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Architecture is a specialized branch of study that calls for a lot of planning and inspection. Construction sites, materials and weather conditions play a major role in determining the architectural plans. Given the expertise that this activity requires, it is important to hire a professional who has the requisite skill to draft a proper architectural plan. To hire an expert who has experience in dealing with building architecture, post your job now!

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    We are look for an engineer to construct a 3D 2bed flat for our employees and there families. With balcony, car parks and relaxation center

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    I need a survey for a new home build. I tore down the house that was there a few months ago. Paid cash for the property, so I do not have a survey. The property is on the south east corner of Marion County, Florida... almost in lake county. I need an elevation certificate. Please help. Need asap

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    Trophy icon Exterior Design of a Nightclub 4 天 left

    We are building a nightclub and would like you to design the exterior and entrance of the business. We need the design concept so that we can decorate the entrance with the brand and nightclub identity. I will leave pictures of the building and the concept of the nightclub with logo. The concept guide is in spanish but you can translate it. Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Civil engineer 6 天 left

    I need a civil engineer with the skill set of structuring a building plan with 3d rendering

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    to give me a design of front elevation of my new home

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    Architecture presentation 6 天 left

    design and create PowerPoint Slides for exiting architectural project

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    Necesito planos en 2D para fichas técnicas de puertas en 2D, se prefiere alguien de habla hispana para poder seguir con otros proyectos de diseño en autocad, si hablas español por favor escribe en el comentario ESPAÑOL en mayúscula para seleccionar su propuesta. Se requieren planos en 2D como el archivo "Example 2D " Formato Autocad 2000 y PDF para incorporar en fichas técnicas de productos como ejemplo "Product Sheet " De las siguientes puertas: Puerta 1 hoja N2 Puerta 1 hoja N3 Puerta 1 hoja N4 Puerta 1 hoja N5 Puerta 1 hoja N6 Puerta 2 hojas N2 Puerta 2 hojas N3 Puerta 2 hojas N4 Puerta 2 hojas N5 Puerta 2 hojas N6

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    Je souhaiterais faire 2 rendus 3D photo réalistes pour une chambre et un salon salle à manger. à partir d'un fichier DWG et d'une planche de tendance. La planche de tendanceest trop lourde, je l'envoie par mail. Il me faut également les délais de réalisation. Merci

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    I am attaching a project outline and all the class lectures notes. I want it by Sunday. Thank you. I am willing to pay between $50 to $80

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    I want someone who is very skilled to create a video tutorial of how to use accurender nxt in autocad to produce renderings of a specified quality.

    $78 - $234
    $78 - $234
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    I am building a small residential home in North Alabama and will be adhearing to the passive house building standard. It is inspired by passive solar design as well as midcenture modern style. Located on a small lot and renovating from the foundation up. I am lookibg for a structural engineer to join the project development and help with load placement and detail drawings of load bearing assemblys. I would preferr someone with knowledge of passive house design, eliminating thermal bridges, and high performance building envelopes. We are in zone 3a.

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    I want to increase my ceiling height from 8' to 10'. Will need to modify existing roof trusses.

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    Thank you in advance for your time, We are an ADU manufacturer and have a project that needs some assistance. At this time, we are looking to establish a long-term relationship with a company that can assist us in multiple ways (Geo, Civil and possibly Structural) , Now and into the future. We have not obtained a soil test nor is our Autocad drawing an actual print that can be turned over for concrete pass. Second: is if you have time to review the attached project and advise on whether we should pour footings to increase the strength of the existing retaining wall (obviously it's hard to make that determination without a soil test) A contractor advised that since approx. 80% of the pad is on native soil that there would be no need pour a retaining wall. I'm curious if you s...

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    I am looking to have more detail design build project list for the attached Pool House. If anyone from this service might not be able to assist possible recommend someone. I am trying to GC some of the work and putting together building spec and detailed price.

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    need civil enginer urgent 6 天 left

    need civil enginer urgent fast

    $74 - $528
    $74 - $528
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    To prepare BBS of the given drawings with full details and as per standards. All the details like hook length, Bend length, cut length are to be mentioned. Also, prepare the BOM of the Insert plates given in the drawing.

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    Detached big storage to keep a tall vehicle ( camper van). Do need to have any interior walls or electricity. Interior size 12' x 24'

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    Hello all, I want to get a few concepts incorporating container structures on top and/or next to a building made of stone. Currently the building has cementious cover and is painted, however the plan is to have it with partially exposed stones. See pictures for existing site conditions and what exposed and restored stone walls look like. For any question and for exact map location, reach out to chat.

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    Interior scope of building. We have an exterior scope, but the City and County needs an interior scope

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    Valencia House 6 天 left

    ********NEW WATER SERVICE LINE FROM METER TO HOME******* QUESTION IS WHAT SIZE SHOULD THE NEW WATER LINE BE 3/4", 1" OR 1-1/2"? New Construction Single Family House 2,800, ADU 749 and Garage 752 sqft. SfH=3-1/2 Bath, Adu 1 full bath,

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    Kitchen bath designer 6 天 left

    Buying house need to totally gut and remodel both kitchen and master bath. Need design to take cabinet maker and counters maker

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    Trophy icon Build me a verandah 28 天 left

    I a modern but cheap design for the front of my building. The building has eight shops. I want the space to be usable too. My wish is not to destroy rather modify it. I also have a challenge of water drain from the road as seen. The name is NDUGU STEPHEN & FAMILY ESTATES (NDS or NDA) My budget is below USD.2000 Or Uganda shillings 7 million I'm looking for something low budget but also catchy.

