Django is a web based programming framework that assists in the development of python written applications.

Organizations and businesses using applications have a high chance of success than those using manual systems in their operations. Technology improves productivity as well as performance of most business. Businesses should adapt quickly to changes in technology. It is for this reason that business owners are constantly looking for Django developers to help develop applications that will keep them relevant in the business world. It is also for this reason that is the right platform to find people who will hire you to undertake their Django projects.

Employers are searching for Django developers with relevant experience and expertise to assist in the development process of applications. With demand for Django freelancers increasing every passing day, you will not miss an opportunity to offer your service to clients. Additionally, you have the discretion to work on your client\'s Django projects at the time that fits your schedule so long as you meet deadlines. You can also build professional relationships with multiple clients allowing you to increase your projects and paycheck.

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    Inicialmente quiero contratar algunas horas de consultoria para validar la posibilidad de implementar una plataforma OpenEdx y que desde la misma un usuario registrado pueda disparar un ambiente implementado exteriormente con Docker Compose. De ser factible también deseo hacer una evaluación de los requerimientos y costos de dicha implementación.

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    Build an interactive website which will include latest article, current affairs, blogs and most importantly test series for the upcoming exams(eg., CGL, UPSC etc). User can login and have their own profile. The test's UI' should be almost similar to the real exams so that the user can experience the real exam unlike mock tests.. Along with the test results, the test analysis and the insi...

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    I need to develop a web app that will receive users input through questionnaires, and use it to provide the following outputs: 1. Classify students. 2. Based on students ​classification, provide a recommendation for their best next academic/career step. Students class is preferrably defined using unsupervised learning algorithms (can train on synthetic dataset; no need to use real-world data). R...

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    I have an existing python based program that utilizes beautiful soup and makes request to a website. The program is not able to login to the website due to codes that are generated by javascript code and they are exchanged with the server to make sure that this is a secured login. I need support in a way of modifying the existing python based program to get around this dynamic javascript login.

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    Python and Django Developer 6 天 left

    - Web application must utilize Django (including at least one model) on the back-end and JavaScript on the front-end. - Web application must be mobile-responsive. - In a README file (whose extension can be .txt, .md, .adoc, or .pdf) in main directory, include a full write-up describing what’s contained in each file created, why certain design decisions, and any other additional information...

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    Desarrollador front end 6 天 left

    Desarrollador front end con experiencia en Vue.js+Django, Css, Bootstrap4.x, html5. El desarrollo debe realizarse sobre Linux (Debian 10.x o Ubuntu Server 18.04 con Gunicorn. Se propone una reunión inicial para revisar requerimientos y valorar el servicio.

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    Title: Intermediate Full Stack Developer(Python And React) Yearly salary: up to $40K annually (Depending upon experience) Work location: Remote Available positions: 2 Requirements: ●Based in Latin America. ●Intermediate to advanced English ●Strong debugging skills ●2+ years of hands-on experience in Python and Django ●2+ years of hands-on experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and React

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    Hi there, I am searching for django developer to create a website and wish to create a profile as well.

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    hi, we are building an LMS, we are hiring you because we need someone to fasten the process. your job is only student panel in react js and building necessary API for student dashboard only. our developers will do the remaining job. Requirements. Student login Student profile.- The student profile should have an overview of all their analytics( Their progress, marks, extracurricular activities, ...

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    I need one developer who has good experience in Django and ReactJS. This developer will work alongside myself to create soft launch product for use by May 3rd. This application will be pushed to Microsoft Azure for hosting.

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    Rebuilding an internal platform that needs to be coded in a way that is able to interact with several API's while updating the dashboard without issue. Django + Python + DRF to deliver data to our clients, as well as API creation for them to tie into their own projects. Building a separation between client levels and admin access levels. Deliverables Migrate current database to new databas...

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    React/Django Fix 6 天 left

    review my code and see how I implemented some stuffs and tell me why some of them are not working or how I can make it better

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    We are building a Python app with react.js frontend with a sigma template but we need someone to complete the frontend and fix the frontend code and improve the UI and UX. As well as clean up the frontend code and make it clean code. The app is a data driven recruitment matching app using: - Dynamic Graphs, Data sliders, scores etc - Company dashboard - Candidate profile - Matching pages - Cust...

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    Need to develop a support desk and convert HTML to Django.

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    We are a fintech company looking for fullstack django developer with an experience of 3 Years +. You need to work 8 hours daily and respond to the slack messages in time. Please send your resumes, experiences, past projects done to help us decide better. You are expected to have html/javascript experience too that's a plus. Only apply if you are available for full time work. Our database is b...

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    We need a basic website of queue management system for doctors. Doctors can log in and enter customer data in the dashboard and share the bill/prescription to the customers on WhatsApp. The first 2 month users will get a free subscription and need to pay 299/month later. Razorpay for payment gateway.

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    We are looking for the time & quality, either company or single Freelancer. We have two websites [ admin panel website ] AND [ main website ]. admin needs to be developed from scratch, the main website needs to continue to develop on it + develop some issues from scratch. You need to link both websites together ( on the DB). Freelancer(s) required to know: - Math. - Statistics. - Front end. ...

