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Drupal commerce posting to API via curl Im using a the commerce module and i have a few fields from the checkout of an order i want to post to another external system. Currently i use: $ curl -u user:"password" -X POST[链接已删除,请登录查看] -d method="addUser" -d first_name="Joshua" -d last_name="Iixuna" -d address="XXX Gladiola Street" etc. So currently i go to each ... 20 PHP, Javascript, Drupal, MySQL, cURL Apr 24, 2018 Apr 24, 20185天 13时 $1295
Need an Expert on Curl Hi we need to do a Poynt API integration in Curl, So we need experts from the same. 9 Python, MySQL, node.js, cURL Apr 24, 2018 Apr 24, 20184天 17时 $1028
Update CURL to latest version on Godaddy VPS Hello I have a very simple project for anyone who is knows shell commands. I just need to update my Godaddy VPS (WHM/CPANEL/CENT6.9) to use the latest version of curl which I think is 7.59. I can provide shell access with root privileges to make the update. 11 系统管理, Linux, shell脚本, cURL Apr 23, 2018 Apr 23, 20184天 4时 $188
Web Scrapper We are looking for someone expert in web scrapping for books data. What we need is as below 1- We will provide / import – ISBN number of books based on that few data to be captured/ scrapped from different website like 2- This data to be imported back into Word press with some extra meta data & inventory values. So using the First file we have to generate Second one. ... 17 PHP, Excel, 网页搜罗, 数据挖掘, cURL Apr 23, 2018 Apr 23, 20184天 $6454
scraping expert to get data from website I am going to get invisible emails from AWS site. You have to know curl or linux command very well. I have tool but it is too long to use it. So I need a expert for scraping. 20 Python, 网页搜罗, cURL Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20181天 3时 $3736
scraping expert to get invisible data from website 2 I am going to get invisible emails from AWS site. I have tool but it is too long to use it. So I need a expert for scraping. 3 Python, 网页搜罗, cURL Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 201820时 55分 $566
scraping expert to get invisible data from website I am going to get invisible emails from AWS site. I have tool but it is too long to use it. So I need a expert for scraping. 7 Python, 网页搜罗, cURL Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 201820时 53分 $896
scraping expert to get invisible data from website I am going to get invisible emails from AWS site. I have tool but it is too long to use it. So I need a expert for scraping. 21 Python, 网页搜罗, cURL Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 201814时 13分 $3461
Need Jenkins curl syntax from a folder in Jenkins JENKINS CURL CLI job to call from a Jenkins folder This fails curl -u 'ej:x' http://localhost:8080/job/CHEF/aMAKE_CHEF_1.0.0.2/build?token=EJ_WANTS_IT this works curl -u 'ej:x' http://localhost:8080/job/aMAKE_CHEF_1.0.0.2/build?token=EJ_WANTS_IT But I want to run from the Chef folder ? You should be very familiar with Jenkins and ready to do this. Please o... 4 Linux, cURL Apr 13, 2018 Apr 13, 2018已经结束 $141
CSV File to Magento Import Hello, I have a script that downloads pages that I'd like to improve. Would like it have fields like title, description and price. Let me know if I can provide more information, Thanks 10 PHP, Magento, cURL, Scrapy Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018已经结束 $212
Build complete website (Custom web application with professional deisgn) This is for my Online Agency Service. You will be hired to work on the website from head to toe, inside to outside. E.g. Logo and Full Site Design Responsive Website With full admin control panel, user login, user management system etc. You must be online from 6PM to 11PM GMT+8 for daily checkin an discussion. I will share more details about my requirement via PM if I find you suitable... 92 PHP, 网站设计, MySQL, HTML, cURL Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018已经结束 $20687
Help with curl utility Need a curl to login to website with saml authentication. 5 Java, Javascript, JSON, cURL Mar 31, 2018 Mar 31, 2018已经结束 $157
online exam portal i need the front, middle, and back end for an online exam portal. it must be made in curl php and json. admins need to be able to add questions and answers, view students scores. students need to be able to login, take test, see grade. it needs to grade the students test based on answer bank given by admin. 23 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, JSON, cURL Mar 30, 2018 Mar 30, 2018已经结束 $2558
