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A brand is a name, term, symbol or design that is used to identify products or services. A brand differentiates one business from another. Branding is an exercise that is constantly being performed in the marketing arena in order to reach and sustain customers. If you are venturing into online public relations and branding you may need help with your branding efforts. You can hire expert branding freelancer talent for the same. Simply post your branding job today and get started! 雇佣Branding Consultants


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    2d short cartoon video. Script and topic will be provided it will be short 2-3 min movie

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    Trophy icon VISUAL IDENTITY 17 小时 left

    VAPE INDUSTRY // E-JUICE BRAND IDEA: For us quality is not price, it is value. And the value we offer is a superior product with international quality, produced from imported raw material at competitive prices. We offer a brand with strong and assertive personality, aligned with the lifestyle, values ​​and world view of a young, connected, funky, positive and stripped-down audience. MISSION...

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    Photo Editing 6 天 left

    Photoshop work required to edit 20 photos.

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    Trophy icon Brand Concept Creative 6 天 left

    We have created a general idea of what our brand idea/concept should be. Gut-brain, the 2nd gut, Go with your gut! (See attachment) However, we need more concrete, creative and well laid out ideas of this concept. e.g. 1. How the ideas/concepts and subsequent designs should look (we will liaise with a designer) 2. Where they can be used - print, promotional items, events, online, offline 3. Humo...

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    I need a great landing page. For a roofing business

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    Fashion design tee shirt

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    Trophy icon Beer Label Design #2 2 天 left

    We are an independent craft brewery in Alaska and are looking for a graphic designer to design a few one-off 16oz can labels for quick release beers. These are intended to be fun releases to peak interest for our packaged beer before we begin larger production. We would prefer those with experience in craft beer packaging. Here is the information for the 2nd beer: New England Pale Ale 5.5% ABV 16 ...

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    Trophy icon Beer Label Design 2 天 left

    We are an independent craft brewery in Alaska and are looking for a graphic designer to design a few one-off 16oz can labels for quick release beers. These are intended to be fun releases to peak interest for our packaged beer before we begin larger production. We would prefer those with experience in craft beer packaging. Here is the information for the first beer: Moose Joose 7.0% ABV 25 IBUs Lo...

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    Searching for recommendations to one business similar to fiverr, please name in english, i need the fully corporate identity

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    Make me a 4K video that is going to be on my website as a explainer of my story and services

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    Design project 5 天 left

    Put together an artist rendering of a 25 acre business park.

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    Trophy icon Creative New Logo Design 5 天 left

    From this project we are asking for: x1 quality logo design on brief with 3 variants x1 wildcard design (less brief restricted, more creative, free from all existing themes) 2 colour ways (for light and dark background) Visuals of the logo in situ *Full brief enclosed* Further branding work for 3 additional businesses may be available for the successful applicant. Good Luck!

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    Trophy icon Logo Design (TBC) 5 天 left

    Describe your product, target audience, and industry. We are a high quality women's supplement company. We created a high potency powdered drink that is complete nutrition + added beauty benefits. Beauty from the inside out! Our customers are women aged 26-50. They are educated and they have expendable income. They make informed decisions about their purchases. We aim to make the product mod...

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    Full t-shirt - 25 Half - 25 Girls tees and crop top - 25

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    Based on research and the project description you need to find a brand name for our project. You need also to analyse current brand names that we already found and make recommendations based on marketing aspects. - We need unlimited ideas until we are satisfied - as always the domain .com or .org or .io needs to be free for registration

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    Build my website 5 天 left

    I need a website in wordpress for my business

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for FinTech Startup 5 天 left

    Hey everyone, We're looking for a logo for our startup. It's an app which gives credits to users. (financial credits) The project is called "credx". Where `cred` stays for credits and 'x' for innovation and the future. These are some things we would like to express throughout the logo: - simplicity - trust - innovation Feel free to be completely creative. We will b...

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    We want a magazine with just images and text about interviews. We have 60 images and 3 interviews.

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    Business Logo 5 天 left

    Mozzie Market is an online retail store that specializes in pop culture products and internationally sourced merchandise from entrepreneurs in select regions.

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    I am a Realtor who specializes in Corporate Rental Homes in Austin Texas. My company HomeBase ATX will set-up, market, and manage these rentals. In addition HomeBase ATX will be affiliated with Realtor Services to help people find a permanent home. HomeBase ATX homes are used by Business Travelers, Relocations, people renovating, and others needing temporary furnished homes. What makes HomeBa...