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    There is a python coding question and you need a very good knowledge of python to complate this. I need it urgent. Please contact me for more info. Thanks

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    Koble IT APIs 5 天 left

    What we are building: We are creating an SPA React website that customers will go to and fill out an object based form. The form will then create a ticket in our custom built ticketing system which is monitored by Admins. Admins are able to claim tickets out of the que. Once an Admin claims a ticket they are able to connect with the customer. After they provide service to the customer, the Admin ...

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    We need a basic website of queue management system for doctors. Doctors can log in and enter customer data in the dashboard and share the bill/prescription to the customers on WhatsApp. The first 2 month users will get a free subscription and need to pay 299/month later. Razorpay for payment gateway.

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    Hi there, Looking for a person to debug an error of django on server.

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    The job is that, in cPanel Terminal, to Install All my Python Modules into Virtual Environment. I already have collected a Huge bunch of pip requirements from Windows, but surprisingly in installing them all into cPanel Terminal, Keep Having Failure. In the end, failed. I need help to install the pip requirements or rather Python Modules onto cPanel Terminal, all of them. This is relevant work ...

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    who did already are preferred with python any frame work. Need to provide KT.

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    Seller Should be able to add / modify details of the product and should be able to produce invoice . And the sales report should be maintained to know evryday sales

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    need a one console for management of all the devices installed at various location and connected to server using LAN. multiple users login based on different roles. logs for all tje users and the activity performed on assigned devices. Log of all the individual devices actovity. scheduling the task on single or multiple devices.

    $517 - $517
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    we need a full stack developer with frontend experience in React.js / [登录来查看链接] and vue.js and backend experience in Django.

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    Job Description: Senior Software Engineer - Python /Django Location: Bangalore Total Experience: 5+ years Relevant Experience in Python & Django: 4+ years Responsibilities Analysis & designing of requirements Work with a high energy team of designers/engineers to build highly scalable and resilient web and distributed systems Presenting ideas for system improvements Producing detailed ...

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    I am building a website that allows video interactions. Need help.

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    Need to create a website application with all the features below Must-Have Features: • Video Streaming • Membership • Video Uploads • Two types of Profile log in Teacher/Student • Messenger • Social Icons • Photo Uploads • Calendar Bookings • Backend logins • Payment Gateway • Reliable database • Encrypted Secure • Easy payment to...

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    I need someone who can setup python code to live server or installable software....whatever is easy and fast.

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    I am looking for individual Python/Django developer for our many projects. I need experienced and full time. No need agency developers. Please share past relevant experiences with Github profile.

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    Looking someone can make complain management website in ML model using python

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    Looking Python Developer to development of Collage Community website

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    online shop website 4 天 left

    this app, made with python/Django buyer can register and perches new item to make it order online, admin can add items

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    Need Python Developer 4 天 left

    I need python developer who is good at python technologies

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    Odoo 12 Dashboard 4 天 left

    Hola, necesito a alguien que me cree algunos dashboard personalizados en Odoo 12 comunity, para llevar el control de ventas y gastos

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    Details i will shared in chatbox

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    Hey! I got a project and in that I want to make different plans and I exactly dont know how to redirect the amount of data to the different plans. So I need some one to make plans in dynamic way and also put the different data according to the different plans.

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    Hi, I have a build a web app in python that I would like to test online. I need a Django developer to help me on a website interface in order to present the app and to take order with a custom form. Please find attached a description of the project. Basically, the expected deliveries are: - Integrate to Django a premium html template - Integrate the landing page content (already existing on a draf...

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    Um help desk para condomínio para os moradores mandarem as reclamações e o sindico resolver. Python e Django

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    Digital Learning Requirement 4 天 left

    Authoring Tool with LMS is required. Any open source on premise setup is preferred(no saas model). OpenEdx or any other open source. If Open EDX - django,python,mongodb Kindly ping with details of already done project with timeline

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    Мне нужно сделать учебный проект с помощью Django. Задача сравнима с простым магазином, но есть свои особенности. Подробности по задаче опишу в ЛС. НО мне нужен человек, способный в скайпе/дискорде выполнить проект, параллельно обучая меня (вы делаете и объясняете, я повторяю у себя, задаю вопросы и т.д.). Оплата возможна как почасовая, так и в рамках целого проекта.

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    We are offering Trainings to Strudents and Working Professionals. We are looking for trainers who is having good experience in teaching in cutting edge technologies.

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    I am looking for a person with following skills Python HTML/CSS (Strong) GIT webpack Django(optional) NPM (basics) Experience minimum 2 years. Fulltime freealancers preferred.

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    Hello, I want to get tracking information from e-mail. I also want a web service which wilmake auto order replacement for given item. So, I need 2 different project. Lets discuss in details.

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    Hi.. We are looking for the Senior Full stack Django and React Developer for an Arabic website. Our website represents a product for high school students (youth) to help them in choosing a college major. It contains:  Personality Tests  Search function  Gamification  Notification  Payment  Blog  Appointment scheduling  Events enrollment Tech Stack: Django, React Front-end, CMS. I at...

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    I need a developer who can build a similar site like [登录来查看链接] I guess PHP/Python Django/React are used. Please give me a quote.

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    Employee management system Where admin can add employee Take attendence & overtime

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    Hey, I need a person to resolve the django error on digitalocean.

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    I am looking for a person with following skills Python Websockets knowledge GIT webpack Django(optional) NPM (basics)

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