proper libcurl linking in Litecoin code (v0.15.0, current master) using OpenWRT package makefile I have code I need integrated, you but you have to be familiar with modifying both Bitcoin and Litecoin (UTXO) code (Modern). The only new thing I need rewritten is the code in the Litecoin source (latest stable 2018, v0.15.0) I've taken care of the integration, but now I'm getting undefined reference errors. That means libCURL isn't properly recognized (even though I copied th... 4 软件测试, C++编程, Bitcoin, cURL Mar 25, 2018 今天已经结束 $1703
Help with integrating Google Cloud Speech API with my SaaS I need some help with integrating Google Cloud Speech API with my SaaS. I'm part of the way but getting errors and not sure why. This should be very simple for someone with experience with the Google Cloud Speech API 5 cURL, DOS, 谷歌应用引擎, HTML, Javascript Mar 22, 2018 Mar 22, 2018已经结束 $1318
Project for Sergey T. Hi Sergey T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 Python, 计算机安全, , 网络安全, cURL, Computer Science Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 2018已经结束 $94
website project - 17/03/2018 17:21 EDT important project that takes time 20 PHP, Java, cURL Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 2018已经结束 $3104
PHP API connection to simPRO for Rahul B We will provide PHP interfaces that must be used to implement the functionality required for each trade system, these interfaces will provide the minimum required functionality which our existing system will call in order to trigger and request each update or set up authentication as required. Additional PHP files have been provided including specific structures to be used for interacting with ... 14 PHP, RESTful, cURL, API Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018已经结束 $3152
Need help with PHP cURL I own the website [链接已删除,请登录查看], which shows exam results. Basically it works on PHP cURL. We fetch data from official website ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) and shows to our website. Recently [链接已删除,请登录查看] added a new parameter to their form (mother's name) but I am unable to add the parameter to my website ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) Need someone to edit my code, so it can work 33 PHP, HTML, cURL, Web Development Mar 3, 2018 Mar 3, 2018已经结束 $932
Web scrapping a single form It is required to create a script in NODEJS + Curl to retrieve data from a HTLM Form result 20 Javascript, 网页搜罗, node.js, cURL Mar 1, 2018 Mar 1, 2018已经结束 $1146
Add Products to Etsy UK using API I need a simple PHP script to add products to ETSY UK possibly using CURL. The script needs to be a standalone script. Webspace for testing the script will be provided. 2 API, cURL, Etsy, PHP Mar 1, 2018 Mar 1, 2018已经结束 $181
Remove Hostname from godaddy I need script can remove the host name for domains belong to godaddy account. 12 PHP, DNS, HTML, cURL Feb 27, 2018 Feb 27, 2018已经结束 $251
Community Builder/CBSubs Http Post I need assistance setting up CBSubs Url to send an http post to our licensing server. Basically when an even occurs in CBSubs like user subscription created, renewed, cancelled etc... it should update our server via http post. Our server has the working code to accept the post and create/update the licenses but I need assistance setting up the CBSubs Url correctly with the correct variables for ou... 4 PHP, Joomla, C# 编程, MySQL, cURL Feb 25, 2018 今天已经结束 $1687
PHP cURL save cookies created by JavaScript Hey, I need someone, who knows how to save cookies that are created by javascript. 7 PHP, cURL Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 2018已经结束 $280
PHP cURL not grabbing all cookies fix script Hey, when I try to grab all cookies in my script, it won´t grab all, but only some. 7 PHP, cURL Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 2018已经结束 $232
PHP cURL fix script (Experienced Worker) Hey, I have a cURL login request that has to be fixed due to changes of the service, where the login should happen. 24 PHP, cURL Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 2018已经结束 $213
PHP cURL fix saving and loading cookies Hey, I have an existing script. I needs to save the full session cookies, and load it. 14 PHP, cURL Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 2018已经结束 $233
