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The freelancer circuit designer will be able to work on the PCB print circuit, half finished product design, finished product and also assemble them. Their other work expertise are high speed telecom, RF board, DSP, microcontroller control, signal board, circuit design and assembling, electronic items designing like toy, motor, electronic gifts, main board, security defend, Vidicon, USB, DVD etc. If you are a freelancer having adequate skill and experience in circuit designing, Ethernet, USB, electronics, networking, digital and such related fields, submit your bid in the Freelancer.com and get posted immediately.

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    HI I am working on BMS project for 4s8p Li-ion battery. We have done quite a work in creating schematic and even prototype board based on TI reference design. I am looking for a experienced engineer who have worked on BMS projects especially with TI BQ40z50 chip. We need to get some troubleshooting done and possibly do some modification work. I will only consider people who have experience wi...

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    Hello, Team I would like to build Storage Server Board (PCB) With New Schematic Design

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    I have got the unrouted design of a PCB and want an experienced person in Eagle CAD to route it. Dimension 95x100 mm

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    I'd like to design my custom power supply circuit. I will share more details in the interview.

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    MOSFET transistor and design a single-stage MOSFET common source amplifier. This is a SPICE simulation.

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    NIGHT BOOKMARK 6 天 left

    I want a circuit which is around 10cm in length and 1,2 cm in width which has neopixels or the best leds which can work for atleast a year with single [登录来查看链接] lights or good night lights which can help a reader read without irritation.

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    I am working on VLSI NMOS based LC-VCO Schematic diagrams & layout design are required to be made. Parameter testing & calculation of power,phase noise & frequency using tanner tool is required. Urgent need required.

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    We need to convert Schematic done by ORCAD and converted to PDF to be converted back to ORCAD, please send Price, schedule, payment terms (Attached is similar file as reference, converted from PDF to word in order to insert some little changes) thanks

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    This is a competition. We will pay the first person that provided working examples. If you want fixed price or hourly rate, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. I need to communicate between a PCB and mobile devices. This is applicable for ALL of IoS, Type C and Micro B cables. We are happy to modify our PCB to add whatever electronics are required. We only need to send a small data string from our PCB...

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    Power Electronics -- 2 5 天 left

    I have task about DC-AC Three Phase Inverter PSCAD Modeling. The questions are on the PDF file, If you need any details contact me. this task should be submitted in 4 days.

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    looking for expert electrical engineer i will share more details in the chat

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    Fly Drone 4 天 left

    Hello, Team I would like to develop Fly Drone with 4K Camera & Remote Controller - Further info contact us.

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    POSITION OBJECTIVES: Serves as a journeyman electrician and electronic industrial controls technician. Installs, maintains and repairs electrical systems, electrical subcomponents, electrical and direct digital controls, motors and other electrical systems.

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    I need 3 wiring diagrams drawn in full color using common electrical symbols. It should be provided as a pdf and the source file (preferably Visio) format. I will provide a black and white diagram and you need to draw it in a cleaner format showing the correct color patterns. You may not copy the existing work. There will be a title required on the top in text and some additional text on the botto...

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    I need a circuit board to be created to attach 2 devices on it. A on/off switch and a mister.

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    LCD/LED Wall clock with calendar

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    Hello Team, I would like to develop Hardware Schematic (PCB) Portal Storage

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    Necesito comunicar una red de "Arduino pro mini"s con una raspberry-pi. Esta comunicación debe realizarse a través de un modulo xBee por cada arduino. Los datos a enviar son parejas de datos tipo float además de comandos independientes. Los datos fluyen en ambas direcciones.

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    we need an expert in reverse engineering to build a Gsm Gateway that will include software

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    (1) Designing a Switched mode power supply by using OrCAD (PSPICE) software. (2) Sensors and control

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    Hello Team, I would like to develop Hardware Schematic (PCB) Portal Storage

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    Connortemp 2 天 left

    I want you to give me a circuit design that works off a battery power source. That provides a 25-26 millivolt power source. I also want one that would provide a 500-700 millivolt power source. I envisage a PCB, with an on off switch, a light to show that it is switched on and plugs for the battery power supply and the contact that will provide the power. I want you to design a circuit that will g...

