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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a suite of integrated programmes and applications that makes it easier for businesses to manage and track their customer interactions. A CRM Developer is a professional who knows the ins and outs of this field and assists businesses in making the most of their customer relationships.

A CRM Developer can help a business in many ways-from creating custom modules to integrating Rest API interfaces between different applications, software, and systems. This professional can also build data entry teams, create email campaigns, design forms, and help businesses choose the right type of CRM or marketing automation system for them.

Here's some projects that our expert CRM Developer made real:

  • Automation tools that increase efficiency
  • Data collection and analysis to better understand customers
  • API integration to facilitate communication between systems
  • Customized forms to optimize customer service process
  • Email campaigns with personalized messages
  • Automatically scheduling calendar events and much more!

At Freelancer.com, you can find a professional capable of guiding your business throughout the whole process of implementing a CRM system—from conceptualizing it, to adapting it to your own specific needs, to actually putting it into motion. Our experienced CRM developers are up for any challenge. Invite them to join your project today!

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    I need a dedicated expert to complete an order management application using Zoho Creator. The App is 75% completed by a former freelancer who has gone MIA. The application manages Mobile SIM Card ordering and ongoing support. The system is integrated with Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk presently, however the Zoho Desk integration for the submission and updating of support requests seems to have some errors. The application is integrated to our soft switch to provide a testing function which I will go into more detail about with the successful freelancer. This has currently been tested through API integration to Enswitch, however needs finishing. We need further integration to our carrier/s through API for ordering, updating and cancelling of services. I have attached some d...

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    I am currently in need of a Zoho specialist who can help in customizing reports and dashboards of my CRM software. To be successful with this project, you should: * Possess in-depth knowledge of Zoho CRM * Have a track record in creating and customizing dashboards * Be skilled in data visualization and reporting Your main task will be to enhance the current system, adjusting and customizing our CRM reports and dashboards to improve efficiency and the decision-making process. Expertise in Zoho CRM is vital to ensure seamless workflow. Preference will be given to those who have completed similar projects before.

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    I require a Zoho One professional to help me with the implementation and customization of several key applications. - Primarily, I need assistance with Zoho CRM. The focus here will be on sales automation to enhance our overall sales process. - Additionally, I require support with Zoho Books. I aim to make the most of the financial management capabilities this application offers to streamline our business finances. - Lastly, I'd like to maximize the use of Zoho Analytics to help us gain better insights and make data-driven decisions. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in implementing and customizing Zoho One CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Analytics. - A strong understanding of sales automation, financial management, and data analysis. - The ability ...

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    As a growing business, I'm looking for someone who can help me develop a CRM using ERPNext or any other better software. The project should be tailored to meet the needs of a small sales team, numbering between 1 to 10 users. It includes manufacturing , POS, Payrol, Purchases and Sales etc. A brief about our company. 1. We buy Yarn. 2. We use the yarn to manufacture Fabric. 3. Then the fabrics come to stores. 4. From stores they go to multiple small garments. 5. From the Garments they come back to stores. 6. At stores, we check QC, Ironing, Packing, labeling, etc. 7. From stores they come to Retail shops. 8. From the shop we sell to customers. 9. POS system needed chich includes Discounts and Loyalty point for customers. 10. The POS should be able to input customer details and cre...

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    Settore: E-learning e formazione Tipo di impiego: Full Time Collaborazione: Freelance Retribuzione:Provvigione variabile dall'8% al 14% Località: Da remoto Unisciti al Team di Vendita in Crescita più Rapida d'Europa! Hai almeno 2 anni di esperienza in vendita telefonica e risultati provati nel settore? Cerchiamo venditori da remoto per unirsi a Metodo Toddler, azienda leader nel settore e-learning. Fondata nel 2015, abbiamo rivoluzionato l'apprendimento delle lingue, aiutando oltre 15.000 persone a diventare fluente in inglese. Cosa offriamo: Libertà di Lavoro: Lavora da luoghi come Dubai, Spagna, Italia, Portogallo, o dove preferisci. Contatti Qualificati: Dimentica le chiamate a freddo; lavorerai solo con clienti pre-selezionati. Retribuzione Co...

