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Fashion designing is a creative business that requires you to be aware of the latest trends in the market and consumer choice. If you are into the fashion industry, you need to hire a professional fashion designer who can design clothes for your target consumers. A professional fashion designer can help you obtain maximum utilization of resources in an effective manner. So, give your business an edge and hire a fashion designer today!

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    Do you want to be a part of developing the most luxurious sock brand in the world? We’re Looking for luxury fashion designers to help develop our boutique sock brand. From pattern design, material choices, style and colour palettes to high end bespoke, wood resin packaging. The very best designs & illustrations will be manufactured and delivered to a select number of our highest profile, celebrity brand ambassador targets. You’ll be associated with creating the most expensive, premium, mens sock brand in the world. This will be a journey from start up to a $100 million brand so we want the right designers to grow with us. We have a vision for a project that’s goes beyond socks and are excited by the prospect of showcasing your creative talent. We look forw...

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    Photogenic Face Needed 6 天 left

    We are looking for someone to pose with dresses , Makeup kit , Shoe , handbag etc. You don't need any experience You just have to be good looking Freshers welcome

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    Turn my shoe designs into sketch

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    Need a costume exactly like seen in photo with premium materials. Need estimated timeline & cost

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    Indian Designer Kurti Retail shop Advertisement - Image file needed and we shall take the A4-size print out and distribute it offline. Shop Name : Jaya's Modern Switch The ladies in the near by area shall get ready made dress, A-Line Kurti,Umbrella Kurtis in various materials like cotton, rayon, mixed sizes like s,M,L,XL,XXL shall be availbale. The material is sourced from top manufacturers from Gujrath. The customer shall get the high quality products at a better price as compared to show rooms and malls. The customers do not have to travel to a long distance located malls to make the purchase. They will also get Nightys in cotton material of various sizes like S,XL,XXL , with zip nighty. other services :dress stitching,blouse stitching Cell no : 9930393326 Address : Kashmir...

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    My son wants to be Infinite from Sonic for Halloween. Normally I do the DIY route for obscure costumes but I don’t have the time or patience.

    $235 - $1962
    $235 - $1962
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    Trophy icon Luxe Resale Canada logo design 1 小时 left

    Authentic luxury fashion and accessories. We buy and sell luxury items. New and pre-owned jewelry, clothing, shoes and handbags.

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    加精 加急 加保
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    Sportswear 6 天 left

    I need a template 2D for rugby& netball clothing with a range of designs. I have attached photos to indicate what I am looking for. The design will not require any logo's on it apart from our company logo

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    I’m in need of help finding a couples costume for our company Halloween party. We have been hosting these parties for 20 years and as ceo the pressure is in to outdoor previous years costumes. But I’ve run out of creative ideas and need help! Here are just 3 of 20 costumes we have done. I can send more these are just a few! Kim

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    I need a guide to explain how I get my .ai file from 2D flat image to a 3D model. It is the guide information I require - not the finished 3d model - I want to learn how to do it. Please see attached files. Thank you.

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    I need a designer who can help us create a luxury mattress line aesthetically.

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    Steam train Sock I would like a sock designed for men with a steam train design. The design is to be repeated on the sock though can consist of several different images of trains. The base colour of the sock will be slate grey, navy or black according to your design. I would prefer it if the design is based on an Australian steam train, definitely not an American train as these look quite different. Up to 5 colours can be used in the design including the background colour. The number of needles used to knit these socks is 156 The colour of the heel, toe and cuff can be a different colour to the background sock colour. Magpie Sock I would like a sock designed with the Australian magpie on, with several typical images of this bird – such as magpies singing tog...

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    Fabric and material research. 5 天 left

    I need a data analyst to research different fabric concepts for my athletic apparel line. People should feel natural in the shorts or shirts they are wearing it should be a natural fit to their body. Material shouldn’t be to thin or to thick, while being breathable. I’d love new fabric concepts to be introduced into my clothing that’s rarely done or haven’t been done.

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    Kurta design 5 天 left

    We want some design for our client who deals in short kurtas

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    Desirae Sky -- 2 5 天 left

    We are looking for a small business/ manufacture that could take on this project for my clothing store we are looking for a company that manufactures have owned concept and design that we want to manufacture.

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    need to design a luxury collection of winterwear including sweatshirts, pullovers, t shirts, joggers. need to deign trims as well. aiming for a philip plein like look but for india including drop shoulders, embellishments, foil prints, metal in premium fabrics

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    Hi I’m looking for experienced fashion designers that can make my ideas into a reality. Looking for designers that can do ladies evening wear and couture style. Looking in Dubai, India and Pakistan. Other locations welcome to post. .

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    athletic apparel for children between age 3 -14. product line including t shirt, shorts, long sleeves, leggings, jackets, hats and accesories etc.

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    All details of the project if mentioned in the document below

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    Trophy icon DESIGN ME T SHIRTS 1 天 left

    please dont copy paste my designs, show your creativity I want designs for men's tshirt, i need 10 designs, This project can be a playground for designers, I am also uploading some images according to my liking, DESIGN ME 10 TSHIRTS USING YOUR CREATIVITY!!!!!!!!

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    i want to introduce a clothing brand. It will be a streetwear brand which includes comfort clothing, minimal but stylish, offers variety of clothes type and uses creative graphics on the products.

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    Lingerie App 3 天 left

    Looking for someone female to design and develop this mobile app

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    Need 20 clothings sets for the following. It must include any accessories (men jewelry) - 10 going out/party/clubbing outfits - 5 pool party outfits - 5 day to day outfits Must say "pizza" to be awarded this.