PHP CURL fix loginscript Hey, I have an PHP CURL login script. The page which my login script targeted have changed some parameters cookies and gives out "Permisson denied". I have to fix it. 30 PHP, cURL Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 2018已经结束 $253
API Integration on a Landing Page I need the ability to send leads collected on my Landing Page to another company via it's API. I have the documentation, I just need someone to set it up and make sure it works. Here are the page for the docs: Will pay extra if you are able to do expedite this as I need it ASAP. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks... 62 PHP, Javascript, HTML, cURL, API Feb 13, 2018 Feb 13, 2018已经结束 $408
Project for Ildar G. Hi Ildar G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Asterisk PBX, 思科, , BSD, 数据库开发, cURL Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018已经结束 $1962
ColdFusion Cfhttp to Create Google Calendar Event. Please dont bid if you can do it by monday. It is a very easy those who knows about this. just a 5-10 minute work. My Budget is Rs 300-800. I have implement most of the API calls using CFHTTP All is working fine. I am using below code to create google calendar event. Every parameter passed to it correct (validated). but with cfhttp it is not getting sent. I got error of Filecontent { &quo... 1 零度聚变, JSON, cURL, API Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018已经结束 $74
Build a sample CURL - Node.js - HTML page (No PHP) I'm working with a US Government website API system and the examples that they give are in CURL [链接已删除,请登录查看] I want to develop a web page where my users can put in a value such as Name and my web page will produce the results. This is a system for third party developers so it is 100% acceptable to get the data. At the bottom of the page are examples in both CURL and a request URL. I tri... 9 Javascript, AJAX, HTML, node.js, cURL Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018已经结束 $204
Looking for an experienced LAMP stack developer I am looking for an honest and skillful, yet reliable LAMP stack developer with REST api experience. 13 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5, cURL Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018已经结束 $1138
Fixing Remote Printing Issue Will discuss later on Fixing Remote Printing Issue 6 PHP, Javascript, node.js, JSON, cURL Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 2018已经结束 $243
Problem with Curl for php script Hello, I have a problem with sending json request on curl, im using centos + cakephp. it's work for some request then blocked and not doing it any more. can you help me to resolve this problem 13 CakePHP, cURL Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 2018已经结束 $188
php get m3u8 link get [链接已删除,请登录查看] m3u8 link example [链接已删除,请登录查看] Output: [链接已删除,请登录查看] 3 PHP, Javascript, cURL Jan 5, 2018 Jan 5, 2018已经结束 $181
OAuth PHP Curl Routine I need somebody with good oauth skills. It's not my forte and I don't have the time to muddle my way through it out at the moment. I need someone to write a pure PHP/cURL (No Dependencies) method to get token and place a call to the [链接已删除,请登录查看] api. This shouldn't take but a moment for somebody with proper knowledge. I've attached the documentation to the api for your refe... 7 PHP, 开放认证, cURL Dec 29, 2017 Dec 29, 2017已经结束 $220
Script outlook and office 365 mail API integrate with task and calendar in PHP. Core PHP only. e-mail APIs we'd like integration with Office 365 and Outlook API's, so users can view emails from their respective accounts on our website (after choosing to sync their account data with our server via a button or similar). We basically just need a basic webmail mask, where emails are sorted into their respective folders (inbox, sent, drafts etc.) with pagination (so ... 8 PHP, MySQL, HTML5, cURL Dec 29, 2017 Dec 29, 2017已经结束 $250
isplay image size and image type in a script I have a script running that analyses the last modified date of images on the server and output that result. I am now looking for a guy who can extend that script the following way: - Using the php getimagesize function, the script shall output the type of the image, as well as the width and the height of the image. - The code needs to be embedded into the existing, clear structured php f... 19 PHP, Javascript, 软件构架, HTML, cURL Dec 29, 2017 Dec 29, 2017已经结束 $204