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    Hi, I need to Connect each user to their microsoft outlook account. The goal is to be able to create tasks on Perfex and also show them on their Outlook calendar. For each user (about 10 at the moment) they will need to be able to link their account in my current Perfex CRM installation. In the CRM the user need to set up his account through a step by step procedure. I'll provide you a staging version of the CRM where you can try the customization and then replicate it into the main version. I'm looking for a developer who can create a module where I can plug & play to my Perfex Installation.

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    Hi, I need within the sales sections (proposals, quotes, invoices), in Tasks and Customers create a data filtering interface, similar to what has already been done for Leads (see ). This interface is generated by a module I've purchased in my current Perfex CRM installation, I need a developer who can replicate it in the sales sections. I'll provide you a staging version of the CRM where you can try the customization and then replicate it into the main version. The data I need to be able to filter for these sections respectively are as follows: a. Proposal - Date (range field) Valid up to (range field) Network Qtà vetture totale (range field) Agente di vendita Status b. Estimate - Date (range field) Expiry Date (range field) Network Qtà vetture totale (range fi...

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    I am seeking a highly organized and efficient freelancer to assist with data entry, particularly with a specific CRM software, and document management tasks. Your responsibilities will include: - Data entry into the CRM. - Maintaining and managing spreadsheets. Ideal skills and experiences: - Proficiency using CRM software. - Strong data entry skills. - Proven document management expertise, especially with spreadsheets. - High level of organization and attention to detail. The project will require highly efficient and accurate work. Your understanding and utilization of CRM software will be crucial to your success in this position. Past experience in a similar role would be highly beneficial.

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    I'm seeking a skilled web developer with experience in healthcare platforms who can build a telemedicine website with high profile features. Among the features that should be included are: - Online appointment requests and interface ability with electronic medical record to auto-populate patient info directly into a patient's record. It should also be able to function with CRM software. - A system for potential patients to provide their information for callbacks. This should be managed through an online form where patients can also upload relevant documents. We don't want patients to be able to directly schedule appointments into our provider's calendar, instead they will receive a call back to confirm their info, appointment date, etc. to reduce the number of "n...

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    Buenas tardes, Requerimos una persona que sepa administrar la plataforma Zoho (CRM) y que nos ayude adecuar procesos comerciales, ejecución y administrativos

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    I'm looking to automate the data entry process for order confirmations into my CRM system. I need to ensure that data accuracy is improved through this automation. Key Requirements: - Automate the process of inputting order confirmation emails into my CRM system - Ensure that the data is accurately captured - The system should reduce the need for manual data entry This project is ideal for someone with experience in CRM automation, data entry automation, and a good understanding of order confirmation processes. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CRM systems - Experience in data entry automation - Good understanding of order confirmation processes

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    I am seeking a skilled Zoho CRM trainer to provide advanced online training, with a particular emphasis on Customer Support Management. Key Requirements: - Extensive expertise in Zoho CRM. - Ability to instruct at an advanced level. - Strong understanding of customer support management in Zoho CRM. - Excellent communication skills with the aptitude to convey complex instructions lucidly. The ideal candidate would be patient, detail-oriented and have a knack for making complex topics easy to understand. Previous experience teaching Zoho CRM at an advanced level is highly desirable.

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    I'm looking for a talented developer or team to craft an omnichannel chat platform designed to streamline communication by integrating it with our existing cloud call center software as a service (SaaS). Our goal is to enhance customer support and engagement by incorporating multiple communication channels into a single, unified interface. **Key Integrations:** - **Messaging Platforms:** WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, and SMS. Additionally, PBX system integration is required to bridge our voice call capabilities with digital communication channels. - **Features:** Essential features we're looking for include: - **File Sharing:** Ability to share documents, images, and videos across all channels. - **Chat History:** Seamless access to previous conversations for co...

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    I am in search of a diligent and proactive Operations & CRM Manager who can oversee daily operations and effectively manage customer relationships. By streamlining various processes, you will provide strong customer support and successfully lead management operations. The ideal candidate should have: - Mid-level experience in Operations and CRM management. - Proven track record in managing daily operations in a fast-paced environment. - Excellent aptitude for customer support and relationship management. - A knack for streamlining processes to increase efficiency and performance. - Strong data analysis skills and inventory management expertise. This position requires a keen eye for detail, an enthusiastic problem-solving attitude, and a determination to enhance customer satisfaction....

