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We've all seen examples of great graphic design. Whether it's an app, a website, an advertisement, or just a nice poster, really good graphic design makes us pay attention. Sometimes it's even enough to make us show our friends. But what about all the other designs? You've probably already seen dozens of designs today. How many do you remember?

Graphic design is what separates the successful businesses from the ones that blend into the background. If you update your designs, you can stop your customers from ignoring your business, and get them to start paying attention. You can make your designs the ones that people remember.

At Freelancer.com, you don't need to pay exorbitant rates to get great designs. Freelancer.com is the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing platform, so you can find competitive quotes for your design project. Alternatively, if you'd like to harness the power of the crowd, you can run a Freelancer.com design contest and get dozens of designs to choose from. Getting started is easy, so don't let your business blend in, get a new design today!

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    Island Welding & repair 6 天 left

    A mobile welding business serving the island of Oahu, Hawaii -I like the idea of having the words stacked; island Welding &repair -Possibly make the word “welding”larger and have a arc to it -I think I want the outline of the Hawaiian islands in the background sort of shadowed and have the “ island welding and repair...

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    I need a few landing pages built on Current New Condominium Projects. I will provide: 1. Project Details / Reference Website 2. Images You will provide: 1. A Completed Landing page 2. Copying Writing Contents 3. Registration / Signups

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    Can someone please simply made us a logo for "Vegan Business Rebellion"? You can create one that has the "hourglass" as an example, attached. Or take the fist in the other image (attached) and write "vegan business Rebellion" around it. Please be creative, please. No need to use the exact same 'bull' I have here. But maybe make a unique, new logo! It...

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    hi i just want to change footer logo in wordpress website [登录来查看链接]

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    Build a website -- 2 6 天 left

    I'm a Angel Investor who wants to create a brand to become the vehicle to my personal investments. [登录来查看链接]

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    Website Design 6 天 left

    We will provide the fully completed copy and instructions for our Initial Web Site Team to develop our initial [登录来查看链接] pre-release stealth website. The document will not provide any wireframes, graphics, nor style choices, we leave those important choices to you based on our confidence of your previous work. We welcome and actively encourage suggestions and improvements to our copy and overall s...

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    Web Design 6 天 left

    Need to redesign three pages on the website.

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    Trophy icon Design for wine labels 6 天 left

    Hi, Looking for a clean wine label design for private label wines. Please see below for details of legal requirements for Australian Wine labels. We’d prefer the label to be a single label, front of bottle only. As an example, we like the style and simplicity of the Logan Winery labels with the ‘bird’ graphics. [登录来查看链接] A single wine label is normally about 80mm wid...

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    hello every one i am atul and i have experience of 4 years in adobe Photoshop and filmora wondershare if you want graphic designing or you want a different designed logos kindly contact me .

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    Create a logo 6 天 left

    I need a logo created for a new business GRIP marketing The text should be stacked on top of each other with GRIP in capital letters and marketing in lower case. I would like some sort of effect on the logo which represents gripping, whether that be an icon or being creative with one of the letters in terms of fonts I like - Aventura, Proxima Nova, Frutiger With Colours, I would like Orange an...

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    Chanak 732 6 天 left

    Communicate using business to specify business requirements and capture business knowledge. 

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    Estamos buscando una persona que pueda crear 10 historias creativas y bonitas al día para una cuenta de una influencer en instagram. Daremos mucho contenido (videos y fotos) para crear las historias. También, pasaremos ejemplos de historias de otras cuentas que nos gustan. Trabajo continuo......

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    The Many Faces of Medical Cannabis Susan Parker Rosen & Brooke Whipple MA, CDP True ~ Raw Short Stories Please see our other brands. I'd like this one to have a nice clean, yet a bit edgy feel. Look in green, blue and light teals. . No vapes please. Look at our other designs, we always want 3 photos, similar fonts, butterflies etc.. Give me your best design please.

