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Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting.

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    I need to buy a arbitrage bot that is working between pancakeswap and backeryswap. Place bid if you have full-working bot already.

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    I need a developer for my mini game NFT.

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    Crypto token devlopment 6 天 left

    Would like to create Bep20 token which has airdrop and ICO options in smart contract

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    Hiện bên mình cần hơp tác với một đội ngũ Developer chuyên sâu kinh nghiệm lập trình blockchain, đã từng có kinh nghiệm lập trình sàn giao dịch tiền điện tử. Lưu ý: mình chỉ cộng tác với các Dev ở Vietnam, ưu tiên khu vực tp.hồ chí minh.

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    Fork Tornado cash for Polygon 6 天 left

    I want to fork Tornado Cash for Polygon Blockchain Tornado cash is a privacy blockchain which breaks the link between a sender and receiver. Its a open source project and all the code is in the github. You have to fork the github code and complete the project. You can use a simple UI to deposit and retrieve functions. Github link - [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] is the working project. All code in ...

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    Build a block chain network for EV charging infrastructure

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    I am looking for someone who can create a private crypto coin. Please let me know if you can help

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    i am looking a payment gateway integrated to my site where customers can pay using card or any other payment method and this platform should send payment to my account with crypto looking suggestions and prices for integration with little explanation about it

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    I am very close to configuring this plugin for my website. I have everything setup perfectly as far as i can see, however there are a few things that need configured. Wallet doesnt show ETH balace (see attached) When trying to send crypto to recipient nothing happens when i click the button. (see attched) Wehen attempting to complete purchase I get plugin error message. Something small needs con...

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    I need a app like Trust:Crypto and bitcoin wallet Android app. I already have a front end and i need a backend developer for this.

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    [Request details] Application development for operating electronic authentication blockchain server for nft provision. * Note: Make it easy to maintain. 【 delivery 】 I want to consult and decide [Points to be emphasized / development experience] ・ Those who can complete ・ Please transfer the copyright of the adopted work to us and apply after agreeing not to exercise the moral rights. ・ We will...

    $62 - $117 / hr
    $62 - $117 / hr
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    Looking for a blockchain expert that is knowledgeable about crypto & blockchain in the area of, development, design, and product management. We are looking for a technical lead who is an ardent fan of building products and solutions that solve keys problems

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    Coin listen 6 天 left

    I need profession person for coin listen, i dont know anything about it but i want to have my own coin, So, any seller that can explain before we talk about cost can come in Regards.

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    Se necesita freelancer para crear tokens no fungibles ( NFT ). Se admiten archivos de imagen, video, audio y modelos 3D ( Se podrán cargar JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF ) con un tamaño máximo de 40 a 100 MB.

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    I want someone to add my new token to stallerterm

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    Develop a crypto token 6 天 left

    I’d like help with minting a new crypto token on an existing blockchain. I only have a few simple requirements in mind before launching a unique marketing campaign, but it would be great to have someone knowledgeable of the best options for my goals and who can communicate well. Please feel free to reach out with a bit about your experience and how you might like to get started. Thanks!

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    BSC node Linux 6 天 left

    I want to setup a BSC node with access to WSS

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    Hi, Developers, I hope you all are doing good. I need a Token with these features -Farms & Pools -Liquidity Lock -Referrals -NFTs Bonus For reference token check this website I exactly need like this one - [登录来查看链接] Please bid if you can create like the mentioned token. Regards.

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    Block Chain Project 6 天 left

    I am looking for project related to block chain , will explain in chat. related to BSC smart chain coins prices etc.

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    BLock .IO API Intergration 6 天 left

    hello i need someone who can fix my block io api it cannot call API from the admin source code was recently touched which has made the function error i need someone to can troubleshoot and fix it please not i dont provide source code out you need to fix throuble shoot on teamview or anydesk

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    Hello, We need White-paper writer for our client to write and design white-paper or lite-paper of their Crypto BSC token. Best Regard's

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    Hello here, I want to develop a health Decentralized application. I have the whole UI design on Adobe XD. What is needed is an expert who can do the frontend development in react native. For the stack, we use react native for front end with web3js integration for digital wallet, data storage and data retrieval transactions in the blockchain. AWS Cognito User pool and integration with API's wi...

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    The 2DC system is a digital financial system which provide the functionality to sale digital connects to their registered customer in the form of cards (credit or prepaid) and customer can consume these connects in sales transactions with defined merchant partners. Merchants rise the claims to 2DC includes customer transactions and on claims approval 2DC pay the claim amount and connects will be...

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    It's like a social application where we can create accounts and then groups. We can add some budget in our digital wallet of the application and then we can : as example : donate to others who need help or financial assistance. In addition I want to incorporate bonuses with DIFI options to enhance budgets. References: keywords ujamaa cooperative economics friends and family cooperativ...

