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In modern times, we are realizing more than ever that some of the most important and valuable information that a company can have is its data. We know that a company’s reputation can be compromised through a data hack or leak, and that often times, the right intellectual property can add millions, or even billions, of dollars, to the market capitalization of a corporation. As a result, companies both big and small should be doing everything that they can to keep their data safe.

Database developers work to make sure that databases where information is stored is as efficient and flexible as possible, to make sure that no matter what happens, companies can have their data safe, in any situation. The right database developer can make sure that this is done at the lowest cost possible, and also avoid storing redundant data, which obviously makes operations less productive and efficient.

No matter what, data is essential. We know that Big Data is one of the biggest technological trends in the world, because it helps to illuminate information, whether it’s regarding consumer trends or scientific research. A database developer understands the important of keeping information safe, which is essential in modern times.

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    This idea may help to track COVID-19 spreading and also it may be helpfull to analize symptoms If You belive in this idea please just do it I belive that can help Here are detaila, I am still updating [登录来查看链接]

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    We are a language company that will teach languages over the internet. We are using Wordpress LMS with BuddyPress extension. We have the frontend interface already completed. We need a backend developer who can create the database and API to interact with the frontend. Milestones 1: Sprint 1 - Design the Database + Entity Relationship Database. (I Will Need to Approve Your Design. Your Design N...

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    Curso de oracle forms 6i 6 天 left

    Necesito que creen curso corto en tutoriales de oracle forms 6i. Creando formas desde cero como un mantenimiento, modulo transaccional y carga y descarga de archivos csv, etc. Indispensable en idioma español.

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    Introduction: Software for Human Capital Management User types: Dialog user, System User, Communication User, Service User, Reference User System design: A Multi-tenant Cloud-Based, Managing the implementations Key data structure: and Configurations, open to build any new transactional and tables Function design: Configurable and open to customize DB Structure design Log in, Sign up an...

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    Android Developer 6 天 left

    I am looking for a Android Developer with good experience and portfolio. App is about 70% done and need someone experienced developer to finish the remaining work. Can explain more about the project in chat.

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    Hi, I am looking for the solution for my grocery shops located in multiple towns. In App, Customer to enter town name/pin code -> list of corresponding shops will be displayed -> customer selects the shop -> next entire listing will be displayed on the screen in organised way. On selection of products and categories, it will finally proceed to checkout. For payment, usual payment option ...

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    ER-diagram 6 天 left

    i want to create ER-diagram for ESRi geo-database schema

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    Hello, I would like to build a custom connector to access to API fortnow and display charts and dashboard as per requirements;

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    Hello, I would like to build a custom connector to access to API fortnow and display charts and dashboard as per requirements;

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    Bluetooth Chat 6 天 left

    Already have application ready need help with some update.

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    I need to build/add new feature in my admin panel First of all the Backend sits on AWS. Second, in my admin panel I have the list of exercises, including videos and images, I need to add for that place the option to drag between exercises. Easy task. Third, I need to build/add new section to the admin panel that incude users managment, what is it include: First I want to see all the users that I h...

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    Hello, I would like to build a custom connector to access to API fortnow and display charts and dashboard as per requirements;

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    Manage all incoming data files on tenants and individual properties Review data for inconsistencies or anomalies that could skew analytical results Maintain our databases and conduct routine maintenance as needed to ensure data integrity Provide individual properties with access to essential data sets Streamline data collection and analysis procedures to ensure fast access to metrics Communicate w...

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    ISO a patient tracker database tool capable of generating various reports related to chronic medical conditions and hospitalizations. Please note, this is not a medical report. The requirement is for a Database Tool such as Power BI, Filemaker Pro, MS Access, etc.

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    we need a database expert for designing the database for our small assessment project

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    Eu preciso de um Powerapps ou outra solução online para disponibilizar um banco de dados do MS Access online para no máximo 2 usuários. Não é necessário usar dados antigos nem migrar dados antigos, mas o layout antigo do MS Access estará disponível, pois é basicamente o que precisa estar online. O banco de dados pode ser novo, s...

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    I have a database with more than 50Cr records in the main table needs optimization to speedup the db transactions. Please bid if you handled database with this much records. 1. You will be given the server access via anydesk 2. Give me a documentation

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    Please download and analyse the file provided in the following Google Drive Link before messaging me and genuine freelancers only please.I need a trusted person to complete this task and we could work in future [登录来查看链接] the assignment doc file. LINK:[登录来查看链接]

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    We are looking for a (team of) full stack web frontend & backend developer to develop a web portal for data file uploading, saving and basic visualization. Main tasks include: - Build overall server infrastructure - Build user management structure (three levels of users required: admin user, full user & limited user) 1) Admin user can add users to the team, purchase and assign subscript...

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    For a small team of investigative journalists I am looking for someone who can build a simple template in Filemaker (around 12 entry fields), for our contact info and notes.

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    Se requiere el desarrollo de un dashboard que muestre datos estadísticos dinámicamente (se tiene una plantilla base y su codigo sobre la cual se puede visualizar el diseño), los datos que se van a desplegar en el dashboard están contenidos en bases de datos SQL con información de usuarios, en su mayoria estudiantes de universidad, su actividad dentro de la plataf...

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    Hello, I have a software project include website and mobile applications, I need to analyze as business and system analysis. The project is a marketplace, classified advertisements, open consultations forum, blogs or articles or content management, and advertisements tool for the whole website and applications. I need the following analysis: Activity Diagrams Agile Modeling and Prototyping Attribu...

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    I'm migrating a delphi program to a PHP program. This Delphi program use a firebird 2.5 database and what I need to do is migrate this tables and information to SQL. It could be directly to a new database in MySQL or MariaDB or ti a SQL file with the create tables and inserts. Two important points: 1) The firebird database has blob types and usually this kind of fields could be a problem when...

