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Packaging is the art and technology related to enclosing and protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and eventual use by customers. There are legal requirements on what should appear on product packaging. Packaging and electronic covers can be done for digital information products also. If your business needs help in designing packaging and covers, freelance designers can do the design and packaging for you. Post a job today to connect with them! 雇佣Packaging Designers


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    Trophy icon Create Tea Packaging and Design 9 天 left

    We need to design a ultra modern, minimalist but with a retro twist looking tea tag, tea box, tea packaging and tea label (for glass bottles and 50ml tins). Should include QR code in the back as well. Should look eco friendly and boxes can be craft papers. Our logo colors are : #342f4b and #e88a60 You can get inspiration from the attached images, or check teabox.com. But the work should be uniq...

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    We need to find a person to help us to design a shape of a box to hold our sensor devices. Also make the shape with light material like paperboard. Then mount these sensor devices in or on the box. The devices are sizes between 10cm to 25 cm. We have about 7 of such devices. We need a design for a shape of about 30cm * 30cm * 50cm (w * w * h). We will send the sizes and pictures of the devices to ...

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    Looking to design a funky and colorful popcorn snack packaging and logo branding

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    I need to do design for essential oil bottle label design and box.

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    Design & printing of visiting card, brochure

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    I run an agile training and coaching organisation. I am going to be giving Estimation Poker cards away with training and selling them online. I am looking for fun deisgns to put on the front of the cards, the backs will just be blank with my company logo. The number sequence for the front of the cards that require designs are: 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 60, 100, ?, Coffee, Big and I...

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    Catalog design 5 天 left

    Product and Services Profile Segment wise profile Corporate Videos Leaflets Brochures

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    Hi, we Nutrasoya and we are launching two Soya products, Soya Milk and Tofu. We want to give out a project for the product names , Logo of the company and product packaging. We are looking for creative people who can give work on a deadline.

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    box design for a product 5 天 left

    Design a box for a health supplement. Already have the individual sachet design ready. Just need the box design for the product. The design requirement is that it needs some consistency with the sachet design. You can be flexible with the colors and fonts.

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    We are a certified organic skin care company and will launch our facial sheet masque soon. We are looking for packaging design for the display box (which is pack of 5 display carton) and same design theme for individual sheet mask pack. Requirements as below: (1) Natural look design with floral on the packaging. (2) the packaging will content emboss and UV print on it final printing. Therefore w...

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    Trophy icon Logo and Packaging bag design 1 天 left

    My company is called Mwenzi. Which is a swahili word meaning companion. We are a bag retailing [登录来查看链接] Values are Style Fashion and Trends-We aim to provide women with stylish companionship moving through their diverse worlds and contexts. 1. I would like a logo that represents my brand's values while creating a feeling of [登录来查看链接] logo shall be used for branding the bags and on the packa...

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    I already have a very close finished version just need it re-touched a little. to make perfect. But i am looking for a graphic desinger to have access to for many more projects to come.

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    Hello i need a designer expert in packaging to put the design of the 3 packages we have on the mockuop files sent from the CARTONS company. Files attached: BOXES DESIGNS: the design of the 2 boxes, 1 small and 1 large 2 small designs, 1 large: the files sent from the cartons company. You should add our design to the fit the files.

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    I'm creating a new product and I need a graphic designer to make the design of what is going to be printed on it. I'm doing a laundry basket and a laundry hamper so I need someone to create the images that we will give to the manufacturer. The work will be printed on fabric so experience in similar field is required

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    Necesito un artista para que me ayude a crear dos mascaras en Latex de un mono basado en un diseño vectorizado. Ubicado en Bogotá o Chía. Gracias

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    I need a book cover for the new book Im writing. Description: Its a book in portuguese called> O que eles não te ensinam na faculdade - as 10 habilidades que todo negócio exige (what they dont teach you in college - the 10 skills every business demand) Iis about 10 softskills businesspeople should develop for the future of work. Requirements: - Should be simple, but not simpler...

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    'Travel gadgets' is a new online business I am starting to sell handy travel items like: refillable travel size perfume bottles, small cable bags, luggage scales and other nifty and handy travel accessories. I would like the font to be simple and legible with one 'gadget' type picture interacting with the letters (eg: hanging off a letter, leaning against a letter) Please see ...

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    Need a simple brochure designed within an hour

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    Trophy icon BUILD ME A PACKAGING DESIGN 4 天 left


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    Trophy icon Design Coasters (10 cm diameter) 4 天 left

    Hi - I am looking to get cup coasters designed. I have the content that needs to go in the coasters. The shape of coaster would be circle and size of the coaster would be 10 cm (diameter). The content of the coasters are funny sayings about alcohol. There are a total of 6 coasters with 6 different sayings. As an example one of the saying is "Everybody should believe in something. I believe I...

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    Trophy icon Microgreenstrader logo 4 天 left

    I grow microgreens and need some packaging labels for clamshell containers and business cards. Suitable logo required.

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    I have a wine label that is designed but I need someone to make it feel more premium

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    DO NOT APPLY IF YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO DO SAMPLES We’re a company creating CBD infused SKINCARE and HEALTH products like Tea, Pain Relief Oils, Skin scrubs, face masks.. and many more. I need minimalistic and eye catching designs on branding and labeling DO NOT APPLY IF YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO DO SAMPLES.