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    So the background is black which is classic and the logo is the lady wearing scarf basically Egyptian and asian wear this kinda cloth cause to protect their skin from harsh climate and the yellow colour of font gives the design a unique and matching look. Hope u will like it

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    You will get to know about this project once you get hired.

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    I'm looking for someone to create a Fashion Tech Pack and Sample Work for manufactures. This person will need to work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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    加精 保密协议
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    I have hand-drawn designs of clothing that I would like created. I have a full understanding of what I am looking for and I hope to work closely with the seamstress in order to get the desired product.

    $1962 - $5887
    $1962 - $5887
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    Trophy icon Create clothing design *easy* 26 天 left

    For our brand "mayfaro" from Dutch famous artist "Makar" we want to create a clothing with a nice design. Inspiration: See attachements We want to use our own color #961515 Font: Cloister Black We are looking to do long term partnering for many designs as well. May the best one win.

    $918 (Avg Bid)
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    I’m a succesful business woman in real estate developement and construction. But thats not where my passion is. I’ve launched a sportswear label and have already made turnover. My dream and passion was always in the fashion industry. I’ve always wanted my own designer brand like valentino, balenciaga just to name a few. As a busy mother of 2 and juggling entrepreneur life, i’ve finally thought of a name for my brand. I want to work with someone that will bring my vision to life. From bags, shoes, clothing and accessories. If your a person of hard work, dedication and a creative mind, i know we will bring this brand to life. If your this person im looking for, do contact me and i’d love to meet you. Brand name has already been registered and trademarked and add...

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    We are building a range of shoes and slippers. We need someone to help us with visual design elements on the footwear. We are an India based brand, and prefer Indian applications as that would allow for costing to be in our budget.

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    We require a photogenic freelancer to make fashion pictures with clothes, jewelry & accessories. Experience does not require freelancers should be good looking.

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    Hi, I am planning to start a clothing company so I need people who can desing Tshirts, hoodies or caps, the name of the brand is Velmant Saveur , if someone is interested on the job contact me

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    Womens period underwear tech packs x5

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    I need someone who can recreate the flight attendant costume below. I have also attached a pattern. I need a cost and time estimate to complete the project.

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    I need someone who can recreate the flight attendant costume below. I have also attached a pattern. I need a cost and time estimate to complete the project.

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    Shirt designs 2 天 left

    Looking to add more graphic designs to my clothing line Ascension Apparel. Streetwear style, looking for 10 different designs. Mix of unique abstract designs along with some typography designs. Giving the designer some freedom on designs.

    $769 (Avg Bid)
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    Provide tailored advice on individual pieces, whole outfits, colors, styles, and fabrics that will suit my preferences, style, body type, as well as the occasion I am dressing for.

    $157 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $157 / hr 平均报价
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    Need for a fashion designer. Looking for someone who can work from home. A person who has a keen knowledge of hand embroidery. Can design lehengas and indo western outfits for women.

    $102 (Avg Bid)
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    we are starting a clothing line and looking for someone we can work with to create patterns for us

    $110 (Avg Bid)
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    i need someone to work with me in creating a collection for a clothing brand. i need someone to duplicate a given piece and adjust some things to it that i have visualized in mind.

    $126 (Avg Bid)
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    3 different desighns going onto shirts in same area. 100 mm strip front and rear. 80mm strip on sleeves.

    $1541 (Avg Bid)
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    Needing a designer to work in a team of three to design YPL active wear

    $19750 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a fashion designer to create a tech pack for a clothing set with two different designs.

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    We are an eyecare brand looking to expand our range and are looking for SUNGLASS designs for men aged 25 - 55 into cars and motorsport. For those who are passionate about driving and racing cars. Inspiration from Porsche, Ferrari, Pagani, McLaren more than welcome. This is NOT a logo request.

    $746 (Avg Bid)
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    Clothing brand Designer 1 天 left

    Hello! I am looking to open my clothing brand into the business world and I would love to hire someone who can design my ideas for me so I can bring my paper ideas into reality.

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    FABRIC Markers box artwork 1 天 left

    I am looking for an artist to produce the design of a box of felt-tip pens intended for coloring on fabrics. ALL THE EXPLICATIONS ARE IN THE LINKED DOCUMENT. Please make shure to read the documents before to take the project, i have try to explain myself has best has i can, if you have questions, feel free to ask.

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    .I'm starting activewear line. so I need activewear designer

    $683 (Avg Bid)
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    1803active 1 天 left

    .I'm starting activewear line. so I need activewear designer

    $746 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello Artists, We do have a project of creating a Men shirt with different styles as given on this site. You have to create all variations as shown in the website. Let me tell you in short: Men Shirt - 1 Sleeve - 2 ( short & long sleeve ) Collar - 12 Cuf - 6 Cuf style - 2 Placket - 7 Pocket placement - 3 (no, Left, Both sides) Pocket style - 2 Pocket flap - 2 (no, yes) Back details - 4 Back yoke - 2 Bottom Cut - 2 Buttons Basically you've to create a Shirt and create some variations on it. You can look the samples on the link I attached above, only cloth design experts contact us. Type CLEAR on the proposal, or else your proposal won't be considered. Quality is must, you can use any...

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    Fashion Designer Description We are looking for a fashion designer who can do Resort wear and pre dominantly spring and summer collections Who has experience in segmentation of collections and who knows how to do tech packs for production. If you are able to do illustrations and the prints that will be an added advantage. If you also have done swim wear it will come in handy but for now women’s wear including dresses, kaftans, robes, evening wear etc is what we are looking for.

    $204 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $204 / hr 平均报价
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