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Google App Engine is a fully managed platform designed to make it easier and inherently faster to build and host web, mobile and API applications on Google's massive cloud platform. As a serverless development platform from Google, Google App Engine enables developers to focus more on the coding than worrying about server infrastructure details. Developed with best practices for secure, efficient development, it can handle multiple applications and users seamlessly.

The Google App Engine Developer is an expert in cloud computing architecture that can help streamline web development projects and create mobile and API applications of any size or scope. The developer has an in-depth knowledge of the core components of Google App Engine Development such as scalability, security, performance, APIs, and other specialized tools. They are well-versed in the latest tools and technologies like Java, Python, Go, Nodejs, and Cloud Datastore to create powerful custom applications. With their help, custom applications can be built using a user-friendly graphical interface that makes application deployment simpler and quicker than ever before — no setup hassles nor managing VMs!

Here's some projects that our expert Google App Engine Developer made real:

  • Building web chat systems for various customers
  • Crafting custom data structures in spreadsheets
  • Connecting client forms with remote back end databases
  • Enhancing mobile navigation interfaces
  • Creating SEO optimization algorithms for Android apps
  • Integrating business logic between web forms and scripts
  • Developing scripts for automated data collection from external APIs
  • Crafting user interfaces for AWS products

With the help from our passionate developers empowered by our platform expertise in Google App Engine Development tasks, they have achieved all such projects without fail. With such success rate and world-class experience under their belt, our Google App Engine Developers can develop remarkable cloud solutions to meet any of your needs quickly. We invite you to post your project today or contact us so that you can get started on your very own revolutionary solution with the help of a freelance Google App engine Developer right away!

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer who can consult on integrating a booking system with Google Calendar. We have already developed our Booking App (to be used as a backend of another app) where my clients will have this system on their websites, and their users will share their details (name, time, date) for making a booking with the client. Our client will be using our app (Oauth2.0 permissions) which will check client's calendar. If available, it will book it, if not, it will ask to provide different date time. Issue we are facing: Our API integration is not working/throwing error Requirement: Someone with experience in such a project who can guide us about what we may be doing wrong Please see: This is a an extremely tiny project, we keep hiring from here for multiple ...

    $821 (Avg Bid)
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    BADDIE Sports is a new venture that builds proprietary software to enhance the experience of sports fans. Borne from a combination of deep expertise in data science and passion for sports, our products seek to add value through state-of-the-art analytical and machine-learning tools to identify trends and opportunities in sports betting markets, fantasy/DFS lineup decisions, and more. We are seeking a Front End Developer to assist with deployment of our flagship project. The successful candidate will work with stakeholders to convert application flow diagrams & pre-built Python objects into a production-grade web application framework. They will also work together with stakeholders to deploy this website on a major cloud computing service (GCP) and create critical features, i.e. payment...

    $149 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I would like the comprehensive removal of all my business' presence on Google. This includes all business information such as the name, address, and phone number. Furthermore, I want to erase all reviews, the marked location on the map, and any images in circulation. Essentially, I am looking for an online clean slate, as if my business never existed on the Google platform. This stems from a few specific reasons: - We are rebranding, facilitating a name change. - We are facing challenges with negative reviews. - We have concerns regarding privacy and potentially sensitive information being circulated. Instead of Google, we are shifting our focus towards gaining attention on Facebook and Instagram. The ideal freelancer for this job would have a background in digital marketing, wit...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to gain access and pull specific data sets from the eBay API for me. The two main types of information I need are detailed product information and comprehensive transaction history. This data is crucial for market analysis and strategic decision-making purposes. To make the collected data easily accessible and interpretable, I also require the creation of a user-friendly web interface. The interface should present the data in an organized and visually appealing manner, allowing for easy navigation and analysis. **Key Requirements:** - Proficient in Python programming language. - Extensive experience with eBay API. - Capable of designing and implementing a clean, intuitive web interface. - Strong understanding of data handling and pre...

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    I need a script created for an application that can take a URL and convert it into a PDF attachment in an email, then send it. The recipient of the email should be able to open the attachment successfully. Key Requirements: - The script must be able to handle one URL at a time. - The email service provider being used is App Script. - The end result must be a PDF attachment. Ideal Skills and Experience: -google app scripting -Coding and scripting experience - Familiarity with App Script - Knowledge in handling URL and email conversion to PDF. Sample URL to convert:

    $156 (Avg Bid)
    5 项参赛作品

    I'm searching for a skilled python programmer with strong awareness of browser functionality, in particular Google Chrome, to develop a script that automates web tasks for 109 Webdrive. The key responsibilities will include: - Use Python to create a script that interacts specifically with Chrome browser - Customize browser functionality to perform automated tasks within 109 Webdrive - Debug as necessary to ensure the script works flawlessly - Document script functionality for future reference Ideal qualifications: - Extensive experience with Python - Strong knowledge of Google Chrome functionality - Proficiency with automating web tasks - Background in working with Webdrive may be useful Since I could benefit from this as soon as possible, I would appreciate applicants who can sta...