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    Hello - My name is Grace and I am starting a business dedicated to creating natural anxiety relief. The first of my products will be a Tea, and my brand name is Settle Petal. I am looking for help to find my branding colour and pattern design to incorporate into my packaging (stand up pouch) , website and Instagram. I love peachy and yellow tones, and I love the idea of incorporating petals in the...

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    Create a bifold brochure 4 天 left

    Create a bi-fold of our company that that is a multi functional that builds, invests, and manages. [登录来查看链接]

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    Buenas tardes. Requiero un arquitecto o a fin que me ayude con el diseño de varias propuestas de un proyecto que esta enfocado en hacer un modelo de una casa de dos pisos en el centro de 500 m2 de unas dimensiones en la planta inferior de 60 metros cuadrados (6x10) y en la planta superior 75 metros cuadrados (7,5x10) Nota: la distribución de los interiores de la casa esta a libre cr...

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    Launching a new product line and looking for a graphic designer to lay out the stickers for the products. Like to have a few diffrent colors of the leaf attached file. And a full front and back glossy full two color lable.

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    We are looking to expand our product line and would like help with the Graphic design for new items. We are looking for 4 different designs.

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    Trophy icon Help updating a product label 4 天 left

    Hello, I need some help updating a label for a coco coir 5KG block. The brand is called Viagrow and it sells growing products. Once I have another design I may want to change several of my designs to match it. I have attached the current design and would like to have something a little bolder. It doesn't need to be colorful but I am open to anything. Once I see some submissions I may rate th...

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    Create a digital catalogue 4 天 left

    I need to create a digital catalogue to use on a cell phone and tablet and to be able to send it by email.

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    We are looking for creative designers, who redesign our packaging theme

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    Packaging and Shipping 4 天 left

    I want someone who is in the U.S Who can do Packaging and shipping

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    Need packaging design for 2 SKUs. We are a retail and mass distribution bakery brand

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    Diseño de portada de eBook y tapa blanda. Por favor profesionales que se comuniquen en español. Gracias

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    Diseño de sistemas estructurales para edificaciones e instalaciones industriales. Diseño de sistemas de drenaje, Aducción e instalaciones sanitarias. Diseño de muros en cantiliver, gaviones y tierra armada.

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    Cambio de marca / nueva marca 4 天 left

    Soy un pequeño agricultor valenciano, vendo naranjas y derivados. a pequeña escala. Necesito un nombre de marca y un diseño de logo y branding para marca de alimentación online. Vendo naranjas y limones, productos relacionados también. Mi nombre actual es muy, muy complicado de recordar y quiero una marca divertida, sencilla y fácil de recordar en alemani...

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    we are incorporating the natural trace element of zinc into the polymer of the mouthguard. this turns the mouthguard antimicrobial for the life of the mouthguard. protecting from harmful bacteria and keeping the mouth and the mouthguard fresh. a revolution i need a splendid design of the mouthguard. - name - logo and ecological packaging i have included a good example of the competition as an ...

    $8614 (Avg Bid)
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    I need packaging designed for a pre blended (ie. whole pieces of fruit and vegetable) mixed with protein powder and a collagen. The product will be delivered in a frozen format to cafes, restaurants and the consumer market. Healthy, fresh, no added sugar just good quality locally sourced ingredients and portioned controlled. Convenient, easy. Simply add either water, or your favourite milk or yogh...

    $539 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a new logo created, packaging design etc

    $3821 (Avg Bid)
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    A brochure has to be designed for a product including company information and contacts. One A3 size page which is folded in middle of horizontal axis which create total of 4 A4 pages.

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    Retail Merchandising 3 天 left

    We need some retail merchandising designs.

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    Hi we have a new trading company (export-import) in the chemical and food business. We are based in Singapore-Indonesia. We are looking for a designer to design: 1. our logo 2. website 3. name card 4. brochure 5. other collaterals (letter head paper, envelopes, etc) Our idea is to have a clean and simple design for all the above.

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    We currently have a selection of 125ml sprays, we need to produce larger version of these for 1 litre bottles. Some flexibility around design possible. Attached is the current label, a change of barcode and size required.

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    Simple Packing Design 3 天 left

    Hi, We will need to design two labels for a cardboard box.

    $224 (Avg Bid)
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    I've attached the PROJECT DESCRIPTION document + all necessary files. Please read the PROJECT DESCRIPTION file to understand the details of the contest. Thank you.

    $777 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Branding Kit Template 3 天 left

    Branding Kit Template Branding Kit Template

    $350 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I am having containers made for my supplement brand - I need the art work put together properly so I can forward it to my packaging supplier. I have all the info for the containers and how I want the art work to be. I have included images for the project: There is an image of the font, colour and info for the brand There is an image of the shape and size of the container I will have Th...

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    Trophy icon Build a Tri-fold brochure 3 天 left

    Please use the template below and the information provided to build a tri-fold brochure. The safer at home files are the tri-fold template and style that I want and the other two files have the information that I would like on the new tri-fold.

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    I have an existing label for a food product that is sold in the Middle East. Label must be modernised into a colour label so that it attracts more customers. Text already available. Person must have experience of food label design and must be able to show me examples of previous work. detailed brief and images of design themes that I would like to follow to be provided to short listed designers.

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