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Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting. 雇佣Blockchain Developers


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    There is already developed website [login to view URL] I want to modify this website, so that cryptocurrency is tradable All the functions(graph + table etc) should stay, its just turning website into cryptocurrency exchange market like [login to view URL] There is 1 condition in listing the coins. I want to freely list coins that i want.

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    Hi my team and me need a piece of work rewritten and in some areas additional information will be needed. The document has already been written but it needs to be written to suit a technical and none technical audience. We need to be able to sell Blockchain technologies within the document. The information is about the world of Blockchain and how Blockhain can support multiple industries. We n...

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    Due to time wasters, I am in need of finalizing a Peatio exchange installation. Needs to be done: interface with twillio general security assessment introduce new coins/erc20 tokens general customization and maintainance contract after milestone. please apply only if you have experience in setting up production stage Peatio and you can prove it. payments outside freelancer platform are not availa...

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    I need someone that has experience making dapps on the ethereum network.

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    blockchain 6 日 left

    build nep5 token on neo smart contract

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    Crypto Currency writer needed 6 日 left

    We are looking for a well experienced crypto currency writer. We have lots of content to write. We will start with few. We need accurate, well research, plagiarism free and English error free writing. Looking for expert who have written on crypto currency before. Please mention your price for each 700-750 words. We are interested to hire professional writers with affordable rate.

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    We are on the verge of creating a brand new blockchain network for a financial application. This offer is towards the engineers who has been involved in blockchain development and has commercial grade experience..

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    Bitcoin PTC 6 日 left

    Looking for someone that knows about PTC websites and blockchain technology

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    want to create a erc20 token from scratch, for my ico

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    I would like to have an application like telegram or Signal on the Tron network. It has to be secure, fast, and user friendly

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    Fork altcoin 5 日 left

    Ho necessità di fare un fork di una altcoin. La moneta in questione è basata sul pos con [login to view URL] necessità di sapere preventivo del prezzo per un fork e per un fork con masternode.

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    Ethereum 5 日 left

    write to blockchain - smart contract

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    esponsibilities Write clean, maintainable, secure code for distributed applications. Write Solitidy code and create the corresponding UI/UX. We mostly code in Solidity, Node/JS, and Go. Be directly responsible for the creation and maintenance of modules and core infrastructure of the distributed Centrifuge operating system. Drive your projects from inception to completion by owning your own delive...

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    We require an experienced blockchain developer experienced in writing smart contracts for EOS based tokens. Ideally you understand how to code conditions for security like tokens such as dividends, voting and rewards. We need smart contracts coded for client ICOs and you need to be able to rapidly identify key requirements, information needed and time to develop the code. Please provide some e...

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    We are hiring great developers with artificial intelligence skills. I want to integrate artificial intelligence, block-chain technology and Google's great technology into my website. I am a real estate broker ceo in Korea. All customers are Korean. You must be able to resolve this issue regardless of your nationality. By combining all the technologies, including artificial intelligence an...

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    Looking to build a mining calculator similar to [login to view URL]

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    Blockchain 4 日 left

    My company is looking for a demo project on blockchain which will be innovative.

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    I need research writer for a white paper writing skill requirement Prospect freelancer must have a good knowledge in blockchain, crypto, smart contract and deep tech

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    Ethereum Developer Needed 4 日 left

    I have a a small job to install an Ethereum Daemon and connect via json RPC.

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    I need someone who knows how to integrate the Binance API. A bonus if able to integrate into a website, user wallet ID's, [login to view URL](or suitable site), e-commerce, etc... We can figure out budget when we talk.

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    hello everyone; i am looking for a crypto currency developer. i want to be coin pos / masternode. who is pivx expert ? please contact me :) if you make blockchain and wallet (windows,linux,mac) please contact me! working with you will make me happy. thank you

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    I am looking to add ICO advisors for my ICO project Candidate must have blockchain/software or ICO background Please put your remuneration expectation and the services which you can provide.

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    I need somebody to help our c++ coder to get GDB debugger working on Vscode so he can debug cryptocurrency code. Support is to be done remotelly and via chat.

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    Erc 20 or other that you suggest, explain how you would do it.

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    Hello, I need a detailed SRS proposal for a hyperledger Blockchain Project on Track , Trace and Verify . [login to view URL] Please evaluate the above link and sent me clear proposal on this. based on the proposal we shall award the project.

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    Write Tech Articles for Me 3 日 left

    I own a website on learning tech. It is about Embedded systems, Big data, blockchain etc. I need articles on these subjects. The content should be original, engaging with author's opinion. If you are tech savvy, have flair to write tech article and passionate about it do get back to me. We can discuss more about the topic and content.

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    I need a website like [login to view URL] in which you can swap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and Ethereum tokens in a few clicks without having to log-in. It cannot use any third-party APIs such as the ShapeShift API. And must run fast on slow processors.