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    I need to build an exchange 80% like Binance. I need to build as fast as possible. Please contact to me if you can. Thank you

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    Looking for software engineers to develop a in-house trading platform for our professional traders for our crypto strategy. We have used the same trading platform for a number of years (for different derivatives) but it’s not suitable for Cryptos hence we want to develop our own one in-house.

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    I am going to create upgradeable smart contract. I need a developer who have rich experiences in solidity and web3.

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    Retrieve data from github API 5 天 left

    Need to create a website to display the details of this tool [登录来查看链接] It should be divided into different sections as per the site [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] have a github, you have to use that API to get the data. Before talking to me check the github and familiarize with the code. [登录来查看链接] I will give you PSD OR AI for graphics. We should be able to sort the data according to all the header on t...

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    Hello. Everyone. So I am looking to get data such as this and be able to refresh it every 3 seconds. See attached image. I can get this data via events. I cant use an api because if it is calling it every 3 seconds then It would need a very high capacity api provider. I am looking to get all transactions for any token on bsc that is being traded on pancakeswap. just like I need this i...

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    1. Integrate REST API 2. Populate Data and Run Sample Smart Contract 3. Upload PDF feature; parse and run smart contract on top.

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    I want block chain developer. I will share infor in chAt

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    Im interested in creating my own token to be featured on Stellar Blockchain. I have already consulted with a professional who has drafted my white paper however Im a little confused on a few things and Im interested in further counseling on this matter as I do not have prior experience with generating my own cryptocurrency projects. Im looking to improve my knowledge on token economics and general...

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    Im interested in creating my own token to be featured on Stellar Blockchain. I have already consulted with a professional who has drafted my white paper however Im a little confused on a few things and Im interested in further counseling on this matter as I do not have prior experience with generating my own cryptocurrency projects. Im looking to improve my knowledge on token economics and general...

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    Smart contract 5 天 left

    Based on BEP 20 token. We need to create a smart contract.

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    smart-contract is able to automatically discovering, evaluating, rating, pair matching, routing,submitting for possible arbitrage opportunities then execute arbitrage between currencies, using flash loans, between multiple DEX exchanges Smart Contract for arbitrage trading between DEXs only on multiple chains or starting with MATIC,binance smart chain.. Not using centralized [登录来查看链接] decentral...

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    We are looking to develop and launch our ICO and need an experienced developer to help us. Thanks

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    Blockchain - Python 5 天 left

    Looking for someone to help me create a blockchain project using Python and other technologies. Ideally looking for someone that has worked on similar projects. Please describe some of the projects you have worked on on your bid.

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    create Blockchain/Cryptocurrency spec file

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    blockchain 5 天 left

    Need blockchain more than 5 years experience in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain development and integration of Blockchain solutions. ✅ ICO service with created token(coin) ✅ Fully optimized token creation such as "reflection token" ✅ Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform ✅ POS/POW/POT Blockchain Build. ✅ Master in building full synced node. ✅ Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Web Wallets ✅ ...

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    Using the Design of the game called cryptoblade we want a new game with a complete new characters and weapons, working in Polygon Blockchain.

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    Create 100 NFTs in 1 week for a pet representing a brand deadline: one week --- Crear 100 NFT en 1 semana para una mascota que representa una marca fecha limite una semana

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    We are generating some nice NFTs. We have planned multiple releases; likely bundles of 3 assets. We would need Opensea functionality / storefront, and may want a little more, like the ability to show a peek-a-boo partial quick view of either the contents of the bundle, or an asset, or something. We may also be in need of a website. Do you have a requirements document template, perhaps?

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    i will share more details via private chat.

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    Here is the documentation for the Atomic Asset and Atomic Market API, this is to directly query the blockchain for all data in regards to assets/sales on the Proton chain: [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Here’s the documentation for the Atomic Asset / Atomic Market contract actions that you can call. These are actions on the AA/AM smart contract that you can interact with to buy/sell/mint (etc) new ite...

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    Blockchain 5 天 left

    This is pre interview assignment. In this we need to create simplified blockchain according to the given file.

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    Your task is to provide advice and creating 3 different contracts for the purpose of linking with GAME currency, and 2 more tokenisation of ingame components such as health and metal similar to APEX INFINITY or Also another 3 more contracts which is similar, which is for weapon, armor & shield. You MUST be very experienced with coding the smart contract, erc721or erc1155 whi...

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    I need someone who is an expert for Unity3D Game Development and also has insight in blockchain APIs integration.

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    We are looking for someone that can help us finalize, deploy & verify an ERC 20 & 1155 contract for Polygon. These are the features we are including In the contract. Minting based on criteria. Burning. Roles. Royalties & virtual game tax. NFT Renting. On-Chain Random Weighted Numbers. On-chain NFT Merging. on-chain unique NFT naming.

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    I want to create a multi-signature bitcoin wallet for web, android and ios, fast, lightweight and easy to use. will have both BTC, Ethereum/ERC-20, BEP2, Dogecoin, Stellar, Tether and more

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    Uniswap fork 4 天 left

    Standard project, swap, pool. Details to be discussed

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