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Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting.

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    aeinst digital fiat currency 13 天 left

    Build a digital fiat currency which reflects user data cryptographic credentials employing multiple payment forms of digital assets and other unlimited embodiments of different spending rights of different cryptographic credentials wherein all parties involved may use same currency for consensus based blockchain and transaction chain technologies permissioned and unpermissioned shared ledgers and ...

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    require an eos developer with thorough knowledge of unit/integration testing of EOS/React application to propose overall test strategy the code is written in c++

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    Create Altcoin ( Pivx FORK ) Chain (POS + MN) with Wallet + explorer BUDGET $150-400 USD

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    A token to monetize mental health patient data.

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    I have installed yiimp on my ubuntu server 18.04 and it works fine no problem with that. I have also installed bitcoin on it works also without any problem. I want to add Monero algorithm to yiimp too.

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    We need to build a Decentralized Exchange Platform where companies registered in the Caribbean can list their ECR20 tokens. They should have access using MetaMask or any ECR20 compatible wallet. They should be able to deposit, withdraw and transfer their tokens between exchange and wallet. Balance, orderbook, price chart, trades, volume are essential parts of this platform. User friendly is key. T...

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    We are looking for full-time Senior C++/ Golang Developer with blockchain/ cryptocurrency experience who can work on a distributed (remote) team to continue the development and improvement of the core part of our technology strategy.

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    I want someone to fix the error for me on uniswap. Do let me know it is not a big error it is related to ABI or something miss function the one i missed. Don't waste my time if you have experience about this do contact me otherwise don't miss use your bid thanks.

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    Blockchain Aunction 5 天 left

    I need someone who is very familiar with blockchain and understands hte whole ecosystem of ebay

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    Necesito una programador para terminar un proyecto desarrollado en la red de ethereum. Tengo el 50% del trabajo realizado.

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    Bitcoin exchange website 5 天 left

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to create a cryptocurrency exchange website for me. Something similar to [登录来查看链接] or Only looking to work with people who have previous experience with such project. For that reason I'm not going into details here as you should know what this kind of project requires and details would be discussed privately. Please include your previous pr...

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    Using [登录来查看链接], create a demonstration that can be should to the team to then extend it. You should be familiar with hyperledger and public bolckchain. The next stage, once you get it working in an appropriate environment, is to extend some aspects of it.

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    Xamarin, C++, Phyton, Blockchain, Hyperledger for Identity solutions React

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    Need someone experienced on the above , and who has done projects in them to submit a short research report , answering a few specific questions , and recommending a rough logic/algorithm for implementing a function in crypto .. The task can ideally be finished quite quickly for someone experienced who has done this before. Key Questions : 1) About building unique digital assets for existing ...

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    I need a video game made 4 天 left

    I need someone who has rich experience in mmorpg. And you have to also be able to have a deep background in crypto currency. I need it to be simliar to runescape

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    Looking for an expert in the blockchain domain with expertise in java and should have some know-how about supply chain management.

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    1.1 Token Issue : 1 Day - ERC20 Smart Contract : Total supply including future issue will be fixed. - Choose one of below tool after comparison and tell us why you choose. o Embark o Populus o Truffle - Etherscan contract authentication 1.2 AirDrop API and Working Web : 2 Day - Wallet Connect - Transfer [登录来查看链接] token to each wallet as configured - Block same wallet transfer - Block ...

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    I have an idea and I want someone who can master the language of solidity to write a smart contract on the tron blockchain platform

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    we are looking for an expert of solidity to solve some issues with smart contract

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    We are looking for an Academic Content writer with Knowledge in Blockchain having experience in Python, Node JS and ChainRider We request you to start your message with the solution 32+09 so that it will be clear that you have read the instructions Don't reply if you have a portfolio/sample or are not fine with the budget

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    Desarrollo estaciones de pago de autoservicio para permitir a los usuarios el pago de recargas de telefonia y servicios.

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    We are building a decentralized defi staking smart contract tron network. This should be an simple and quick project for the right developer. This will also include a simple 1 - 2 page website as a user interface to connect to the contract. This is an defi concept and and freelancers must have similar experience to be considered.

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    We are building a decentralized smart contract MLM based tron network. This should be an simple and quick project for the right developer. This will also include a simple 1 - 2 page website as a user interface to connect to the contract. This is an MLM concept and and freelancers must have similar experience to be considered.

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    It's a lottery related project, we need someone who has expertise in Defi (Decentralised Finance) along with IEO, coin development, and exchange development. Further details can be given to selected profiles.

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    I have a smart cotract that has stopped working due to gas fee's I want to port it over to Etheruem 2.0

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    Kısa bilgi olarak akışı yazıyorum. Siteye üye olduktan sonra kendisine ait bir cüzdan oluşacak. Kişi kontrat adresine örneğin 1 ETH gönderecek ve karşılığında 1000 X COİN almış olacak. Göndermiş olduğu transaction (Transfer dekontu gibi) id'yi bize bildirince hesabına gerekli miktarı yatırmış olacağız.

