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C++ is one of the most popular programming languages and is implemented on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms. It is one of the most popular programming language for graphic applications, and it is used to create computer programs ranging from art applications, music players and even video games. If you need help with C++ developers, you can get the help of C++ freelancers on this site. Start connecting with them by posting your job today!

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    delphi 7 and XML expert -- 2 6 天 left

    skills, delphi 7 expert, XML, qreport, need to end and unfinished project, DLL, procedures, it is an existing system but need a few corrections, in the code to form an XML and made one reports, NEEDS TO WORK REMOTE TO MY PC which has all delphi components. WE NEED TO INSERT THIS PROCEDURES (ARE INSIDE, BUT NOT FEED WITH THE CORRECT INFO), the previous versión of the system uses almost the same info, but, the variables may call different, I WILL HELP YOU TO FIND THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THAT VARIABLE, OTHER TIMES, MUST COME FROM A FORMULA OR FROM A GRID CORDINATE, IF THE VARIABLE IS NEW MUST BE DECLARATED, THE SYSTEM MUST GET A VALUE (SHOWED AT THE FINAL FILE IN THIS POST) the system was worinkg form about 10 years, just need this modification

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    need an Opengl expert 6 天 left

    Want someone who is expert in Open GL and 2D or 3 D game development. Need to input time in teaching the kids Please let me know if you are available looking for cheapest bid who is in much passion in teaching kids who love coding

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    加精 加急 加封 保密协议
    c++ programmer -- 7 6 天 left

    - unhook detector - Protect Process from PcHunter

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    I have a Dymo label (450) printer I want to print a label using its configuration file with command line ( attached ) there is an example of code in c++ but it is not working on my PC nd there are other examples in the sdk line in Java ( attached , can be downloaded from dymo site ) please dont contact me if you did not read the description and went throw the SDK

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    I want to create a lightmapping project that calculates lightmaps for 3D Scenes including static meshes, animated meshes etc. It will have a bunch of features which includes: 1. Radiosity and Path Tracing on the GPU and CPU 2. Supports Fixing Light Leaks and UV Seams 3. Supports Sky Lighting via Skybox, HDRI and SkyDome 4. Supports Albedo, Emissivity, Refraction, Projective Texturing and Transparency 5. Supports Directional, Spot, Point, Area Point and Area Spot light 6. Supports Complete and Indirect Lightmap baking and mix of complete and indirect 7. Can produce Shadow masks 8. Supports Directional Baking(HL2 or Custom Directions), Per Pixel Spherical Harmonics, High Frequency Baking 9. Supports Light Probes, Normal Maps, Principal Direction, Spherical Harmonics, Average Value 10. RealT...

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    I have cretate a function called "GetPixelDX11" that should return the pixel color like GetPixel, but return always zero. Attached the project that I have used to test the API. I have a very limitated in DirectX. I Ask quote to fix the problem. Thank You !

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    Making a shell in C language that uses system calls such as fork, wait, execve and some others. SHell should be able to execute other c files

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    Amibroker to stocksdeveloper full automatic trading coding

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    Hello, Looking for a C developer who can work dedicatally over one of our project. Minimum 6 hrs in a day required. It's an urgent opening and we need to start it by tomorrow. Regards S

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    Scheduling workflow tasks into cloud servers using one of the Deep learning solutions

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    Need a .exe application (windows only) for getting the biometric data from attendance machines (Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Card, Palm) and this data needs to be saved in remote DB. It provides RESTful APIs and Callback APIs for various operations to communicate with the biometric machines back and forth. The following features are needed in the EXE executable: 1. Fetch daily attendance data from biometric devices in real-time. 2. It should work with all the brands of biometric devices available in India. 3. The EXE should run in older versions of windows also ( Win 7 onwards). 4. Should have configuration to set the remote DB url and other settings as per the needs. 5. Sometimes, a single office has multiple biometric devices. The EXE should treat them as a single office and push the ...

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    Software defined networking 6 天 left

    Looking for sdn application programming

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    with a preset input value in the program. Automatically upload image text video It is a program used by the PC. Posted using data on smartphone I'm developing it as a test version and want to see the reaction and update it I think the cost is 100 dollars

    $78 - $235
    $78 - $235
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    Pos system 6 天 left

    Need pos software easy one for my hardware retail shop only need for make quations and receipts

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    MIPS assembly language 6 天 left

    The task is to convert simple C++ to MIPS assembly language.

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    This software for boss can know how much workers was at work and what they did. I will give all api for upload the info. I looking for only high quality and fast work. This software must be multiple languages. I have demo of this software:

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    Hi! We are a software development company that is looking for a C++engineer to help us on a project for one of our clients. We need an expert C++ developer with experience using image processing applications and GUI functionality. Must have experience developing QT/QML applications. Skills: - C++ - Qt/QML - Familiarity with: OpenSceneGraph, OpenCV, OpenGL Our client is looking to work with a team of developers to create a cloud based business intelligence software to manage their transport business. The goal of this software is to create an inhouse product which can be worked on and progressed over time. This project will contain the following modules each being a vital part of the system. Management Dashboard Booking variables Zone Creation/ Mapping Dynamics Pricing Matrix Driver...

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    Hello i have an EA that is based on moving averages taking trades with the trend and reversals. I need an appropriate SL to add to the EA that will optimize the take profit and SL while not getting hit too often. For more details get in touch with me.