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    I need help with Salesforce integration. Key Points: - I'm looking for a skilled developer who can help me integrate Salesforce with my existing systems. - I want the integration to be seamless, efficient and user-friendly. - The successful freelancer should have a deep understanding of Salesforce and integration processes. - I may also require the developer to provide guidance and recommendations on best practices for integration. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in Salesforce integration - Strong understanding of Salesforce platform - Experience in recommending best practices - Good communication skills

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    I need a WordPress designer who can solve two specific issues. I need someone who knows how to use Elementor, Houzez Theme and CRM (with XML format) automatic imports. I require assistance with integrating specific functionalities: · Including a customized search page that allows users to filter by categories and provides advanced search options. · Implementing a customized template for automatic uploaded properties with a CRM (template is already designed). Key Requirements: - Strong experience in crafting business websites on WordPress - Proficiency in implementing a custom search page functionality - Expertise in strategizing advanced search options and category-based filtration - Elementor and Houzez Templates The ideal candidate will understand how to craft a seaml...

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    Zoho CRM Developer Needed 3 天 left

    I need an experienced Zoho CRM developer to integrate specific functionalities in the platform. These include: - Customer segmentation: based on purchasing behavior, geographic location and feedback - Sales forecasting: to predict and plan the sales strategy - Email marketing: to reach out to our customer base effectively Your proficiency in Zoho CRM is key in this task as well as understanding how to utilize customer data effectively. If you have the necessary skills and experience, we’d love to hear from you.

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    Project Summary: We are seeking an experienced CRM and affiliate marketing integration expert to design and implement a robust solution for tracking deals and managing a multi-level affiliate program. - The integration must seamlessly track deals generated via submission links, provide affiliates clear commission visibility, and handle multi-level affiliate hierarchies. - The chosen CRM needs to comfortably handle a database with several million contacts. Key Requirements: - CRM Expertise: Demonstrated experience with large-scale CRM implementations and integrations. - - - Familiarity with CRMs suitable for multi-million contact databases is essential. - Affiliate Marketing Integration: Extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing platforms, deal tracking methodologies, ...

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    As a Life Coach, I'm looking for a freelancer to help me set up my online coaching business from scratch. As a freelancer, You will develop all systems, run them, and will hand them over to us as key turnover. Project overview: Development of CRM including auto emails to clients on different stages, Developing funnel system Setting up an integrated booking and scheduling system to allow clients to conveniently book and manage their sessions. implementing a live video call system for delivering coaching sessions. Build and maintain a user-friendly website. email marketing system Set up of landing page Help us start pre-designed video templates in Haygen for YouTube and social media. system of creating and sending newsletters to our mailing list. Develop digital marketing strategi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Salesforce developer to assist me in completing the Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards specialist Superbadge. My progress on this badge is at a standstill, as I've not started it yet. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Salesforce Development: You should have a solid understanding of Salesforce's development environment and best practices. - Superbadge Completion: Prior experience with completing Salesforce Superbadges, particularly the Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist, will be highly beneficial. - Custom Fields & Objects: You will need to help me implement custom fields and objects in the Lightning Experience for this Superbadge. - Specific Data Insights: As per my requirements, I need assistance in creatin...

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    I am urgently looking for an experienced Salesforce developer to fix two unspecified issues within my system as soon as possible. Two things to be done, for those who knows Salesforce shouldn't take more than 5 mins. Opportunity field manadatory. contact field mandatory a new button

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    Need some fields updated for custom reporting in Hubspot. Majority is created but needs a few adjustments.

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    I'm looking for a reaonably-price, pre-built plug-and-play Real estate investor package that will work with Podio (preferably). I'd be open to looking at a Zoho package as well. I'm in need of a highly skilled developer who's familiar with Podio Real Estate Investor CRM, and its related third-party tools. The project involves: - Automating Lead Generation: Generates prospects consistently. - Deal Analysis Automation: Offers insightful analysis of potential investments. - Setting up Follow-up Reminders: Prompts to engage with leads at optimal times. - Contract, Letter, Offer, Email Generation: Streamline communication and paperwork. - Performing Financial Calculations: Assists in decision-making. Furthermore, the CRM should be integrated with: - Podio Apps: Seamless w...

