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Database programming falls into three categories: maintenance, data processing and programming. The programming portion is the creation of bespoke database for an application that allows for the application to interact with it. The bulk of work for a database programmer however, is the maintenance. Troubleshooting issues, recovering data and providing technical support provide a continuous employment for database professionals.

Processing the data is the importing, organizing and translating of data into the database. The programmer will write scripts to this effect, and perform daily checks on the database. This provides feedback in terms of any maintenance that is required.

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    I need someone who will help me in my DBMS Assignment. 2-3 hours work. Few questions.

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    i need the Filemaker Pro expert for my job. Details will be shared.

    $153 - $1272
    $153 - $1272
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    Filemaker Pro. 6 天 left

    i need the Filemaker Pro expert for my job. Details will be shared.

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    $153 - $1273
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    Develop an admin panel for social media app The main purpose of the admin panel is to support the app’s users: This includes review over user-generated content Key statistics page with integrated analytics. Create user behavior logs can provide you with deeper analytics. CMS: Admin authorization Admins can register, log in, and log out - Log in, log out CMS: Admin management Admin...

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    IT Sizing tool 6 天 left

    I need a database / Application that can intake products and skus, lay those products out in a rack diagrams (excel) and deliver bill of materials, power and weight information and port counts. this must allow for expansion of skus / products. be accessible from an intranet or best of all MS Teams.

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    SDF database software 6 天 left

    I have one DB management application and suddenly it is not working now. You need to make it work

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    Eagle kapital 6 天 left

    Queremos crear una plataforma para nuestro fondo de inversion, donde el ususario puede tener su dashboard y retirar su dinero en btc en cualquier momento, que tenga una buena seguridad para cuidar los fondos, y que podamos recibir pagos en btc y otras criptomonedas. que la interface muestre las estadisticas y todo acerca de la inversion.

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    Hi need extract all info from a pdf file like invoice and put in extructured data base mysql

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    Database Migration 6 天 left

    Looking to have our MySQL database transitioned, with data, to a managed MySQL service on DigitalOcean. The database is on a Windows MySQL server.

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    saya nak mintak tolong siapa siapa yang reti untuk bangunkan website simple yang menggunakan MySql untuk connect data dari lamanweb tersebut

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    $78 - $233
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    I need a DB expert to do database integration between an AWS based PostgreSQL /Maria db and on premise SQL database to be securely and seamlessly integrated. Cloud db will be replica of on prem db and needs to be in sync through batch jobs etc.

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    database exam tutot 5 天 left

    Introduction to Databases and Databases Users Database System Concepts and Architecture The Relational Data Model and Relational Database Constraints Structured Query Language (SQL) Basic and Complex Queries in SQL Data Modeling Using the Entity-Relationship (ER) Model ((Whatsapp))

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    I need to make an interactive survey with some questions and I have prepared the possible results, there are 320 items in a database.

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    Optimise a filemaker file 5 天 left

    Hi i have a calendar file made in filemaker 16 but wanted to optimise/improve the speed/reaction and performance of the file. Are u able to do that ?

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    We need an Expert who is capable of working MySQL and also to backup mysql database without mysql_dump. Should be only use php and mysql code. Recommendations should be appreciated

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    Need database experience Need to behave as task is the top priority days and nights Immediate response needed Capable understand complex ERD. Fluent in English.

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    I need a custom cloud based CRM program that will power the back end of my business. Must be able to link with a client login portal Aswell as admin only. Must also be highly secure as it will have personal information of members. Will also need the program to auto generate certificates of registration. Must be linked to a database also with the potential to link database and both client login and...

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    I have a script I need to convert into a Web Service Parameters of the service: $topic, $db_table_selection, $db_table_field, $db_filter1, $db_value_filter1, $db_output_table What should the service do? Given a MySql Connection Execute the following query: select db_table_field from $db_table_selection where $db_filter1 = $db_value_filter1 Then execute over the result list the given algorithm ...

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    Database Build 5 天 left

    Hello freelancers. I need someone to build me a database. Please only write to me if you have experience in building databases in MYSQL. Building databases on the cloud is a bonus.

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    CardFile Database 5 天 left

    I need a database written to emulate a Card File we use to deal with short term customer jobs. I have a retail buisness. We regularly order things, do work in the shop, etc for customers. Want to replace 4 x 5 paper cards with a database. Tables include 1. Customer Information, Card itself, and notes made to the card. Card fields 1. Card ID (primary Key) Date and Time created 3. Customer I...

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    Project Details will be provided in the chat session. Should be able to work through Team Viewer.

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    Need someone who is good in typing work.

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    Actualmente cuento con una herramienta de gestión y registro de ticket en REDMINE, cuenta con una base de datos MySQL. La idea es que se conecte a esta base y nos brinde una encuesta de 10 preguntas (7 son de respuesta si/no, una de texto abierto, y dos más que califican el servicio del 1 al 5) la idea es también que sea contestada una sola vez por cada ticket y que en esta en...

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    I am looking for an experienced Filmmaker Pro developer to take over the development and maintenance of our existing Filemaker Pro based ERP system. The successful applicant must be Mac experienced as we run on Mac platform. Our previous developer has retired and can no longer do our work. We are looking for contractor to continue in an ongoing capacity.

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    Geo Query on Arangodb 4 天 left

    Hi I have a query I cannot solve: the problem is here [登录来查看链接] can you help?