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    The email account is arbitrary (gmail, gmx, hotmail, outlook etc.) - ideally free but not necessarily so. The final class will be called silently from a host application logging trace details and sending via email. As you may well know the actual email code using is trivial. All the work is in the credentials fitting with the provider. Find me a free or low cost email provider, a C# class with a testing harness (console app is fine or simple windows form app that allows for repeated emails up to some max with defined text and attachment file) that works repeatedly. - that's the job. Frequency is low (3-5 emails by 100 users within a 30min period). Successful test is running 2 instances of test harness and firing 1 email per 30 seconds for 10 minutes simutaneously with a 10k attachm...

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    Projeto de aplicativo Desktop O aplicativo é um menu rápido que será localizado no direito, Ele ira organizar em gavetas de atalhos de Programas, favoritos e bate-papo de conexão com o Tom ticket. Ele deve conter uma pasta no c:Help onde vão ficar os ícones Ele deve conter um arquivo de que liberar o sistema Ele deve conter licença ou estilo do visual no vídeo (livre criação / aprovação) Ele deve conter 5 bandejas que podem ser renomeadas Ele deve conter um logotipo no fundo da janela Ele deve conter uma das bandejas de acesso ao chat do tom ticket Ele deve conter o nome do programa e o botão de acesso ao site A licença deve vencer todo ano e deve conter uma forma segura de renovar a cada...

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    Need an OpenCV expert in C++ 5 天 left

    I need a person who are expert in OpenCV in C++

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    There is a existing ethernet interface which need to be taken as refrence to develop interface for USB it should support RNDIS/CDC-ECM protocol.

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    Hi. I need a python developer for object tracking. Please contact me if you are professional in the image processing and object tracking. Thanks.

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    This nearly works but the programmer did not finish (was paid) and communications were sporadic. The file describes what it is and what needs fixing. Probably very little needs fixing. This is for somebody familiar with MS Visual C/C++ and driving COM ports under Windows. Target is win7-64 or higher but it would be nice if it runs under winXP. I have also uploaded a free com port emulator but I don't think this will be needed. I think the errors will be obvious.

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    Developer share trading software using asx end of day data.

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    We provide our customers with a viewer bot on Twitch. We use a separate program to increase the number of viewers, and a separate program to allow users to write to the chat. The program we currently use for chat bot is desktop. We are launching for customers. I want to put this under the control of customers. Let them determine and start their own writings and frequency of seconds.

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    Need an advanced female programmer to build a app

    $58 - $145
    $58 - $145
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    12 days for core Java training for 1st year BTech students. 10th October to 24th October. Per day delivery of 6 hours. Location Indore.

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    I need exe file protection developer.. I have a one file need to protect

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    OpenCV C++ I have taken a mat from HWND About 0.5 seconds slower than the actual hwnd and frame is too low. I want to change up to 60 or 144 frames of this. Don't have a lot of time. I'm looking for people who can work within hours 1. 60 or 144 Fps for TestWindow 2. drawText multiple I'll give you the source

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    Experienced C++ developer 5 天 left

    We're looking for an experienced C++ developer for longterm relationship. You'll work on various of C++ projects, so you have to real experienced with C++. Plus if you have experience with mobile development, too. I'll share the detailed specs with the shortlisted candidates. Thank you

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    I need a trading bot made for me in python, parameter supplied, 3 timeframes . Please feel free to offer suggestions

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    Need an expert in C++. 5 天 left

    Hello I need an expert in C++ for an urgent task. Please apply ASAP if you have the required expertise.

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    Need A Lua Developer To Create Custom FiveM Mods

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    We have a USB Device for which we have developed service objects based on Unified POS Standards (). We are looking for someone to port the .Net service object to JavaPOS () and write a test application for the device and expose the functionality of the service object.

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    I have a bot written on python. I would like to rent the product to users without giving them the source code. I want to give them unique registration keys with a subscription end date on it. if you can do this. let me know.

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    myinvestment 5 天 left

    Plataforma de inversión con red de mercadeo binaria, ingreso vía link de referencia, inversión vía criptomoneda.

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    I want a Windows user application (some kind of .exe that I can run) which will open a window with a few images and drop-down menus. The user can then select the options, then click a save button to export the selected options to a text file. I am looking for your inputs as to the easiest way to do this, anything that works, nothing fancy needed.

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    DirectX9 ShadowMap Expert 4 天 left

    Hello, I want to find a DirectX8 or DirectX9 ShadowMap Expert to fix the ShadowMap for my game. Contact me if you are interested for more details. Best regards, Eduard

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    Hello I need simple app to receive windows realtime notification and send an email via API I can provide API but first of all, I need app to trigger windows 10 notification realtime Let me know who can do this quickly Thanks

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    Need a simple app. Talented Freelancers will deliver is within a day.

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    1. Environment for development - OS : Ubuntu on Desktop PC - GUI & Coding & Build tool : Using QT creator(5.15.x) - No dependency 2. Development method - Implement/Test GUI related functions in Qtcreator 3. The purpose of this project - Programming load/table_view/edit/save functions for multiple Jason files - Please the attached for flowchart and functio concept.. 4. Timeline : 1 day

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    I need an indicator that plots Asian range lines and specific price lines on the right side

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