If writing is interesting to you, there are lots of opportunities to write stories, novels and books. You need not have to have a PhD in English to write well, ItâEUR(TM)s good to start writing as a hobby choosing topics or genres of writing that interest you. Some Book Writing Jobs require a complex understanding about an individual topic, and the employer will request that the writer have education or experience in the field.

Research is quite important for book writing jobs is. You need to know everything you can possibly know to adequately write a book for a writing job. Look online, or go to your local library. Find out what others have to say about what you are researching for your book writing job. This practice can help you to get a sense of what you want to write and where you want it to end.

Grammar and punctuation are also a vital part of becoming a writer. If you write, you should be well aware of grammar and punctuation. You should also allow for the employer to give you feedback regularly on your work, so you can be on the same page on the progress.

Becoming a writer does not happen overnight. You learn and grow with every new piece you write on each book job. Enjoy it and look into sites that offer book writing jobs as a freelancer, as this will give you additional practice while making a few extra bucks. 雇佣Book Writers


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    We're looking for someone who can convert rough draft into an ebook. We'll provide the draft (rough points) that is needed to be made as sentences. You're expected to make meaningful sentences out of the rough drafts we give. You wouldn't have to conduct research as all the points will be given by us. We'd need the e-book to have plenty of bullet points, "pro tips&qu...

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    Puedo acompañarte en la construcción de tu historia autobiográfica. Soy docente y escritora de textos creativos. Licenciada en Lengua Castellana y Literatura, Especialista en Currículum, Magíster en Diseño y Evaluación con experiencia en enseñanza de la lengua, metodología de la investigación, asesoramiento y evaluación ...

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    I need a 250 page or 50,000 word (not just a bunch of filler words) Romance Novel. Must be very sensual and seductive but not over the top this is for female audiences. Thank you.

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    I am interested in writing a motivational book from a life coach perspective surrounding goals. Looking for a short read 50-75 pages that’s designed to motivate and inspire

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    Quiero contratar a un profesional para que me ayude a contar una historia autobiografica y sacar un libro de ello.

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    Trophy icon Short Story 6 日 left

    Hello Everyone, The goal of this contest is to write 5 short stories (not more than 200 words each) where the main character must be a Border Collier dog and it must take place in 5 different regions/cities of your country. Thank you for participating! Cristobal

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    Ebook Schreiber gesucht!!! 6 日 left

    Hallo zusammen, Ich suche einen Ebook Schreiber der mir langfristig kurze Ebooks(13000 Wörter) zu Themen meiner Wahl verfassen kann. Die Themen können ganz unterschiedlich sein, von Rezeptbüchern, über Social Media Marketing bis hin zu Hühner halten im Garten. Es handelt sich um ein langfristiges Jobangebot. Sobald also ein Auftrag beendet ist folgt ein neuer. Mein B...

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    Ebook planner 6 日 left

    I want hire writer ebook planner and cover book

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    article writting. 6 日 left

    I need you to write some articles.

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    I need an autobiography written. I need someone who can tell my story as if they were me. I have an interesting story to tell.

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    Para um estudo sobre a possibilidade de montar cooperativas de produção de energias renováveis na Africa (em Moçambique) preciso um capitulo sobre a historia das cooperativas de eletrificação e produção de energias renováveis, como foco especial ao Brasil, Alemanha, Portugal, Estados Unidos, Africa, resto do mundo. O capitulo deveria ...

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    I am writing a book step by step as short stories. I want someone to take the short stories and make them look good for publishing online as an e book.

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    I am looking for a text to rewrite and write a "how to" ebook for over 7,000 words and $ 70 dollars for 7,000 words. Payment conditions: full payment upon completion (no upfront fee) Duration: 14 days after the project acceptance. Upon completion of the project, you agree to my full rights to the ebook and its content. To apply, please send me your past work template so that I can better...

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    Fantasy Novel writer needed 5 日 left

    If you are expert in novel writing feel free to bid here.

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    Hello Ghost Writer, I am looking for a quotation for a writer to help me write my inspirational book of between 40,000 -70,000 words, about 100 or so A4 pages in 1.5 line spacing. The book is about my own life journey and experiences - like a biography or autobiography, and I am hoping to inspire other people with my life experiences and my story- the journeys that I have travelled on my life p...

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    I need fantasy novel 5 日 left

    I need a fantasy novel. Need a creative writer.

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    Fiction- Mystery...Life...transforming..experience.. Self Development Spiritual Development Body mind Soul 40 k words Already completed.. Requirement Structuring the story..Editing.. Limited Budget..rs 7000/INR Time 7 days...maximum

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    rewrite novel, change characters names and ages and gender. change from 1st person POV to 3rd person POV, change setting and other details.

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    I need a book to be written about financial success, and motivation to succeed, the book needs to have images inside and it needs to be in section. The book will need to be at leased 50 pages.

