Contracts are necessary for any day to day business activity. Anytime you hire someone, rent out property, agree to installment plans, or start a partnership you are engaging in a contract. You may also deal with contracts from vendors and suppliers in order to do business. In order to protect yourself, you should have an experienced and licensed attorney draft and review any contract before you sign. This can be done by posting the contract requirements and allowing lawyers and paralegals experienced in your area to bid and draft the contract, saving you time, money and heartache. 从70123评价中,客户给我们的 Contracts Consultants 打了4.85,共5星。


    24 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    register a name trademark, help to the process with USPTO, need to located in United States

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    Hello please I need help with my project, I need you to help me get a freelancer that can translate my work properly, Payment will be made and I hope you get me a new freelancer

    $93 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have a small claim underway, all paperwork and expert in place, looking for case review and representation at court Peterborough

    $4461 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a small claim underway, all paperwork and expert in place, looking for case review and representation at court Peterborough

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    I need an immigration lawyer for a case in Cordoba, Argentina.

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    We have some products for distribution. For a dealership i need a legal contract.

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    Need to have knowledge in: UCC filing/Non-UCC filing Authenticating evidence / docs Filing a claim Writing writs, motions, and memorandums Court procedures and rules - Florida specifically Bonds and liens Article 3 courts Contract law

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    I am living in my home and I have a room for rent. I was wondering if I can write a lease agreement for that?

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    Need a lawyer 4 天 left

    Business purchase (a cafe) Dealing with owner and landlord Owner has accepted the offer Signed agreement with sales agent

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    I want a Stock Purchase agreement to be reviewed by a lawyer & understand Tax implications

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    Solicitor 3 天 left

    ILA LETTER I Need Independant Legal Advice letter for mortgage for 2 directors.

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    I have an online business teaching english as a foreign language, I also have other teachers working for me. I'd like a image size terms and conditions that I can send to students so they understand things like cancellation, failure to attend classes and other things you deem necessary.

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    Support commercial property lawyer, solicitor ot legal executive required

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    We need an experienced entrepreneurial consultant lawyer to assist with debt recovery and mid-sold energy contract claims all work is on a CFA basis

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    Estate litigation Attorney 2 天 left

    I can't get my small inheritance without an Attorney to represent me.

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    Hello, I am looking for a contract solicitor/lawyer to draft a partnership agreement.

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    legal translation 2 天 left

    I have a sample legal document (contract) which I need it to be translated from english to arabic. This current document is for telecommunication debt collection and I need the legal translator to modify it "as appropriate" to collection in the water sector.

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    Seeking experienced and verifiable personnel to review, analyze, and provide expert opinion on an existing Master Service Agreement.

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    , I need someone to license in California to do the list on both pages that I have attached.. I need it quick. If you or anyone you know can help me with this, please reach out to me

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    Location :- Hyderabad (Mandatory,No Exceptions) We are looking for a experienced Tax Filing (GST) professional who is based LOCALLY IN HYDERABAD for our startup Food Masala Business. You might be doing 100000 client filing via Online service and you might be the best in it how ever we require professionals who are ONLY BASED IN HYDERABAD TELANGANA . We require the following services 1. Propreitorship Name Change (On Registration,GST) 2. Propreitorship Name Change (On IEC) 3. Book Keeping (GST Filing) every month... We are a startup propreitorship firm. So the work load currectly is very minimum , eventually we will scale up.

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    Need to get the temporary refugee document, i am from Ukraine

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    Need to get the temporary refugee document, i am from Ukraine

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    Promote services as supply chain, procurement , contracts, warehousing and logistics expert

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    businessbk 4 小时 left

    paralegal business bk in arizona

    $140 / hr (Avg Bid)
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