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AutoCAD is a computer-aided-design (CAD) software application for 2D/3D design and drafting and is made by Autodesk Inc. It helps engineers draw, manage and maintain diagrams related to engineering. If you are dealing with AutoCAD diagramming tasks you can outsource such tasks to expert AutoCAD freelancers. All you need to do is find such expert AutoCAD freelancing professionals by simply posting a job today!

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    Necesito planos en 2D constructivos y arquitectónicos. Need 2D drawings in autocad.

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    complete 3 tasks as highlighted in the attached document

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    Parabolic Dish antenna -- 2 6 天 left

    Hi, We need make half 2d curve/Arc of Parabolic dish antenna in autocad drawing. We have some calculation figures,data for your reference to understand easy. We need some size 6 ft. to 16 ft. We can talk on voice before start and understand the project according to our requirment.

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    Hello! Thank you for your interest. I’m looking for the most cost effective and best use of space to add a full bath and closet to this bedroom. I was thinking of removing one of the windows for the bathroom and keeping the other for the bedroom but may need to knock down the wall next to the current closet so at least a queen bed can fit. Open to the closet staying where it is or moving it. Looking for multiple options and looking to see dimensions of shower pan, vanity, bed size, nightstand(s) size, etc.

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    basement apartment drawings including 1 full bathroom

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    Need a architect who can also do 3D drawings and landscapes as well.

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    Need a architect who can also do 3D drawings and landscapes as well.

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    Pool designer 6 天 left

    We are seeking someone who can produce construction-ready, permit drawings from our salesmen's modeling or measurements. This will include the footage for landscaping, concrete, etc. We are moving away from hand-drawn plans and need someone to figure this out. Attached are examples of the current plans, and the modeling that we are going to. We use Structure Studios, but if you can use a different program to accomplish what we need that will be fine. This would be an ongoing contract for the right designer and will require collaboration to get the process down correctly. We would also look at using the designer to do 3D modeling if it makes sense to outsource that as well.

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    You will get to know about this project once you get hired.

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    I need Sketchup Designer 6 天 left

    I need Sketchup Designer for Sports Complex in near Houston, Texas. Fluent English required.

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    Small demonstration calculation package preparation needed for recertification of ASME Code stamp.

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    Design a 3D logo for a class, i choose the Mercedes logo

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    Design a 3D logo for a class, i choose the Mercedes logo

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    Hello, We are a countertop fabricator located in Toronto, Ontario. We currently use AutoCAD to create template drawings. The drawings include all pieces that need to be cut in the production process. We need to extract a report that includes data such as dimensions, notes, number of pieces, piece numbers etc. This report currently does not exist. We need to hire a programmer to create this report. We would schedule a call with potential freelancers to provide more information.

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    CIVIL ENGINEER 6 天 left


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    Can you Turn a 3D design of a kitchen bar in the attached picture to step by step carpenter instructions on how the carpenter can build it?

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    Want the 3D products for the website

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    its Twin houses contain Gound, first, roof and land scape with swimming pool

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    I need an expert for my project. Please Dm me, I'll share complete details in chat.

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    Designing the area around the pool and the veranda

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    Hi I need fire sprinkler design for my 3100 m3 high bay warehouse. Rack Height - 11m Isle Width - 2m Building Ht - 14m Layout Drawing attached for your reference. Please give me details of your services and the quote. Thanks Raveen

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    Trophy icon VILLA design in Kober KSA 4 天 left

    Need design for villa to be 65% of the land 12 by 31 meters Ground floor Seating room open Ketchikan and servcess two bathrooms majlas and eating room 1st floor 4 bedrooms 2nd open slalah woth bathroom less than 40% of the 1st floor

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    加精 加保
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    Trophy icon Kitchen Design 20 天 left

    I am seeking a kitchen layout and design for my new house. There are very few limitations. We require two dishwashers, 4 built-in ovens, an island unit with induction hob and a prep sink. The door to the plant room can be removed and access can be via the pantry. - We are also open to accessing the pantry via a hidden door. The attached PDF is to scale. Ceilings will be 2700mm. We require a full design, It is a modern house so inspiration should be SieMatic, Nolte, PoggenPohl

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    I a detailed design for a land cruiser with speakers mounted on the top of the vehicle. I have done a mockup and would require the design to be done to scale as well as the details on the roof rack, the bolts securing the speakers to the roof rack and also renders of two images of the vehicle The vehicle shall have six speakers on the rack two facing front and back and four on the sides back to back this link has an idea of what I need for the 3D model

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    Building plans 6 天 left

    I am working on a project in Mexico, working as a contractor in a university building project and a good architect is needed to draw out a good building plan.