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    I am looking for an expert who can assist me with the setup and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365; specifically in the areas of Field Service and Business Central. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing Dynamics 365 from scratch. - Setting up and configuring the Field Service and Business Central modules. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform - Proven experience in Dynamics 365 setup and configuration - Extensive knowledge in Field Service and Business Central modules - Able to work with little to no supervision Your role will be to ensure a smooth and effective setup, enabling our team to easily navigate and use these modules. It is, therefore, imperative that you possess an in-depth understanding of Dynamics 365. Experience in similar proje...

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    Administrative Officer 2 天 left

    Project Details $2.00 – $4 AUD (Australian Dollars) per hour Job Description Admin Officer. Long term, growth position Pay Rate: $2aud/h 1st month during training $3aud/h 2nd month during training $4 aud/h 3rd month and thereafter SCOPE FOR GROWTH: Upon achieving mastery of this role, you will be invited to train for the more senior position, of Operations Manager, which provides a greater salary. Mastery of the admin position might take 6-12 months. About us Steelorama International Pty Ltd is a small but growing company. It has been operating for 20 years. Simple Weddings (). We conduct legal weddings in various cities in Australia, much like a Town Hall wedding. Job Description The job also involves helping the company as whole, through various general Admin duties. It is a...

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    As someone desiring to streamline my operations, I require a specialist to automate my sales processes on Pipedrive. Specifically, automation needs to: * Enable multi-user capability * Synchronize calendars * Provide co-branding options Skills and experience in Pipedrive enhancements, sales process automation, and developing multi-user environments would be ideal for this job. Prospective freelancers should be ready to share examples of similar projects they have successfully completed.

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    Seeking a skilled developer to implement a ready-made CRM (Customer Relationship Management) marketing platform that caters to a large customer base (more than 10,000). Key Project Features: - Email Marketing - Lead Management - Sales Pipeline Tracking Ideal skills and experience: • Proven experience in implementing CRM platforms in large-scale scenarios • Excellent understanding of CRM marketing components, especially in email marketing, lead management, and sales pipeline tracking • Capable of working with ready-made solutions with minimum need for customization Your main task will be to integrate these features into a CRM platform with minimal changes. Consequently, being adept with the aforementioned components is of the utmost importance. Further, efficiency and qui...

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    I'm searching for a Salesforce expert, particularly in handling data migration for the Salesforce Experience Cloud. Here are the details of the project: - The migration will include customer records, content, documents, images and resources. - We need someone with solid knowledge of Salesforce Experience Cloud. - Capable of creating and designing pages in a Salesforce Experience Cloud site. - SEO knowledge desire. Please only apply if you have vast knowledge and past experiences working with Salesforces Experience Cloud and data migration.

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    Even though I'm completely new to Go High Level, I have an eagerness to learn, particularly in the area of CRM and Workflow Management. Here's what I'm hoping to get out of this project: - Live, one-on-one training sessions that include screenshare - A trainer who has extensive experience with Go High Level Automation, specifically with CRM and Workflow Management - A clear, simple to understand teaching style, that can break down complex concepts for a beginner in this software Ideal candidates for this project will be excellent communicators, patient, and have a knack for teaching software to beginners.

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    I need a CRM system developer who can create a comprehensive CRM system for my company. - The system should primarily focus on contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and task management. . The project is urgent, so I need someone who can start immediately and complete the project as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in developing CRM systems - Excellent knowledge of contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and task management features - Experience with CRM integrations, particularly with Salesforce, HubSpot, and/or Zoho. - Ability to work under tight deadlines.

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    I need a CRM system developer who can create a comprehensive CRM system for my company. - The system should primarily focus on contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and task management. . The project is urgent, so I need someone who can start immediately and complete the project as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in developing CRM systems - Excellent knowledge of contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and task management features - Experience with CRM integrations, particularly with Salesforce, HubSpot, and/or Zoho. - Ability to work under tight deadlines.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to integrate a form from GHL Connect with our current CRM. The core task will involve: - Data Synchronization: The main requirement is to synchronize data in real-time between the GHL form and the CRM. - Import/Export Workflow: You should create an automated workflow to import or export data from the form to the CRM. - Data Type: The primary type of data to be synced is contact information. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in CRM integrations and data synchronization. - Proficiency in creating automated workflows for data import/export. - Specific knowledge or experience with GHL Connect would be advantageous. Your role will be to ensure accurate and efficient data flow between the form and the CRM to improve our business processes.

