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Electrical Engineering is an engineering field that deals with the study and application of electricity, telecommunications, electronics, and certain components of electromagnetism. Electrical engineers are qualified and knowledgeable professionals who have an adept understanding of electricity, circuits, and electrical products to develop, design and operate electrical systems.

At Freelancer.com we have a variety of Electrical Engineers that understand the complexities of the industry, who can help our clients in their projects. They can help them design, build and install the electrical system into their projects. They can identify potential issues in the design and could plan out problem-solving techniques to make sure the project is 100% up to industry standards.

Here's some projects that our expert Electrical Engineer made real:

  • Renewable energy projects
  • Repairs on wiring systems for homes and businesses
  • Projects involving electrical circuits and computer hardware
  • Projects involving testing, operating and maintaining equipment related to electricity
  • Troubleshooting electrical faults

Our experts in Electrical Engineering bring the highest level of precision to every project that they work on. They are equipped with the latest knowledge in the field along with extensive experience in research and development to develop innovative solutions.

When it comes to Electrical Engineering, we’ve got you covered! We would love for you to post your project on Freelancer.com today so we can provide you with a wide range of experienced Electrical Engineers who can help you achieve the desired goal for your project.

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    I urgently need an experienced MEP Engineer to complete drawings on a Resident new build - 2bd / 2ba “log cabin” home. We already have a complete set of structural plans with the CAD drawings to go with them. Thanks to the incompetence of another firm that we hired we are approaching 2 weeks behind schedule. We understand 72 hours is small turnaround, which is why we’re willing to pay handsomely for the expedited services. Any qualified engineer Confident in their ability to deliver us the set of Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC plan’s by Friday please reach out. Your deliverables: * Electrical: Provide a plan detailing the lighting layout, outlet placements, and circuit design. * Plumbing: Design a plan with pipe layout, fixture placement, and drainage design. ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced electrical engineer to conduct an Interior Lighting ComCheck for my commercial property. The inspector recently alerted us to this requirement and now we're in need of professional assistance. The tasks include: - Designing electrical systems - Troubleshooting electrical issues - Installing electrical equipment The ideal candidate will have a solid background in electrical engineering specifically in commercial venues. Proven experience in conducting Interior Lighting ComChecks is a must. Your role will encompass everything from problem identification to solutions development. Please include examples of similar projects you've completed in your bid. Prompt completion of this task is appreciated.

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual who is well-versed in image processing using Matlab. The task involves developing a system that can identify specific color ranges in images. Key requirements: - A strong background in image processing and computer vision, especially in Matlab. - Familiarity with color classification algorithms and methods. - Proficiency in developing robust image processing applications. Your primary task in this project is to design a program that classifies specific color ranges in images. The system should be able to accurately detect and categorize the colors as per the specified ranges. This project requires a high level of precision and accuracy in color classification. Please note that the system's focus is on image-based color classification, th...

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    Topic of the Task*: The topic of this project is the design and implementation of a I2S audio output interface block (audioport) for a system-on-a-chip (SoC) application-specific integrated circuit. *Aim of the Task*: Create a synthesizable register transfer level (RTL) model of the audioport, and then implement it using logic synthesis and integrated circuit layout design tools. *Submission Deadline*: 27th July 2024 *Budget*: Drop your Offer *Requirements*: 1). Expert must share his/her previous relevant samples.

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    I need a professional to alter the dimensions of a "PN532 NFC/RFID V3- Board" from 40x43mm to approximately 18x100mm. The purpose of this project is to meet specific dimension requirements for a device it needs to fit into. Key aspects of the job are: • Resizing: You need to adjust the size of the board solely, with no need for component changes or additional modifications. Some components may be removed. I need pcb width of max 18mm. The length is free (up to 100mm). All electronic parts should be placed on boards left upper-side. The integrated antenna (size 12x19mm) placed on boards right lower-side. Easy sleep and wakeup function required (only six r/w activities per hour). Connector: Micro JST MX 1,25 mm (on boards very left upper side). Interface: SPI only, LED...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can design a throttle specially created for left-hand use on an electric motorcycle. The design must include an ergonomic grip for comfortable, safe handling. Additionally, I need the throttle to have an integrated key switch to ensure the security of the bike and a LED battery level indicator to keep the rider informed about the power status. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience in designing electronic devices, preferably for motorcycles. - Knowledge of ergonomic principles for comfortable grip designs. - Familiarity with key switch integration for security features. - Proficiency in designing LED indicators or similar battery level displays. - A portfolio showcasing previous work in a similar field will be highly apprecia...

