Coding is used to describe the process of programming using a specific programming language, or ‘code’. There are different coding languages available for use on different platforms and different services, for example developing web content, mobile apps or desktop software. Coding languages are formalized languages with the expected outcome of a translatable output. Coding is used to create programs that can read algorithms (data inputs). There is an abundance of programming languages, often built from scratch for a specific purpose, however there are a few codes that are most popular, such as HTML, Java and JavaScript.

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    Hi, I'm an intermediate DIVI WP builder but don't like / fully understand FTP. I think that WP Super Cache is affecting my some of my webpages from caching correctly. I'd like someone to go into my hosting account and remove all WP Super cache files and remove the WP Super cache plugin. Obviously, I expect you to back up the site and then make the changes. You must know about caching issues and WP Super Cache uninstalling.

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    Notes • The board is made up of 100 squares, starting form 1 up to 100. • There are 6 snakes on the board. For example, the green snake's head is in square 31 & its tail is in square 4. If you land on its head square 31 then you move down to its tail square 4. • There are 6 ladders located on the board. For example, the first ladder's bottom is in square 3 & its top is in square 39. If you land on its bottom square 3 then you up to its top square 4. • The head of a snake is must always be higher up the board than its tail, similarly a ladder's bottom must always be lower down the board than its top. • A square cannot be both a head & a tail square for either the same snake or different snakes. Similarly a square cannot be both a bottom &a...

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    Make a chat bot for whatsapp 6 天 left

    I want a program to respond to customers automatically, and interact with them When the customer makes an order, it is automatically answered at the time of shipment, and when he writes the shadow number, he is answered with the status of the order if it is under preparation or shipped

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    We are in the education industry and we are looking to hire freelancers who can help us in getting sitemap generated automatically in angular js.

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    Process: 1. Connect to API interface 2. Query API for data Query API for Project information Query API for Employee information Query API for Client information Query API for Activities 2a. (Secondary) Query API for Project information with search criteria By Department? By Modification Date/Time 2b. (Secondary) Query API for Client information with search criteria By Modification Date/Time 3. Save queried data. Preferably into CSV files per query. 4. Close connection If the above can be done without installing additional software on a Windows 10 PC, that would be preferred. Source code required.

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    I have access to GitLab at work to several projects and subprojects divided by group. I need to do a bulk download on a Windows PC ( not linux) from all these projects.

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    Sms Bomber in python 5 天 left

    I want to create sms bomber in python

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    Wordpress Bug 5 天 left

    My website has an issue with keeps auto-generating. I want it resolved withing 24 hours This has my media library getting full and my order inodes exceeding limits

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    Need an excel interface that runs on python program to automate trades.

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    Need to done an app for Elottery.

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    I need someone who is an expert with NetLogo I have a very complex project that needs to use ABM and Systems Dynamics to simulate the behavior of several organisms competing in an environment

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    Hello, I am working on getting credit card processing set up for my site, and I need help integrating my Wix site with my card processor, Epoch. Right now they are requesting me to set up a Postback for handling password management: "The Postback (sent via POST) is a background post to a specified script location containing the details of the initial sale. And to keep track of recurring memberships, cancellations, credits, chargebacks, etc., you will need to set up our DataPlus service. Please see documents attached." The documents they provided are attached. There will be additional coding that I will need moving forward as I proceed through this process with Epoch. Please help! Thank you!

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    Need someone to review current business operations, identify a streamlined process, suggest, develop and implement tools to track and report leads.

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    Need a simple LUA and SQL driven script to give myself ownership of a car and have it appear in my database as if I own it by typing a simple command, such as "/givecar carspawncode", I need it to be available only to server admins as well. This is manily to avoid having to buy cars as an admin with the esx_vehicleshop script.

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    Source code reveal. 4 天 left

    Need a solution that will show users the source code of images, animations etc. that are made from code.

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    I need a website to show code of how file was built.

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    leetcode problems 4 天 left

    Help with online coding assessment ( FAANG )

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    I have once code that depicts how to draw an efficiency frontier, the other code has all the constraints I need. the task is to construct an efficiency frontier using all the constraints as seen in line 165 of code 1R

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    Hi We need to code Wolfe Powell rule to calculate alpha. I have uploaded a copy of code I feel that's coded wrongly. Need this code updated and same output.

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    I need my art layers turning to a nft collection of 10000 and 4500, i want a royalty adding into any resold nft and then uploading to opensea. Also connected to my wallet.

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    Location: Hyderabad, India Excellent knowledge of WooCommerce and with creating custom WordPress and WooCommerce plugins Good understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, , developing coding websites and mobile apps using WooCommerce andWordPress. Experience with responsive design without dependence on with creating custom themes for use with WooCommerce and WordPress. Must have experience in creating a multilingual site on WordPress. Proficient understanding of how to set up a new theme. Capability to add and use your own custom post type. Hands-on experience in creating plugins that should also use the hooks in WordPress. Should have hands-on integration experience with one or more third-party services like payment gateways, live chat, Google AP...

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    Me gustaría un curso de varias clases de Haskell, siendo cada clase un video distinto, empezando desde lo más básico sin saber programar hasta llegar a lo avanzado para acabar dominando bien Haskell y sus aplicaciones en programación. La duración total sumando todos los vídeos al menos de 2 horas. Importantísimo, idioma ESPAÑOL. Si el curso no es en español, no me sirve.

