CSS "Cascading Style Sheets" is a style sheet language used to describe looks and formatting of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVF and XUL. It is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content and document presentation factors. If you are doing web design then you might need help with CSS and you can source freelancing talent for help with the same

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    the website on multi-site manager Wordpress theme below I am going to purchase guttenburg and Retina Ready SEO WYSIWYG PAGE EDITOR SEO plugin (ability to write things on the photo) Social Poof Plugin NG Notification Speed of website plugins / delay or compress photos or videos Social Media Auto Poster to major sites by plugin / apis. Below are two different social media auto posters below: choose the best one (If Possible) Vlog Auto Poster Plugin Below (when approved) I have some support pages in which I would like to show photos / or videos on a webpage or something better than this plugin or suggest the one that is better Language Flag icons – do you have or do I need to buy a plugin? Display Example SOCIAL MEDIA icons with counter to be on the home p...

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    Long term website developer I need someone to work with me long-term on multiple projects. If you have knowledge of Custom Coding, JS, PHP, WordPress etc, please ping with your portfolio. Freelancers preferred but companies are also welcome. Skills required CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

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    we have a wordpress website already, now we want to customize it , need to add around 100+ pages on our website than need to make apis as we will build game apps so our users can login on app and can play games too

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    we have already designed and coded the website our project consist of 5 pages -player profile -player search -comparative analysis(benchmark) on players on scatter plots -shortlists -client requests we have a landing page, all we need is the get the endpoint and add some extra features we are in Turkey Istanbul so we prefer Turkish speaking developer

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    I have a store from 2018 that has ads and is making a very good profit. I have added a minimal booze code. I am currently restricting ads and the profit percentage is lost. I want a programmer to return these needs and return the ads provided that the store is linked to this site The required period is 7 days in return 2500 dollars.

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    I would like a plugin that displays a button (text with icon or only text or only an icon) that can be clicked after which the camera of the phone is opened to scan the barcode of a product. Same idea as with QR codes. The product page that corresponds to the scanned barcode must then be opened. If no product exists based on the scanned barcode, a (sort of popup) message must be displayed that can be set yourself and it must be possible to scan a new code immediately. The barcode number must of course be stored somewhere with the products. Otherwise it cannot be searched for. I would like to see three choices: Advanced Custom Fields field, Wordpress core custom field and SKU field. So there must be a settings page to indicate (for example by means of a dropdown) where the plugin should s...

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    Hello, I need someone to install this library: Once installed we need to custom the experience like this: 1) User visit a web url 2) A splash screen is shown for 3 seconds 3) Camera page opens up 4) Different AR experience ar shown: images, video or both Find attached example

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    This position includes multiple sub-projects. Must be experienced with Javascript, TypeScript, React, , Git, HTML5/CSS3, Node.js, etc. Required - Experience creating complicated interfaces with React.js and its modern ecosystem - TypeScript, , HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS - Experience with GIT source control - Full-time availability and start immediately - Ability to communicate clearly in English - Write “I am a human” at the top of your proposal - Attention to details - Willingness to sign an NDA If you are interested in this position, please reply with your prior experience ASAP.

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    Riparazione sito internet 6 天 left

    Il mio sito internet in wordpress ha un problema perche' ha preso un virus, ho provato a reistallarlo su un nuovo hosting ma purtroppo non funziona. io fornisco i dati ftp e wordpress gia' installato e la cartella del sito da ripristinare

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    i have broken codes on my website plugin needs to be fixed i will attach screenshots, my budget is $10 USD

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    Hello On my Wordpress site, after a modification in the personalization of my site, and this one removed immediately, my site does not display correctly anymore. There is an error in the theme which does not display correctly. Here is a debug message that I could find: 'Notice: do_shortcode_tag was called incorrectly. Attempt to parse a short code without a valid callback function' I use the Pixzlo theme () Can someone debug this and help me recover the good display of my website very very quickly ? Thanks

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    Es un proyecto de venta de música (descargas en mp3) y cuentos audiovisuales (en formato mp4 u otro). Necesito: 1) Sitio web (responsive) simple y al grano. Información del "Nosotros", del producto y de la forma de compra + Tienda e-commerce con plataformas de pago internacionales. En la tienda, el usuario podrá seleccionar discos y escuchar demos cortos de las canciones, seleccionar y llevar a carrito de compras uno o más discos o libros de cuentos audiovisuales. El proceso de compra debe finalizar con el envío del producto al cliente por e-mail o, según el peso de la compra, a través de un link de descarga (ya que audio y video pueden ser muy pesados). 2) Aplicación móvil "súper al grano"!!!. Que ...

