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In modern times, we are realizing more than ever that some of the most important and valuable information that a company can have is its data. We know that a company’s reputation can be compromised through a data hack or leak, and that often times, the right intellectual property can add millions, or even billions, of dollars, to the market capitalization of a corporation. As a result, companies both big and small should be doing everything that they can to keep their data safe.

Database developers work to make sure that databases where information is stored is as efficient and flexible as possible, to make sure that no matter what happens, companies can have their data safe, in any situation. The right database developer can make sure that this is done at the lowest cost possible, and also avoid storing redundant data, which obviously makes operations less productive and efficient.

No matter what, data is essential. We know that Big Data is one of the biggest technological trends in the world, because it helps to illuminate information, whether it’s regarding consumer trends or scientific research. A database developer understands the important of keeping information safe, which is essential in modern times.

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    I need someone who will help me in my DBMS Assignment. 2-3 hours work. Few questions.

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    Management of client tasks, assigned to collaborators

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    Gestión de tareas de los clientes, asignadas a los colaboradores

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    php project 6 天 left

    USER & ACCESS Management : This unit lets users register, edit profile, login, logout; view, join and quit jobs; check access control. Staff, manager, and admin users may manage other users and their roles and access policies… Every time when a user does/clicks-on something the system should check (via the access/policy control matrix) who the user is, does the given user has permission...

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    database exam tutot 5 天 left

    Introduction to Databases and Databases Users Database System Concepts and Architecture The Relational Data Model and Relational Database Constraints Structured Query Language (SQL) Basic and Complex Queries in SQL Data Modeling Using the Entity-Relationship (ER) Model ((Whatsapp))

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    We're looking for independent QA Engineers to help our team. Skills/Qualifications: * Bachelor’s degree or any degree with minimum 2+ years of relevant experience in manual and automation testing * Proven work experience in software quality assurance * Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes * Hands-on experience with automated testing tools * Strong knowledg...

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    I want to show candlestick(with red and green colour), Hollow candle with range line and volume bar there are my 6 formulas which I want to apply on chart create a line as per formula and need report when this formula occurs 1)O+M (Description will give after finalizing project) 2)O+1/2M (Description will give after finalizing project) 3)H2L (Description will give after finalizing project) 4)O2M (...

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    Need database experience Need to behave as task is the top priority days and nights Immediate response needed Capable understand complex ERD. Fluent in English.

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    Database Build 5 天 left

    Hello freelancers. I need someone to build me a database. Please only write to me if you have experience in building databases in MYSQL. Building databases on the cloud is a bonus.

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    Introduction: Welcome to the Brian Kidd and Associates team. Your task is the initial configuration of our new SuiteCRM system for our Telemarketing Team. As our expert freelancer, your ability to customize the advanced features in SuiteCRM will go far beyond a single project. Our concept expands on the MS Excel process, provides greater utility, and serves to take our team to another level of ef...

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    $11625 - $23251
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    Need someone who is good in typing work.

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    Hi. I need someone very experienced with json and nodejs. This person should know about "World of Warcraft Armory" and how it works. I need a existing open source project edited to give me a very similar experience in like the WoW Armory for Overwatch. NO BOT MESSAGE WILL BE ANSWERED

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    microsoft access using this i need to convert northwind test db

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    Looking for expert in sql dba

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    Hotel database 3 天 left

    I want to build new database for hotel as assignment

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    Somos Inpsercom, una empresa de servicios informáticos que provee software a empresas de varios sectores. Actualmente tenemos varios proyectos y necesitamos un freelancer que nos ayude a cubrir los picos de demanda de nuestros clientes. Los proyectos son diversos, pero todos en la plataforma de Progress. El freelancer que buscamos, deberá tener conocimientos de: 1. Conocimiento de B...

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    Database Designer 3 天 left

    I need you to design my personal [登录来查看链接] which the other end user can add detail and I also can Correct him and he can update inventory and all

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    Job description • The Digital Architect is a senior manager position that will report to the Head of Technical Architecture in Group IT, Group Transformation Office. • Work with and support MAB digital team on initiatives across all digital channels • Work with digital team to translate concepts, wireframes and user stories into digital specifications • Lead in design of digita...

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    En base a un software ya creado que contempla Login y ABM de productos, se solicita ampliar este software incorporando nuevos ABMs y conexión con el servicio de AFIP - Facturación Electrónica Argentina (en principio con el servicio de prueba). Además, al software actual es necesario realizarle algunos ajustes. Todo esto esta detallado en el documento adjunto. Cualquier ...

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    Hi I'm trying to build an application. Need help with architecture diagram and ER Diagram. I have got the entities listed and need help with forming relationships between those for database schema. Thank you

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    I am looking for a technical advisor to help me create a, or possibly several, project scope(s) for a Database Web Application. I know just enough to be dangerous but am having a hard time in creating a technical scope well enough to then bring it to developers. Initially purely web browser based however the person should keep in mind mobile application is possible in the future. Database Serv...

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    Base de datos 1 天 left

    Necesitamos generar una amplia base de datos. Se requiere Freelance de habla hispana.

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    Good Day, we are looking to develop a project in Delta Electronics DIAView SCADA. This will be an ongoing project for the correct individual. I am a automation technician that will be able to brief and assist the developer in correct functionality.

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    We are looking for an intranet expert. Someone who can take all of our resources and create a company intranet site where employees can access all company documents, training docs, company store, FAQ's, procedures, important links, and so on... We need one place where everything is stored in an organized manor.

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    Python and PHP developer 1 天 left

    • Customer Website:- 1. Guest Mode 2. Sign Up with Facebook/Google 3. Signup using standard form 4. OTP verification 5. Shopping Cart functionality whereby customer can select multiple items 6. Products should be categorized as per the following i. Product Category ii. Product Sub category iii. Product Sub Sub Category 7. Product information should include the following i. Product photo &ldqu...

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    A simple and centralised product information database to manage all relevant information of a product and perform/generate information required For more details, refer to the attached word document. Alternative suggestions can be considered, in your bidding, please also provide a total estimate.

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    i need to do management of car rental office program

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    Our company is a small to medium sized manufacturer that is looking for a database to help track some of our quality department KPIs including vendor management and in house audits and also provide a real time dashboard so that the executive team and see where we are at all times.

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    SalesQL development 1 小时 left

    Does anyone know how SalesQL work? Can you develop it from scratch? If so I want to speak to you.

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    I need the database expert for my job. Details will be shared with winning bidder.

    $103 - $513
    $103 - $513
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    i need the database programming expert for my job. Details will be shared with winning bidder.

    $154 - $1280
    $154 - $1280
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    i need the database programming expert for my job. Details will be shared with winning bidder.

    $154 - $769
    $154 - $769
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