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    Numerical methods 6 天 left

    I need an expert to assist me on this project with numerical methods (engineering)

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    robotic and control 6 天 left

    redacción de un ensayo de un articulo proporcionado sobre robotica

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    fuzzi logic vs pid 6 天 left

    generar un articulo de ejemplo donde se muestre las formas de controles en lógica difusa vs PID.

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    Necesito a un freelancer que hable español y además tenga conocimiento y mucha práctica sobre el siguiente temario: 1) Conversión de distintas bases, Binario, Hexadecimal, Octal, Modulo y Signo (Complemento a 1, complemento a 2), Exceso 2^(n-1), Exceso 2^(n-1) - 1, nros de punto fijo y flotante 2) Algebra de Bool (simplificaciones, reducciones, demostraciones y dibuja...

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    تم أنشاء الموقع ويمكن الأطلاع عليه [登录来查看链接] ولكنه لا يوفي بالاحتياجات المطلوبة المطلوب أنشاء موقع جديد متعدد اللغات علي سكريبت جاهز لا أريد برمجة.. ويكون له لوحة تحكم قوية وشاملة يمكن من خلالها التعديل والاضافة لكل شيء بالموقع . ان يدعم الموقع بخاصية PWA بوب اب يمكن التحكم في الرسالة الصادرة . يدعم login بالتسجيل او السوشيال ميديا الدعم الفني موجود بجميع الدوكيمينت لكن يحتاج لترجمة الاسترينج . ال...

    $233 - $1941
    $233 - $1941
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    We have original drawings and need an updated architectural plan to send to city for a permit

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    READ FIRST BEFORE BIDDING - Convert an Excel formula to Online Application Project Budget $1000 I am looking for someone to convert an excel formula attached as a screenshot to this post to an online application. The user interface should be friendly, sleek, modern. The application should be easily viewed on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. You will, -Develop the application, have it u...

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    This project aims to develop a Simulink design of a Variable DC link capacitor for a bi-directional smart inverter of a solar PV system.

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    ⦁ To explore alternative fuel properties and their use for advanced engines and power systems ⦁ To analyse the performance of a variety of vehicle power units/systems and alternative vehicle fuels

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    There are three total assignments but you can choose only one to do. (No need to do all 3) #1: Create a simulation for user-inputted moments of inertia and angular velocity vector in the principal body frame, it creates an animation of the attitude motion in a Torque-Free environment for a box with respect to an inertial frame. Assume that angular momentum is aligned with the 3rd axis of the inert...

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    Create a Blogging Platform 6 天 left

    Are you a highly experienced full stack software house, preferably with a small team to help accelerate? I want you to build a blogging platform for me. It should allow anyone to register, login, and write one article only for free. It should allow anyone to subscribe (for a fee) and write articles. It should have an Admin panel which allows normal admin functions plus configuration of pri...

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    Review a study about fluid mechanics

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    looking for qualified & experienced electrical engineer who is expert in MATLAB Thanks

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    Haskell Task -- 2 6 天 left

    I have started resolving the Haskell exercises which are in the PDF but I have stuck myself on exercise 1.6 and I don't know how to continue. I need a freelancer to continue working on the left exercises. I have uploaded the letter of the exercises and my progress. Deadline 1 Day.

    $78 - $93
    $78 - $93
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    I will give the details in direct message.

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    Mechanical engineer 6 天 left

    Consultant for rack and gear movement

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    EdmilsonMattos 6 天 left

    Desenvolvimento de aplicativos para agronegocio

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    Hi, I've a small task about NetLogo design and simulation. classroom evacuation situations using agent-based modeling paper uploaded on freelancer too

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    Trophy icon Design S.M.A.R.T. Suit Wing 6 天 left

    Dear I'm starting a contest where I'm looking for someone who can offer me the most efficient and most suitable WING AIRFOIL SHAPE in order to comply with the operations needed to perform. In annex, I've added a document containing information about the contest. May the best win! Kind regards Claudio Boone

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    I have a project in context free grammar, regular expression, and pumping lemma

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    tv systems with load balance 4 天 left

    project is: I want to make tv system that i can let all users to watch channels from uk and europe. the system must be feed from satellite itself and i will only make freeview channels. i dont have any equipment, so you must help me to have right equipment and help to setup the system for me

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    Build me A website 6 天 left

    I want shop to visual proudact

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    Se trata de una aplicación desarrollada en Laravel que requiere mantenimiento evolutivo, es necesario agregar una funcionalidad adicional, la gestión de correos electrónicos. La app debe avisar cada que se crea un registro nuevo, cada dichos registros alcanzan una caducidad, además de revisar el buzón y procesar lo que llega a través de este.

