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In marketing, corporate identity refers to the personality of a corporation or business designed to achieve its business objectives. It involves the use of branding techniques. Corporate identity involves developing suitable title or slogan, logo and logo type and other supporting stuff like corporate stationery. There are freelancers who can do corporate identity design and development work for your business. To hire such freelancers, simply post your job here today! 雇佣 Corporate Identity Consultants


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    Tengo una nueva marca y quisiera la asesoría y la destreza de un profesional para el diseño de la imagen y el logo.

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    Need a graphic designer to design corporate brochure for infra company. Sample brochure design is uploaded in the attachment please check. Content will be given after coming to agreement.

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    At Jay Ganesh Enterprises, we believe in creating the best product possible at the most affordable price. We are in need of a person who can create business catalogs for and a few presentations. Attached is an example of a presentation, company profile, that was created recently to promote the business. Need something on the similar lines. The ideal candidate should have good eye for design, appealing slides, and punctuality. It will be great if you can share your portfolio or create something from the data given in the company profile. Thanks and looking forward to working with you.

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    Ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi crei un logo per una pizzeria improntata solo sulle consegne, oltre al logo, avrei bisogno di un'identità aziendale (grafiche cartoni, bicchieri, e box scalda pizza per motorini, e grafiche per i social) I need someone to create a logo for a pizzeria based only on deliveries, in addition to the logo, I need a corporate identity ( graphics cartons, glasses, and pizza warmer boxes for scooters, and graphics for social media)

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    Need to prepare a brochure for my daughter's project

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    Packaging Design for Pet Food 6 天 left

    Looking for a professional designer to work on a packaging design for cat food.

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    I want someone with experience who can help me with various designs for laser cutting which will be very detailed in clipart form and he will be appointed for ongoing projects in the future. More details of the project will be shared after selecting the freelancer.

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    I have attached a logo that I drew in powerpoint, please make it a little more professional (not 100% sure how) and I'll also require it in an EPS file type, PNG file type and PDF.

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    Trophy icon Create a logo & business card 4 天 left

    We are launching a new manufacturing company which will be building trailers. The company brand will be Mule Trailers and we would like a logo using a figure of a Mule. We wish it to imply honesty, toughness and hard working. The attached image is one we like but we need to have our own design. Preferred colours are blue, white, grey and black (Any combination there of)

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    Trophy icon Cardboard Box Design 6 天 left

    I would like a Cardboard Box design for a range of fasteners we will be packing into the box. Box Size Is 10cm x 15cm x 7cm Box needs to be eye catching and inline with our company image. Will also need a space for label on the end of the box. Thanks

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    A complete visual identity for a jewelry store in Sweden

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    Somos una pequeña empresa de fontanería que busca un diseño de chica pinup con el nombre de nuestra empresa, para ponernos los cascos de los chicos. Si buscas "Ridgid pinup girl", verás el diseño que estamos buscando. También he adjuntado una foto.

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    Quiero construir una marca 6 天 left

    Una marca sobre productos de barberia

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    Dirty spud 6 天 left

    Baked potato business (jacket potato in Uk) so we need a cool design for a logo to represent our business. The idea is a bit like a bored aoe nft as in coulours and the way is draw. We would like to see like, american cheese on top of the potato, thats why we call it dirty spud. We using bbq meats and loads of cheese

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    Baked potato business (jacket potato in Uk) so we need a cool design for a logo to represent our business. The idea is a bit like a bored aoe nft as in coulours and the way is draw. We would like to see like, american cheese on top of the potato, thats why we call it dirty spud. We using bbq meats and loads of cheese

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    I am welling to start a small business. A makeup shop that allows the customer to choose their own shades of a makeup to customize it in front of them. In other words, it looks like a factory but in a shop. Makeup includes lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadows, foundation… etc I dont have specific logo design but i am welling to do the decor like crystals or diamond. And the brand name is YasMakeup Beauty. And the shop will include the word factory under the brand name. I want the logo to be simple as other makeup brands logo, at the same time i want to include a diamond. I want the customers to guess the goal of the shop from its logo