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    I'm in search of a skilled PLC programmer, specifically experienced in basic control sequences and well-versed in Mitsubishi brand PLC. Required Expertise: - Deep understanding of Industrial Automation - Proficient in PLC programming with a specialization in basic control sequences - Hands-on experience with Mitsubishi PLC The right candidate must understand the industrial automation ecosystem, and should be able to create effective basic control sequences using a Mitsubishi PLC. Please bid if you match the above requirements.

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    I'm looking for an electrical engineer with strong experience in working with aging residential buildings to resolve a worryingly annoying issue - every time our elevators start, lights in some of our condo building’s residential units will experience a single instantaneous blink. Wiring in some of the condo units experiencing this has been examined by licensed electricians and found to be OK. This suggests a demand-supply mismatch in the building's current power structure, which is more than three decades old. Here is what I need help with and your qualifications should ideally include: - Thoroughly analyze the current power supply system to identify the root cause of the problem - Develop and implement a solution to upgrade or augment the building's power supply w...

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    I'm looking for a thorough research on submersible enclosures aimed at storing load underwater. This research will be focused on the 0-30 meters depth range. Key Components of the Research: - Material Science: The research should delve into the various materials used in the construction of submersible enclosures. This should include the advantages, disadvantages, and effectiveness of different materials when submerged. - Pressure Resistance: The study must emphasize the need for pressure-resistant design in submersible enclosures. It should cover the physics of pressure at different depths, and how enclosures are engineered to withstand these pressures. - Bulkheads Technology: The study must include bulkhead connections both pass-through and connectable on bulkhead for ethernet data,...

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    Kami mencari freelancer ahli mektronika yang berpengalaman dalam sistem elektrikal untuk merancang dan membangun sistem boom gate otomatis. Proyek ini mencakup desain, perakitan, dan pengujian sistem yang akan digunakan untuk mengontrol akses kendaraan di area tertentu. Lingkup Pekerjaan: 1. Desain Sistem: - Membuat desain CAD lengkap untuk sistem elektrikal boom gate, termasuk gearbox, motor, sensor, dan - kontroler. - Menghitung torsi dan kecepatan yang dibutuhkan, serta memilih komponen yang sesuai (motor, gearbox, sensor, dll.). - Mempertimbangkan aspek keamanan dalam desain (sensor anti-tabrak, lampu peringatan, tombol darurat). 2. Pemilihan Komponen: - Menentukan spesifikasi lengkap untuk semua komponen yang dibutuhkan (motor, gearbox, sensor, kontroler, kabel, dll.). 3. Perakitan...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to help optimize the code on my Arduino Uno. This will play an important part in my prototype development project. - Task: Your main task will involve code optimization, with a special emphasis on efficient and quick execution. - Experience: Familiarity with Arduino Uno is crucial. If you've done code optimization for prototype development before, that's even better. - Skills: Beyond coding skills, strong problem-solving abilities are required. A firm grasp of sensor integration and troubleshooting is a considerable plus. Your bid will be more attractive if you have a deep understanding of the intricacies of Arduino Uno. I’m eager to see how you can make this project a success!

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    Fuzzy Logic in Matlab 6 天 left

    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can help me implement Fuzzy Logic in Matlab. While I haven't specified a particular application or problem, the project will revolve around this concept. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a Fuzzy Logic system in Matlab - Potentially applying this system to a specificparameters Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Matlab and Fuzzy Logic - Experience with implementing Fuzzy Logic in Matlab - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional to assist in color classification and detection. Key responsibilities and requirements: - The project will entail implementing a robust color classification and detection system. Your work will be essential in helping to accurately identify and categorize colors in a variety of scenarios. Please bid on this project only if you have experience in color analysis, image classification, and object detection. Deadline: 1 days

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    I have 11 .pcb files for P-CAD 2006 (all without electronic scheme, no netlist, actually with nothing), but I have the material list in .pdf. I would like everyone to be converted to Easyeda software (creating the schematic with the proper components and the PCB like the attached photos)