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    Bird burrow 6 天 left

    We are a volunteer womens’ group making environmentally focussed projects. We are currently trying to produce a shore-bird burrow in a more efficient manner. We feel there is great potential for a 3D printed mould to assist our concrete pouring of our finished product. We are needing help to get the master model scanned and put into a file format suitable for 3D printing. Are you able to help us in any capacity (either advice or actual help time) to advance our endeavours please?

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    autocad support 2015 6 天 left

    autocad support 2015 hdi missing drivers

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    Building plan 6 天 left

    I am working on a project in mexico,I am working as a contractor in a university building,a good architect is needed to draw out a good building plan

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    Building plan 6 天 left

    I am working on a project in mexico,I am the contractor in a university building project,I need a good architect that can draw out a building plan

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    Hello - I need a structural engineer to review some work while also working with me on the design so we can refine the work together. This will REQUIRE you to sign an NDA as this project details can't be shared and need protected. USA Preferred

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    SketchUp project 6 天 left

    I need a couple of sketchup designs to import into google earth. Attached design.

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    Architechtural & MEP design 5 天 left

    We are moving our current manufacturing business to Sanger in Fresno county. We have complete plans ( architectural, MEP, STRUCTURAL) for the current bldg and we need to transfer all these data to the design of the new facility in Sanger with almost the same footprint as the old one only with some minor changes. We are looking for an architech who can do this job for us. We can provide all the existing plans in PDF and CAD /dwg format which will just be basically copied/pasted to the new Plan for the new site.

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    Cad drawings 5 天 left

    Need a cad drawing of a watch clasps for a producing a ppf protection for the clasps

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    Need to be converted to inches from mm and the scaling is one for one

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    Need to get some exterior colour combinations for K rendering. Can use part design as Ashlar design

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    $879 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a floor plan for current structure to show in it , the automotive spray booth which will be installed.

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    I need plans that will be suitable for submission for Mississippi Code in order to pull a permit. Have multiple variations. And would like a mesh of them but also need flexible drafts in order to get the final draft. Not looking to break an arm and a leg but will pay what is necessary. Also looking for something that would work within the budget of my building. 45x35 structure with 1575 sqft. Single story. 3 bed, 2 bath.

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    Hi there! I am looking for someone to 3d model a townhouse for us - the exterior and interior in either Rhino or Revit. We will supply all CAD drawings. If interested, please reach out with timeline.

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    I need to get structural plans for this basically a large covered RV port. Vinyl covered. See my PDF for more explanation. I need structural plans for permit.

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    I need an architect for a franchise chiropractic office buildout. I need stamped MEP drawings and someone to work with the GC for permitting

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    I have a food trailer that has been built but my local government requires floor plans and elevations, appliance layout, plumbing and electrical mapping to pass health inspection.

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    Hello, I have a project in Picton, Ontario, Canada I am looking for a lighting engineer to provide lighting engineered drawings for the exterior of this 12 unit motel. The site is less that 1 acre.

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    Floor plan convert garage to ADU. Re-submittal Items Upon resubmittal, provide the following. If any of the following items are not included, the submittal will be considered incomplete. Plan Check Comments • The following comments are based upon a review by the City as required by the Fremont Municipal Code. • Revise plans, specifications, and calculations to clearly respond to the attached comments, and resubmit complete (not partial) plans. • Provide a letter indicating your response to each comment, and incorporate them, where appropriate, in your revised plans for resubmittal. • It is the applicant’s responsibility to distribute copies of this letter and affected sheets to all consultants working on this project; and to coordinate and compile all responses fr...

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    We have a small manufacturing plant in Minnetonka, MN. We utilize a few small manufacturing tools during our manufacturing process. Our goal is to improve our current tools and have CAD drawings created to allow for 3D printing. It would be ideal if you could come to our facility to see the process and current tools in place.

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    Packaging machines design development.

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    Packaging machines design development.

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    CADD drawing 5 天 left

    Proposed plan for a client sathis

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    Build me a professional in architectural designing

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    Taveta3dHouse 5 天 left

    Hi I am looking for a simply 3d model design of the attached house drawing.

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