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In modern times, we are realizing more than ever that some of the most important and valuable information that a company can have is its data. We know that a company’s reputation can be compromised through a data hack or leak, and that often times, the right intellectual property can add millions, or even billions, of dollars, to the market capitalization of a corporation. As a result, companies both big and small should be doing everything that they can to keep their data safe.

Database developers work to make sure that databases where information is stored is as efficient and flexible as possible, to make sure that no matter what happens, companies can have their data safe, in any situation. The right database developer can make sure that this is done at the lowest cost possible, and also avoid storing redundant data, which obviously makes operations less productive and efficient.

No matter what, data is essential. We know that Big Data is one of the biggest technological trends in the world, because it helps to illuminate information, whether it’s regarding consumer trends or scientific research. A database developer understands the important of keeping information safe, which is essential in modern times.

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    A small oracle sql database project about a computer management system with 5-7 entities, one of them is weak entity and a couple of multiple variables. I need an ER diagram, relational schema. The project should have tables with some info with 10 tuples per relation and 10 transactions to query the database ( the queries should be in sql. Then you have to normalize the database based on the BCNF ...

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    vorrei far sviluppare un software gestionale in outsourcing in versione nativa DESKTOP CLIENT SERVER con accessi concorrenti (no cloud o via browser) che deve trasmettere i dati ad un portale esterno tramite messaggi xml firmati con firma digitale (automatizzata senza intervento dell’utente) via webservices (xml, soap,rest, firma digitale , etc) Cerco partner di comprovata esperienza che ab...

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    In my service business, I use an access database to keep track of customer equipment and repairs that my technicians do to that equipment. My database was custom written 20 years ago and includes invoicing. I want to modify the database so the techs enter job information from the field and it creates an invoice that we send out to the customer a few weeks later.

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    This is to create a tabular grid for end user to edit and update data. I'm including an Excel file with 2 tabs: 1. LIST VIEW Mimics the the underlying table, With 3 fields Code, Account, values (Code and Account are FK lookup keys, VALUE is the field the end-user would edit) 2. TABULAR VIEW Is the way the end user would use to edit Program to be written in Delphi VCL Database is...

    $235 - $1958
    $235 - $1958
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    3D Drone Survey 6 天 left

    we want to develop a software which will use drone's SDK to embed our application and this app through tablet/mobile will able to let drone automatically takes a picture of telecom towers to be able to create 3D model after it. With this way, any person who has not experienced as a drone operator still can go to the site and let drone takes photos automatically which will be available on clou...

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    Computer Science 6 天 left

    need an expert in computer science and MARIE program urgently Budget: $35

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    RV Matrix is looking for a Database Freelancer who can work from the customer location to execute a Migration project. Customer is one of the MNC's . Looking for someone based in Bangalore only and need to start at the earliest.

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    Build me a database system 5 天 left

    university probably uses a course-management system such as Moodle, Blackboard, or WebCT. Implement a subset of the functionality of such a course-management system.

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    Please reply only if you available immediately Hello I have site build in opencast few years, after bean attack a month ago by hacker, I have notice for some issue for example. in site we have 3 group first we need to understand that to buy in this site you must be a one of this group 1. wholesale have price list and 5 type of discount have unique seller id 2. NCP - who register and have only pr...

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    Build a website 4 天 left

    I need an e-commerce website for selling PC parts and assembling them. I will host the website on my own server. I will need an admin page to control the database which I will also host on my server. examples: [登录来查看链接]

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    Business Information System 4 天 left

    need an expert in database assessment and ER Diagram urgently Budget: $35

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    Janitor scheduling system 4 天 left

    IoT and cloud based technology, specially designed for smart building implementation. Tracks public toilet usages to enable optimization of toilet cleaning resources, and provides toilet occupancy status updates to individual application user.

