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App Designer is a virtual environment that is used for creating MATLAB® applications. It simplifies the process of laying out the visual components of a UI. It includes a complete set of standard UIs, and also a set of lamb, switches, knobs, and gauges.

App Designer combines 2 key tasks of app building, which are the programming app behavior and the laying out of the visual components. In terms of human factor, app designer is a computer software engineer whose key function is to create, test, and program apps for mobile phones, computers, and any other electronic device. Most times, these app designers work in teams, and think of concepts that suits either a specific customer’s need or for the general public.

Aside from understanding coding languages and how to write them, App Designer may also work together with data scientists, graphic artists, and other software experts. They ensure that the finished app is well-tested and free from bugs.

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    Need to design a mobile app in Figma. It is a 'motivational quote of the day' and 'mood tracking' app. I need design for two pages. Choose Android Large frame on Figma. Page 1: Will show 'Quote of the day' at the top. Then 2 tabs named 'Home' and 'My Stuff'. Then there will be an image (use for now) Then a quote of the day ("I am in harmony with my surroundings" - use this quote for now). User can make this quote favorite or share it on this page. Page 2: My stuff - this page will have 4 sub-pages 2.1. How was your mood today - there will be 5 types of options user can choose to enter his mood today Below that, user can make some text entry about his mood today (refer ) 2.2. My mood graph 2.3. My life 2.4. My Fav quotes ...

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    Hello everyone. Our company is looking for AppSheet / Google Apps expert to do maintenance on our app. We come across issues and we need someone with a quick response rate to make the necessary changes.

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    Fitness App 6 天 left

    We are looking for a bespoke fitness app. with features like nutrition tracking, workout programmes, and in app messaging.

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    This is to broadcast texts and voice to multiple users at a time

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    I want to publish my Android app on google play console account. i have 2 apps

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    I have an app idea I have been brainstorming. I am looking at mapping it out and completing the deign of it. After the design stage I want to be able to use the map to create the app. The app is a mixture of a dating app and a booking system. The app with need a database and will include a algorithm (no need to create database and algorithm)

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    bZen Stretch Alarm 4 天 left

    I have an idea for a yoga app, where the user is sent a text or email twice a day reminding them to stretch. It asks them what they want to stretch: neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, legs, or feet. Then shows them a 10 minute stretch video to follow. It would track their views and show a streak rating if they maintained a certain number or completed one from each group each week. It also offers a meditation video each day, and shows a wellness tip and a yoga lesson/quote. I hope you can help me! :)

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    Need a launcher 4 天 left

    Hello need a very simple android launcher for my phones Nothing too fancy

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    Eerie App 3 天 left

    Red social para dispositivos moviles con un enfoque diferente

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    We require an IOS Android App for NFC Business Card - Business. The app will be need to be able to write the Personalised NFC Business Cards and hold a personal profile of each user which holds all of their information Contact Details URL deeplinks etc . We are looking for full package including design

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    Flutter Minor Fixes -- 2 3 天 left

    I need someone to - improve designs of my existing app developed in flutter (bid only if you are creative) - add a png map clickable at defined regions to load data of that particular province/ state (7 states). We expect this to be few hours task.

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    BRIEF: We are looking for a keen and enthusiastic front-end developer who can help bring-to-life a Landing page and User Interface for our App with a strong and modern visual look. The contest is for an EXAMPLE design. As a Winner, you will be invited to work with us to develop the project using your designs as a building block. We can then discuss price for completing the entire project based on the scope of work involved once you have more information about the project. INFO: The Apps name is EXCALIBUR (Like the Sword / King Arthur Legend) The App is a simple NFT Trading bot written in Python that offers basic functions like automated bidding, bidding on multiple listings, bidding across multiple collections. The landing page must be simple, preferrably Bootstrap, and advertise th...

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    vx670 offline application that captures track1/2 plus pin and stores it on device for later retreival via the 232 cable. please see attached word document.

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    It is a simple automation tool but takes a long time to start up looking for someone who is able to fix it. I linked the project below Please let me know if you know the problem and can fix it. Thank you

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