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Creative design is an area of marketing and advertising which involves planning and conceptualizing ideas and turning them into products like promotional materials, videos, and advertisements. With the evolution of the way we market and promote products, so did the process of designing them. More skills are now essential when creating creative designs; this includes competencies in graphic design, photography, and advanced techniques in typography. Additionally, in this age of the Internet, creating these designs have evolved from doing them in paper sketches into creating them in digital illustration software.

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    Artz is the World's NFT Gallery where artists around the world can display their work. Artz is the A to Z NFT service. We make sure that buyers as well as sellers are meeting in a secure and safe environment to mint, sell, bid and buy NFT's. We are the one stop shop to the world of NFTs and a digital art trading market place where crypto currency is the trading currency. Therefore the...

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    This is a Senior Product UX Designer role. You will need experience concepting, ideating, and delivering design solutions, as well as collaborating with partners in technology and strategy. Your portfolio will demonstrate an ability to understand the underlying business problem and develop innovative, customer centered design solutions across different platforms, devices and locations. What you&...

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    A memoir that is about 80,000 words

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    Trophy icon #CFJT2022 Crypto 8 天 left

    We are a company that is in the development of a cryptocurrency online trading platform. We are bringing people together to sell and buy cryptocurrency online. We are interested in a modern logo design, and vector files and media files will need to be submitted. Designed logo for the company name 724coin. Keywords: Trading, Cryptocurrency, global, safe trading, shopping card, 3D, exchange.

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    Estamos desarrollando un videojuego y teníamos contratado a un diseñador, pero nos ha dado muchos problemas poniendo excusas y más cosas, ayer entregó el trabajo y era muy diferente de lo esperado. Ya le hemos echado, pero el problema es que por su culpa llevamos mas de 15 días de retraso y tengo a todo el equipo desde el mes pasado esperando. Por esto necesitamo...

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    We will work under the name 'ODIN' the idea is to use a GLITCH layout, so that the distortion results into a 'OODIIN' endresults; as the website will be [登录来查看链接] the style of the logo we look for is > strong > supreme > divine > powerfull ( added some examples as GUIDANCE ) The endlogo should 'kindoff' show a glitched OO en II, but clearly experience ...

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    Trophy icon World Powerlifting Mural 2 天 left

    Need the design for a large sign writing mural to go on this Powerlifting gym wall (photo) 3meters high x 9 meters long. Note a bite of 90cm high and 60cm deep is taken out at one end by the low cupboard you see. Logo files are attached -- the image would be some elaboration, stretching, repletion, whatever of the logo. The two Squat racks you see in the photo will stay permanently and be used the...

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    I need a Logo I can use for my clothing brand . The name of my clothing brand is “Money Flu”. Money as in money $ and Flu as if someone is sick. Anyone who is addicted to money , can’t stop getting money , loves money, and thrives for money would have Money Flu. I don’t just want a signature logo this needs to be a image streetwear logo, a signature design can be part of it...

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    Trophy icon Logo Creation 3 天 left

    I had to change my business name so the logo request has changed. Business name= My Checklist Marketing Include a checklist in the logo somehow

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    We are a design agency, looking for good creative designers & copy writers for Brand identity creatives, Social-media creatives & Digital marketing candidates having good flair in their respective task.

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    Painting whole building is covered. Just need ideas on the paint and decorations and want it to be classy. Open to decorative stucco or wrought iron or mural painting

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    We are launching an NFT hedge fund...we have the titles of slides and what the context should be but looking for someone to make it creative with marketing component.

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    logo design 4 天 left

    Want to get a logo designed for my company. It is a financial advisory.

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    This project is for someone with skills in creating mazes. The mazes will be used commercially as part of a promotion. A total of ten (10) mazes are required. They will also need to fit a 5"X5" maximum size on paper.

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    Hello freelancer, i am looking for an indavidual who can handle a logo design and art craft

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    Conduit Constulting 3 天 left

    I need help in turning a power point document into meaningful marketing collateral. Can you help. I expect this to be a small job but I need your expertise.

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    Es On Go, constante, se necesitan 10 islas por mes, todos los meses.

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    IPAD Stand 3 天 left

    Customized design for IPAD POS system.

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    How student can organize and manage their time like meeting deadling why a schedule is important how to make a table using powerpoint or word just one paper

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    احتاج مبرمج لعمل تعديلات على موقع الكتروني من هذه التعديلات تعريض البانر ترتيب خانات العرض تغيير الالوان واضافة بعض التعديلات لجعل الموقع يبدو اكثر اجترافيه عند قبول العمل يمكنني ارسال ملف كامل بالتعديلات بشكل اوضح

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    Trophy icon Looking For A Character 3 天 left

    PLEASE CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME ON THIS CONTEST :-) I am looking for a character, preferably hand drawn, for my new series "Why Me?" This will be, of course a cartoon character, and I am giving you free range to get creative. It can be an animal, human, hybrid, anything you would like to create. The only thing I ask is that the character ...

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    We need a website designer, I have an existing theme and a website that is already developed in HTLM, I need to redesign few pages for my services and courses modules.

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    Revense Esport 2 天 left

    Es un proyecto de esports el cual trata de cambiar la forma de como se miran a los videojuegos, contando con streamers de alto nivel y jugadores profesionales que representan a nivel nacional y nivel internacional. Estamos buscando una renovacion de imagen para mi proyecto. lo cual seria cambiar el logo y tener una linea grafica nueva para instagram y para facebook. Asimismo para el nuevo dossier...