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    We are working on a project using Silicon Labs EFR32 Gecko Series and need a skilled developer to enhance its BLE capabilities and optimize its power consumption. Key Tasks: - Implement Bluetooth advertising - Incorporate a feature to reset the host device through BLE API Power Optimization/Battery Recording: - The project needs to be fine-tuned for low power consumption - The battery readings from the ADC of the MCU need to be adjusted to account for voltage changes during charging/high power consumption from the peripherals of the PCB The ideal freelancer will have a strong command over BLE and power optimization techniques for our IoT device. Experience with Silicon Labs EFR32 series will be considered a significant advantage. Your expertise in programming and fine-tuning for low pow...

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    I'm seeking an experienced PCB designer to help me develop a new product. This will be a simple, single-layer PCB. Though the design isn't complex, success in this project requires an experienced eye and hand for laying out and routing a PCB efficiently. Key requirements: - A demonstrated history of PCB design, particularly single-layer boards - Familiarity with common PCB design software packages - Ability to complete the project swiftly, as it's needed ASAP. Candidates who have a strong understanding of product development and fast task completion will be given priority. Let's create something great together.

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    My project is about conducting an electrical upgrade for a mobile home park. The key tasks include: - Upgrading the existing electrical wiring - Installing new electrical panels Current capacity of the system is 400 amps, therefore the newly installed panels should be compatible with this power level. Freelancers with experience in large electrical system upgrade projects would be a perfect fit. Knowledge of and adherence to local electrical installation codes is crucial. Good communication and timely completion would be appreciated. The previous wording was auto-filled by this website. What we need is to get permits for temporary power connection, using rented distribution equipment. This must be permitted by the city of Apache Junction before the local utility (SRP) will ...

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    saya lagi membuat projek console game menggunakan esp32, saya memiliki kendala gambar pada lcd tft tidak muncul, untuk codingan sudah ada. saya butuh cepat urgent.

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who's proficient in Matlab and image processing to help me with an image color detection project. I've dataset. You are required to use 2024a version Deadline: 10-12 hours

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    I have a small task that requires expert knowledge in MATLAB, specifically in the area of simulations. I'm looking for a skilled professional who can deliver this task swiftly. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in MATLAB, with a focus on simulations - Ability to provide a detailed project proposal - Experience in handling similar projects is a plus The task itself is not particularly complex, it's a simulation that requires a basic overview of the results. If you're a Matlab expert who can handle this efficiently, please submit a detailed project proposal.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer skilled in Matlab 2020a for a comprehensive project related to signal processing and communication. Key Requirements: - Developing a model for speech digitization - Designing M-ary PAM signals - Optimization for different channel conditions - AWGN, Fading and Multipath channels - Pulse shaping, digital modulation - Comprehensive report writing on the entire project Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Matlab - Strong background in signal processing and communication - Experienced with M-ary modulation techniques - Familiar with channel modeling and optimization - Capable of technical report writing Please note that the symbol rate for the M-ary PAM signals will be provided to the successful candidate. If you have experience and skills in these areas, I�...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can writemodel the behavior of a DC motor with a high level precision for an automotive application. The project entails: - Designing transfer functions & state models: You should be proficient in formulating transfer functions and state models for a DC motor in MATLAB/Simulink. - Implementing a continuous PI controller: You'll need to synthesize a continuous Proportional-Integral (PI) controller that regulates the speed of the motor with high precision. - Discretization of the controller: Finally, you must be able to discretize the continuous PI controller while maintaining the desired precision. - Design a full state feedback controller for speed regulation of a DC motor. I'm looking for someone who can write a detailed report on t...

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    I'm in need of an experienced embedded systems developer who's well-versed in Arduino and Atmel. The task at hand includes: - Utilizing C and C++ to write the required code for the systems - Implementing functionalities like data logging, sensor interfacing, and communication protocols

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    Projeto Teoria de Sinais 5 天 left

    Procuro alguém que tenha os seguintes conhecimentos; Sinais e sistemas Sistemas lineares e invariantes no tempo Transformada de Laplace Transformada Z Os sinais periódicos e a série de Fourier (DFT) Transformada de Fourier de sinais discretos A transformada de Fourier de sinais a tempo contínuo. I want an employee who speaks fluent Portuguese.

