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    I need some to configure a delta printer smoothieware config file to work with the machine. It is for an Azteeg X5 GT board.

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    Hi, I need a person or a team who can help me transform an idea to a physical device. In short i need help with: 1. Create a custom arduino board to suite my need. The board needs a display and some buttons. 2. Create firmware to do the things i want. Show something on the display and manipulate PWM signals. The firmware do also need to log everything that happends to a sd card. 3. Create enc...

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    I want Master and Slave communication VIA SPI protocol in which we send data from master and receving data from either side.... Only Proteous Simulation and Code Needed :) Thanks

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    An existing Android Mobile Application named "Accident AID System" developed as native technology using Java Language, that we have already developed and now it's time to add new features and move to a higher level. The app is connected via bluetooth to an Arduino board which measures the car weight once the weight reaches a certain value this is considered and accident. The app wil...

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    Hello, I need an app (including the graphic of the app itself) for iPhone and android that can can allow the connection of more than one device at the same time with your phone through bluetooth. The app should permit you to connect your phone with more than one pair of wireless earphones, earphones and a speaker, or two speakers at the same time without the need of a splitter. Let's say tha...

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    Bluetooth speaker (true Stereo) PCB with external audio-in, SD card-in, FM radio, USB-in etc. Scope attached

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    I have a at90usb162 demo board able to act as HID keyboard. I need you modify the official demo located in : [登录来查看链接] This demo wait for a SELECT key to be pressed in board to output a TEXT as you can see in documentation : [登录来查看链接] I need you modify source to avoid the wait for pressing select key and output the text automatically without waiting any key press.

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    en 2017 compre en España el dispositivo me lo vendieron ya ensamblado hay que descargarle el respectivo software y hacerlo funcionar

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    I have nrfl24l01 modules that let me have a sensor wireless, base connected to the pc. i want to have multiple sensor that make this thing [登录来查看链接] and that are controlled by the led.

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    I need someone to write the code for a midi foot controller. There are plenty of examples online but I don't know how to turn that into what I need. Needs to have Changing Presets: PC messages All looper actions: (Rec/Play/Dub, Stop, Toggle Fx etc): Momentary CC messages or Note On/Off messages. I've had a previous freelancer lined up to do it but he's since disappeared.

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    Hello there, hope all is going super well. We are a company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that sells various Electronic parts, ranging from small resistors to microcontrollers. We are looking to provide excellent customer support via chat, preferably WhatsApp, expected volume is 300 interactions/month (an interaction is one conversation between a customer and customer support specialist that la...

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    I have a moving image of opening window and its reverse. I would like to open/close the window when a person is detected from the closed/open window, and want this to be looped. When nobody turns up, the moving image should be still as it is open/close. If a motion is detected when the window is opening and closing, I prefer the input to be ignored.

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    Requirements: The programmer must be fluent with ROS integrated with SLAM for RPLidar A1M8. Clear understanding using Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Task 1: Price $100 - $120 The Robot has to map the whole room. Task 2: Price - More than Task 1! If Task 1 is completed successfully, Task 2 will be discussed.

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    Arduino coder 4 天 left

    arduino or raspberry pi coding with ultrasonic sensor to greet people good morning or wish them goodbye, depending on the direction they are walking in

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    Lifestyle app. Able to allow users to create listings, needs wallet integration into the app, needs chatroom function. Able to let user record short recording of 30s and post to their own profile. Needs profile page, landing page, discover people. Requires sections of different groups and tabs. ►Scope -User profile management -Wallet management -Admin panel -Chat rooms -Recordings -Gps -discover ...

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    I need to modify the following Arduino library to work with SPI Module in Arduino Due, to connect multiple MPU9250 sensors to the same Arduino board. [登录来查看链接]

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    we need trail camera firmware edited to show different display image on camera start up.

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    The cryptographic details are here; [登录来查看链接] It involves creating a JSON Transaction, Creating a byte array, and signing the byte array with the right curve. ** HERES A FULL WORKING EXAMPLE IN C# OF THE EXACT FUNCTIONALITY REQUIRED: [登录来查看链接] You will need an Arduino to do this, and I will work with you on it and offer what I can to help. Previous CryptoCurrency experience preferred. ...

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    Traducción de un programa de Arduino a PIC mikroC

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    I am looking for a developer who can build UI Editor by using LabView2016.

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    I need some to configure a delta printer smoothieware config file to work with the machine. It is for an Azteeg X5 GT board.

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    Für ein Sportprojekt soll ein mobiler GPS Datenlooger 10Hz aus frei verfügbaren Standardbauteilen wie zB. Arduino Nano, neo-7, 3-Achsen Gyro+Beschleunigungssensor, USB-Laderegler, Batterie für rd. 4h und SD-Speicher erstellt werden. Das Gerät soll die Positionsdaten inkl. der Beschleunigungs- und Lagewerte als CSV-Daten auf der SD-Karte speichern. Messintervall 1/10sek. Die Ha...

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    Overview: I'm currently using an esp07-slave triggered by an event that sends a message to the esp12-master. The esp12 then directs the ardunio to turn-off a solenoid & sends push notification to the app. The arduino also supports an HC-05 module linked to the android app. The simple app can open or close the solenoid. Arduino also uses a manual push button momentary switch to open or cl...

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    I have a delta marlin firmware that I need to be changed so it works with no temperature sensor for a clay extruder. Looking for someone to provide me with a working code that can be used in Silcer software.