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    the apartment has interiors but need help to liven up the apartment

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    The task is to calculate the construction cost of 3-4 buildings. We would provide you the name, address and the area of the buildings whose replacement cost is to be calculated. Let us know if there are any other data requirements like layout plans or more. Civil engineers or architects are preferable. For sample, please calculate the replacement cost of a building with below details and submit your answer with detailed calculations in a word file. Address: Sector 65, Gurgaon, Haryana. Total floors: 40 Total units: 160 Area of a unit: 142.7 sq.m.

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    Preciso armar el plano para autocad, tengo las medidas, son 3 chapas, es una guillotina de corte de paso de cereal.

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    2 rooms layout 5 天 left

    This is my current rooms layout , i want to re layout I live with my wife and 2 daughters and i like modern design

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    I need 4 renders, 2 interiors and 2 exteriors of a 300 sqm house. The project is modelled in Rhinoceros 3D plus Autocad plans. Could be done in any software or render engine. I need a quote for the four images in hi-res. Please attach some previous works.

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    billing, measurement, supervision, estimate, excution , planning

    $25993 - $51985
    $25993 - $51985
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    I have 2D Floor plan for G+1 Floor Villa (2400 sq feet) I need a 3D Floor plan

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    I need a brochure which should include details 1. House elevation (I shall provide) 2. Floor plans(I shall provide) 3. Lay out sketch(I shall provide) 4. Amenities details(I shall provide) And other general details.

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    To convert our existing foodbank into a drive through model with a canopy shade for two lanes of traffic, and lane configurations to our existing parking lot.

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    To convert our Food bank into a Drive Through model -- offering a shade canopy and correct traffic patterns and lanes (from an existing parking lot)

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    Looking to build new construction. Ultra modern style architecture, single family home.

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    I want someone who can design a building into a 3d rendering

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    We have already completed 90% of our exterior design, however a details design need to be revised, we have the original dwg file. Requirement: Architect drawing revision, we are looking for the local architect designer who live in Greater Vancouver, and who can visit our office to working on the project. Or If you willing working distance but we need to have a virtual meeting via zoom and work together on the building design. Thank you

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    PASSIVE DESING 5 天 left

    Part A: climate analysis Using the weather data alone, and taking account of the proposed building type, answer the following questions. In each case justify your answer and present the weather data in a suitable form to support your argument. (i) Is the building likely to be heating or cooling dominated? Justify your assumptions. (ii) When will periods of overheating and underheating occur, and when will the building be in balance? Where possible specify the months of year and times of day. (iii) Does the building need to be protected from wind in the winter and can wind be used to cool the building in summer? (iv) How much solar radiation falls on a south facing window during the underheating period? Would solar heating be a viable passive strategy? Part B: site analysis St...

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    info wil b shared in chat

    $62 - $156
    $62 - $156
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    Project based on the Design integration using autodesk revit 2018 book.

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    Architect 5 天 left

    I’d like to build an addition and I need drawings for a permit It’s going to be two stories, 1088 square feet. Very straightforward design. I'll need help with to get the permits too. time frame is as soon as possible.

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    Need plans for a 6-story multifamily building with retail on first floor. Structure is in New Jersey and we are proposing 4 wood over 2 concrete, unless pre-fab light gage steel is option. These drawings are presentation for a planning board application. Attached are concepts we had imagined by our illustrator and a floor plan completed with test fit. We were planning for 30 units, but analysis shows we can go to 35. Survey included. Will assist with info, but need an info page with proposed concept, ground floor plan, 2-6 floor plans (will be identical, so one page), side elevation, front elevation, site line diagram, 2 sections, and typical floor plans.

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    Hello, I’m looking for someone to place 2 different gate designs onto images of a building for owners to approve. I will share elevated illustrations of gates and photos of the building- I need it to look realistic but does not need to be 3D.

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    A Ukrainian freelancer to design a standard Ukraine tower, 3D models

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    required for a Lawful Use Certificate for erection of a rear roof extension with juliette balcony, incorporating a hip to gable conversion to the roof and three front roof windows to the house. specification for loft conversion and struc calcs 3. Party wall notice

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    My home in Bridgend, South Wales UK had a single storey extension built on to it approx 22 years ago. We want to extend upwards on the same outline of the extension to form a second storey. The roof of the main dwelling will be extended over it.

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    Modern. Minimalistic. Brutal. 2 floors. Facing lake. Stockholm. Sweden

    $101 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Building facade design project with SketchUp and Lumion software

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    We construct Studios of the kind in these photographs. Attached is a draft of the detail of the drawings required. These drawings need to be reproduced in 24-48 hours. Only minor changes are required to the drawings. We will only have certain windows and doors that will be used. The length and width and height of the studios may change. We require someone very conversant in revit. The drawings need to consist of a site plan, a plan view of the studio, and elevation drawings. Needs to be someone who is in the AEDT . Anyone starting work in India in the after noon (Indian Time) wont work. Someone from the Philipines or Vietnam ( south east Asia will work ) These drawings are mission-critical. They need to be done overnight. A template will be provided eat the close of business and ...

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    color recommendations in PNG format for front elevation of a residential home

    $616 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for someone affordable to work with on some house renovations. I am looking at another property in Pinhoe, Devon ex53jb, 17th century, thatch, stone lower and cob upper construction. I understand it needs the roof timers strengthening and the front wall of the house tying [Removed by Freelancer.com] MUST BE UK BASED

    $273 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Create a DWG spec file of a retail space

    $55 / hr (Avg Bid)
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