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Cartography is the study and science of making maps. Cartography creates maps of the terrain and geography of the earth. It involves processes like projections and map design. Your business may need some help with cartography, map making or map design. In that case, you can use services of freelancers to help with your cartography tasks. Simply post your cartography task today and let the bidding start! 从30425评价中,客户给我们的 Cartography & Maps Freelancers 打了4.87,共5星。


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    Hey, I want to create a single page application in Django (best way would be to do plain Django with HTML templates) were a google map is shown. Then you can select an area and the application creates waypoints for a drone flight. As you can see in the picture. There should also be settings for the grid heading and an export functionality (simple csv file) so I can import the mission into the Litchi App (). I also send you a sample csv file. How much would that cost? The options are: flight altitude and the photo distance (this lowers the distance between the flight paths.) It would be cool if I could see the distance that the drone as to fly and how many pictures it will take.

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    Hello Good day, My name is Gary Mayfield I Am from the United Kingdom, and I am a Programme, I recently created a Program whose Job is to, Convert Text or Speech to A physical 3D drawing of a map, it uses Google Map IO to create this maps, I want someone to test the response time it uses to create this maps, you can bid from any country stated below, and look if the map is perfectly drawn, and give me a feedback on the program Allowed Countries 1. Spain 2. Colombia 3. Peru 4. Dominican Replublic 5. Argentina 6. Mexico 7. Chile 8. Costa Rica 9. Panama 10. Puerto Rico 11. Nicaragua Thanks

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    Develop a drought monitor for US native lands using Google Earth Engine.

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    by taking data from OSM open street maps with uber movement data need to build a code to detect uber vehicles breaking the speed limit. tools used : python 3.5 with pandas, NumPy, osmnx, and geopandas for queuing the .csv from uber data you need to use MS azure or else you can even use google collab to host all the data and code. and finally, you need to visualise all the data in the form of a graph I have attached how the final output will look I need the python code and extracted SQL data used for used to structure the output any details you can contact me.

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    Create RPG Map (Tiled) -- 3 2 天 left

    I need someone that has a creative spirit to help me create RPG maps in Tiled software. We'd provide the necessary training. I'll be accepting only offers for 2-3 CAD/hr. Please don't bit higher.

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    Trophy icon Create exploration images 2 天 left

    Just a query. Can anyone create any of the attached examples of images for exploration or mining companies using geospatial data? Would be really helpful if you could use QGIS or any other free software to import points with global coordinates etc. If you have access to graphics software you could always trace the locations based on a screenshot I send you.

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    Hi, Design only. we need a concrete pavement design for a 20-40mtr concrete access way 4 mtrs wide with kerb and channel. 2 small timber retaining walls support the road on the ,lower set. we need to design a small pedestrian path off the side of the driveway. we need this to be supplied to council for building consent. Here is bit of a run down on what we have here. This is the local councils GDC (Gisborne District Councils) GIS system Hany tool for our work. The property here within is 71 Seddon Crs Whataupoko Gisborne 4010 What we need access design help with: Attached is resource consent and supporting civil plan. PDF We have an approved Resource consent: (DA) Part of the resource consent conditions are the right to access to the property via a council paper road, acce...

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    I upload building permits into google maps so my field guys can follow up on each location. Dealing with difference between my maps and google maps is causing problems. I need to be able for them to edit a field to show they have checked out the location. I need them to be able to click on the point and get directions like they can in google maps (not my maps where it wants to do directions like a layer). They can even share a log in. I think this solution is simple but can't quite get it simplified so guys that are not tech savy can do it on phone or ipad. I have experience with ESRI products but need an inexpensive off the shelf solution for small company - 2 guys in field.

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    Maps Quality Rater Haben Sie einen guten Orientierungssinn? Wissen Sie immer, dass Sie eine bessere Route haben als Ihr GPS? Sind Sie ein schneller und geschickter Rechercheur? Wir haben eine tolle Gelegenheit für Sie! Welocalize sucht deutschsprachige Mitarbeiter mit Sitz in Deutschland als freiberufliche Maps Quality Rater. Sie werden für ein führendes Technologieunternehmen arbeiten und ein webbasiertes Tool zur Bewertung von Karten verwenden. Wenn Sie die Zukunft von Web-Karten in Ihrer Region mitgestalten und Teil dieses wichtigen globalen Projekts sein wollen, bewerben Sie sich mit dem Link unten. Projekt-Details Standort: in Deutschland Arbeitsstunden: 10-20 Stunden pro Woche; teilen Sie sich Ihre Zeit frei ein Vergütung: abhängig von der Komplexit&aum...

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    I will privide you with tree small maps to trace and convert them into vector base (Adobe Illustrator) and unite the color them of theme.

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    osgis web maping 11 小时 left

    Pick one of the two bivariate choropleth maps you created and make a legendfor it in the print composer (section 4.6) Graser and Patterson describe two methods of creating bivariate choroplethmaps in QGIS. Describe each method. Which method do the authors feel isbest? Which method does Joshua Stevens think is best? (link to Stevens’ post isin gray bubble on first page of Chapter 4, also saved as webpage in Labfolder). -Make a map of the road features styled using the addition blending mode (endof section 7.2). Use a color other than blue.-Make a map of the shipping routes around Boston (with symbology like Figure7.8 (right) What is the difference between blending of Layers, and blending of Features?-What happens to the visual effect of the blended roads (e.g. in Figures 7.1 and7.3)...

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