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    I require a proficient engineer with extensive experience in programming Siemens S7-400 PLC using Step7. I already have the necessary hardware and software for this project. The main task is for controlling a machine process. The programming language to be applied is Ladder Diagram (LD). The professional must possess: • A solid background in LD • Proficiency with Siemens S7-400 PLC and Step7 • Experience in machine process control Keen attention to detail, accuracy, and commitment to deadlines are crucial for this project. Availability for adjustments or modifications is a must.

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    I'm looking for a skilled firmware developer to rewrite C/C++ code for an open source project onto an MCU with a LORA chip, in order to facilitate data transmission.

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    I'm looking to integrate my solar inverter with Home Assistant, specifically through ESPhome. - I need to capture real-time data about power generation, energy consumption, inverter health, and alerts. - I have access to the necessary technical documentation, so you can dive straight into the integration process. Ideal candidates should have experience with: - Home Assistant and ESPhome - Solar inverter integration - Handling real-time data streams - Understanding and implementing inverter health and alerts

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    I'm seeking an engineer experienced in Ansys to assist with a liquid cooling lithium-ion battery pack simulation for my personal project for Go-kart. Operating temperature range 25 C° - 45 C°. Battery charging/discharging rate 0,5C - 6C. The intent is to analyze temperature distribution within battery cells, considering: - Different Battery charging/discharging rates 0,5C - 6C - Different gaps between battery cells - Varying coolant temperatures. I can provide with 3D drawing of battery pack, technical data sheet of battery, Ansys simulation for single battery cell.

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    Panel will comprise 100A 2P Incomer with 2P Sub-main outgoings for Lighting, Aircon and Receptacles circuits. Control to include occupancy and photocell sensors. Design to include adequate shop details for panel fabrication and wiring to comply with NEC Code.

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    I'm looking for a professional who can assist in relocating an existing street light in Los Angeles. The project requires: - Planning and coordinating the relocation of the street light - Handling the plan check process through the Bureau of Street Lighting The specific requirements for this plan check process include: - Ensuring the relocation meets the necessary electrical specifications - Selecting an alternate luminaire for an upgrade The upgrade involves: - Selecting an appropriate LED luminaire - Meeting specific wattage requirements Ideal candidates should have experience in street light relocation, familiarity with plan check processes with the Bureau of Street Lighting in Los Angeles, and a solid understanding of LED luminaire specifications. A background in electrical en...

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    You must be at least 16 years old and live in Latin America or Eastern Europe. ✻ NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ✻ Experience is not necessary. All you need is intelligence and a willingness to learn. This is not an act of charity but a practical approach. ✻ PAID TO LEARN ✻ Yes, you read that right. Because I value intelligence and problem-solving skills over experience, I would rather work with someone who is clever and learns quickly than with someone experienced but lacks intelligence or a scientific approach to problem-solving. ✻ LOGIC TESTS ✻ To work on this project, you must pass three challenging logic tests. The first logic test is unpaid. However, if you pass the second test, you will earn $25. Passing the third test will earn you $50. ✻ IF YOU ENJOY WORKING WITH ARDUINO AND ESP32.....

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    We are looking for a long-term partner in quality assurance/control with an expertise in electrical engineering to periodically review and enhance our product descriptions and marketing materials. The candidate will ensure technical accuracy, industry-standard compliance, and clear communication to our audience. Tasks include verifying details, ensuring consistency, and enhancing readability while maintaining technical authenticity. Here is the details: Our website is LEDCITYUSA.com. We have 1500 different skus that break down to about 500 products. Our graphic design team creates product videos, social media posts, product specification sheets, showroom displays, installation guides, product brochures, webpage descriptions, landing pages for online ads, and other content. We are looking ...

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    I need a skilled electrician or technician to install 8 lengths of 40x40mm PVC trunking on a concrete wall, professionally enclosing and safeguarding my data cables. The chosen professional must be conversant with: - Traditional square trunking - Handling and installation of data cables - Cable patch panels - Trunking and termination material Your task will involve ensuring the safety and concealment of the cables to preserve the aesthetics of the data points. Your experienced hand will prevent any possible damage to the data cables, maintaining their functionality. Please ensure you have appropriate tools and knowledge for a concrete wall installation. Knowledge about different PVC trunking brands is advantageous.