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    I have a simple automated strategy that I need a feature added to. The strategy already has a profit target and stop loss trigger, but I need a feature that will disable the strategy when either the Unrealized PnL or Realized PnL reaches its target (Whichever comes first). Then it will automatically enable the strategy again the following day. This feature is a daily Profit/Stop loss trigger. Here are the requirements: 1. Daily profit target (Realized PnL or Unrealized PnL- Whichever Comes First). If the total reaches this value, it will disable the strategy for the rest of the day. 2. Daily Stop Loss (Realized PnL or Unrealized PnL - Whichever Comes First), If the total reaches this value, it will disable the strategy for the rest of the day. 3. Re-enable strategy. Have the ab...

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    I'm interested in seeing if its even possible yet to make a program that can interact with nvidia canvas to make an interactive first person game. I'm currently designing the game to have correct colour palette and it works in the tests. Just need a way to break down my game into individual frames, run them through nvidia canvas and back out to the screen. I understand this may result in quite a delay or low fps, but would love to try it anyway. It should be Windows 10 compatible. I have no experience making programs that can interact with others, but i am capable of making the game/input for nvidia canvas. Thankyou

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    Dayz coder 2 天 left

    I code dayz servers i can code anything you want for dayz within the coding of dayz i am very experienced. I have coded servers for pc and xbox and although ive never done it for PlayStation im very confident i can code a server for playstation. Its all the same tbh so give me a try.

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    Platform: Ninjatrader 8 (NT8) OS: Windows 10 Pro I'm looking for a Ninjatrader 8 plugin that will automatically disable & enable Strategies when a Daily profit target or Daily stop loss is reached. I have trading strategies that run automatically, and when they reach the Daily Max profit (Value set by user), I need the plugin to disable to strategy so it will no longer enter trades. When the target limit is reached, the plugin must reset, and enable the strategy again the following day. I also need to be able to adjust the profit target. The Plugin Needs: 1. Daily Max Profit 2. Daily Max Stop Loss 3. Value box to change profit & stop loss values 4. Ability to automatically reset & enable the following day, after a target limit was reached 5. Ability to control trading s...

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    I want to build an algo trading setup on zeroda or upstox api

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    I want to build an algo trading setup on zeroda or upstox api

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    NFT Coding 2 天 left

    We are looking someone who can do NFT for on of our Art work.

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    Me gustaría un curso de varias clases de Visual Studio Code, siendo cada clase un video distinto, empezando desde lo más básico hasta llegar a lo avanzado para acabar dominando bien el software y sus aplicaciones. La duración total sumando todos los vídeos al menos de 2 horas. Importantísimo, idioma ESPAÑOL. Si el curso no es en español, no me sirve.

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    TestGorilla 2 天 left

    Assessment in Testgorilla tool

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    An app focused on the idea of connecting people who are interested in transporting goods and those who are interested in transporting it for them. The app would look like a typical food delivery app etc but this would be focused on sending items. The selling point of the service is the fact that the product to be transported would be large in nature weighing 1000kgs/2200lbs and higher only.

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    Image file format will have right click save disabled.

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    We need an InDesign script that will break all stories in the document into single frames, preserving footnotes, paragraph styles, and character styles.

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    Telegram Airdrop Bot 1 天 left

    I want to create telegram Airdrop bot

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    Auto desk and 3dsmax coder. 1 天 left

    Hi I need to add a tool bar and i am not sure which skill is required for it but I think Autodesk or 3dsmax coder would be appropriate for this.

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    Hide the misleading information Create SEO to cover up the misleading story

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    Hi, This job is to HIDE current blog saying misleading information as per below keywords 1. Noor Ismahanum Binti Mohd Ismail 2. Ibnu sina 3. Ibnu sina group 4. Myheebah Also need create this SEO using blog story telling the truth and good story for above KeYwords

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    I’m trying to build a complete and fully functional NFT market place website. 1. Fully responsive NFT website design mint engine connection 4. Mint function 5. Artwork and metadata generation from layer images.

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    El proyecto consiste en la creación de un sistema de registro y cobranza a usuarios registrados a través de una pasarela de pago. Cada cliente debe elegir un plan (suscripción) a partir de la cual se le realizarán cargos automáticos a su tarjeta de crédito. El registro de los datos de su tarjeta es confidencial ya que el ambiente es aportado por la pasarela. Se utilizará API REST para conectar nuestro sitio con el de la pasarela (que es donde quedarán almacenados los datos del cliente). Además, la pasarela cuenta con la documentación requerida para trabajar en su API (si cuentas con Postman, la pasarela dispone de collections en la misma para facilitar el trabajo).

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    I am looking to see if it is even possible to have a program written that can join a chat room on (able to designate which room) and automatically pick up any webcam feed that starts and then save the recording somewhere as an archive.

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    Make me a spin and win android app under ₹1500 Only massage me if you can do it under ₹1500 Otherwise don't....will share more details when we discuss.

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    Required: javascript experience, wix ecommerce familiarity, PayPal, and We have js code files to accept payment via PayPal (not via Wix) and send print book orders to for fulfillment. Now we need to add the ability to also sell digital books with download upon payment. Would also like to have duplicate files for sandbox testing of new books (PayPal / Lulu). Also a couple of minor issues about data management.

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