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    Im interested in finding someone who can design a car for me. I have saved several pictures of the traits I want integrated into the design. I actually went to school for Automotive Design but ended up dropping out and going to tech school for metal fab and mechanical work because I favored creating the project instead of drawing/rendering it. That being said, I fully intend on building the vehicl...

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    Dale un toque especial a tus eventos en casa FÁCIL Y RAPIDO. -kit personalizados del personajes favoritos de tus peques. (Stickers y cajitas personalizadas) ?enviamos a tu correo en formato PDF ?️ Imprime desde cualquier impresora ✂️Recorta ?Decora y celebra desde casa! El kit contiene: -Etiqueta para sublime -Adorno para sorbete -Etiquetas circulares en dos tamaños -Cartones p...

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    Trophy icon Logo design 2 天 left

    We are looking to have a logo created that we can use on all platforms. Our distillery is called : Hawke Prohibition Distilleries

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    Hi, I'm Annalisa Bertelle and I'm a personal trainer with many experience in triathlon because of my background as professional triathlete. I'm working in many gym and I would like to create my own brand then people can recognise me across gyms. I works with any kind of person, from the professional triathlete to the office worker would like to have a better feeling of himself. My m...

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    The idea is to create a new branding campaign (only image, not sales) for a company. We expect to receive: 1. 1 Communication Strategy 2. 1 Proposal of TV ad 30” (script and story board) 3. 1 Ad for magazine or newspaper 4. 1 Radio ad 30” 5. 1 Truck art cover We will share the complete brief with awarded freelancer.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 11/10/2021 09:20 EDT 17 小时 left

    SPECIAL NOTICE [ If you win, I will given an extra money with one project ] Business process outsourcing company.I want the 8 in Oper8 to be used as a standalone icon within the system as well. This means that the 8 in the logo should be the highlight. Looking for a flat logo. Simple with the 8 being the main part and ‘Oper’ can just be plain. My only initial thoughts were that the...

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    We are a start-up real estate contracting company and we would like to start our marketing campaign in Cyprus. We need someone with experience to create a strategy and apply it.

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    Hi, I'm Annalisa Bertelle and I'm a personal trainer with many experience in triathlon because of my background as professional triathlete. I'm working in many gym and I would like to create my own brand then people can recognise me across gyms. I works with any kind of person, from the professional triathlete to the office worker would like to have a better feeling of himself. My m...

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    We need our website to be designed with high quality pictures for the main page , product page and few banners. we sell only 3 product that are basically different variants of the same product, the platform we use is Shopify. Need to be creative and thoughtful - The job demands high standards for high quality graphics and design.

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    Trophy icon uhubu logo design 12 天 left

    We need a logo design for a new brand name "uhubu". It has to be something new, fresh, catchy and relative to hobbies, free time, activities. We think that purple color fits its purpose better, but you are free to create based on what you believe is the best color palette.

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    Trophy icon Trading Card Design 结束于 left

    This project is for a trading card design. Each card will feature one popular landmark, building, or travel destination from around the world. Example concept photos are attached below. Requirements: 1. Designed front & back. 2. Front should prominently feature the landmark, building, or location. 3. The design should best capture the feeling and culture of the location. 4. Text with the name...

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    Trophy icon Name my Bolt 11 天 left

    * Note: Do not use the name " mybolt " .. the objective is to be creative with a new name My bolt is designed to fit from the front face and be removed from the same side. The user does not need to add a nut as the nut is part of the bolt itself. The name must not be used elsewhere . Unique names only

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    1. you no need too expert in xd, just draw a concept flow with template, others xd designer will fix your design. 2. you need to have logical thinking to DESIGN the flow of screen (UIUX) i will just give you a concept and you have to know how user want it. if you are expert in xd then would be advantages in this job. (send us your xd design if you have) good or bad quality of job will not have ...

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    THE KING OF CLIVITAR Design a book cover, featuring a mighty and magical castle. Sitting prominently along the edge of a cliff, a never ending ocean sits behind. A golden sunset colors the evening sky. Stone walls reach for the clouds. Circular towers with blocking building below. A blanket of snow covers every rooftop. Spiral staircases twist around the outer wall of some towers. Long and sturdy ...

    $778 (Avg Bid)
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    Title; THE GREAT WESTERN WILDERNESS Author; T.J. Futrell I need a new book cover design. It's a western-fantasy drama. Set within a larger fictional world, perpetually stuck in a gold rush era. The events of this book specifically take place within a small goldmining town in an Appalachian foothill. Coastal bogs and ravines dot the surrounding landscape. A mighty river, reminiscent to the Mi...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for a dope Logo Design for my new company (Freedom Enterprise Group)

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    Trophy icon Need logo for a company 已经结束 left

    It’s a gummy candy called beauty bites. I would like a clean look that catches the eye. Something maybe with BB but I would like to see the creativeness you come up with. Will give a tip as well if I find the right logo for me.

    $630 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Create a Design 已经结束 left

    I want a creative and a meaningful logo. the background should be in black and the content should be in gold gradient. its for a travel and tours agent. Letter J can be used as initial but it must a be meaningful logo. not only with letter J

    $117 (Avg Bid)
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