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    FPGA SerDes 4 天 left

    We have an exisiting design with Lattice FPGA and Verilog to interface to a cameras module with LVDS interface we changed the HW from 4Bit to 8Bit support. Now we need to change the Verlilog as well. see allso file attached

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    I'm looking for an expert to develop a PLC program specific to control and manage a lighting system. Specific tasks that need to be done are: 1. Assist with selecting PLC / HMI; Click or CLICK Plus type with HMI 2. Programming to control: (3) 120v light fixtures One white One red One amber One OFF button 3. Logic - program HMI buttons to only allow one color light to be turned on at a time. See attached.

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    satellite Tv system 4 天 left

    normally Satellite Tv companies have a system that offer a linear program to their users, now viewers want to be in control of what movie to watch at a particular period of time.

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    Ansys Siware PCB Simulation 4 天 left

    I'm seeking an expert in Ansys Siware to help me simulate and optimize my moderately complex PCB design. Key responsibilities include: - Simulating power distribution to ensure optimal performance and reliability. - Analyzing signal integrity to prevent any signal distortion or loss. - Conducting thermal analysis to identify and mitigate potential hotspots on the board. I have all necessary materials ready for this project, including schematics and CAD files. You should be capable of interpreting these materials and drawing meaningful insights from them. The ideal freelancer would have: - Proficiency in Ansys Siware and experience in PCB simulation. - Ability to handle moderately complex PCB designs. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail to ensure the simulation r...

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    I'm seeking a talented PCB Gerber file developer. Initially, I'll provide you with a list of components and expect a Gerber file. If you perform well on this paid test, I'll consider you for future projects. Key Requirements: - Create a Gerber file for a proof of concept prototype - Develop the file based on a list of components that I will provide This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your skills and potentially secure ongoing work. If you're proficient in PCB design, and you're interested in this project, I'd love to hear from you.

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    My project involves updating the code and functionality of a Proportional–Integral–Derivative (PID) controller implemented using the ESP32 board. I'm looking for an expert in embedded software with rich ESP32 and PID controller experience. Key tasks: - Improving the stability of the system, in particular, fine-tuning the parameters to ensure optimal performance. - Enhancing performance by elevating the accuracy of the controller. - Introducing additional features to the controller. Skills: - Proficiency in embedded software development. - Expertise in working with ESP32 boards. - Extensive knowledge about PID controllers, including tuning parameters. - Capability to improve the accuracy of PID controllers. Your expertise will be key in developing a more reliable and pr...

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    Project Description: We are seeking a skilled engineer or designer with experience in thermal energy storage to create a outline conceptual design for a 10m³ sand battery system. This project is focused on utilizing sand as a thermal storage medium, heated via inductive heating. The design should also incorporate a heat recovery system using hot water to maximize energy efficiency. Key Requirements: Conceptual Design: Provide a detailed conceptual design for the 10m³ sand battery system, including diagrams, schematics, and material specifications. Inductive Heating: Design an inductive heating system capable of efficiently heating the sand within the storage unit. Heat Recovery: Incorporate a hot water heat recovery system to capture and utilize excess heat generated during t...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer with experience in Siemens S7200 PLC programming. I'm looking to optimize the system for improved efficiency. Key Tasks: - Programming the PLC: I'll need you to work on the programming side, ensuring it's well-tailored to the system's needs. - Troubleshooting existing code: Your troubleshooting skills will be put to test to identify and rectify any existing issues within the code. - Implementing communication protocols: You'll be critical in setting up the necessary communication protocols to ensure the system runs optimally. Access: - You'll have remote access to the system via software, making it convenient for you to troubleshoot and program from your own location. Ideal candidates should: - Have solid experience...

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    Fuzzy Logic Expert Needed 4 天 left

    I'm in search of a skilled Fuzzy Logic expert to assist in the development of a project. Can you do fuzzy logic project within 6 hours using Matlab software? I have some progress but just need some improvement and changes as per instructions. If can, ask me for requirement document. Actually 1 person helped me to do I have his codes Another person also did i have code So I have two sets of codes but still not fulling so you can check those codes and I hope you can complete and run then make a video using the results output or how you rum and send me along with code. My matlab version is R2024a. Make sure I can run the codes.