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    Would like to make a collection of childrens books

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    Would like to make a collection of childrens books

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    Aloha Friends, We need to see a copy of your own work to see your writers voice...first and foremost. Need a bid for 35,598 words. We that you guarantee your work, with as many communications needed in regard to errors that we might find. Requirements, send a sample of your work… would like to be true to the authors voice but need to make it so it is a page turner as well. The book ...

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    Book editor 4 日 left

    I want you to edit and proofready my book

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    Write a story 4 日 left

    Hi i need a story written. I will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

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    Writing a book 3 日 left

    Book writing author required to wright a book from my name.

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    I need a book on finance theme. How-to-earn-money guide. 10 up-to-date possibilities to make money. Or a story about bitcoin. Something like "bitcoin for dummies", but the idea should be given through a story about a funny american young man, who wan't money and regularly does some crazy things. I have 100 dollars budget. The story should be pretty short and simple to understand. I...

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    I want to have a couple of books created on different topics for example: Diets Dating Website tips and tricks Nutrition Cooking Cooking Hacks and more If you have any ideas and want to work long term let me know what is your price for 1 book and we can start to work right away.

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    Often people have this dream of opening their own business..the work really hard to realize that dream. One year later and the business is closed.. This book would pack all the dos and don't, tip and trick, things the bank or appliances companies and supplies do not tell you an people rarely read the fine print .

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    Story writer needed 3 日 left

    I need to write some stories for children. If you are expert in this area welcome to bid

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    Hello everybody, I am searching for a ghostwriter who could help me with writing a book. The content of the book will be little technical so a high English level is required. Its all about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. You must be excellent writer and have first-hand experience with trading in Cryptos. You must understand graphs, charts, candlesticks and explain them in words. I will provide yo...

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    Title: 10,000-Word e-Book on a “Credit Card and Credit Card Debt Management” Topic Description: Do you love talking or writing about credit card and credit card debt management? Can you create content in the first person, friendly style that’s popular with bloggers? If you answered “yes” to both questions above, then here is a project that’s perfect for you: 1...

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    i need a fantasy novel 2 日 left

    i need a fantasy novel. Need an expert writer.

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    Hello everybody, I am searching for a ghostwriter who could help me with writing a book. The content of the book will be little technical so a high English level is required. Its all about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. You must be excellent writer and have first-hand experience with trading in Cryptos. You must understand graphs, charts, candlesticks and explain them in words. I will provide yo...

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    Trophy icon Simple Dog Story 2 日 left

    Hello Everyone, The goal of this contest is to write a short story. Requirements: Main Character: Its a Border Collier ([login to view URL]) which is charismatic ([login to view URL]). Language: English Where: The story must take place in your country. Number of words: Free. Structure: it must have 5 different chapters. the story must have at least 4 key events/decisions with two...

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    I've already typed out all of the content. All it needs is formatted into an ebook that can be uploaded to Amazon

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    I need a novel written about mature love. A love story.

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    Ghostwriter 2 日 left

    I want a novel written about a mature relationship between a man and woman in their early 50's. This will be a series of books.

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    A new book is written by the my company

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    my name is habeeb . my project is a non fiction [login to view URL] story is about a girl, who works at an hotel. a guy who comes to the hotel likes her and get married to [login to view URL] guy lives at his masters house but told the girl he his the owner . the owner of the house came back from a trip .he wanted to send the boy out, but the girl begged [login to view URL] gave the boy a house an...

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    Fiction novel writer 2 日 left

    I need to write my fiction novel. If you are expert in this area bid please

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    I am looking for a professional freelancer with expertise in English literature who is also interested in reading crime thrillers. The freelancer would need to edit, proofread, review and critique a book (work in progress). They'll have to report on each paragraph of chapters pointing out the corrections, ambiguities and contradictions. Please get in touch if you could help.

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    I need to write a fiction novel. If you are expert in novel writing feel free to contact me

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    I want an instructional ebook about the rice in a box business. The title of this ebook is " Build your own rice in a box business without franchising"

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    Hei. Jeg trenger noen til å skrive bok for meg. Jeg ønsker å lage en selvutviklingsbok basert på 5 steg. Stegene er fra å bli ekspert på deg selv til å leve med deg selv. Hovedformålet med boka er å treffe mennesker som ønsker å få det beste ut av livet de har fått tildelt. Disse menneskene lever kanskje ik...

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    Write a Novel book (40 pages) 1 日 left

    Hi, I need a novel book to use it as a giveaway,i need you to write a novel book based on your opinion.

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    He terminado una novela corta (infantil-juvenil) que consta de 65 páginas, y 32.310 palabras. He consultado con varios correctores ortotipográficos y la tarifa es muy alta, y la verdad es que no me lo puedo permitir. Si alguién está interesado puedo envíarle el primer capítulo, y a partir de ahí hablar de las correciones, y de lo que necesite sab...

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    Horror story 1 日 left

    It is a kind of novel a scary story to be more precise

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    I'm looking for someone to read and review my middle grade novel and suggest improvements to strengthen the plot structure and storyline. The turnaround time is around a week. The first two chapters and synopsis is attached for reference.

    $883 (Avg Bid)
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