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Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting.

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    Forsage ,voomo etc like Script a complete ready to launch smart contract MLM script needed, which has all the Matrix scehme features like forsage. By using this script, one can start a next gen cryptocurrency MLM business model with 100% automated and decentrtalized features. The script have to comes with the customization of default smart contract, profit table, binary matrix, and the entire sy...

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    We need a direct Bitcoin payment gateway that will not use any 3rd party applications (other than Bitcoin itself). Requirements: - Calculate specific BTC price based on fixed USD price every time there's a new payment. - Create new address for each payment and then forward all payments to one wallet. - Display QR code on the payment page. - Automatically check when payment is received and se...

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    Similar to [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接] but there will be less pages and payment method, also i will design UI you need to follow UI design

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    This website will have: - Game (game + relevant Admin Panel data + provably fair) - Deposit and withdraw (Bitcoin + Welcome Bonus) - Affiliates (Invite users for % of commission with affiliate code/link) - Level up (levels up the user and users receive rewards) - Chat (including moderators) - etc Message me for more information including document with the features + requirements, images ...

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    looking for a free lancer who can teach block chain

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    Hi, we search someone who can do security module in a blockchain based system. You can use ethereum source code. For transactions

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    Previous experience working with ChainLink Oracle is imperative. Please send details about oracle work you have done in the past with your bid.

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    We are currently developing a Project (Blockchain based marketplace) that is directly linked with Intellectual property protection and Blockchain dev. We are currently searching for a Blockchain Expert (Hyperledger Expert) that could either build a IP Protection through blockchain for us (based on Development environment and Hyperledger). Or for a Blockchain expert that could be a consultant to ...

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    I want website that people can buy and sell bitcoin for example like

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    Hi guys, i want build website that people will be able to buy and sell bitcoin with me manually Something similar to this one [登录来查看链接]

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    I'm seeking funding for a new project and don't have time to complete a 6-10page pitch deck, I need some quick market research on :Crypto being used as ecommerce I need some nice design work on screenshots Some financial projection (not a full P&L -forecast) just the TAM and opportunity I don't expect this to be a big job, the right candidate will have this information to hand...

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    I need you to help build a blockchain based system where artists can certify their work on the blockchain. They should be able to transfer the work to others who are added to the blockchain. and original artists should get notified each time work is transferred

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    Cryptocurrency and Web Expert 5 天 left

    I'm going to modify iquidus explorer. I want to add 2 pages for my coin explorer like the following. [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] The developer should know the pivx proposal system and iquidus block explorer. *** Please write "Pivx Proposla Iquidus Explorer" on the top of your bid proposal. Else I won't message you. *** Thanks. Cheers.

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    Trophy icon logo creation 5 天 left

    Development of a new fintech (financial start-up/ bank) focused on: - Financial products for companies in the trade fair sector: Loans, Applications, Credit...; - Bank products for individuals : account / Debit and Credit Card ... - Fundraising for special projects; - Solutions and Services for Mergers and accquisitions; - venture capital structure (bank specializing in credit fo...

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    We are after a system that will be able to securly store our college's graduate certificates on a blockchain and also allows other third parties to verify authenticity of these certificates.

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    We need to build a DeFi platform which will require smart contract advance coding in solidity and a UI building on top of it to build a functional Dapps running on Ethereum blockchain. 1. Apps interacting with Ethereum blockchain for KYT(know your transactions), able to top up with various payment methods including crypto and fiats including e-wallets. Able to send and receive between wallets, f...

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    I would like to create a dex preferable fork of the Etherdelta or forkdelta. but it need to be a new exchange in my server

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    We are looking "Delhi NCR based IT Company", for AI, Odoo, Blockchain and VR/AR/MR project, who has strong portfolio of USA client. Company's who are interested please contact for work details.

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    I just want to talk to a track & trace blockchain specialist We are looking for a consulting partner, Our project is in progress, our project manager is from New Delhi, India. We are specialists in blockchain anchors, and we want to shorten the path to Track & Trace. We want to do the tracking by QRcode (via APP) will be sent to Gelocation and anchored in the Blockchain together with H...