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    This project is to build a simple database that will allow me to sort and filter ~100 insurance plans as I am helping people find the right plan for them. On the first page, we will select their location (county) and year. When we submit that, it will take us to page two which will list all the plans available in their area plus the ability to hide certain plans. The objective of this projec...

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    Hello developers, Our company needs to create a DATABASE for different samples that were tested in the past and know need to be stored. The work can be developed in Excel or Access, but should fulfill the following requirements: 1) User friendly (the people that are going to use it are not used to complex systems) 2) Nice and clear in an esthetical way ( macros are desirable) 3) It should not...

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    SQL Project -- 4 4 天 left

    Hello I need a programmer skilled in SQL to help me with these few questions, Please message me if you can help

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    Giro express 3 天 left

    Requiero app que permita remitir 1. Cantidad en pesos a enviar 2. Nombre del remitente 3. Banco destinatario (seleccionable de una lista) 4. Tipo de cuenta destinataria (seleccionable de una lista) 5. Nombre persona destinataria 6. Tipo de documento destinatario 7. Número de documento destinatario 8. Envío imagan tomada con la cámara del comprobante de consignación (C...

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    microsoft access using this i need to convert northwind test db

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    Expert in database -- 3 3 天 left

    I am looking for an expert in database

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    MYSQL Issues with Magento 3 天 left

    having some issues 'SQLSTATE [HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/[登录来查看链接]' (2) ' please be able to work on this now. Thanks,

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    Hotel database 3 天 left

    I want to build new database for hotel as assignment

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    Database Designer 3 天 left

    I need you to design my personal [登录来查看链接] which the other end user can add detail and I also can Correct him and he can update inventory and all

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    just a database for a starting up travel agency with a nice form view to easily entre the details for each booking and store customer details and inquires in addition to print invoices and run financial quotes for payment, fees and sales reports.

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    I'm looking PHP developer with doctrine ORM experience for writing simple queries

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    I have more than 12 contracts such as maintenance contract and nutrition contract and, I would like to manage those contracts on the budget level and (end and start) and so. and have graphics and reports as well. the tracking system that I would like to have it is Microsoft access

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    SQL * Oracle form work. 2 天 left

    I have a request at my workplace where I have an existing form module in oracle forms Which I have to rebuild it with the same functionality in oracle application express . Also need to better my skills at sql/plsql coding I m working in a banking project and I have a form module built in oracle forms , now I have to build the same module in oracle application express..

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    MuleSoft Integration -- 2 2 天 left

    I am looking for someone to integrate Moodle with student database management system.

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    We are using a medical practice management software called Chirotouch that stores all the pertaining data into a Microsoft SQL database. We are limited in the types of reports we can run on its reporting platform to the standard reports it offers. The software support has confirmed that they can open up the database for queries though. We are looking for someone who can help us write SQL queries...

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    La plataforma consiste en un comparador de productos, en concreto Cateters (sondas intravenosas para medicos). la plataforma debe ser responsive. La plataforma consistirá en el desarrollo de una parte pública, en la cual se podrá probar una especie de demo del comparador, con productos elegidos por nosotros y luego mediante una suscripción de pago, se podrá acce...

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    We use an access database to manage our stock and it appears recently that the database has been causing some unreliability issues with queries failing and run-time issues appearing. We are looking for an experienced MS Access database programmer to assist with fixing the bugs in the database as well as the creation of a new report.

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    Wir suchen nach Unterstützung bei folgenden aufgaben: Datenverarbeitung Prufung verscheidener Datenbanken Abgleich von Datenbanken Es geht hierbei um medizinische Daten, also ist eine unterschriebene medizinische Geheimhaltungserklärung bei uns Voraussetzung. Sehr gute Kenntnisse bei SQL Datenbankabfragen und MS Excel ist hier Voraussetzung. Es handelt sich um einen Vollzeit-Job f&uu...

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    Mysql query expert need 1 天 left

    need help with some questions to do with sql

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    Database design and schema 1 天 left

    Using MongoDB to design the schema that is used to store the data.

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    There are more than 500 APIs in our project so we need to find out which APIs are causing the locks and which ones are taking too long and optimize the top 50 to 100 SPs, fix the bottle necks, indexes and guide our SQL Developers and .Net developers as what else needs to be fixed on coding front. So it is combine work effort.

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    Scop principal: - Citirea / extragerea unor datelor specifice din fisiere PDF (fisierele PDF au aceasi structura -versiune PDF 1.4), afisarea datelor si oferirea posibilitatii de modificare a lor - Ecran (form) selectare optiuni (yes / No) - Tiparire raport bazat pe datele extrase Functionalitati aditionale: - Creare conturi / profil. - Planuri tarifare (bazat pe numar de documente procesate per...

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    We wanted to sync data from SQL and Google sheet, data flow from SQL database to Google sheet one way only, and create customised report in Google sheet

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    Busco a un desarrollador DELPHI BILINGUE para trabajar en una compañía norteamericana a término indefinido. Preferiblemente con mas de 7 años de experiencia como desarrollador, pero con mínimo dos años de experiencia en Delphi. Que tenga familiaridad con SQL, targetprocess (agile) and Github. Necesitamos a esta persona con carácter urgente!

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    Retrieving deleted MYSQL tables 19 小时 left

    Hello. We have a cloud server in wich we had stored several tables. By mystake, one collaborator, had deleted those tables from our MYSQL database. So, we need someone to help us recover deteted MYSQL tables.

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