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    Portfolio design 4 天 left

    Photography portfolio design

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    Knowledge on BIM? 4 天 left

    BIM?? PowerPoint

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    Bim PowerPoint slides 4 天 left

    You will be given an existing model of a building to work with: • You are requested to check and analyse the information content of the model; you must use tools such as Navisworks and/or Solibri model checker to do so. You are required to describe which information is existing and which information is missing from the model, as well as any inconsistencies you may find; • Using the provi...

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    Trophy icon Logo design for restaurant 4 天 left

    Yuzu is the name of a Japanese lemon. Yuzu is a Japanese and Eastern inspired restaurant. I need a logo with name of font and exact colour code to be used for the menu, branded packaging and website. Mood board can show general concept. Image of desired bar look attached. Image of a Yuzu attached. Logo does not have to contain Yuzu lemon image, I have attached it for your information only.

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    These attachments are from Google. We need technical drawings of select apparel based on concept images.

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    Morheal Organics is firm name, we are into moringa farming, planning to develop a website, logo business card and some other marketing material.

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    ATTENTION: ONLY Architects, Draftsman & Landscape Designers should enquire!!! We require architectural landscape plans to be developed for a similar development as shown on the attached plan. The landscape plan must include a schedule of plants, their scientific names, ground cover, size at planting and at maturity etc The plan must be to a scale of 1:100 or 1:200. I will specify the details ...

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    Business card design -- 2 4 天 left

    Business card design

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    Software video creating 3 天 left

    Make a video of a software process for YouTube

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    Trophy icon Hybrid coffee shop 3 天 left

    I have a coffee shop that has two sections. one which is your normal coffee shop where people come and enjoy coffee and chat. and the other one is an isolated quite section where students come and study or anyone that needs a place to work or read without the noise and distractions. i need a slogan that shows this identity and embrace it.

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    Hi, I need someone very creative to do the following: - re-design my restaurant logo. - design 5 t-shirt. Thank you Saeed

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    Art work for cosmetic range 3 天 left

    I am looking for artwork designs for 5 SKU’s . Range detail and brand positioning and brand logo will be provided if chosen. Need to see clear examples in response.

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    I want to make a brand with Vape messages and some designs

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    Tech pack designer 2 天 left

    I need someone who can design a tech pack. For a women’s clothing line. You would have to make a tech pack for 5 pieces.

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    Stable Grounds, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization with the mission to establish a coalition of people – from a broad spectrum of professional disciplines – that are committed toward developing leadership and community-building competencies through local programs and activities. The imagery for the brand should be based upon the concept of helping community organiz...

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    8 Plantillas editables para capacitaciones

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    Branding my instagram 2 天 left

    I have instagram account i need some improvements

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    I am finding a brand name for the product Gas Detector. 1. The name easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. 2. The brand name do not infringe on others' trademark & can be registered in the U.S. If you are interested in it, please contact me. Let's work together!

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    Trophy icon Design Logo For Nonprofit 16 天 left

    Hello Freelancers! We require an abstract logo design that utilizes the colors of the rainbow with a clean font to represent our new nonprofit community organization called "Hudson Mill Group". Our organizational mission is to support the arts and culture for kids within at-risk communities. Please don't hesitate to ask us for further insight! This is a great cause and we thank ...

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    Trophy icon Sheep Shape Gym Logo 1 天 left

    We need a logo that represents our home [登录来查看链接] are training to climb large remote mountains around the world for adventure and Sheep [登录来查看链接] will be going where only SHEEP live and thrive. Harshes Terrain and environments in the world to hike. Sheep are one of the toughest animals in the [登录来查看链接] are in great shape..we need mountain sheep logo fir inspiration. We need a logo to inspire our h...

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    Name for an IT(Software Development ) firm with emphasis Fresh, Talented, reliable.

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    i need someone to design me a simple mobile app and deliver it in adobe XD or sketch

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    Estoy en busca de un nombre para un nuevo negocio, solo necesito el nombre, por lo que no es necesario tener habilidades en diseño gráfico. El concepto es de elaboración de postres saludables, elaborados con ingredientes naturales y sin conservadores. Este proyecto es solo para personas que hablen español, de preferencia de México, pero estoy abierto a otras reg...

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    Diseño de 2 logos, 1 para restaurante (este logo ya existe solo es mejorarlo y adaptarlo) subproducto del mismo restaurante (aguas frescas), y diseño de etiquetas ...

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    Research on - Market research - Competitor research - Our positioning Rebranding our - Website content - Marketing materials like PPT - Marketing strategy

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    located in Singapore business I need to find a good branding name for my hydrodip (hydrographic) business and a logo for my new start up business. If you think you can give me a good one then u offer.

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