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    I am in need of a skilled developer, experienced in CRM integrations. The task at hand involves connecting a form from GHL to CloseGPT CRM, in order to send vital lead information. Scope of Work: - Set up GHL form to effectively capture and send Name, Email, and Phone number to CloseGPT CRM. - Ensure the smooth transfer of data between these two systems. - The purpose is to generate sales leads, so make sure the integration works seamlessly to not miss any potential customer. Required Skills: - Familiarity with GHL form setup - Proficiency in CRM data management - Prior experience with CloseGPT CRM system - Expertise in data transfer between different systems Please submit your bid with prior relevant experience. I look forward to seeing how we can streamline our lead generation toget...

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    web erp, crm application. 1 天 left

    I want ERP and CRM package software with Saas version standard features and menus. The features I want add python, node js, golang, java, javascript example: The investment I made. I want to receive it as soon as possible. ready package software. or redoing it from scratch. using open source No problem.

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    Buscamos que puedan configurar métricas, lanzar campañas efectivas y automatizar nuestros procesos de ventas utilizando un CRM. El objetivo principal es centralizar todas las fuentes de datos en un solo lugar y crear un embudo de ventas automatizado para nuestros producto (es una app)

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    HubSpot CRM Setup & Integration 19 小时 left

    I'm seeking a professional to set up and customize HubSpot CRM for my business. Key tasks will include: - Setting up features for lead tracking and sales pipeline management. - The system will be used by a team of 1-5, so streamlining user functionality for this size is preferable. - The job requires careful integration of my business’ email, social media and phone calls within the CRM. The ideal freelancer for this job will need to have experience with HubSpot CRM, specifically with the setup and customization of its various features. Experience with integrations is key, with a focus on email, social media, and phone call integration. If this sounds like you, I would love for you to bid on this project.

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    I'm looking for a competent developer or a team who can design a sophisticated LinkedIn automation platform, aimed at generating top-notch B2B leads. The platform should be equipped with: - Personalized messaging capabilities allowing us to reach out to potential clients in a unique manner. - Connection request automation which will facilitate automated LinkedIn connection requests. - Provisions for lead generation tracking, hence enabling us to monitor and analyze lead generation progress. - Integration with CRM systems, specifically Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM. This feature is crucial, and thus you should exhibit an advanced understanding of these CRM systems. - Compliance features that ensure the platform conforms to LinkedIn's terms and services. The ideal candidat...

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    We are seeking a highly knowledgeable sales executive experienced in ISO certification, audit, and training. This role demands a comprehensive understanding of all ISO certifications, with a focus on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001, which are crucial for our operations. The ideal candidate will be: - Experienced in ISO within the tech, healthcare, logistic and retail industries; - Capable of leveraging their ISO knowledge to drive sales. Please note, while the ability to conduct or prepare for audits is appreciated, the primary need for this role is sales.

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    I need a fully bilingual professional (I will interview in English) to do some tasks for my agency such as: PR Outreach Content editing or creating CRM management Email marketing Email scraping Researching Organizing data in spreadsheets Copywriting Wordpress And others You must be a fast learner, attentive, curious, with great writing skills. Looking for someone that pays attention and doesn’t keep making the same mistakes. This job will start part-time as a test period, after that it will be full-time. Payment for part-time during trial period: Fee: 250 USD Performance bonus: 50 USD Results bonus: 50 USD If your work complies with my quality requirements and you give more than asked, you’ll get performance and results bonuses each month. After a two-month period...

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    I'm in need of a talented individual who is intimately familiar with Hubspot and Stripe for CRM integration. Your main task will be to coalesce these two systems to streamline my payment processing and manage customer subscriptions. - The main target is to import our current excel spreadsheet correctly into Hubspot (about 20 columns) with each field correctly displayed. (see attached sample). - To have each stripe payment correctly updating the right client, so we know if one is late on his subscription payment or not. Here's what I'm looking for: - Proficiency in both Hubspot and Stripe platforms - Proven expertise in CRM integration - Ability to optimize processes for ease and efficiency Your expertise in this field will directly enhance my team's workflow by cr...

