figuring out how to put/post/get needed information through Integromat / into I am looking build a long term business relationship with a freelancer who is open to this kind of arrangement. Is that you?

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    Trading experts 1 天 left

    I need an expert whose services can be utilised for the tradeview

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    API Firebase Android Apple jobs wanted Our company need help with some quick easy and complex API application integration this is not a one-time job we have lots of work available.

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    Tradeview Alerts Automation 1 天 left

    To automate current alert setting process within the Tradingview platform. This will entail absorbing a currently available indicator from the platform. Modifying it to create alerts based on user defined distance from an indicator at a user defined 'launch' time of the day. The alert should have custom text to name the alert with the asset name, date stamp of creation and other user inputs.

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    Electrical 1 天 left

    Проинтегрировать по api и подключить на интернет-магазин (opencart3)платежную систему

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    Hello, We have a landing page with forms, and we need to make this form to be sending data to google sheet + email notification. and we need to integrate SMS confirmation using infobip API. THank you

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    I need a script running in a Python language. This script is allowing to send instagram DMs in huge quantity. (Through an API) This script should contain : - A system to send messages via an instagram account (with a modifiable quantity of messages to send) - A system of automatic change of account after the sending of a certain number of message via an instagram account. - A system of rotating proxy each time there is a change of instagram account. - A system to solve the problem of requesting a 6 digit verification code when connecting to an instagram account. (With recovery of the code on a Gmail address). - A script preferably running on Linux. Please apply to this offer only if you are sure to have the required skills. We will discuss privately if you have more questions... ...

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    Retrieve data from identified sources API's etc The retrieved data will then need to be processed and converted into correct format/information. Should have the ability to analyse and interpret data accurately. New Freelancers Welcome to Bid

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    As a Flutter Developer, you will be responsible for building high-quality and scalable mobile and web applications. In this role, you will work closely with our team of designers, developers, and product managers to create and iterate on new features. To be successful in this role, you should have experience with Flutter and Dart.  Responsibility: Designing and developing user-friendly applications. Ensuring applications are compatible with multiple platforms Coordinating with other team members during the application development process Identifying and resolving software defects Requirements and Skills: Strong understanding of OOP concepts and design patterns Experience with mobile app development (iOS and/or Android) Experience with Dart, Flutter Experience with state management...

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    We need a professional that specializes in WordPress and Elementor. Our business is a franchise that has 10+ sub-sites that are all designed similarly. Each "site" is an individual location/business with different hours and pricing etc. We are looking for a plug-in or API connection that will pull hours from a document or sheet where business owners can submit and edit their business hours. It could also be pulled from Google My Business. Hopes are to have a widget on the homepage with "Today's Hours" listed. Additionally, we would like to have ALL of the hours (Monday-Sunday) submitted or listed on an "hours page" or widget on other pages. The goal is to automate and simplify this process. Hours change often for each of our businesses and we would li...

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    We are looking for someone to develop a very simple, yet fully functional app that will work in a similar way to Soundly or On top of the app development, we need you to come up with tech solutions (API communication/interface, hosting, databases, etc.) that will allow the following: Customers need to be able to browse and preview cloud-based sounds and download them on demand (only from the libraries that they had purchased via our site). Drag and drop owned sounds from the app to their video editing software of choice. The app should read tags from audio files. Sound files should be listed and split in categories and libraries. Search functionality by tags, names, libraries etc. Customers will need to be able to log in using the same credentials as on our site (currently w...

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    For one of my clients, I am looking for someone who can help me update the website of a small hotel with reviews using API (score of the review, review text, management response) and adjust it to website design. The website is built on WordPress CMS. API documentation is to be shared together with NDA.

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    i want a freelancer make script at excel to get balance multi account at binance by api spot , future , margin i know many add one but i want a freelancer make it and show it to me

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