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    require. Gui for embedded systems. I have seen it a long time ago in the sonsivri forum. if someone already has it "developed" better.

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    Hi i need to develope a custom code to be able read from clock data input and write to eeprom , also need to have a keypad input 4x4 , the data collected need to be saved in a eeprom this eeprom need to later be downloaded using ble uart device for prototype im using a tinyzero processor whit all the modules eeprom and ble Bluetooth . code is already started , communication to bluetooth and also ...

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    I am looking for someone with DSC Security Alarm System experience to troubleshoot my system. I have the PC1864 panel and it keeps show wireless zones even I don't have them. I cannot remove it. Since I am only use hardwire zones.

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    raspberry pi + i2s ADC design 6 天 left

    hi i'm looking for an a freelancer who has proven experience with Raspberry pi and i2s (not i2c) protocol. i need to build 6 channels audio recorder, and i need help with designing. thank you.

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    Raspberry Pi Project Urgent 6 天 left

    Temperature needs to be displayed on LCD. The project must be completed on hourly basis.

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    Create/Translate simple iOS App from exisitng Android App. The App is exchanging Data with ESP8285 via WiFi. It is showing the current status of the ESP and sends changed parameters to the ESP if necessary.

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    Arduino Mini Project (IOT) 6 天 left

    We need to develop a arduino min or Raspberry PI project for attendance as per the below requirement 1. Read rfid through RC522 2. store in sd card with tag id and current time 3. send to the server Please ping for detailed discussion

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    USB sniffer using STM32H7 6 天 left

    The STM32H7 will act as a middle man or a USB hub and monitor or sniff the data packets between PC and USB device. Then the collected data packets will be transferred over a UART serial port. You can use the STM32H7 nucleo development board, a USB breakout board and some cables to develop the application above. The stm32cubeMX provided the USB host and device driver library and USB application st...

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    The device have to implement the aws security certificates (Amazon root CA 1, device certificate and private key) and should be able to publish and subscribe. I need most a portable layer that implements amazon aws IoT secure sockets API with the SIM800L module using the Arduino IDE. I would be able to change the topic and attach a message to the MQTT string in the simplest way possible. I already...

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    We are looking for someone who can design a SMD pcb with Esp32 Sim800l Relay Pir sensor Microwave radar You can use PIR Module and microwave Radar module, the rest needs to be single pcb. You don't need to design Power supply or code program. We will use PCBA in China, so just design files with BOM are needed. If you can do it in competitive price we have many. Similar projects

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    2000kg load sensor and sonic distance sensors . I want to log the load on the cell against the distance on the sonic sensor into an excel spreadsheet. Extras would be wifi connection to laptop for logging rather than cable.

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    I have an Arduino project/sketch ( [登录来查看链接] ) I bought everything on the list. Just my TFT LCD is different so i need to modify pin connections and modify software. For these need an expert about Arduino. My LCD: [登录来查看链接]

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    hello im looking for someone that knows about the esp32 and how to set it promiscous mode for wifi analyzing

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    Project-512 5 天 left

    Firmware for DC to AC inverter based on DSPIC33CK506

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    Blockly Upgrade for system 5 天 left

    I'm developing an Arduino based block programming after integrating a few github repositories including ArduBlockly, BlocklyDuino, Blockly@rduino. The apps is using Google Blockly as a base code. It is written in HTML and Javascript. At the moment, i am looking for a developer to update the old Blockly Code in [登录来查看链接] ([登录来查看链接]) using the newest version of Google Blockly ([登录来查看链接]) becau...

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    I need a new freelancer who has knowledge about source code of embedded system source code using Raspberry Pi. It is simple temp measuring system I have done some work and need further help

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    I need a new freelancer who has knowledge about source code of embedded system source code using Raspberry Pi. It is simple temp measuring system I have done some work and need further help

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    how to detect fever person using microcontroller this project for covid-19

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    In need of a PCB design and Firmware development for a embedded FSR Sensor Project using BLE. We have a FSR Sensor to measure a pressure point in a 3D printed application. This data of that sensor needs to be sent to a smartphone using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Since this Sensor & PCB needs to be embedded in a 3D printed design we need it to be as small and efficient as possible with long l...

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    At the moment, i am looking for a developer to update the old Blockly Code in [登录来查看链接] ([登录来查看链接]) using the newest version of Google Blockly ([登录来查看链接]) because i need to use some newer features of blockly. Arduino based block programming after integrating a few github repositories including ArduBlockly, BlocklyDuino, Blockly@rduino. The apps is using Google Blockly as a base code. It is writte...

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    Freelancer needed ONLY from Sri Lanka. Description: There will be 3 microphones mounted along a straight line 55mm apart, listening to a single sound source, that is less than 5 m away from the center of straight line. There are 2 rotatable platforms mounted along the straight line 250mm from the center. Two laser pointers mounted on the rotating platforms should turn towards the sound source so ...

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    I have a drone and it outputs a stream of navigational data by radio. I want to be able to connect this stream to Mission planner so I can see the progress of the mission remotely. I use an arduino Due for my flight controller and use custom code. I need someone that understands MAVLINK very well to help me connect my drone to Mission Planner

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    Raspbery PI app 4 天 left

    THis is a app for a Retirement home alert system based on bluetooth devices that every person in that house has attached to the arms like a watch and a raspbery pi that collects the alarms from those watches. Project description: The project is about an alert system based on a watch that will be allocated to each elderly person from a retirement home. This watch has one single button which when it...

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    Developing IoT Dashboard for connecting Things and Monitor Real-time data. Skill(s) required: C/C++, QT, Javascript, AngularJs and Ajax, Hardware Knowledge: Nodemcu ,Esp32, Raspberry Pi, Atmel AVR, Arm Controller and Arduino.