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    I have a JSN-SR04T ultrasonic sensor that needs its signal cable extended to 8 meters. It's important that the extension is reliable and does not cause any signal loss, as the sensor will be used indoors to integrate with an existing system. Cable type is solid CAT5e on the unused wires in existing cable which carry intermittent load 24v AC (2x360mA maximum). If that is a problem i can make dedicated cat5e cable will be in the same conduit. The conduit also runs along side another carrying 240v if that needs to be factored into it. is for a water tank. If not are there a recommendation as to item to use that will e suitable to read water level from a tank that will not need power closer than 8m. Even if a different type of sensor. This is to be connected to an ESP32 at 8m distance...

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    I have a simple Matlab code that currently includes syntax errors, and I need an expert to troubleshoot and correct these errors. Key Tasks: - Identify and rectify all the syntax errors in the code - Ensure the code runs smoothly without any glitches - Communicate with me via instant messaging to get a comprehensive understanding of the issues - Provide an updated version of the code that is free of errors Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Matlab coding and debugging - Strong understanding of syntax errors in programming - Excellent communication skills, particularly through instant messaging, to discuss and clarify the issues - Prior experience in fixing errors in Matlab codes - Ability to promptly deliver a clean, error-free code Looking for someone who can quickly and ef...

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    Looking for an experienced electrical engineer to develop a KEELOQ Remote control and Receiver with specific features. Functionalities: - Wireless communication, with a range of up to 30 meters. - Integration with remote control. - Wiegand output (we have C code to perform it) Security: - Implementation encryption. Skills and Experience: - Knowledge in wireless communication design. - Expertise in KEELOQ technology. - Familiarity with symmetric encryption. - Proven experience with remote control systems. Your proposal should detail your experience with similar projects. Include any potential challenges and solutions for this project. Looking forward to working with a problem solver who values security and efficient design.

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    For this role, I require the services of an adept engineering professional to suggest topics in Power System Stability, Power System Protection, or Power System Optimization for my project. Your work involves writing a comprehensive research paper of about 9-10 pages, which should be Scopus indexed and ready for acceptance in conferences or academic journals. This research paper should focus on both theoretical analysis and practical implementation, utilizing MATLAB for simulation-based analyses. I'm interested in - Concept generation and topic selection in related engineering fields - Extensive research and academic writing - MATLAB simulation and analysis The ideal freelancer will possess: - Proficiency in MATLAB - Expertise in Power Systems (Stability, Protection, Optimiza...

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    For this project, I am looking to partner with an experienced PCB designer. Our aim will be to put together a complex, double-sided PCB prototype that uses both active and passive components. Key Project Details: - Purpose: Our primary goal is to prototype a functioning PCB for testing and fine-tuning purposes. - Components: We will be utilizing both active and passive components in our prototype. You should be familiar with a variety of components and know how to incorporate them into a cohesive design. - Complexity: Our PCB will be double-sided, meaning you'll need to handle the added intricacy of creating a design that works on both sides of the board. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in PCB design, especially for prototyping purposes. - Strong knowledge...

    $2179 (Avg Bid)
    $2179 平均报价
    50 个竞标

    I'm looking for an experienced professional who can assist in the development of a bidirectional charging system for an electric car, specifically to enable the selling of excess electricity back to the grid. Key Requirements: - V2G 15118-20 CP TLS CCS to hybrid inverter SW & HW, ideally design the HW, minimum: write the SW for ESP32S3 or RPI4, our wallbox (we designed ourselves) already does PWM 5% to do com to OBC via CP; CCS should then give out DC on whatever the EV allows, and inverter (ideally design it yourself) should pass on DC>AC power to grid according to VDE-AR-N 4105. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing bidirectional charging systems - Strong knowledge of electric vehicle systems - Familiarity with the CCS standard - Ability to...

    $17695 (Avg Bid)
    $17695 平均报价
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    MATLAB Fuzzy Logic 3 天 left

    I'm looking for a MATLAB expert who can help me with a Fuzzy Logic project.

    $55 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $55 / hr 平均报价
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