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    We have three separate page designs in figma and need them implemented in our WordPress template. It goes without saying that the pages will need to be responsive we have the mockup for this. We will have to get on a call to discuss this in future detail. Please start your proposal with the name of a random animal, so that I know that you have read this. Otherwise, your bid will be rejected.

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    You have to make a website on management system using HTML,CSS and bootstrap . Files given below.

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    i want to make landing page on for my work

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    I want to create the elementor landing page from html drag and drop

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    Wordpress Developer -- 2 6 天 left

    Im looking for wordpress developer for my site small changes required, and functions too, i need salary basis or monthly

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    Hi, Looking to hire Vuetify expert to transform template in full html with boostrap in Vuetify 3. - I have code source from original template - Use best practice for vuetify 3 (like standard. Have example if needed)

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    I want a place to talk under the product, and when you click on the profiles and click on them like that, they'll be able to ask for a the two sides match, a window will open in front of them, and the price will be positive, so they can switch to paying.

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    I currently have two bugs with woocommerce products. 1- If I select a variant, for example the red shirt and try to move the cursor over the image to zoom, it does not work well and it zooms to the black shirt. 2-If I select an image from the gallery on the left, clicking on the variants does not change the image. I have a backup where it works fine and the current one that works poorly.

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    Looking for a developer who is proficient and well versed developer that has extensive knowledge in WordPress and these following coding languages: - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - SQL - PHP - Bootstrap - MySQL Most of the tasks involved will require modifying the functionality and design of existing plugins in such a way that will not erase or modify those changes when the theme or plugins update. This means you need to have a good understanding of how WordPress theme templates work and how to override them. You will also need a good understanding of the WordPress hook system. From time to time, when changes to an existing plugin are not practical you may need to develop a standalone plugin or shortcode. At times you may need to explain your design choice when it comes to solutions as to...

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    Fix the back button that does not work. It appears to be in conflict with the Theme's core plugin. Without this plugin the current theme will not work. Your job is to find a JS workaround to fix ensure the back button works.

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    arcotechos 6 天 left

    ya está montada la web, funciona ya con dominio propio y plataforma en wordpress. Especificamente estamos en busca de un diseñador especializado/a en esa plataforma.

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    HI, we need someone to add project dimensions same like other site on home page

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    This task requires knowledge of Python, SQL, JavaScript, html, Css, Java. Message me for further details.

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    I need a wordpress themefile same as this website. I need the option to change colors.

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    Sri Lankan Freelancers Preferred. New Freelancers also welcome Need WordPress Expert with a good knowledge of PHP on a long-term basis. You'll be the perfect fit if you possess these skills. 1. Understanding PHP is a must. 2. Knowledge of Oxygon and Elementor builders 3. Know how to use Adobe Illustrator / XD for mockups 4. Good eye for design aesthetics and UI 5. Sri Lankan Freelancer is Prefferrd I can throw off 5-10 projects a month so looking for serious freelancers. Happy Bidding Cheers!

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    The project I'm working on needs UX design and HTML/CSS/JS development. It is a business application to search for public tenders. The attached diagram is just a mock of how the application should look like. I need clean design implemented for the page. The diagram shows the desktop version but I need this to look good on the mobile as well. I leave this up to your creativity. There are 2 pages to implement for this round of the project. The "Saved Filter" page along with a pop-up to add more categories to the search filter. The other links should not be implemented as part of this project, but they should be added to the page to have the full page design ready. The main page contains: 1. The top of the main page contains the user and company details which will be retrieve...

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    I need a little modification for the plugin

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    We’re building a marketplace with NextJs. Our mission is to implement a cart process / products ui in which we can then wire up the logic of firebase to save and retrieve data from the backend. The project is expected to last 1 month. The budget is 250 USD. Timezone is GMT -5 (Panama). The following skills / tools might be required: - Typescript - React Hooks - Zustand - Tailwind CSS - Firebase v9 - Git - VsCode - Responsive Design

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    I want a freelancer that create a wordpress e-commrece store and connect to my SMM provider's API

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    We need a function or script to reserve a ticket when added to the cart so that someone who has added a seat to their cart will be indicated as booked to another user. We are using FOOEVENTS plugin. We are using the FooEvent plugin and need this script to patch the issue that FooEvents has when multiple people are booking a seat ticket as once. Once a seat ticket has been added to a users cart - it should be unavailable to another user. If they have not purchased within 15 min - then these tickets/seats should return to stock. Need a WooCommerce export to write a plugin or function to fix this issue.

