Automotive engineering combines elements of mechanical, electrical and materials engineering to develop, manufacture and test the performance, durability and safety of vehicles. An Automotive Engineer can help design and create cars, supervise their manufacture and develop components such as fuel economy, suspension, transmission and emissions. Automotive Engineers also produce components that are used to power vehicles as well as safety-critical components like brakes and airbags. They develop ideas, test prototype products and oversee the manufacture of the final design.

Here's some projects that our expert Automotive Engineer made real:

  • Manufacture of performance-focused parts, materials, components and systems
  • Designing innovative solutions for customised solutions to vehicle problems
  • Developing advanced processes for ensuring the safety of vehicles
  • Engineering robust technical solutions for minimising environmental impact
  • Developing creative solutions for increasing efficiency of fuel consumption

The goal is to have an automotive engineer design and implement a better way to tackle the needs of their project. offers the right Automotive Engineer, who has necessary expertise needed to handle a wide range of projects including manufacturing parts and systems related to vehicle performance and safety. Our expert team can work with clients to develop innovative solutions that are tailored specifically for their project goals. This entails thoughtfully researching what is needed from our client in order to realise any ideas they have as well as pushing these conceptual designs into reality.

Our Automotive Engineers have what it takes to help clients turn their most innovative dreams into a reality. So if you're looking for creative Automotive solutions for your project, post it on today and hire an automotive engineer who have the skill set you need!

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    I'm looking for a skilled mechanic to install an alternator on my Ford Falcon 2012 LPG. Ideal Skills: - Must have proven experience working on Ford Falcon vehicles - Proficient in installation of alternators - Skilled in dealing with LPG engines - Excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills You will be required to: - Install the prepared alternator - Ensure correct wiring and connections - Test the alternator to ensure proper functioning The installation is to take place at my home, or a location of my choice. Please ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment for the job.

    $155 - $1290
    $155 - $1290
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    I'm currently seeking a specialized engineer with a keen expertise in designing and working with DIdem. This project will mainly concentrate on: - The Design Phase: Which will necessitate a strong understanding and proficiency in creating innovative and efficient designs that integrate seamlessly with other systems. - System Integration: The design should place a significant emphasis on the integration with third-party APIs. Experience with these interfaces will be a definite asset to the successful execution of the project. Ideal candidates will have a solid background in engineering, with substantial experience in system design, particularly in relation to DIdem, and a well-versed knowledge of third-party APIs.

    $1169 - $3506
    $1169 - $3506
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    I am on the lookout for a talented bike designer to create a fresh and appealing classic e-motor cycle This e-bike should be primarily targeted towards college students in the Indian market. Key features that I'm envisioning for this project include a lightweight frame and high-quality components. The new design should be: - **Retro-inspired**: We want the e-bike to carry a classic, timeless look that appeals to the target audience. - **Affordable**: The target price range for this product is below ₹50,000. It is essential that the design reflects this price point. Your role will be to create a unique, attractive, and cost-effective design that will set this e-bike apart in the market. Experience in bike design, especially in the Indian market, would be a significant advantage. ...

    $2341 (Avg Bid)
    $2341 平均报价
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    I'm in urgent need of a Quality Engineer/Assurance expert with a background in fabrication within the automotive industry. Your task will be to create a comprehensive quality validation process and checklist, specifically tailored for automotive restoration. Key Requirements: - The documentation must be clear and well-structured, ensuring ease of understanding for those following the checklist. - The process should be step-by-step, with detailed instructions, but not necessarily requiring high-level technical knowledge. - The checklist and process must be provided in both Excel and PDF formats for easy access and distribution.

    $836 (Avg Bid)
    $836 平均报价
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    This unique task requires assistance in purchasing specific moto parts, namely clutch levers and brake hoses. The ideal candidate should possess: - Proficient knowledge about moto parts. - Diploma, degree, or relevant work experience in procurement. - A proven track record in shipping and handling. Previous experience in handling similar items is definitely a plus. - Strong negotiation skills to secure parts at the best possible price. - Reliable means of acquiring the parts and delivering them on time. This project will involve sourcing the parts, ensuring their quality, safely packaging them for shipping, and reliably delivering them. Applicants with considerable experience and a proven track record in procurement and shipping will be given top consideration. Demonstrating your profess...

    $117 - $195 / hr
    $117 - $195 / hr
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    I need a talented graphic designer to create a comprehensive suite of ad graphics suitable for a marketing campaign. Key Points: - The successful freelancer should ideally have experience in the automotive industry or motor space. This expertise will help in better understanding and communicating our offerings from an original equipment manufacturing in aftermarket vehicle upgrades. - While there is no specific call to action at the moment, the graphics should be flexible enough to incorporate however, some variation of "shop now" "learn more" "see more" could be implemented. - Strong understanding of the automotive industry and its related products/services would be beneficial. Skills Required: - Proven design experience preferably in the automoti...

    $51824 (Avg Bid)
    $51824 平均报价
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    I am in search of a creative talent to come up with a powerful and trustworthy trademark name for a retail business. I have not decided on a specific name, so I count on you to offer your unique, informed perspective and help me achieve a brand name that is memorable, impactful, and evokes a sense of trust. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience in brand naming or related projects - Familiarity with the retail industry - Ability to express trust through words - Creative mind and outside-the-box thinking - Be good at/familiar with North America market Objectives: - Trademark name should be related to auto parts industry, products like brake, axle, drum, etc should be identified by North America and Europe market - Create an original, eye-catching and trustworthy retail trademark ...

    $2343 (Avg Bid)
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