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    We need to control PID controller with RS485 communication via Arduino Need to read PID values Need to write PID values

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    necessito de programador de Arduino e designer de pcb

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    Hello, We need to have a PCB board designed to monitor Voltage, Current and Phase Order. This requires an electrical engineer that is capable of designing the system start to finish (selecting components, designing schematic and designing the PCB board). We need to interface this to another device such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino where the logic and UI will be. Essentially, this is a piece of hard...

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    Hi there, I have a paintball project for a sentrygun project. Manvsmachines I need Someone to create and organise the production of 40 pcb's. The pcb file is ready but i will need to add some extra feature like direct camera plug wireless connection. Distance controls panel, I'[登录来查看链接] against an arduino solution if you can explain how to wire it and run the program. They will sever...

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    I need a freelancer who has knowledge about source code of embedded system source code using Raspberry Pi I have done some work and need further help

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    we have a heximal file from microchip mcu and would like to disassemble it to c lanaguage

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    Atmel Project 2 天 left

    Use two potentiometers as analog inputs to AtMega328p and display the voltage value of both potentiometers on LCD. A push button is required to switch between displaying the voltage of the first or the second potentiometers. just atmel coding

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    Hello, I search a Unity 3d programmer who can programming to read the car ECU via serial USB port ELM327 OBD2. I want get the speed, rpm, fuel ... data from my car. I have a full PIDs list to get the all data from my car.

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    MCU Communication Module can be used in Arduino, ESP32. development include Transmit (TX) Module, Receive (RX) Module (hardware) and library for Arduino. ** only 1 signal line and without common connection and common ground between TX and RX.

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    Arduino and ESP expert 2 天 left

    I am looking for an electronics engineer having good experience in MCU Communication Module and Arduino

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    4G GSM Internet Radio 2 天 left

    I live in Taiwan. I want to design a 4G GSM Internet Radio. Use the circuit as follows: SIM7500SA-h or Other (For Taiwan 4G GSM 700/900/2600 = Babd 8, 28, 38) VS1053 Stereo Audio MP3 Player Shield Record Module For UNO R3 Arduino UNO R3 Nokia 5110 LCD Module with white backlight adapter PCB Receive streaming music. Code required for project end. Interested parties please contact me. P.S:...

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    I need a freelancer who has knowledge about source code of embedded system source code using Raspberry Pi I have done some work and need further help

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. I want to have possibility to change CID from an SD card. The goal of the project is the application that can change the CID no of a given SD card. It can be a Linux app, windows console app or combination of hardware (build an micro that changes pcb) and software - it does not matter. The project will be closed then I will see that progra...

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    it is for extracting some meterics from a pcap file. the app is operational but some of these metrics are not computed correctly especially those about modbus protocol. So i need to : 1) check some wrong metrics 2) add 2 easy metrics. 3) comment the code And add some indication of computation level (in which step is the computation). Skill in pythob and modbus protocol is required.

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    The project is made with an Arduino Mega that with a loop is moving 2 steppers motors (one at the time, not together). The same time must have a loop, a timer ( I really don't know ) that will: - check 2 temperature sensors and will open and close 2 relays. - send the temperature of the sensors to a nextion touchscreen - send the milimeter that one of the motor move to a nextion touchscr...

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    El objetivo es programar el sistema de control de un almaciguero controlado por CNC. El sistema CNC deberá ser capaz de: 1) recoger y plantar semillas en posición y profundidad definible por usuario (más configuraciones de posición por defecto), 2) controlar humedad y riego de las plantaciones mediante sensor de humedad , 3) generar log de datos transmisibles por IoT. ...

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    Build a logistics robot. 1 天 left

    I need a mechatronic expert to help me with building a system that involves logistics and robots. more details over chat.

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    Hi I would like to build a LED candle, like these : [登录来查看链接] interesting from 1:10 The flames of my candles should be 4 times as large and they should be a lot brighter. Also the LEDs should change brightness, SOFTLY flickering. The flame is going to be moved by 4 solenoids. The flame has a neodym magnet on the bottom. I did do some trials on programming, but since I am not a programmer I did...

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    I already have written Arduino code for that sensor which for the most part works (attached). However, the TDAT message (please see attached PDF) which is supposed to show speed and distance information does not change between readings. Some more information from RFBeam technical support is also attached. I can setup a system with Teamviewer so you can try it.

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    I have sensors need to be controlled by arduino. drawing circuit, wiring diagram and writing codes are needed. most important thing is that you have the option to control the sensors the way you want. please see the attachment file.

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    we need someone to connect MKS or GRBL, Arduino screen to Co2 laser machine, and it works the movment function (X,Y,Z) here some sample screens: [登录来查看链接],searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ [登录来查看链接] we need it low budget screen Contact: [登录来查看链接]@[登录来查看链接]

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    If you have experience with this please contact me.

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    I have FRDM-k66([登录来查看链接]) board. I am able to run some test program on this board and display the results on coolterm. What I want to do is. I have another C++ program, I want to run this on mbed compiler and generate bin file. Or you can create the bin file without using online compiler. [登录来查看链接] - This is link to online compiler. The generated bin file should read csv file and give it to th...

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    GPS library for STM 1 天 left

    Hi, I know there are many libraries for GPS on different websites. I just don't have time to find out and test. I need a working GPS library for STM32 devices. I am using STM32cubeMX.

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    I have about ten sensor readers connected in few slaves that are connected to a master by Lora network. Now I need help to put all these readings in the cloud. I like thingspeak but I am open to try other platforms. I need much orientation than you make something for me. I would like to a point an Skype talking to understand what I should do.

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    arduino programming 15 小时 left

    Im looking for someone who can program a arduino.

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