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    I'm seeking a skilled web developer who can create a robust, web-based calendar appointment booking application. This application's primary users will be customers (end users) who will be booking calendar/meeting in my clients' calendar. Eg: I have 10 clients, each client has 100 users visiting their website. If a user on client A's website want to book an appointment/meeting, they will book the calendar in Client A's calendar as per Client A's availability. The meeting will be booked in Client A's Calendar. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in web-based application development - Experience in developing booking systems - Good understanding of Google Workspace Requirements: - The app should facilitate schedule management effectively - App...

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    I have google sheet done with some of app script but when i try to share it with anyone the scripts are not working So i need to do google app web to do like the google sheet By selecting date show rows for that date Then submit

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    Quick Fix: Enumerator App 4 天 left

    I have a web enumerator application that's crucial for my operations, but I've hit a bump in the road. Currently, my tool is struggling with two main issues: port scanning accuracy and efficiently extracting subdomains from The problems are detailed as follows: - **Port Scanning Inefficiency**: The application isn't efficiently scanning ports, leading to missed opportunities and data gaps. - **Subdomain Extraction Trouble**: Extracting subdomains from isn't as seamless as it needs to be, interrupting workflow and data collection. I am in urgent need of a skilled Python developer who can dive into the existing codebase, identify the root causes of these issues, and implement fixes to both port scanning and subdomain extraction processes. **Ideal Skills and Ex...

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    Buen dia a todos, necesito poder terminar de publicar el proyecto el cual quiero lanzarlo para que este disponible como un complemento de google, en este momento esta en proceso de verificacion y me pide una serie de pasos aun a cumplir, lo que se requiere es terminar de publicar el complemento.

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    I'm looking to automate and streamline my work processes using Google Apps Script. Improving efficiency by automating tasks and handling data processing and analysis are the main goals of this project. To achieve this, I need an expert in Google Apps Script who can: - Develop customized Google Apps Scripts to cater to my specific needs - Regularly maintain existing scripts to ensure smooth operation - Leverage the capabilities of Google Apps Script to automate complex workflows - Customize Google Sheets templates for client use Integration with Google Sheets is a must for this project, as much of the work will involve manipulating and presenting data. Your experience in developing Google Apps Scripts for workflow automation, data processing, and interface customization are key t...

    $219 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking to create a comprehensive database for a Civil Construction Project using Google AppSheets. In this project, the freelancer will be expected to handle the following responsibilities: ' I currently have google sheets, excel books and a few other existing forms that I would like to further develop. I need to combine this data into a very comprehensive application with workflows and database that can be easily modified * Store specific data in the database including but not limited to * Project name and intricate details * comprehensive Client information * detailed contractor information * Equipment, materials and tools specifications * Labor requirements * Various tasks involved in the project * Account codes and their corresponding details * ...

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    The developer should understand the video rendering process from the to get the live streaming url. The client want to integrate the ( ) library in the python code to get the live streaming url. They are receiving the live streaming from the Hikvision camera using their open APi on ezuiPlayer. So need to analyse the video frame by frame on our python code. For the IP camera feed we dont have the RTSP streaming as there is no static IP or ddns available for it. we need to find a way to connect the available EZUI streaming to the python code. So the final aim of this task is that currently, open Ezui api is just javascript code, you need to integrate this code with python code or need to develop the new api same features with current Ezui using Python.

    $125 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I just want a script where if i give gdrive link it should import that folder into google photos (server side),i have script to generate of bot gdrive and gphotos ,just need something to make both services communicate

    $47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Spreadsheet & WhatsApp Magic 2 小时 left

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to bring a dynamic integration between my Google Spreadsheet and WhatsApp, creating a seamless automation system that will not only enhance the efficiency of my workflow but also ensure timely communication with my team and clients directly via WhatsApp. **Key Requirements:** - **Data Automation in Google Spreadsheets:** Implement automation for regular data entry tasks, complex calculations, and consistent formatting to streamline the processing and management of data. - **WhatsApp Integration:** Develop a system where the automated Google Spreadsheet interacts with WhatsApp in two crucial ways: - **Sending Notifications:** Automatically send reminder notifications, alert notifications, and status updates to specified WhatsApp contacts. ...

    $47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We're on the hunt for a talented Software Developer to build and deploy a high-performance video processing application on Google Cloud. This project involves developing an application capable of receiving video files via API, processing them using Google's GPU capabilities, and returning the processed files efficiently. The ideal candidate will have robust experience with Google Cloud Services, video processing, and system scalability. Project Scope - Develop and deploy a video processing application on Google Cloud Platform. - Utilise Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for scalability and efficient management of multiple concurrent processing tasks. - Implement GPU-accelerated video processing to ensure quick turnaround times. - Create a robust API for handling video file submissi...

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