    $3990 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I need help with Power Electronics and Powerworld Software, please let me know if you can help. thanks

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    TGA TGE Planer 6 天 left

    For a functional description of services we are looking for an experienced and reliable engineer for the entire building services including electronics

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    I want to find a solution to connect leds and an aquarium pump together in order to connect the whole to the mains socket. The pump must, in addition to being connected to the LED transformers on the 220V side, have a waterproof and easy-to-use connection. The LEDs must, in addition to being connected to the transformer on the 12V side, benefit from an easy-to-use connection. The goal is to have...

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    Building a house in Alsea River Floodway zone, need no rise analysis/cert. Foundation at 5'8". Prior mobile home was on location previously. Location is Little Albany, Tidewater, OR for FEMA data.

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    I have a paper to write it in ethics using code of ethics in engineering

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    I have a project in context free grammar, regular expression and pumping lemma

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    Need Software Engineering Expert

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    need a sensor expert 6 天 left

    I have a project which has some error and code. I have used sensors in the project, I need code fixed on zoom or team viewer.

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    Vorrei creare un app dove l'avventore può vedere il menù digitale , farmi un ordine dal menu e scegliere orario, in più una finestra delle offerte , e possibilità di registrarsi ed avere uno sconto del 10%. Possibilità di pagare con carta, satispay . E che posso avere un gestionale dove vedere in base al periodo cosa si vende di piu

    $5395 (Avg Bid)
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    Se busca Experto en Sistemas con habilidades en instalación de Mesa de Ayuda en la Nube. Conocimientos de Sistemas Operativo, Web Services.

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    I need help with analytical chemistry

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    electrical 6 天 left

    plan for fire Alarme system for 16 apartments in Boucherville,quebec

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    two stage inverter design 6 天 left

    i want long term employee. no software is needed. report is needed. if you can do it now, please bid here. need to start it now. layout design and hand calculation is needed

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    mechinacial engineer needed 6 天 left

    You must be able to use Comsol software, more details will be sent to you in the chat box

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    Network job 6 天 left

    Please help to me solve some network issues

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    We are a company from Argentina and Latinoamerica region and we are working in themes related to pentesting, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity. In this case We are looking for an expert in pentesting for SCADA system. The client is from an important enterprise in the electric infraestructures. The jobs consist to make a pentest in their Scada system in the Latinamerica region. For more information cont...

    $217 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hide client information in whatsapp business

    $154 - $1286
    $154 - $1286
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    I have project which has some error and code. I has used sensors in the project, I need code fixed on zoom or team viewer

    $699 (Avg Bid)
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    I need LTSPice experienced Expert do you know anyone who can use LTSPice? I will get help for my work in LTSPice project. If you know send message for start work.

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    Hi I want someone who can help me with projects to use the program Fatcs analyzer

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    Comsol expert needed 6 天 left

    more details will be sent to you in the chat

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    Need an expert who has good knowledge in chemical engineering subject

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    We wish to build a software for recording incoming till outgoing of our products. Kindly reach out if you are interested.

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    This course focuses on: Underlying computer hardware including gates, Boolean expressions, combinational circuits analysis and design, flip flops and sequential circuits analysis and design. Understanding the function of a computer system at the machine level, the way the instructions are executed and the way the arithmetic and logic operations are performed. Designing and analyzing the main funct...

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    You should have knowledge in organic reactions . 1. prediction of products. 2. Discussion of mechanism. 3. All functional group reaction. Please apply if you are ready to solve few question before hiring.

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    Looking for an experienced writer who can draw charts using the given case study and write a report.

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    build web 6 天 left

    build web-like [登录来查看链接] & [登录来查看链接]

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