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Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It's the go-to browser for internet users worldwide and it provides lightning fast browsing speeds and easy access to webpages. Developers can create extensions and applications that extend Google Chrome’s capabilities by providing improved accessibility, increased convenience, and reliable web tools. Hiring a skilled Google Chrome Developer means you can enhance your business with custom-made security tools, powerful productivity tools, and automation of common tasks.

Google Chrome Developers are also well-versed in optimizing web applications for businesses. Whether your company needs to connect an API with its server, create a multi-platform experience or streamline your customers’ layer data retrieval process, an experienced Google Chrome Developer can help. Whatever you need for your business, an experienced Google Chrome Developer can create an extension or application with ease.

Here's some projects that our expert Google Chrome Developer made real:

  • Enhanced user experience with custom tailored extensions
  • Automation of mundane tasks to allow for more time dedicated to other objectives
  • Improved internal communications with API integrations
  • Streamlined customer layer data retrieval processes
  • Facilitated multi-platform accessibility to maximize versatility
  • Enhanced security thanks to custom tailored micro apps

At you have the opportunity to bring your vision into realization by hiring the perfect developer for your project. An experienced Google Chrome Developer can use the latest frameworks, design dynamic features and create engaging content while optimizing your website and applications for Google’s extensive network of browsers and devices, from desktop to mobile -all within a single go. Quality, cost effective DevOps services are also provided for further performance optimization. You can now get value for money, as well as scalability of your project into reality when you hire a freelancer on for creating custom extensions and applications for your business using Google Chrome. We invite you to post a project today and hire a Google Chrome Developer on!

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    I'm currently facing issues with the CORS policy in my Flutter web project. My project incorporates Google Maps API for which I'm being blocked by the browser, primarily Google Chrome. The issue at hand : - Blocked by Browser In an attempt to rectify this issue, I have already implemented the use of a CORS plugin, however, the issue persists. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Problem-solving skills for CORS related issues - A robust knowledge of Google Maps API - Familiarity with Flutter web development - Proficient in debugging and optimisation on Google Chrome specifically I believe your expertise will be instrumental in navigating and resolving these challenges.

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer proficient in Jitbit Macro Recorder for a specific project focused on automating web navigation tasks within a Windows environment. **Core Requirements:** - In-depth knowledge of Jitbit Macro Recorder. - Strong background in automating tasks on Windows OS. - Experience with web navigation automation, particularly simple navigation and clicks. **Project Tasks:** -Auto clicker - Automate a series of web navigation routines to streamline repetitive browsing activities. - Ensure the automation is reliable and can handle typical web navigation tasks without constant supervision. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in scripting for automation. - Previous experience with web-based automation projects. - Ability to troubleshoot and refine ...

    $141 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in search of an experienced developer who can create a Chrome extension with distinct functionalities like data scraping and integration with web services. - This extension must scrape image + video data from a variety of popular web platforms such as Amazon, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Google, Pinterest, and AliExpress. - The type of data to gather includes product details, social media posts, and search results. - Your understanding of how these platforms function and how their data is structured will be critical for this project's success. - Your expertise should cover designing and implementing customizable settings, ensuring the extension can be tailored to individual user needs. As an ideal candidate, you should have prior experience in similar project unde...

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    As a project owner, I'm seeking a competent coder to build a home assistant community addon that uniquely aligns with my tailored specifications. I'm open to the addon's features set since I didn't settle on any particular functionalities. However, it's important for the hired professional to be confident in integrating various smart appliances since I didn't decide on specific devices but I'm open to exploring different possibilities. Key skills required are: - Proficiency in coding with Python and JavaScript - Familiarity with Home Assistant functionalities - Experience with integrating smart devices into addons - Ability to design user-friendly interfaces Your main task will be to develop a plugin that expands Home Assistant's capabilities. I...

    $1416 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a highly skilled developer to create a Chrome extension that simplifies online activities through advanced auto-fill capabilities and precise automation. This tool is aimed at users looking to enhance their internet experience by reducing repetitive tasks and maximizing efficiency. **Core Functionality Required:** - **Auto-Fill Forms:** The extension should intelligently fill out various online forms, including registration, survey, and checkout forms. Although I didn't specify which forms in the initial survey, I envision the extension being versatile enough to handle any form encountered during web browsing. - **Automation:** A key feature of this project is its automation functionality. The extension must be able to perform tasks at pre-determined times witho...

    $759 (Avg Bid)
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    Etivi es una extensión en funcionamiento que busca expandir sus capacidades mediante la adición de nuevas funcionalidades, corrección de errores y la actualización de código. Funcionalidades a agregar: Envío masivo: Incorporaremos la capacidad de enviar información de manera masiva, facilitando la gestión de datos a gran escala. Chat Bot: Implementaremos un chat bot para mejorar la interacción con los usuarios y brindar respuestas automáticas y eficientes. Webhook: Integraremos la funcionalidad de webhook para permitir una comunicación más fluida y eficiente entre distintas plataformas. Integración con CRM: Buscamos integrar Etivi con CRM populares como HubSpot y ZohoCRM, para mejorar la gesti&oacu...

