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    my web [登录来查看链接] is presale and self airdrop web for my token. i need this connect wallet can be connect to wallet connect/ trust wallet at mobile phone expecially. smart contract for this already have 0x4aC70495d28612bcbDe0fA0f322175f27c8071c8 check at [登录来查看链接] but now only can connect metamask by desktop. i need it can be fully functionally connect to dapps at trustwallet or can using wallet c...

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    I have custom blockchain forked from Bitcoin settings . My blockchain needs rpc url set and node for chain ID to add to exchange. I have GitHub and explorer

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    Hello. I'm looking for a dev who can make this token: Buyback/Burn function (like RISE) Rewards in BNB or BUSD (like TIKI) Swap and liquify (like SAFEMOON) I need the token and the functions easy to do at BSCSCAN after deploying

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    I am looking for a web developer and designer to finish our [登录来查看链接] are a gaming studio that is building a Space Game. I am looking for someone very experienced in HTML/CSS/JS/Django. I need both front end design and e-commerce integration.

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    Hi, I have purchased an ENS name and I would like to redirect the page to another ENS website or a regular URL. I believe this can be done if I use JavaScript on the my ENS page and have it redirect to any page want. The problem is this cost money to host a webpage(gas fees) that has the JavaScript etc. I have looked into this a little and it seems possible one can write a custom Resolver tha...

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    I will need the development of an arbitrage bot to do arbs between: Uni, sushi, balancer, bancor, and other dexes on ETH. The same bot needs to be able to switch between smart chains [not in the same transaction] to also work on BSC, to work between Pancake, Bakery, Biswap, Ape, Panther, Bunny, and other top dexes. Bot should be able to do arbs with the right amount of gas to not be front run b...

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    monetize the apps by implementing ads and animated backgrounds. reskin and launch the script 2 times.

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    install BITexchange scripts and create and implument erc20 cryptocoin in the exchange

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    I need someone to help me with setting up a Ethereum Mining Rig. I will get the stuff from Marketplace or Amazon. I want you to tell me which one to buy from the available stuff. This is my first project so I want it to be of lowest price possible.

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    Hi i want someone who can help me start trading

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    Solidity programming language required

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    create an erc20 contract 6 天 left

    can anyone create a unique erc20 contract for a new token?

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    I want to carry out the auction of a token, where at any time I can transfer the funds to my personal wallet.

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    e money bank 6 天 left

    Banking as a service on the block chain cash deposits and withdrawals and wire transfers bill pay debit card peer-to-peer transaction peer to bank transaction off from their own wallet and to do this they have to be a private member and by being a private member you have to buy a token b7 token

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    Phase 1: timeline 7 days* Deliverables: Swap, liquidity, farms pools, UI based on Pancakeswap with customization of brand name and pictures. Phase 2: timeline 4 days * Deliverables: Analytics and Api Add-ons: - Automatic burning solution - Deposit fee in farms - Flash loan unique solution - Lottery - IFO - NFT and profiles - Referrals - Gitbook - Voting Descriptions: Swap: Also called exchange, us...

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    Hello, i am looking for an expert in ETH network ERC20 smart contracts tokens. i have some knowledge but need someone who know how to write an unique smart token contract. deploy it and change settings after, like a max buy limit, max sell limit etc.

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    I want to create an application to fetch crypto assets values from DeFi applications on Ethereum and Binance smart chain. The main function of this application is to fetch total locked value info from dapps on Etheruem and Binance Smart Chain. Fetch infor from farms and pools

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    MORE INFO GIVEN ON REQUEST I'm keeping it vague and straight to the point for this description of the job. The idea is it is a Bitcoin game, similar to [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接] but much simpler. BUDGET IS TBD I need a website build that someone is able to make a beautiful layout with bitcoin wallet integration where people can purchase a ticket to this particular bitcoin lottery game that...

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    Would like to develop NFT marketplace: Login / Registration Connect Wallet Trust Wallet MetaMask WalletConnect Coinbase Torus Homepage Top Collections (chosen by the Admin Team) Top Sellers (in lat 1, 7, 30 days and All Time) Live Auctions Hot Bids (trending) Hot Collections (trending) Search Input to search Autofill Filter: Price (From - To), Auctions, Buy Now Sort: Lowest Pri...

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    We need to develop a NFT Marketplace on Bsc chain. Time frame - 1 month. Inspiration can be taken from ( [登录来查看链接] ) Please also post your past experience in Solidity, blockchain development and NFT marketplaces created.

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    I need very professional to send offer to my request, what i need is that i wanna create blockchain app from scratch, if you are expert to do that for me let me know.

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    i have a very simple rig with 1 3090 GPU card currently running HiveOS, using HiveON pool the rig keeps restarting mining ethereum initially showing 118MH/s hashrate for the first 1-2 hours then crashes and restarts now showing 118MH/s ethash but only 8.33 MH/s hashrate on hiveon I would like someone to adjust settings so mining at 110+ consistently without crashing etc on hiveon (or another...

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    Blockchain Expert Needed. 5 天 left

    Do you know blackbird algorithm?