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    hello, ii need this function : arduino bluetooth keyboard for apple TV, Important...!!! 1, paired with apple tv (all model apple tv) 2, All Keyboard function have to go apple tv via arduino bluetooth keyboard (all keyboard commande) thanks siva

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    We have the gyro readings and the pedometer reading that come to the phone via nrf52832 BLE using BMI160. We want the display of the orientation of the gyro to be displayed on the phone in app and the regular pedometer readings as mentioned in the attached file.

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    Score board 1 2 天 left

    [登录来查看链接] This is the idea going to do But little changes will be there

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    Need to continue development on a Nordic nRF52832 based product. Will provide details after we talk.

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    Android application for parsing strings sent using Bluetooth. String contains current speed, coordinates, accelerometer data, timestamp, number of sattelites. String can be modified adding any divider and end of string symbols. Deice is using ESP32 and 10Hz GPS module. Task of APP is to determine Start condition (gps speed >0 and acceleration > 1). Calculation of speeding 0-100 km/h, 100-1...

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    Sketch Processing - Arduino - 1 天 left

    Mi servirebbe uno sketch con Processing collegato ad Arduino ed un proiettore. Il proiettore fa apparire una schermata nera( come se spegnesse il proiettore), quando i sensori di prossimità rilevano una persona a distanza di 30 cm e inizia a contare il tempo da quando i sensori rilevano la persona. Quando i sensori non rilevano una persona, il proiettore fa apparire una schermata bianca co...

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    Necesitamos desarrollar un prototipo de placa electronica PCB para su fabricación. Necesitamos un profesional que separa manejar con soltura alguno de los diferentes softwares que existen en el mercado y que tenga experiencia en el desarrollo de PCB's asi como para enviarlas a fabricación. El proyecto es muy sencillo, se trata de conectar en una misma placa varios sistemas de al...

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    midi foot controller code 1 天 left

    I need someone to code a midi foot controller for a music program Similar to an iRig blueboard It will have Bluetooth capabilities as well as midi cable and needs to work with Quantiloop app. Ideally the freelancer can instruct me in how to build it as well. I've had a previous freelancer lined up to do it but he's since disappeared.

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    saya sedang mencoba belajar membuat alat IoT dengan kombinasi arduino uno,sensor loadcell, esp8266-01 . untuk program masing-masing bisa RUN. sedang kan untuk penggabungan dan pengiriman data dari arduino ke database belum bisa, ADA YANG BISA BANTU.?

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    The project is fully described in the attachment. Please read the attached Terms document before bidding to avoid disappointment and misunderstanding.

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    Need to write the firmware to perform queries and parse the result to obtain select data from Axciom, personal data of mysef: [登录来查看链接] Basically it's the same as this, but instead of quering crypto info, its my personal data from Axciom: [登录来查看链接]

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    This is a one off project where I am looking to convert, or write equivalent code in Python, for something I have written in Arduino/C++ a few years ago. The code interacts with a microcontroller that uses Python. I am looking to set up some animations via NeoPixel LED's as well motion and sound. I have the original C++ code, as well as references for the new Python Libraries.

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    arduino_based project 21 小时 left

    SMALL WEATHER STATION (Karachi, Pakistan preffered) Arduino based project involves construction, programing in C, and evaluation of a microcontroller-based weather station that is able to continuously sense: (1) wind speed, (2) temperature, and (3) rain, and then output the sensed values as follows: (1) wind speed on a mechanical servo-based gauge, (2) temperature on a LED barograph, and (3) rain...

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    simulation of batch mixing system using proteus or any other possible system

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    The board must have a web server and can send/receive HTTP GET commands and write/read the GPIO pin status (we could use ESP32) , using web server and a web page it is possible to turn on/off some GPIO and read some GPIO status. I would like to use the Olimex ESP32 card: [登录来查看链接] I don't understand what the difference is between ESP32 DevKit-Lipo ESP32 DevKit-Lipo-EA and I would like to use ...

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    An existing Android Mobile Application named "Accident AID System" developed as native technology using Java Language. The app is connected via bluetooth to an Arduino board which measures the car weight once the weight reaches a certain value this is considered and accident. The app will start sending SMS's to the pre-saved contacts. This is an introducation of the current deve...

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    Arduino pH sensor 1 小时 left

    Im working on an arduino project - Arduino Uno with pH sensor, bluetooth Once measured, lcd should display the pH value... Bluetooth must be able to send the data to mobile devices... The data must be able to be display on an excel sheet * must include a RFID reader to display details from an RFID card in the LCD display

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    I need a Object Recognition expert for my current project. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the selected freelancers.

    $154 - $1280
    $154 - $1280
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    Hello, our project in Buenos Aires has to do with clean energy, there are three focused businesses that will be developed separately, then we will try to put them together, but first the most profitable, I advance directly the second phase of the project: it would be to improve an investor Off grid (already working at home) would consist in taking the signals coming from an RJ9 output, monitoring ...

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    This Project is for Engineers/Developers in INDIA ONLY only, as we may need to send & receive parts. Project Details in attached pdf, which will be changed, if required by our discussions, to be the final project brief. Amendments:- 22/02/2019: Project Brief amended. Point 6.2 added. Latest File: "Home Automation v. [登录来查看链接]" uploaded. Ignore any earlier files.

    $235 - $1962
    $235 - $1962
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    I need the Raspberry Pi 3 expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

    $175 - $1457
    $175 - $1457
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    I need a Arduino, Electronics, Microcontroller, PCB Layout expert for my current project. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the selected freelancers.

    $162 - $1347
    $162 - $1347
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