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    I am urgently needing assistance with setting up and customizing Microsoft Dynamics customer engagement apps, especially in Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. My goal is to work alongside an expert in these applications for faster completion. Expertise in the following areas would be extremely beneficial: - General setup and customization - Workflow automation - UI Customization and Sales Process Configuration Given the urgency, being able to start immediately is crucial. Proven experience in Microsoft Dynamics, particularly in a training/tutoring role, is highly preferable. I am keen on learning and collaborating to get this project done ASAP.

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    We want to develop a CRM, with high users and chat management and pricing on API de WhatsApp Business

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    Mandatory platform experience at Gohighlevel, funnel creation, configuration and automations. tasks to be done - platform configuration - creation of sales funnel -creation of landing page with form - lead automation with wsp chatbot - lead nurturing -lead tracking reschedule - reminder to leads of the scheduled meeting - facebook pixel on landing page - analytics configuration - support board and sales board - email configuration - configuration with facebook lead forms -configuring messages for tiktok, instagram and facebbok to a whatsapp. - support for 2 weeks All this must be configured and then explained to us how it works. NOTE: MAXIMUM TIME FOR THE PROJECT 5 DAYS ***** If you have experience, please write to me in the chat that you have done specifically wi...

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    I'm on the hunt for an experienced developer who can design and implement a Google Sheets CRM system. Accessible via a web browser, it must have the following features: - Contact Management: I want this to be highly personalized, with custom fields that I can define. Expect heavy duty customization here. - Lead Tracking: The system needs to allow monitoring and following up of potential leads seamlessly. - Sales Pipeline Management: It should enable the tracking of sales opportunities at different stages in the sales funnel. - Tasks Management: The CRM also needs to double up as a task manager, keeping a tab on what needs to be done, by who, pending tasks and by when. - Dashboard view This job requires someone with a knack for understanding business requirements and translating them...

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    I'm looking for an experienced QuickBase developer to enhance and evaluate my CRM app. I just need them to fix Quickbase to receive data from other sources already connected and operating. I need to fix problem with some fields -- Need to convert text to multiple choice , but QB does not accept data on kmultiple choice and I need to fix that so I can fix display of reports and performance Specific Enhancements: - UI/UX Improvements: I'm looking for someone who can make the user interface more intuitive and user-friendly. --- I need to optiomize some process of reporting , visual and interaction with data - Workflow Automation: I need the app to be more automated to help streamline my business processes. - Data Analysis and Reporting: I want to be able to generate mor...

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    $8293 平均报价
    43 个竞标

    I'm in need of a professional who can proficiently build a versatile CRM, aiming to streamline contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and email marketing integration. Ideal skills required: - Expertise in CRM development. - Understanding of email marketing strategies. - Track record in creating effective sales pipelines. Additionally, a part of your role involves the design of fewer than five landing pages. The main objective here is to attract and convert visitors into high-quality leads. Key landing page requirements: - Strong knowledge in landing page development. - Proven skills in lead generation strategies. - Understanding of customer behaviour and conversion tactics. A demonstrated experience in these fields will be necessary for a successful collaborati...

    $19389 (Avg Bid)
    $19389 平均报价
    107 个竞标

    Looking for a developer to help me create a custom CRM management system to follow up with clients. Need to be able to add notes, select next follow up date, and assign leads to team members. It should work on Desktop and Mobile. Please watch video here before placing a bid, so that you know exactly what you're bidding on Please review the above video and answer the following: Have you ever developed anything in SalesForce or HubSpot? I'm trying to decide if I should build this app in SalesForce or HubSpot or standalone as the app I show in my video. Again, I am a real estate broker and I'm planning to develop an app to manage my leads, assign them to my staff, and oversee the process. After I get this app to work perfectly for me, I would then like to offer subscr...

    $4315 (Avg Bid)
    $4315 平均报价
    162 个竞标
    Zoho integration 68 天 left

    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with integrating zoho crm call record to zoho books.

    $1652 (Avg Bid)
    $1652 平均报价
    50 个竞标


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