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    加封 保密协议
    $78 - $5821
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    I am looking someone help me in Cryptocurrency trading

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    Website Development -- -- 2 5 天 left

    I want the same website as this [登录来查看链接] with same functionality this what the website built with : [登录来查看链接] You can change the design but I want it with same functionality as [登录来查看链接] So the functionality backend of [登录来查看链接] is i will able to add projects as you can see in the website, and people can vote , and also every project i post, the info need to be updated with api , it''...

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    I have an [登录来查看链接] NFT collection that receives royalties whenever someone buys my nft on the secondary market. I want to pass on that royalty to the wallets that initially minted my NFT from my website. Seems i will need a smart contract to do this.

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    I need teacher to help me on my cryptocurrency business, videos I see a lot on youtube, I have course on Udemy, I read a lot, what I need is someone who can answer my questions and show me how to do, I will pay 20$/h we will use google remote desktop for teaching and for time tracking, I already create my own Tokens and need to create others and sell.

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    I have a linux server, tried to set up bsc full node but I get many errors. I need somebody with experience who already set up a bsc full node to do it for me. I will give you access to my pc via anydesk so you can work in the server through my pc, so I can see what you are doing.

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    I need a PHP expert. I also need you to be a blockchain expert. Need to have knowledge about ETH and BTC networks. I need someone who can start right away and have time.

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    Create a crypto coin 5 天 left

    We are looking for someone (team or an individual) who can help us to create a blockchain and crypto coin

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    I need a smart contract deployed into an address I can control wich makes exchanges of token by copy trading transactions by scanning the pancake router and copying transactions based on parametres I decide and making new similar transactions with balance from the address.

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    my web [登录来查看链接] is presale and self airdrop web for my token. i need this connect wallet can be connect to wallet connect/ trust wallet at mobile phone expecially. smart contract for this already have 0x4aC70495d28612bcbDe0fA0f322175f27c8071c8 check at [登录来查看链接] but now only can connect metamask by desktop. i need it can be fully functionally connect to dapps at trustwallet or can using wallet ...

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    ICO website 5 天 left

    I need a freelancer in helping us to create a new ICO token and market, we have the funds and good understanding but we don't have the tech to set it up.

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    new BSC token and need to quickly i can pay 150 euros for that

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    Need cryptocurrency developer help me for a project, Hello i want to develop an platform with my idea if you are a crypto dev then bid here

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    Token project 5 天 left

    token in the ETH network instead of a redistribution we would like to go in the direction of an automatic high burn rate with every purchase. 20% of every buy will get distributed as such, 4% to the marketing/development teams wallet, 16% to a burn wallet with a max supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens

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    NFT Marketplace Backend 4 天 left

    I'm looking for someone to create a User Management back-end only for NFT market place. You will need to configure: - Storage - Blockchain - Token (Smart Contract). The front-end is being developed so eventually both will be connected with ABIs Below are the functions needed to be included in the back-end User Management • User Pause/Ban/Delete • Unique user handle for each use...

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    Web 3 Smart Contract Project 4 天 left

    Need Web 3 Project Generative Art Programmer. Think Crypto Punks

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    Website For NFT Sale 4 天 left

    Hello, We are looking for a blockchain developer that can help us build a platform to do an initial launch of our 8000 unique NFT's. We will need you to complete both back end and front end work. Here are some of the objectives: -Create ERC721 Smart Contract Test and Deploy To Ethereum Network -Help us to create Meta Link - We have 8000 files with unique attributes. These have not been compu...

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    Hi there I am looking for a computer hardware technician/ Crypto mining rig expert to build custom Crytpo rigs for me. Preferably someone who has experience in crypto mining. 7-10 day deadline. Preference will be given to London based freelancers. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Adam

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    We need a smart contract developer, who will write a relatively simple contract using Solidity.

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    My background is in real estate and looking to see if a developer can walk me through the necessary steps of creating a block on the blockchain relating to personal information and real estate deeds.

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    I need someone to modify the golang implementation of ethereum to propagate transactions from my origin only if it succeeds else it should discard. Eg: If I send 2eth to someone but my account only has 1eth the code should identify this and stop this transaction from ever reaching blockchain, this is to avoid the gas fees which I had to pay for failed transactions. Please only apply if you have ex...

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    Web3 Software Project 4 天 left

    Please check the specifications attached in details before making a bid.

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    I need a person or a team to make a smart contract and it should be like USDt but inside to add for example - to check how much TRX is available to know if the oleration can be done.

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    We need to make 3 responsive websites (2 cryptocurrency exchange + 1 landing page for Coin pay system) and a payment module. Read the details in the documents very well and give us a proposal. - Must give all details needed in development. (Functions and timeline) - Documents for functions and all source codes should be given to us.

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    - Description: We are looking for an experienced Ethereum/Polygon/Solana Developer to assist us with launching our token and related smart contracts. The details about the smart contracts/projects needed are below. Ideally, we are looking for someone that would be interested in joining our team as a full-time senior blockchain developer after the initial freelance work. - Freelance Work 1. Min...

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    Hi, I'm looking for an experience solidity developer to fork pancakeswap and deploy to polygon with a few added changes. Please only apply if you know react well enough to make UI changes and solidity.

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    Create Crypto Currency 3 天 left

    need to create and publish a crypto currency just like Matic, Doge,polkadot etc.

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