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    Blockchain 4 天 left

    I need a blockchain developer for my project

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    BlockExplorer Developer -- 2 4 天 left

    I'm going to modify iquidus explorer. I want to add 2 pages for my coin explorer like the following. [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] The developer should know the pivx proposal system and iquidus block explorer. *** Please write "Pivx Proposla Iquidus Explorer" on the top of your bid proposal. Else I won't message you. *** Thanks. Cheers.

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    I need an ERC20 token created, with a matching wallet app, that has the ability to stake the token for rewards. The wallet app must contain 5 of the top crypto currencies, with a simple buy/sell function, along with having the token you will create. The coin that will be created needs to be able to be "staked" on the wallet, so that users can gain rewards for holding a balance. The...

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    Thank you for taking time to read our job post. We are a tech company located in NY, we are excited about blockchain and the different things blockchain can do for us. We want to hire a full time developer to help us create, manage and deploy smart contracts. We have a few samples of smart contracts we like and whats awesome is, its all open source so its simple to R&D if you have the experien...

    $194 - $388 / hr
    $194 - $388 / hr
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    We need a Landing Page with the Dash Wallet ([登录来查看链接]) integrated for payments in Dash Cryptocurrency to be made directly on the page.

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    debug a smart contract 3 天 left

    I have a smart contract written in solidity. it is only 65 lines long. it is a crowdsale contract.

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    We would like a blockchain specialist to help us make and enable a video streaming platform by extending our proposed smart contract on the ethereum blockchain platform It must allow - Verification of video purchase - The viewer will send ethereum ether to video owner via our smart contract , the viewer should be able to send verification data to video owner (hosted by him via P2P network o...

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    I need to config laravel echo server for my project to make it work properly

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    Digital Token -- 2 3 天 left

    I want to built a digital token, name Rei Coin, we have already the DESIGN of the coin. The coin will be not listed.

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    Looking for a simple program that can simply and easily transfer funds of specific coins in my wallets between Binance and Kucoins.

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    Looking for a talented developer who has experience into multi vendor ecommerce with template editor panel. SaAS need to have those skills mob dev micronaut, golang java laravel react and redux

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    Online videos for students 2 天 left

    Looking for tutors who can create videos for the following topics. >Digital Marketing >Scala Programming >Julia Programing >Block chain >Abacus The remuneration for the work is like the tutor will get twenty five percent of the money for each student joining .It will be a long term investment [登录来查看链接] tutors who can create such kinds of video lessons For more details please contac...

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    block chain integration to video

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    I need an Arbitrage system like [登录来查看链接] Can you?

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    Technical book writing 1 天 left

    Minimum 300 pages. Need technical person well versed with Cyber Security, AI and ML. How these 3 can help make the IOT system secure. Graphics has to be there in the book.

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    Desarrollar una pasarela de pagos que reciba criptomonedas y Dinero Fiat.

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    Smart contract project Combination of these projects into one: 1) Forsage: login page [登录来查看链接] insert 113501 to log in, smart contract [登录来查看链接] 2) Million money: login page [登录来查看链接] insert 579984 to log in, smart contract [登录来查看链接] The second smart contract need to be changed with mid-levels and automation to upgrade member when new one join to his downline. Cloudflare integration on the site...

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    We want to build a smart contract similar to Proof Of Weak Hands. If you have built these type of smart contracts in the past and we can see them and audit them please contact me about working with us on our POWH style contract.

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    setup cardano stake pool 1 天 left

    setup full cardano staking pool on cloud

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    Smart Contracts Requirement 1 天 left

    We have built a blockchain in Hyperledger Fabric and we need smart contracts created to implement the scenario detailed below. We would liked Open Source Cicero Templates used as per the attached documentation. Further information at: [登录来查看链接] We need the smart contracts created that will allow the ownership of real assets to be controlled digitally. As such, on the blockchain, it will not...

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    Revamp my website 7 小时 left

    My team and I are building in a niche industry and we're looking for the right individual to help us fine time our website. Seeking a front-end developer familiar with blockchain technology, web3, and building on ethereum.

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    Exchange 1. Cryptocurrency exchange with three(3) trading pair as follows: BTC-Others, ETH-Others, USDT-Others # BTC/ETH/USDT ---- 30 coin trading pair. 2. All market trading should look like genuine. To do that in API you should show other exchange data (as public can realize that this data is genuine trading ongoing) 3. In exchange user can see the last 24 hour total trade volume for every pa...

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