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    I'm the owner of a sports predictions website that is being improved constantly with new features and updating current ones. Here are the first tasks to do: - Restore subscriptions/products page (it's redirecting to a blank page but it was working before and I have backups of everything) - WooCommerce translate to Spanish (default translation is ok) - I have a table of predictions inside every subscription/product. I need that when I add a new row to that table it will copy some data from the latest row. - Redesign the full website (this could be a separated milestone or project) I can explain everything in a video to make things easier. I'm looking for a new Wordpress developer as my actual developer is not being honest with the hours of work and rates... I'm a deve...

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    We are looking for a Magento 2 frontend expert who has extensive knowledge and experience with Magento 2. For this specific task, we require some changes to our homepage, as shown here: Current version: New version: There should also been a hover-effect where the image zooms in and also the text is underlined (hyperlinked). If successful, we will have many similar tasks and projects available for you.

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    The goal of this project is to create a well organized html & css template similar to this website: Focus on a professional looking onepage with a lot of text. You can use any dummy text as well as dummy images and dummy videos. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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    Preciso de alguém, para desenvolver um site de apostas esportivas

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    It can get the student details like Name, Date of Birth, Specification, Degree and some details.

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    Please look at the Plugin, Sportpress Pro and please advise if you know how to work on that plug in Example of what I would like to do is the same as This is for my Competitive Leagues we are Battle Arena South Africa so we want to use the same system as does to be able to tie it in better. I would like to build a complete league section under the League tab of my website as if my website were divided into 2 different websites, when visiting my website now you will see the social aspect and when visiting the Leagues Tab that's when you experience the website from the competitive league side.

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    terminar web ya disenada, agregar lightbox y animacion para landing page

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    A decent Hospital Management System which is created using Html, css and Bootstrap.

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    A decent Hospital Management System which is created using Html, css and Bootstrap .

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    Hello, I need a PERL & Payment Gateway Integration expert that can help me integrate Coinpayments into my website.

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    I have a template in php , and I need to modify to a new fresh design, invoice must contains same fields but organization must be different in a beautiful style. in attachment you can check php template (header, template footer and ) software used to generate pdf "mpdf/mpdf" based on html files Process to generate PDF based on html : 1) modify source code (php files + css) (I will give you ftp credentials to modify) 2) send by postman request to generate pdf (I will give you postman credentials 3) check pdf generated (I will give you path to verify changes you make) source code: all codephp must be in new designs

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    Build Wordpress Theme 6 天 left

    Hello everyone, we have a e-commerce website design we need to create a theme in wordpress using that design. Please contact only if you have examples to provide. Thank you

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    php HTML CSS WEBSITE DEV 6 天 left

    Hello looking for php HTML CSS Expert NOT FOR WORDPRESS !!!! fix web cam on my chat

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    We need to add 2-3 pages (blog, landing page for beta users) to our website (). We also want to improve the animations on certain pages. Looking to hire an experienced Webflow developer.

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    We had team to get ready to join ,both developing or testing anyone having requirement please let me know.

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    Web Developer 6 天 left

    We are searching for Web Developer to join and support our growing team. The Ideal Candidate will work with already existing sites, adaptation, finishing. Development and creation of new sites on WordPress and Opencart, HTML. Our Requirements: - Work experience of 3 years or more with CMS (WordPress, Opencart, HTML). - Knowledge of PHP, MySQL. - HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, etc. - Ability to read and understand documentation in English. Responsibilities: - Creation, editing and updating of sites (Wordpress, OpenCart, HTML). - Making changes to the site code. - Redesign of sites, modernization of pages, addition of new functional modules. - Updating the CMS and site plugins, monitoring the site's performance, correcting errors and site failures. - Implementation of site edits by an S...

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    i cant make anyupdate in my webste built with divi when i want to change something i get this error : your save has failed i checked server info and all is ok ( u can see in attachement)

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