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    I need a team to build a web-based payment gateway, that can send and request FIAT & CRYPTO MONEY. Fiat refers to credit and debit cards. Crypto refers to BTC, ETH, XLM. I need your team to build the front-end, and your team to find the best backend crypto/fiat processing system (whitelabel/3rd party). DO NOT APPLY IF YOU NOT FAMILIAR WITH PAYMENT.

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    Unify Cryptocurrency is looking for a person who could write a professional 5000 word whitepaper about Unify project. We will provide you with the information that you will need to write the whitepaper, such as technical details, idea & other information that you will require. We will show priority to the writers who can send us samples of their previously completed work.

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    I need someone who has experience in deploying peatio for a crypto currency exchange. You must have proof of such works to see and be able to show evidence that work was done by you, you must also be able to provide long term support. Only those with relevant portfolio should apply and can deliver 5 days to 10 days of work. You must begin immediately, so if you are busy don't apply. No time w...

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    Person should have the capability to: + Design and build industry specific solutions using Blockchain technology. + Contribute to infrastructure setup and solution development in Blockchain and related technologies such as Ethereum, crypto currencies and smart contracts. + Ability to quickly learn functional requirements as applicable to the energy industry and convert into system specification...

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    We´re interested in having a smart contract for pooling purposes [login to view URL] , [login to view URL] It should work like this: 1) Investors send to a ETH address 2) We receive the tokens to that address and it distributes automatically with a rate that we defined additional features would be: Refund possibility, fee from 0-x% 1 - fee taken on ETH or tokens? Possibility to choose f...

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    Hi, We require a detailed SRS proposal for a hyperledger Blockchain Project on Track , Trace and Verify . [login to view URL] Please evaluate the above link and sent us a clear proposal on this. based on the proposal we shall award the project.

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    Want to collaborate with a driven individual on a small personal project. I want to develop a simple online multiplayer game with basic chat function. Looking to monetize with Etherium (ETH) crypto currency. Must be willing to work remotely and collaborate online.

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    Hi Everyone. i'm agency of the crypto ecommerce management company located in Liverpool. our company now looking for some talented developer who support blockchain technology for 3+ months. you must know very well about the HD wallet management. feel free to contact us. cheers

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    We need a ready crypto exchange script with documentation for setup and use. Also we need some slight modification for it for our business. The script should be ready and not first to be developed. We also need a logo and landing page. We have a budget of 3000 Euro.

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    I am looking for someone that's creative honest with a solid business and Crypto law background. I will be launching an ICO, so I need the right person to write me a white paper. My platform will be serving the globe but will be focusing on the (Middle-Eastern, Gulf-Region, North-African, and Turkish Market.) This is your chance to write something great and potentially become part of the team...

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    I need someone that is experieced with Blockchain to write in a function to split the block reward into the wallet that mined it and then the wallet for the network

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    Mobile IO ICO 15时 left

    I am developing a new crypto currency and a token as well I need a ICO launch page that can show the trading value of different cryptos and also allow people to invest in the token. I will need all content created and done as well and if this is done well then the next project is yours as well which is a crypto exchange and app.

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    Create an Ethereum Lottery 14时 left

    I would like you to create an Ethereum lottery for users to sign in, purchase tickets and allow us to set the lottery count-down, jackpots amount easily.

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    ERC20 POS Token Auditing 8时 left

    -5000 tokens to be considered as 1 LOT, -15 days staking before they start earning staking rewards. ( 16th day start earning x amount of bitto) -5003, 5900. 9999 ( is considered 1 LOT ). -5 Million to be used as POS and to be distributed within 2 years ( possible extension ) -Maximum reward per LOT is 50 per day. -if there is not enough stakers, extend the time of the 5 million being rewarded. (de...

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    Setup & run a MNR mining pool.

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    I want to do the simplest ICO ever. I want to take an asset (say a painting of mine, or my house, or my car), and pledge it to a digital coin offering. Whoever owns this coin owns the asset (and all distributions from the asset - say the painting sells at auction for $1mm dollars - then all holders of coins would get a distribution of cash). So I need someone to: Launch the coin on an exchange. I ...

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    bitcoin borsa ve coll cuzdan uygulamasi isteniyor ve Takpara atında kendi alt coin yaratmak borsaya sokmak 7 /24 aktif sunucu destek ve güvenlik siber saldırılara karşı Yapay zeka ile geliştirilmesi istiyor um yada ne oluyorsa süre kısıtlaması var ihtiyacta

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    Create a new Crypto Currency 16 日 left

    Create a new Crypto Currency by Improving open source existing codes and ensure its reliability to connect to external environments, and implement sepcific specs and deliverables and high level security.

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