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    Requiero concluir el diseño de empaque de 2 productos con distintos sabores y corregir y terminar un catálogo de productos de forma urgente. Solo ofertar quien cuente con el tiempo y sea responsable en concluir lo que se necesita

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    Estoy buscando un profesional independiente que pueda crear un logotipo para mi negocio. Los colores del logo son azul y amarillo. Educar. Ejecutar. Elevar es el lema. Me gustaría que esto se incorporara también en el diseño del logotipo. Preferiría que destacara el YFA en cada diseño. Aunque no es obligatorio.

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    Hello! I’m looking for a logo as well as brand identity for my swimwear company Rio. Rio is a modern and minimalistic take on swimwear. Currently we are starting with swim short & rash guards for the women, but will expand to include children & men in the future. We’re still in the planning phase, but the general vibe we are going for is beachy, simple & modern. We need a full brand identity (logo, colors, typography, etc…). The logo will be used on our Social Media, online store, and embroidered onto the swimwear. We want to name ‘Rio’ as well as an icon/graphic for the logo (if possible, we would like to incorporate a gold fish or a lotus flower in the logo - but it’s not a must. If you think something else is better go ahead and sho...

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    FULLMINING 6 天 left

    Estamos en la búsqueda de identidad grafica, así como también todo lo relacionado con publicaciones web de la empresa, abarcando formatos, diseños web, papeleria, brochure, contenido digital entre otros.

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    Necesito una presentación PowerPoint que tenga 8 diapositivas con contenido sobre el calentamiento global, contenga textos, imágenes, símbolos, colores, diferentes tipos de letras con dos o tres diseños de dispositivas diferentes, presentaciones, transiciones, intervalos, grafico o diseño

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    We need to prepare an Presentation for tech startup in maritime and logistic industry. Here is our work scope. a) We have product which has core module and multiple solutions to highlights b) It will cater 15-20 slide max c) it will cover some analytics data, core solutions, gaps, SWOT, competitive Unique selling propos, future vision , financial projection, industry players Freelancer Job A) you ll get current and existing PPT, Brochure B) you will get all the analytics data point by point,, title/ sub title , each n every sentence and words. 4) you need to focus only on design selection, icon, image or pictorial , word art to highlight those content in unique way . 5) You wont have to worry about any single word or sentence written but impress on design. It quick 2 -4 hours or max 1 ...

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    Procuramos alguém que consiga preparar o design de um fascículo de sensivelmente 60 páginas. Nós fornecemos o conteúdo, ideias de como gostaríamos que ficasse, e pedimos então todo esse trabalho de design e preparação para envio para impressão.

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    I am looking for a designer to design a logo, ticket and flyer and choose brand colours and fonts for a country music festival. The festival is being held in an English country garden so the logo and design should also represent the feel of an English country garden. Animals to be used – bees, ducks, swans, swallows and hawks flying overhead and have butterflies, hedgehogs and pheasants. References are attached. The name of the festival is The Garden Festival. We would prefer to use natural colours, possibly cepia.

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    Diseño gráfico 5 天 left

    Buscamos diseñador/a para realizar una única creatividad adaptando ilustración previa.

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    Company name 5 天 left

    Iam starting a new business which us required a beautiful and creative name. My business is based on village concept and memories of our childhood.

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    Trophy icon L' APE REGINA 5 天 left

    Necesitamos un logotipo para nuestra marca : L'APE REGINA (su traducción es la abeja reina). Nos gustaría que el logotipo tuviese formato horizontal, utilizase los colores de una abeja y se incorporara el diseño de una abeja en el mismo. El logotipo debe estar abierto a cambios y modificaciones hasta que cumpla las expectativas del mismo. La tipografía debe ser clara y limpia y moderna, hay que indicar el nombre de la tipografía utilizada El logotipo debe ser de creación propia y no utilizar iconos de bancos de imágenes. Formato archivo entregado: EPS, AI o PDF vectorial