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    I would like to hire a professional coder / database analyst in order to build one or more simple database regarding to Horse Racing data. The Project requirements are as follows: 1 - The main database should be populated from the following website: [登录来查看链接] NOTE #01: The filters applied from this website should be "GB Only" and "IRE Only". Each day contains 2 CSV f...

    $235 - $3915
    加精 加封
    $235 - $3915
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    A small database (matrix organization) is sought in which a maximum of 10 horizontal dimensions, up to 50 listings within these 10 dimensions and the respective connections (in the background, in best case as a 3D net) are shown. See specifications, attached.

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    Student course plans 4 天 left

    A website that gives the user (student) plans for their terms It will have 3 main pages One page will have information about the courses Another page will be named “help” The most important pages that will contain the plans that the user choose from

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    I need a site and app to manage my Padel club. With some information about the club, infrastructures, classes, location, etc Members area for courts booking management, a calendar 30 to 30 minutes with availability of each court.

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    Hi, I am looking for a person who can help me create the travel data base required for my company. For doing this work the person must have knowledge and interest in travel industry and also, should be able to proof read and frame sentences so that its an end product of its own. Looking for someone who can do quality work.

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    1. OTP recognition 2. User Login (backend database connected) 3. Spin wheel game 4. One chance to spin 5. Spin results add to profile points 6. Profile in Leaderboard (Global and Facebook friends) 7. Redeem offers for accumulated points

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    You will be required to prepare data and have it stored in a database

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    Hello , Only expert Looking for someone who can finish my project in 30 hours by taking the data from database extracted sql query and by using the csv from it by helping do predictions using lstm. Bid if you can finish in 30 hours and are excellent in lstm model.. Thank You

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    Develop an Application Tracking System like SmartRecruiters / Workable Any previous experience on similar projects would be a bonus Looking to develop this as a SaaS / On-premises product

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    Fix python script pandas 2 天 left

    I wrote a python script that creates a pivot table using groupby and aggregates from 8 columns defined in a list called "priority". I need the first column in the list priority to be in a separate column as in the attached screenshot(results + changes needed) The column is ITEMID and it should be outside the index created by the groupby statement and the resulting pivot table should be s...

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    We have an Oracle database in Oracle Cloud for which we need bidirectional Golden Gate configured and schema connectivity set up. Technology Stack : 1) Golden Gate 2) Oracle 12c database 3) Oracle Cloud

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    Creación de un e-commerce con importación de archivos csv facilitados por 6/7 proveedores y sincronizacion diaria de stocks, similar a estas paginas web: [登录来查看链接] ; [登录来查看链接] ; [登录来查看链接]

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    web database 1 天 left

    simple web database application or investigate alternative technologies for database web applications.

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    FREELANCERS FROM ISRAEL ONLY Need a full stack developer in React, NodeJS, HTML5 + configuration and deployment in production for a B2C web platform (including online payment solution, multi-language, etc.) Only for independent israeli developers.

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    I want a website for our company SOURCING & PROCUREMENT PORTAL. The website will able to show the past purchase report from our SQL system, able to check our stock listing and send inquiry.

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    Oracle with netbeans connectivity 10 小时 left

    We will discuss details in chat

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    I need to be able to search a database on my server with more than 20 million records on a variety of fields, including boolean expressions, and then display the search results. Obviously, speed is a priority. If you are interested, please let me know the size of the databases that you have worked with, platform(s) and, if possible, show me a working site.

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    I need the Microsoft Access, Database Programming expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

    $153 - $1274
    $153 - $1274
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    Hi, i am looking for oracle developer for my current project. Please bid if you have experience. Details will be shared with winning bidder.

    $69 - $575
    $69 - $575
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    I need a Database Administration, Oracle expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $161 - $1339
    $161 - $1339
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    I need a Database Administration, Oracle expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $160 - $1335
    $160 - $1335
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    I need a database development expert for my current project. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the selected freelancers.

    $71 - $408
    $71 - $408
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    I need the Microsoft Access, Database Programming expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

    $153 - $1276
    $153 - $1276
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