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    Design a logo for a public service project Name: "Valor de Gestión" Sector: Public and NGO services Keywords: participation, transparency, communication, digitalization Requirements: You have to provide all vector files, fonts, color palette and other files you may use. It shoud be resizable ad infinitum. The logo should look identifiable when printed in black and white. ...

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    I really want person who really is reliable, proper, respectful, serious and kind developers who can build my very last project in cheap price. (As described, the fixed rate and bid rate has to be matched or else, not going to be hired)

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    Raze Distro 6 天 left

    Distro yang berasal dari Berau, Kalimantan Timur

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    Design, edit and prepare: Feature sheets; CMA packages; Personal branding; Bus Shelter Ads; Brochures; Newsletters; Announcement Cards; Just Listed/Sold cards; Greeting cards; Magazine ads Put together Buyer & Seller packages Update personal websites for agents Cultivate and maintain positive and productive relationships with agents Coordinate advertising (newspapers) with agents and Newspaper...

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    We are looking for a programmer to build 3-4 websites for our small companies. Please post your work and we'll contact you. Please mention your price as well. Our work is related to immigration consulting. We may be interested in SEO services too. Our budget is pretty small. All quotes are welcome but we'll contact only competitive quotes with quality of work.

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    Digital Selling website 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a very good coder to create a nice and professional website where users can sell digital goods ( templates, scripts, etc..) I can provide the database if needed or you the coder can create his own database. please only bid if you can provide samples from similar works. thank you

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    The freelan-cer bi-dding sy-stem makes it hard (if not imposs-ible) for new come-rs to win any pr-oject, bec-ause your bid will be at the very bot-tom of the prop-osals list. The empl-oyers will never see your prop-osal even if you are com-petent to do the job. You could wa-ste years of your time bidd-ing wit-hout getting a single job

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    resizing files, ready for print A4 and US formant. Make minor changes.

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    creacion de una aplicaccion de venta de un servicio personalizado

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    I am looking for a scripter with knowledge in gamemode SAMP rolplay ando looking to buy a gamemode created from 0. and buy the GM

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    i need a personal logo for my own business. I'm a Personal Trainer (Fitness). need a logo with using my name and surname . also it can be include some different shapes about sports. Name: Okan Surname : Taşel Gerekli Beceriler

    $157 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm a nail tech and just starting out on my own . I am looking for someone to design a colourful eye catching logo

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    Trophy icon Design a logo FTM 4 天 left

    Need a logo made for my media business called: "Full Traction Media" Feel free to get creative with this, this company does photography, videography, production, graphic design. Specify in the automotive industry. I would like the roman numeral 3 incorporated into the logo as well.

    $235 (Avg Bid)
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    Make me a website for my company i need a website developer but the website should like this [登录来查看链接] because I like this website features if you can make message me to disscuss more

    $3825 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a website that needs to be redone to Wordpress. Must use WP Bakery.

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    Trophy icon Iris Eye Design 2 天 left

    I am a Certified Iridologist and looking to work with a talented graphic designer to create the images for my advertising brochures and infographic. I have attached an image that I like as reference. (Please see attached example). The purpose of this iris-eye image is to be inclusive covering as many shades of human eyes as possible, with no skin colour apparent like seen with the picture I'v...

    $290 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon new logo for medical practice 6 天 left

    I need a new original logo for my business . The name is Restorative Infusions. We do Intravenous Hydration. I especially like calming colors like blues. Please no red. This is a medical practice with a spa-like feeling. We want to restore people's minds and bodies. Thank you

    $392 (Avg Bid)
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    I am starting a new moving company and will need an individual or company to build out 3-4 websites for me. I am looking for an individual/company that can have fast turn around time, but be affordable as well. This will be a basic website for lead generation purposes.