Looking for web scrapping expert Hello I am looking for someone who can scrape data from a single public site. I need to send post data with options to the server. The server does not have any API. I think curl is fine. I hired one freelancer for this but he said the site has token and couldn't do it and I wasted time. Dont bid if you dont have experience. if you are expert please bid on this job with the word "I w... 40 PHP, 网页搜罗, 软件构架, 数据挖掘, cURL Dec 24, 2017 Dec 24, 2017已经结束 $965
I need a PHP script to post on Google+ I need a simple script to post on Google+ without using Google's API. The script should does: 1. login to google and get the cookies, then save them in a txt file. 2. use the cookies to post over cURL. 3. upload an image from a url, write some words and post it. 4. if cookies expire, relogin to generate another cookie. 5. the post are posted in a G+ community, not on G+ profile. ... 24 PHP, 软件构架, cURL Dec 19, 2017 Dec 19, 2017已经结束 $1173
funcion en php para descargar paginas https previa identificacion user / pass Necesito una función en php para identificarme en una web https e ir navegando pasando variables por post y get segun los formularios que vaya encontrando. A poder ser usando cURL 9 PHP, MySQL, HTML, cURL Dec 18, 2017 Dec 18, 2017已经结束 $213
PHP soap/curl request to remote wsdl using NSS SSL with a .PFX certificate Hello, I'm looking for an expert PHP/linux developer with experience of using and converting SSL certificates to make curl/soap requests from php/linux. I have a linux server running CentOS 6.8 and curl 7.19.7 compiled with Network Security Services (NSS 3.21) for SSL. I need to make requests to a remote soap/wsdl api webservice hosted on an IIS server. I've been given a .pfx file... 17 PHP, Linux, 互联网信息服务, 为网络通信提供安全及数据完整性的一种安全协议, cURL Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 2017已经结束 $1581
Need BigML programmer and expert I need [链接已删除,请登录查看] programmer. You can use Python or Node.js it is not problem. This first task will be small. Only to know each other for future projects and to make some first sample. For this example budget is $30. Only to test system. Steps : 1) You pick any [链接已删除,请登录查看] that you have (your data just to try and to test). You make some deepnet model in bigml. Something simple. ... 2 Javascript, Python, 机器学习, node.js, cURL Dec 9, 2017 Dec 9, 2017已经结束 $188
Google Ad Preview page - duplication [链接已删除,请登录查看] &st=high%20speed%20internet%20access%20rural%20areas Above is a link for Google Ad Preview Tool. I want to retrieve the page with changeable parameters. The parameters are the &loc (location) and &st (search text). I have tried to php curl, but it wont show me the results. I need the results so I can verify my ads are working automatically via script (php) and then... 4 PHP, cURL Dec 6, 2017 Dec 6, 2017已经结束 $1436
PHP cURL API Help wanted - Urgent Hello. I need some help in fixing a PHP/cURL file that grab API data from a source and create a txt file from it. The PHP is almost done and need little modification Please bid, if you are available to start working now...!! 11 PHP, Javascript, HTML, cURL, API Nov 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017已经结束 $212
Add list contacts to safe senders outlook accounts Add list contacts to safe senders outlook accounts by curl or imap 4 PHP, HTML, cURL Nov 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017已经结束 $1201
Email with url link to fill out form I need to have built an email with a "click here to fill in info" that uses a url that takes them to the form to fill in. The form is an excel spreadsheet. 3 cURL Nov 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017已经结束 $1020
perl curl equivalent LPW command to write a LPW command which is equivalent to one in CURL curl [链接已删除,请登录查看] -u sk_live_Y3iHyjitTVmzSFLrIeR4jKtt: -d amount=100 -d currency=sgd -d description="test0003" -d source=tok_1BHXH6B9SkZtIoGKFCLdLy1N what is the LPW equivalent ? also to return the results of the post 2 Perl, cURL Oct 27, 2017 Oct 27, 2017已经结束 $706
Create Proxy Deploy Script Using GeoSurf Use a residential proxy plan from [链接已删除,请登录查看] and then develop a script to deploy 'x' amount of proxies from Geosurf and make it generate in "ip:port:user:pass" format, with every single proxy having a different port and a random username and password. It should then export the proxy list in a .txt file. I only need it to use sticky IPs. Please see website below and let m... 4 Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, cURL, API Oct 24, 2017 Oct 24, 2017已经结束 $4136
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