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    Need to upgrade the app by integrating the current app registration flow with Mitek Facial ID solution. Also need to introduce recurring requests and change in request accept logic. Uploaded the documents which outlines the detailed changes. App can found on IOS and Android, search "Nirvana Food For Everyone" or " Nirvana Helping Hands".

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    Help me analyze a ERC-20 Code 2 天 left

    I need to figure out a finished code how to mint and how to make a Adress spendable and create a pair on UniSwap

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    A blockchain-related use case that needs verification from a technical perspective. some questions need to be answered like: • is blockchain the right solution for my use-case? • what are the tools/components/equipment needed to evaluate the cost of the project • what is the perfect business model for my use-case? • how do you set the price of digital assets? Please note that ...

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    Blockcain project 2 天 left

    Need a project similar to [登录来查看链接] 1. ico website 2. admin dashboard 3. invesntor dashboard 4. erc 20 token 5. web wallet 6. smart contract 7. white paper Please provide quote

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    you need to write content for my website home page, overview and all. content is related to Crypto currency and blockchain.

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    Need a solid developer who can use the web source code and smart contract on TRON to build a dapp similar to I've the web source code and smart contract code. I need someone who can tweak the web and code, minor changes and deploy it asap. Skills needed - Solidity, web development, tron smart contract Please do not submit if you don't have the above skills. Thanks

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    Need a solid developer who can use dttexchange web as base and build similar dap,98% same, but on TRON network. Budget - below $1000

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    Blockchain Dev Resources 2 天 left

    Primary Responsibilities: - Develop, build and maintain smart contracts and dApps. - Plan and design token mechanics with the team. - Be able to communicate work and contribute to technical documentation. - Help develop architecture and product design The Ideal Candidate should have: - Experience with Ethereum, Tendermint, Cosmos SDK, Stellar and generalized DEX, Proof of Stake and Validato...

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    I want to have a artificial intelligence model for predicting winner of forthcoming English Premier league football matches (and many more to follow). The proceed of the model will be used in a blockchain project . A suitable candidate must be having sound knowledge of making AI projects and also able to dig out historical data from internet.

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    We are and independent funk/soul/world music band with a strong and ethical message of sustainability and earth regeneration, looking to do things out of the box, create a nft to sell and use as limited tickets for restricted numbers show due to COVID

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    Build a simple P2P messaging service for ethereum addresses, accessible through web3 browser (or similar). I open the messenger within Trust or Metamask and web3 recognises my ethereum address - it allows me to send messages from that address and see messages sent to that address. Messages can be sent to any address (i.e. if they don't have the messenger then the message appears when / if t...

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    Please apply if you are an Expert. Need someone who has good skills in Solidity and experience with Tron. Details in the chat.

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    I Want to create a smart contract and website like [登录来查看链接] I have the source code just some changes are needed to be done. The link of the site is here [登录来查看链接]

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    I have been given an industry "Digital Arts Licensing" and need a report written on it which involves Blockchain as well.

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    Need a BLOCKCHAIN Expert 2 天 left

    i need to implement blockchain in my project using java language

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    We need to create a Token on the ethereum blockchain, most of the tokens will be given to users through a smart contract, an app will interact with the smart contract and will ask to the contract to send some tokens to an ethereum address. Tokenomics: 5 000 000 Tokens 100 000 To be mined through the app 50 000 Reserved for future developments of the project you will have to edit the app code ...

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    This is our first stage of our contest. Using [登录来查看链接], create a demonstration that can be should to the team to then extend it. The first phase is to find teams that can use active directories, hyperledger and public bolckchain. The next stage, once we have found the right team is to extend some aspects of it. If you have a better framework, then we'd love you to show us what you can do...

    $1551 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保 顶级竞赛
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    We are a multinational blockchain agency and planning to launch our own decentralized finance ecosystem by the end of Q4. We originally had focused on the gaming network on TRON, and the developers of the team doesn't have much experience and knowledge about DeFi and Ethereum/Erc20 chain. I would like to bring in a professional solidity programmer to the team and would want the candidate to a...

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    I need Tron Dex, fully customizable

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    I have an existing solidity contract code that I want to deploy in Remix for my learning purposes. I tried to deploy the contract code, but it keeps throwing an error message. I need help with this deployment. the code is here: [登录来查看链接]

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    A newly launched ERC20 token project is seeking teammates to join the core technical and marketing divisions. Team members are expected to help the fundraising and crowdfunding launchpad stages for the current and upcoming stages in token's portfolio. Payments will be made in tokens plus attractive successful and bounty charges on a monthly basis. Applicants must have massive experiences on c...

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    [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Need to imitate this DAPP, the smart contract has been open source I need web interface and smart contract, all deployment help

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