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    I would like the comprehensive removal of all my business' presence on Google. This includes all business information such as the name, address, and phone number. Furthermore, I want to erase all reviews, the marked location on the map, and any images in circulation. Essentially, I am looking for an online clean slate, as if my business never existed on the Google platform. This stems from a few specific reasons: - We are rebranding, facilitating a name change. - We are facing challenges with negative reviews. - We have concerns regarding privacy and potentially sensitive information being circulated. Instead of Google, we are shifting our focus towards gaining attention on Facebook and Instagram. The ideal freelancer for this job would have a background in digital marketing, wit...

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    I need a script created for an application that can take a URL and convert it into a PDF attachment in an email, then send it. The recipient of the email should be able to open the attachment successfully. Key Requirements: - The script must be able to handle one URL at a time. - The email service provider being used is App Script. - The end result must be a PDF attachment. Ideal Skills and Experience: -google app scripting -Coding and scripting experience - Familiarity with App Script - Knowledge in handling URL and email conversion to PDF. Sample URL to convert:

    $156 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for a skilled python programmer with strong awareness of browser functionality, in particular Google Chrome, to develop a script that automates web tasks for 109 Webdrive. The key responsibilities will include: - Use Python to create a script that interacts specifically with Chrome browser - Customize browser functionality to perform automated tasks within 109 Webdrive - Debug as necessary to ensure the script works flawlessly - Document script functionality for future reference Ideal qualifications: - Extensive experience with Python - Strong knowledge of Google Chrome functionality - Proficiency with automating web tasks - Background in working with Webdrive may be useful Since I could benefit from this as soon as possible, I would appreciate applicants who can sta...

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    Chrome Plugin Scraping Script 17 小时 left

    I'm looking for a Python expert to develop a custom script that must operate flawlessly on Windows. The script's main functionality is to harvest information across all versions of Chrome plugins using available APIs, and it must be equipped to circumvent rate limits effectively. After scraping, the harvested data should be exported in CSV, JSON, and SQL formats, ensuring compatibility with various data analysis tools and databases. Here's a quick rundown of what I need: - **Script Compatibility:** - Should run on Windows OS - **Anti-Scraping Measures:** - Must effectively handle rate limits - **Output Formats:** - CSV, JSON, and SQL - **Skills & Experience Required:** - Proficiency in Python - Experience with web scraping - Knowledge of working wit...

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    I'm looking to automate and streamline my work processes using Google Apps Script. Improving efficiency by automating tasks and handling data processing and analysis are the main goals of this project. To achieve this, I need an expert in Google Apps Script who can: - Develop customized Google Apps Scripts to cater to my specific needs - Regularly maintain existing scripts to ensure smooth operation - Leverage the capabilities of Google Apps Script to automate complex workflows - Customize Google Sheets templates for client use Integration with Google Sheets is a must for this project, as much of the work will involve manipulating and presenting data. Your experience in developing Google Apps Scripts for workflow automation, data processing, and interface customization are key t...

    $211 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Zoom-Enhancer for Google Calendar 6 小时 left

    I have multiple windows open to Google Calendar. I need to be able to zoom one/some of them without all of them being zoomed. Chrome does not support per-tab zooming. So if I use Chrome's built in zoom, it will zoom for all windows/tabs that I have open to Google Calendar. I do not want that. I cannot use any of the per-tab zooming Chrome extensions. I can user user-scripts to modify/alter the page. works but it doesn't zoom everything. For example, after using, when you click on an event, the event window is not in the right location -- it gets cut off. It is in the right location when using Chrome's zoom but, as I mentioned earlier, I can't use that because it zooms all open windows/tabs open to Google Cale...

    $141 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, we are looking for experienced C++ developer who can update our outdated Windows program. !!! PLEASE DON'T BID if you are not familiar with subject, because to be able do this project you MUST have knowledge of Chromium source code, reverse engineering and have your own valid technique to inject your code into Google Chrome and Edge process and hook SSL_Write and SSL_Read functions for further processing. And this is crucial part !!! Requirements: - pure 64 bit native Windows standalone application (NOT a browser's extension) written in C++ (or Rust by your choice) - PE (portable executable) and DLL with no admin rights required or any additional dependencies installation required - should work on any Windows 10 and 11 64bit versions (without 32bit support) - should w...

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    I have developed projects with React and Material UI. In Google Chrome browser, video acts fine but in Safari browser, it is not work. Please fix it.

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