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    Trophy icon dba assistnace 4 天 left

    dba assistnace -- expereinced dba

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    Hola buenos días, Estamos buscando un desarrollador web para una inmobiliaria (tenemos actualmente una página web hecha en WIX) pero estamos buscando actualizarla e incluir nuevos sistemas de búsqueda, como mapa de búsqueda y filtradores de búsqueda sencillos para el usuario.

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    vytvoreni stranek a programu ke vsazeni Idealni priklad [登录来查看链接] bez sekce Casino a Live sazeni. Nabidka zapasu a kurzu na dane zapasy by byla zpocatku vkladana manualne, ovsem behem 2-3 tydnu /po shromazdeni dat/ bych rad presel na automaticky generovane kurzy. /mozne, nemozne?/....samozrejme ulehcujici navrhy vitany tesim se na Vase navrhy

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    Regarding Activities and Tasks

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    Please share this table in a Google Sheet complete with pictures and make me the owner. [登录来查看链接]

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    Looking for assistance modifying an existing time reporting system. all in CFML and SQL server.

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    Need you to send me step by step on how to open h2 db and do some queries. I will provide you sample h2 db file. [登录来查看链接]

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    Plans database upgrades by maintaining , evaluating, and improving a transaction processing model Assesses database performance by developing a protocol for measurement of results and identification of problem areas. Supports database performance by monitoring database performance; evaluating and resolving processing and programming problems; designing database management tools; answering user que...

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    Currently in the Fire Service Fire Department personnel will respond on a call, then come back to the Fire Station and hand write the information into a Hard Covered Log Book. I would like to turn that process into an Electronic Log Book. Personnel could come back to the Fire Station and input the information from the call into an Electronic Log Book that is web based. I would like to be able to q...

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    Microsoft Access debugging 2 天 left

    debug one query in a very complex project

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    O candidato ideal será responsável por criar, alterar, instalar e gerenciar nossos modelos de dados e desenvolver e efetuar ajustes com o software Anaplan. Você garantirá o desempenho ideal do banco de dados e preprarar a estruur dos modelos para uma visão horária , efetuando ajustes no anaplan para esta realidade e analise de desempenho do banco de dad...

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    Manage all incoming data files on tenants and individual properties Review data for inconsistencies or anomalies that could skew analytical results Maintain our databases and conduct routine maintenance as needed to ensure data integrity Provide individual properties with access to essential data sets Streamline data collection and analysis procedures to ensure fast access to metrics Communic...

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    I need someone who can complete Database/MySQL related project for my company. I'm looking for a freelancer that is skilled in computer science.

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    Needs to hire 3 Freelancers We are looking for an Experienced Person having at least 3 Years of Experience in apache Ni-Fi Technology. **** READ THE FULL DETAILS THEN QUOTE *** **** ANSWER THE Screening QUESTIONS**** Job Responsibility + Other Details 1. You have to Make Video course on Apache NiFi 2. You have to Develop Code / PPT / Assignments/Quiz also. 3. We want a Practical course not a...

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    Looking for new Developer 1 天 left

    Looking for a new developer for AnthonysFirearmWarehouse.com. Developer must be fluent in wordpress, API, custom scripts and more. If you think this is something that would interest you please send me your resume and a brief description of how you think you will help. Note: Applicants without both of these items will not be looked at.

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    i am looking for database programmar to do some programming for myself mroe detaisl i will give in chat

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    We are a startup company with a very small team and a mission to develop technological solutions for a number of problems plaguing our country and the rest of the region. Overview: We aim to develop a mobile application where automatic number plate recognition functionalities are involved. We want the app to be able to get as input a picture of a vehicle number plate (i.e car, motorcycle, truck,...

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    We are using MongoDB and handling Aggregation. We are looking to write queries like 1. Daily Active Users, 2. Monthly Active Users, 3. Weekly Active Users 4. User Session Length (Averaged) 5. Session Frequency 6. Retention rate over day and week 7. New Users Per Day (to be fed to a line chart), 8. Daily count for a specific activity in our DB. I will provide a list of about 15 top activities ...

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    Needs to hire 5 Freelancers We are looking for Data engineer with below expertise: - Data extraction, - transformation, - loading, and maintenance - ETL DATABASE - HADOOP - HIVE - HBASE -Data warehouse development Responsible for the ETL development and optimization, maintenance and monitoring of massive data, and timely resolution of ETL related technical issues. Responsible for data project i...

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    We are an early stage health tech startup based in London. We are building a mobile application that enables people with hearing loss to monitor their hearing health. This project will be the development of the MVP. The key user features of the app will be: - A mobile hearing test using consumer headphones - A weekly log, where users record how their hearing and tinnitus was over the last week -...

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    data base from oracle to Access 14 小时 left

    i have oracle dump file i want this data base work in Access

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    Mentoring for Ionic5 app 12 小时 left

    I'm looking for a developer to help me with an Ionic5 app project connecting to database and API's. It is a sports app for participating in sports events and has profile functionality, news, notifications, and registration as long as payment features. Currently, I'm working on pages and UI/UX functionality, I need a mentor to guide me through to deliver the project. I'm a junio...

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    1. Importare la propria rubrica telefonica. 2. Gestione Chiamate telefoniche all’interno dell’app: sono alla base del lavoro dei collaboratori per la generazione di Appuntamenti. Il Networker al fine di migliorare le performance del network deve periodicamente valutare l'efficacia della fase di generazione di contatti e riportare in azienda a monte della propria struttur...

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    RUBY ON RAILS 3 天 left

    Web Dev Full-Stack required to assist me directly

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    I need the freelancer who has experience with building a database. Details will be shared with winning bidder.

    $48 - $478
    $48 - $478
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