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    Hello All, I am in need to an expert which can create custom panel for order processing of various social media services, as follow : - 1 - Api Support (should accept orders by api from other and should also be able to send orders via api). 2 - Payments System with site credits. 3 - Strong Security. 4 - Clean and Simple Design. 5 - Support Tickets System. 6 - Refunding Credits and Payments. 7 - A...

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    Demo project 6 天 left

    Demo project only for the purpose of uploading image

    $635 (Avg Bid)
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    I have 3 azuracast streaming url/ iframe/public [登录来查看链接] have add that with radio player on frontpage. FTP page is blank on sentora control..you have to solve this issue. You have to write .htaccess code for every folder of websites on sentora file manager to make password protected You have to make auto renew SSL update on two domain

    $135 (Avg Bid)
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    Vehicle sticker design 6 天 left

    Hello. I need someone to make me an vehicle (TIPPER TRUCK Cabine) signing with our company logo and some additional creative design. This will be for sticker - foil printing. Regards

    $631 (Avg Bid)
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    48 个竞标

    The name of cafe is “Rise Cafe”. The logo should somehow reflect new beginning and gives off positive aura. It should appeal to millennials and be as minimalist as possible.

    $204 (Avg Bid)
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    logo for cosmetics business 6 天 left

    I need a logo for cosmetics business Expresses beauty with a touch of nature like the logo in the attachments but more professionally

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    Image to vector 2 6 天 left

    Hello, It is necessary to make vectors according to the pictures attached. It is necessary to convert everything from an image into a vector and everything should look like in the image. Img no 5 is one illustration. Best regards Marijo

    $745 (Avg Bid)
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    I need my mum adding to a family picture from our wedding. We have other pictures of her from the day

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    UI Designer 6 天 left

    We have web based application, we need to improve it looks

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    Smooth skin, fix blemishes, remove scars and bruises, brighten eyes, fix lighting and occasionally remove tags missed on pillows and lingerie.

    $227 (Avg Bid)
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    I have had my designer for 5 yrs. now, but he moved into his own business to I need a new relationship. Please look at my styles posted and be sincere in that you can meet my standards. You need AI experience, Photoshop and have a eye for clean work. I also need Html templates, electronic menu images (we have digital menus) with photo shopped pics and lots of flyers menus ads etc.

    $55 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello my name is Jaleel Johnson and i'm the owner of Luccivanni which is an online store that sell trendy products like phone cases and t shirts. I am looking for a designer that can create unique designs for my products. The designs must be trendy and unique.

    $157 (Avg Bid)
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    tech website developer 6 天 left

    Using [登录来查看链接] as reference comparison, deliver a business workflow site with b2b, b2c functionality with advanced features including: - visual search - ecommerce for partner documents, merchandise, - social media integration - facility booking/reservations - with target completion in q4.

    $2218 (Avg Bid)
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    Requirement #1 I need Corporate Identity Kit for (5) Five companies. It should include: - Logo - Color palette (color) - Corporate font - Business card - Letterhead - Envelope - Folder - Booklet - Poster - Power Point Presentation - Information sheet and price list - Site on Internet For the following companies: OZYEYA: Virtual Parent Company. It owns the following five companies. Bietars: Import ...

    $862 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to create a website for handmade wood furniture named "ROBE Design". My idea is to have it with an essential and innovative layout in Italian and English languages. It should have few tabs to navigate with one of these sections dedicated to online shopping.

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    Building a Hemp Logo 6 天 left

    Need some graphics designed for my Hemp Project. We will start with one simple design and work from there.

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    Faire un Logo 6 天 left

    je cherche un professionnel pour crée un logo pro pour mon magasin de vente de telephone

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    We are new swimming product company And we looking for new swimming logo for our swimming caps It will like to be with day of the dead and if posible our name “[登录来查看链接]” Can you help us ?

    $538 (Avg Bid)
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    I need different graphic design for our monthly event in our Cocktailbar. The event is mixed of live Dj and cool drinks. The flyer should present the flare and lifestyle of nightlife in a modern way.

    $225 (Avg Bid)
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