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    I need a quick design for a herbal tea formulation packaging. It will 14 individuallly packed sachet tea bags in a box. prefer to have bright and colourful design with pictures of the herbs on it. The herbs that are used in the formulas are : Green Tea leaves, Ginger roots, Cinnamon bark, Java Tea leaves, Stevia leaves, gymnema leaves. My clients seems to like the concept of the teas which I download below but we want to have something original. I also have upload the write up. size we can adjust later. Box can be rectangular or square and we let you to decide on the arrangement of the tea sachet

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    Celebrations VI is a brand that offers professional photography company located in the Virgin Islands (where the VI comes from). The logo needs to be modern, fresh, attractive, and usable on all marketing tools, like shirts, business cards, signs, pens, websites, social media, etc. Please no Microsoft Word Clip Art or other Clip Art. Any clip art logos will be AUTOMATICALLY rejected.

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    Create a Juice Bar Menu with 8 Different Blend sections. Each Blend section should be a mini-menu of its own. Each Blend (Mini-menu) will be in its own frame on the wall. Please see attached picture. Each frame mini-menu should be unique but related to smoothies, fun and beautiful design. Also attached is the 8 different blends for the 8 mini menus with their prices..

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    加精 加保 加封
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    we need a design manual for our companies where our logos and colors should appear. it is desirable to give a fixed price that includes meetings and corrections. the manual will show fonts, colors, logos, designs on various advertising materials such as uniforms, pens, catalogs etc. the offer provided, it must be outlined how the work process should be, the number of meetings and corrections as ee included in the fixed price as well as references to corresponding manuals. The company group stands og 6 companies.

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    we need a person to design a brochure for the online educational platform here we will be providing all the details from our end we need you to design in a very professional manner it can be similar to the university programs also we want the design should be in high quality manner

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    General Brochure to showcase the services we provide our customers

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    I am looking for someone to develop an impressive professional meeting presentation preferably on MS Powerpoint, Google Slides (or some other platform). We already have presentations, but look forward to go to the next level.

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    Desain brosur animasi, "Tukang Daging Online" Dengan product Aqiqah, Daging Kambing, Daging Sapi Dan Jeroan Kambing & Sapi, dalam jumlah Kecil maupun Besar, dengan di lengkapi daftar harga lengklap

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    Hola! Estoy escribiendo unos cuentos para niños los cuales son impresos y repartidos en hojas tamaño carta. Necesito un diseño en el cual se vea infantil, profesional y tenga espacio especial para que yo añada los textos...

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    Logotipo, papelería e imagen corporativa para oficina de abogados.

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    Diseño cartel normas piscina 4 天 left

    Necesito hacer un cartel para imprimir en 60 x 40 como el que adjunto pero con un aspecto más profesional. Los textos son los que se indican y en algún lugar tiene que llevar nuestro logo que también adjunto.

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    The Door - Inmobiliaria 4 天 left

    Somos una empresa dedicada a la comercialización de bienes raices en Colombia, utilizando diferentes tipos de herramientas digitales. Queremos llevar la imagen y la linea grafica de "The Door" al siguiente nivel, comenzado con un upgrade del logo y sus aplicaciones. Comparto un Brochure de la linea grafica anterior. Queremos cambiar desde los colores en adelante.

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    Sono un fisioterapista e ho bisogno di grafica per materiale pubblicitario del mio studio. Dovrei fare Brochure, Tovaglietta mensa 30x40, gift card per poi mandarle in stampa.

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    Looking for a creator/designer to create a Digital brochure, ppt for uniform supplier.

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    I am starting a new salt business I need package design brand design and marketing for my business

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    Trophy icon Milli coffee shop 4 天 left

    I want design for this bottle Its for (cold black coffee + cold coffee with milk ) This is sample I make design but I don’t like it

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    Designer Need For Product Labelling .

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    Needed A Designer For Product Label Designing.

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    Making a small brochure ASAP 4 天 left

    Need to make a professional company brochure for our company. Nothing very fancy. Just defining who we are and what we do. Need it done ASAP

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