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    We need a German or any other Country Freelancer to test or direct approve our Electronic PCB Circuit Diagram. Even if they can not send it.

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    Tflip_flop_controller_LOGISIM 2 天 left

    USE LOGISIM Design a controller to manually turn on there values 1,2 and 3 Details of the task are in the attached image

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    WANTED: Electrical Engineer with strong background designing Audio Equipment such as Pre-Amplifiers, switchers, Amps Sims, DI Boxes, Effects Pedals, Amplifiers, etc. Message me and tell what your experience in this is.

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    Circuit Design 2 天 left

    Hi, Please read and understand the project requirements before putting an offer. I need a circuit that takes 110V AC (or 220AC) and creates a burst width modulating power source for me. I need to be able to control all the parameters shown in the attached graph. Background info: - Full H-bridge circuit can do this Specifications: - Required power output: 100 Watts per circuit/PC...

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    Electric Circuit Questions 2 天 left

    I have an online Timed test that I need professionals in electrical engineering major ( Electric Circuit Theory) subject to solve three question .. I will share previous material, assignments, practice for you to further prepare please only bid if u are professional and can work on the question quickly and right

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    Timer Description: 1. This timer is used to control: a. to turn on a Led and then b. after 5 seconds, to turn on a battery operated motor for N seconds duration. N can be from 1 to 5 second. The setting of N seconds is set up by the user. After that both the LED and motor will be off. 2. The timer can be set up with unlimited number of scheduled times by the user per 24 hours cycle, for exa...

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    Manufacturer a circuit board 2 天 left

    Manufacturer a circuit board similar to Teaxs Instrument BA 2 plus calculator

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    RF Circuit Design above 1GHz in Advanced Design System (ADS)

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    Create PCB 1 天 left

    I'm developing a smart bracelet without screen and I need someone to make the PCB (GPS / Bluetooth or wifi / battery / heart beat...) to have all needed functions. The smart bracelet will be able to connect to cellphone and will have its own phone app. PCB must fit into a waterproof stainless steel case. Contact me for more info.

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    To keep things very simple, I'd like someone to create a product very similar to the one on the YouTube clip posted here. The shorter of the two looks better. [登录来查看链接] I have not decided if I want to mass produce them yet

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    To keep things very simple, I'd like someone to create a product very similar to the one on the YouTube clip posted here. The shorter of the two looks better. [登录来查看链接] I have not decided if I want to mass produce them yet

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    To keep things very simple, I'd like someone to create a product very similar to the one on the YouTube clip posted here. The shorter of the two looks better. [登录来查看链接] I have not decided if I want to mass produce them yet

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    I need to connect a capacitive touchscreen with HX8526-E30 driver IC to Raspberry Pi 4. Data sheet is attached. I already have a board for display. This project is only to connect the touchscreen controls to the Raspberry Pi 4 so that it can receive touchscreen events. This is a link to the product: [登录来查看链接] Please design a driver board PCB so that I can connect the touchscreen to the Raspberry ...

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    Design and Build a Prototype 9 小时 left

    I am looking for an electronic engineer who can design an electronic product (including the PCB design, Circuit programming, the whole connected unified product) that will include many electronic components to be connected and works altogether.

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    Hello , I need to battery powered 13.56 nfc card reader using host mcu as esp32. Card design need to socket pin for external antenna and output pins for locks. like this [登录来查看链接] but not one to one. Electronic component shoul be on aliexpress,mouser or ozdisan.

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    Complete design, schematic preparation, BOM list, firmware code, Proteus simulation and offsite support for 3 Phase ongrid solar & battery hybrid inverter along with MPPT suitable to operate in ongrids mode as well as island mode based on the requirement. during island mode of operation the inverter should recharge the battery banks through its inbuilt battery charger. The MPPT should control ...

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